Drug Survey: More Teens Smoke Marijuana Than Cigarettes--Prohibition Bars the Controls that Work for Tobacco, Reformers Argue

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE OCTOBER 4, 2006 Drug Survey: More Teens Smoke Marijuana Than Cigarettes Prohibition Bars the Controls that Work for Tobacco, Reformers Argue CONTACT: Bruce Mirken, MPP director of communications, 415-668-6403 or 202-215-4205 SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA -- A new teen drug use survey released today by California Attorney General Bill Lockyer confirms the failure of the government's war on marijuana to keep the drug away from teenagers, officials of the Marijuana Policy Project (MPP) said today. According to the 11th biennial California Student Survey, more California ninth and eleventh graders currently smoke marijuana than smoke cigarettes. Among ninth graders, 12.6 percent smoked marijuana in the past 30 days, compared to 10 percent who smoked cigarettes. For eleventh graders, the figures were 19.2 percent and 15.2 percent, respectively. This trend has been consistent since the 2001-2002 survey, but represents a reversal from 1997-1998, when cigarette use exceeded marijuana use in all age groups. "The good news is that both cigarette and marijuana use have declined markedly in the last decade, and predictions that Proposition 215 would lead to an explosion in teen marijuana use have proven totally wrong," said Bruce Mirken, San Francisco-based director of communications for MPP, which is headquartered in Washington, D.C. "But it's clear we're doing a better job of preventing kids from using tobacco than we are at keeping them away from marijuana, and the reason is our dysfunctional, counterproductive laws. "Tobacco merchants are licensed and regulated," Mirken added, "while drug dealers are completely unregulated. Walk into any supermarket or convenience store that sells cigarettes, and you'll see a great, big, red-and-yellow sign saying, 'Under 18, No Tobacco: We Card.' Have you ever seen a drug dealer with a 'We Card' sign? Instead of wasting millions of tax dollars on marijuana 'eradication' campaigns that are an exercise in futility, it's time to put marijuana under the same sort of common-sense controls that work for tobacco." With more than 20,000 members and 100,000 e-mail subscribers nationwide, the Marijuana Policy Project is the largest marijuana policy reform organization in the United States. MPP believes that the best way to minimize the harm associated with marijuana is to regulate marijuana in a manner similar to alcohol. For more information, please visit http://MarijuanaPolicy.org. ####
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guys...im 19....and im into this weeding thing last year...but it really great..!!
for me smoking pot makes me smile....n happy...
theres nothing to bother when im smoking pot...its not that i followed my friends but it me who wanna try weed...till now....smoking pot everyday n im slowing down on cigarattes...BOB MARLEY!!!


I'm a 16 year old girl and I smoke weed at least once a week. I do not do it to "follow my friends." I do it because I enjoy having fun and I feel that the positives by far outweigh the negatives. Oh and I would also like to point out that it definitely does not make you any less intelligent. At my school, in a class of nearly 500, I am in the top 10 and my best friend, a fellow marijuana smoker, is second in the class. Maybe while you're stoned you're not as smart, but if you're going to school high anyways then you're obviously not the brightest.


shut up your all wrong I EAT WEED , hehehhehhahahaha!!!:):):):):) . succcccccccck me birrrrrrrrrrrrd, (: . smoke weeed yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal .(:
ryan tummy hungry ,

Like Yo

Ok seriously I loveeeeeeee weed it is the greatest drug ever. It smells wonnnnnderfull and to all of you dumb bitches that think its bad go fucking shit yourself because I really dont care what you think and I dont thiunk anyone should because weed rules. Take that and smoke it bitches!!!
i love weed yes i do i love weed how bout you?
and even if you dont i dont fucking care.

natral ethnogens...

are everywhere ,so smoke more cones ,poppy heads ,datura, dmt ,salvia ,eat more mushies ,cacti ,coaca , kaht. shelf more pills and lick more toads the would will be a nicer place. cunt....

