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Drug Truth Network Update: Cultural Baggage + Century of Lies + 4:20 Drug War NEWS +++ DTN Seeking YOUR Video Submissions!!! Half Hour Programs, Live Fridays... at 90.1 FM in Houston & on the web at Hundreds of our programs are available online at: and at Cultural Baggage for 07/21/06 Former Sheriff Earl Barnett + Chris Conrad marijuana expert & Black Perspective II, Official Govt. Truth MP3 MP3 Link: Century of Lies for 07/21/06 Radley Balko report on SWAT team abuse for Cato Institute, Black Perspective I, Terry Nelson of LEAP, Corrupt Cop Story, Poppygate, Drug War Facts MP3 MP3 Link: 4:20 Drug War NEWS 07/24/06 to 07/30/06 now online (3:00 ea.): Monday 07/24/06 Vote For Change + Drug War Facts Tuesday 07/25/06 Black Perspective I, Shawn Kemp Busted + DTN Observations on profiling Wednesday 07/26/06 "Prison Love" from Dean Kuipers of LA City Beat Thursday 07/27/06 Official Govt Truth + Corrupt Cop Story Friday 07/28/06 Radley Balko on America's Overkill for SWAT Teams Saturday 07/29/06 Terry Nelson of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition Sunday 07/30/06 Black Perspective II + Poppygate NEXT Friday, 7/28/06: *****!!!! - Cultural Baggage 8 PM ET, 7 PM CT, 6 PM MT & 5 PM PT. Prof. Arnold S. Trebach, Author of "Fatal Distraction, Drug War in the Age of Islamic Terror" - Century of Lies 2 PM ET, 1 PM CT, Noon MT & 11 AM PT. Dean Kuipers, Author of "Burning Rainbow Farm" Video Wanted! Starting this September, the Drug Truth Network will produce a quarterly, one-hour video production, "the Unvarnished Truth", featuring interviews with cops, scientists, politicians and others who are willing to discuss the policy of drug prohibition. We seek well produced, short clips to bridge our magazine format segments, to include PSA's w/o monetary appeal, quick dramas, comedy, musicians, other quality segments that deal with the fallacy of drug war. (Ideal lengths 0.15 to 3:00) These one hour shows will be distributed via ACCESS and college stations. Please contact me in this regard. Thank you... Dean Becker Please become part of the solution, visit our website: for links to the best of reform.
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