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Philanthropist Pledges $3.5 Million Matching Grant to MPP

Here is an email that went out today from the Marijuana Policy Project: Philanthropist pledges $3.5 million matching grant to MPP! Dear Phil Smith: The Marijuana Policy Project has received a commitment from a major philanthropist to match the first $3.5 million we can raise from the rest of the planet. This is a huge opportunity for MPP and all of us who are working to end marijuana prohibition. If we succeed at securing $3.5 million + $3.5 million = $7.0 million in revenues this year, all of the projects mentioned below will be fully funded this year ... and into next year. Would you please help make this financial windfall a reality by making your own contribution today? The matching funding comes in two stages. The first $2.3 million that you and other MPP allies donate will be matched by $2.3 million from the philanthropist. Then, if we can raise an additional $1.2 million from you and other allies, the philanthropist will again match that with $1.2 million of his own. We've already raised $2,026,479 this year. If each of the 101,000 subscribers on this e-mail list were to donate just $5 each, we would immediately jump over the $2.3 million hurdle. But not everyone on this e-mail list will donate $5 — or even read this e-mail message — so please consider donating $10, $50, $250 (you'll receive a DVD of MPP's TV debates and other highlights), or $1,000 (you'll become a Lifetime Member of MPP). Does money really make a difference? In a word, "Yes." Please consider these two thoughts: - Because 78% of the American people already support allowing patients to use marijuana "to reduce pain and suffering," according to the latest Gallup poll, the only thing that's preventing us from making medical marijuana legal in Michigan, Ohio, Florida, and all 50 states is our ability to hire lobbyists and/or to put medical marijuana initiatives on the ballot. - Because 36% of the American people say "the use of marijuana should be made legal," according to Gallup, we need to continue dedicating resources to educating the public on the harms of marijuana prohibition ... until a majority of voters agree. In short, money is one of the most critical factors that will determine how quickly we — which includes you — can end marijuana prohibition. It's not the academic commitment of the people who agree with MPP ... or the righteousness of our cause ... or our willpower, or our intelligence. These elements are all important, but it's money that translates good ideas into good laws. If you're able to help us reach the $3.5 million milestone — preferably by October 1, so that we can actually use the money to pass key ballot initiatives this November 7 — we'll be able to fully fund the following: - MPP's ballot initiative in Nevada to end marijuana prohibition entirely, which Nevadans will be voting on this November. - The ad campaign we recently launched on Jim Hightower's national radio show. - Local ballot initiatives to make adult marijuana offenses the lowest law enforcement priority for local police in Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz, Santa Monica, Missoula County (Montana), and Portland (Oregon) ... which all five communities are voting on this November. - The medical marijuana initiative in South Dakota that — if passed by a majority of the voters this November — would make South Dakota the 12th medical marijuana state ... and the first medical marijuana state in the midwest. - Public opinion polling to help us determine where to run similar statewide medical marijuana initiatives in 2007 and 2008. Will you please help achieve what you believe in by voting with your dollars today? MPP is doing everything it can to end the government's war on marijuana users, but we need the financial means to achieve the goal. I want to thank you in advance for any help you can provide. Financial support from supporters like you is literally the only thing that makes our work possible. Sincerely, Rob Kampia Executive Director Marijuana Policy Project Washington, D.C. P.S. If you join MPP's pledge program at a level of $5 or more per month, you'll receive your choice of MPP's colorful "Stop Arresting Patients" t-shirt, a DVD of the award-winning medical marijuana documentary Waiting to Inhale, or the DVD BUSTED: The Citizen's Guide to Surviving Police Encounters. And if you donate $250 or more (or sign up for a monthly pledge of at least $50), we'll also mail you a compilation DVD featuring the TV and radio ads, TV news coverage, and raw video coverage from MPP's campaigns last year
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