Pro Controlling

Ok, Im not going to lie. I do smoke cigarettes and marijuana occasionally. This isn't an argument about whether cigarettes or weed is better. Its stating whether you believe that they should legalize marijuana in a controlled state such as cigarettes are. So I would detest saying "fuck the government" in one of the only times they are on to something that actually makes sense.

I like the idea if you didn't already get that.

fuck the government!

okay so i'm 16 years old and in the 10th grade and i've smoked weed ever since 7th grade. i made good grades then, and i make good grades now. weed is not bad for you. i don't consider weed a drug, it's a plant. just like tobacco. god did everything for a reason and he put those plants on this earth for a reason. i don't consider weed, cigarettes, or alcohol drugs. but i'm just tired of all this bull shit about how marijuana kills soooo many people each year. NOT TRUE...america is full of hipocritical, narrow-minded morons! it's a proven fact that marijuana kills over 500,000 less people every year than tobacco and alcohol combined.marijuanna doesn't kill anyone. the government just wants people to think weed is bad so people will stop smoking it. it's not addictive either. i could decide to stop smoking now and never smoke again and it wouldn't bother me..(but i'm not going to). just the thing that gets me angry is what the government and all these other people try to make people believe, when half of it's not even true. they just need to get their shit straight before they say things. in my honest opinion, i just think they're all jealous that we have so much fun with our lives and so they decide to take it out on us and make it illegal. you know what, FUCK THE GOVERNMENT!!!who's with me???



The hemp plant isn't just a

The hemp plant isn't just a great way to relax, but it can also be a better alternative to paper instead of cutting forests down. LEGALIZE IT :)

dumbass people

first off pot head.. the hemp plant is legal, its not pot at all.. go back to school

i like weed too

i dont see nothing wrong with weed it is a all natural subtance and i am 14 and been around "pot heads" all my life yea i smoke weed and it helps me we i am pissed off cause it calms me down and if u dont like it fuck off

=# FiReMaN #=

i have one perfect reason why weed should be legalized.

When everyone smokes weed they laugh alot and its a fact that laughing is good for you and shit so it helps people not do anything bad.



=# FiReMaN #=


i think the government needs to chill down about all the advertising and shit that makes it look like weed is going to kill you. personaly i think alcohol is worse. in studies driving with under the influence of alcohol a person is more willing to take risks because of that "invincibilty" feeling like you can do anything. driving under the influence of weed makes you more cautious or parinoid and makes you drive safer. i think it should be legal and be monitored because its safer than any other drug out there!

i smoke weed occasionaly, over the summer i did everyday, and since im a athlete and work out constantly it did take a little tole on my body, i gained weight because of the munchies :) but i was able to control that after a short period of time. and i got more winded easy, so i decided to slow down on the herb. when i get home from work and school though and i need to relax and have a good time i go straight to the herb!!!!!

its amazing


toke up everday. now i dont know if dope makes your dumb, alot of people say it does but the internet apparently says otherwise but the thing is that dont matter. people are gonna smoke dope if they wanna the fact that is may kill brains has no impact on a marijuana user. and guys i used to smoke alot of dope but i think i quit because i tell everyone i do and i thought it killed brain cells which may or may not be true, but you guys should think about it... if weed is legal then there will be buisnesses selling dope as their product and you will be bale to buy like a pack of 10 for $50 or around that price and guese what you knwo you wont go to the store and buy dope and dealers wont sell it as near as much, it will be hard as hell to get. and eventually the price will increase and who the fuck wants that? keep it illegal because no person who has a socially acceptable level of intelligance gets caught. only the scartterd retard who like does dumb shit like smoke it in the local conveinance stores's bathroom. so dope is good, baked is good, its not as bad as cigs so stfu and stop hating the best biological growth known to man kind.

dope is okay :)

Marijuana rights

i think that people should be aloud to smoke pot because it does not only calm you down but it also motivates people.

i have a friend that was going through a mental point not mental that he don't know whats happening but more like his life wasn't going right for him when he started smoking weed he finished high school and now works in a office i also know people that smoke pot that are of age of smoking and aren't dumb minded I'm just trying to say pot dosnt make you dumb if you know people use less then 15% of there brain what if i used that 15% and 2 of that 15% on smoking wouldn't that make me as smart as you if they say people use less then 15% of there brain.

I'm just saying people should be aloud to smoke pot. People that smoke we should stand up and show the world that were not slow or lazy or a thug were just living. think about this don't you think that there would be less crimes in this world if the government let us just have our weed

Everything in moderation, yeah!?

I smoke Weed.
Not everyday, not even every week.
Just whenever I can be bothered to fork out for some for a party, or a session with my friends.

Sure; I know people who have overdone it- and they've changed alot. But same with anything- Eat too much chocolate, you'll be obese- Drink too much wine and you'll be a total alchoholic wreck. Blah blah blah.
But it's a laugh. It's fun. So why should I deny myself the pleasure? It's my body; I'll do what the hell I like to it.

I'm tired of people assuming all teens are suseptable little people who can't make desisions.
We can.

Keep it illegal though- Fuck the government- they're not taxing MORE fun things. Making them softer. Safer.
People have smoked this strong shit for years. Keep it that way. xD

Peace out, stay chilled. x x x


FUCK WEED UUUUUP! I love weed, and i don't abuse it. Infact weed is not addictive at all. Weed is something that syimulates the mind, and makes you feel great. Weed is my other companion, just like dats, you can feel good, go out, have fun,go home and sleep! See just like weed, weed helps youd deal with everday shit, calm and relaxful. i swear if i didn't have weed, i would be trippin. I am 19, full time student, gettin A's. Weed didn't help, no my mind did it for mr, weed may stimulate it, but i have motivation, determination and goals, and weed does not take that away, YOU take it away. Im so fuckin sick of people saying weed makes you a bum. FUCK that shit. Do you know how many successful people smoke. Just because WEED is illegal, does not mean it's harmful or bad. Weed is illegal because allway UP!!!!!! wayyyy up in cuba it'sgrown, and they don't keep ties, so they don't want shit comming out of thier....But here, they must not wanna see people happy! Because

yo to that

yea thats the way to do it!!!! light that shit! smoke that shit! pass that shit!!!!

weed is goodness

im not a regular smoker of weed but i do it when i can and im telling you if i wanted to quit...i could any time i wanted...but the thing is i dont want to! and when i dont have it i dont get cranky and bitchy like the people who cant get cigarettes. weed is just a wonderful thing that god created and is ment to be used, it has expanded my mind. it is not a drug! ill tell you whats a drug fucking, ciggarettes! more people die from ciggarettes.


Okay, children....

FIRST OFF, "weed is great", there doesn't need to be nicotine in a substance to make it addictive, got it? There's no nicotine in cocaine (or methamphetamines, or different types of pills, or alcohol...), so why do people get addicted to that? Are they faking it? Doubtful.
SECONDLY, "i love weed 420 all day bitch", guess what? Tobacco is a natural substance, too. It grows out of the dirt, just the same as marijuana does.
NEXT, "smoke weed", since when do people have to choose whether they smoke cigarettes or weed? It's not a contest, buddy; I know people who love both, just as I know people who hate both. For the record, a know much many people who detest the smell of pot and love the smell of cigarettes. Also, do you know how many people happen to LOVE the taste of "an ashtray"? Some people are attracted to smokers for the very reason that their kisses taste GOOD! Let's not base the entirety of our arguements upon our opinions, shall we?
LAST, "weed isnt even bar for (aka 'Cortney')"...cite your source. I'm not even going to bother with you.

Did any of you even READ the article?! It's suggesting not that we completely outlaw marijuana, it's pushing for LEGALIZATION!...or some form of it; it's pushing for it to be legalized and regulated, just like cigarettes are. So you all can just take a moment and breathe, calm down a bit. Don't fret kidlets, "the man" isn't trying to bring you down or harsh your buzz right now. Just breathe. In fact, why not smoke a bowl? THAT should calm you down. =]

Oh, and congratulations to "i love weed"; your comment was very informative and well-thought-out. *AIDS, and you're all set. =D TOKE ON, BROTHA!!

tobacco and cigarettes and mj

TOBACCO IS A NATURAL SUBSTANCE just as weed though CIGARETTES ARE NOT. cigs have many harmful man-made (in a lab) chemicals in them, that are combined with the tobacco. weed, on the other hand, is god made, its all natural.


why are you being a troll? maybe you like coffee; personally I don't. But it stimulates you and can make the same old boring day at least a little better. Admit it, we are forced to work until we get old and die, why not have a little fun? call me a sybarite. call it a crutch. i don't care what you call me or it, i'm gonna be coughin up wacky smoke till the day I die BROTHA.

weed is great

i love weed and smoke all the damn time and im not going brain dead.........i get b's normally......AND im getting pissed with those damn commercials sying weed is bad for you and that one hit will screw your life up...plus some of those damn ads are saying one hit will get you addicted...bull shit there isnt any nicotine in weed...those people need to stop worrying about weed and worry more about kids smoking cigs

i love weed

i am 15 and i smoke weed every day ...im not dumb,slow,or retarded from it i just love it .. As far a the medical community knows, there is no long term adverse effects from marijuana use. There is tar, like in cigarettes, but there has been no proven link to lung cancer as with tobacco. It has shown benefits it AID's patients who need something to stimulate their appetite, as well as benefiting people with chronic pain, and it is also know to help with nausea and vomiting but we have many drugs that work better for this. I can be psychologically addictive, but not physically addictive (like heroin, with withdrawal symptoms when stopped). It does affect your reaction time, and impairs short-term memory, but otherwise appears to be relatively safe. It has been decriminalized in some states and approved for medical use in Calif. but the Federal Government is trying to stop this. People used to think of it as the "Gateway Drug" that led to other drugs and to addiction but this is not proven. Actually nicotine is now considered the "gateway drug" that starts people down the road to addiction.

smoke weed

i smoke weed everyday of my life... I am what you call a pot head! But one thing about it is i'm not brain dead, dumb, or o drug addict!!! I go to school stoned all the time and i still make threw class and make okay grades........so why does it matter if i smoke pot? why does it have to be a bad thing... yeah when your high you laugh and act a lil funny but, that is one thing that makes weed so great! atleast im not moody if i don't get to smoke..... like ppl whom smoke cigarettes if they can't smoke every 20minutes they get pi*sed off! And i really don't know what the harm is in pot it is soooooo.....much better for you than cigarettes! oh yea pot smells goood.... and you don't taste like an ashtray when someone kisses you unlike lie cigarettes.......

weed isnt even bad for

weed isnt even bad for you

it makes u smarter, adn its 100 percent better for u than ciggs.


no it does not

weed does not make you smarter it makes you look dumb...... the only reason you probly use it is because you follow your friends..... and all of them are followers of someone else.!!!!




you ppl dont know what you are talking about pot is awesome

totally right !

You are right about that comment but you know what it is their lifes that they are giving up so.... i will still fight against i t and i am sure you will to, but i know that the pot heads will not so i think one day there should be ag roup that goes on strike. And you should start one .! i hate seeing my friends get tearred apart SO WE SHOULD STOP IT!


I'm sorry but your statement is completely retarded and based on your opinon.

I don't know of ANYTHING that will make you smarter, but using herb will definitely not make you lose intelligence, why do you think that? Do you have any proof to back up your claims?

"the only reason you probly use it is because you follow your friends..... and all of them are followers of someone else.!!!!"

wtf? do you have any life experience at all or are you just a 12 year old regurgitating what you have heard your parents tell you about "drugs"?

Seriously, if you have no knowledge of something, please don't try to tell me, or anyone that it's wrong.

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