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ASA Study Looking for Medical Marijuana Patients Who Didn't Use Because the Feds Said It Had No Medical Value

Submitted by Phillip Smith on
FOR YOUR IMMEDIATE CONSIDERATION, PLEASE DISTRIBUTE WIDELY: Dear ASA member, patients, physicians and supporters: Americans for Safe Access is conducting a nationwide research study and is looking for patients in the U.S. (any state) who for some period of time did not use cannabis because of the federal government's claim that it's not medicine. Americans for Safe Access (ASA) is the largest national member-based organization of patients, medical professionals, scientists, and concerned citizens working to ensure safe and legal access to cannabis for therapeutic uses and research. ASA works to overcome political and legal barriers by creating policies that improve access to medical cannabis for patients and researchers through education, legislation, litigation, grassroots action, advocacy, and direct services for patients and caregivers. PLEASE REVIEW THE CRITERIA LIMITATIONS BELOW TO DETERMINE WHETHER YOU OR SOMEONE YOU KNOW MEETS THE ELEGIBILTY REQUIREMENTS TO PARTICPATE IN THIS STUDY. PLEASE DO NOT RESPOND TO THIS MESSAGE UNLESS YOU SATISFY ALL OF THE FOLLOWING CRITERIA: 1. Did a patient NOT consume marijuana for some period of time within the past 5 years BECAUSE THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT SAID IT HAD NO MEDICAL VALUE? 2. Can patient demonstrate, THROUGH VERIFIABLE MEDICAL RECORDS, that after beginning medical marijuana use, it improved their health or relieved symptoms? 3. Patient MUST possess (or be able to obtain) DOCUMENTED EVIDENCE BY HEALTH PROFESSIONALS that shows harmful effects from their medical condition prior to using cannabis and evidence of relief or diminished effects as a result of cannabis use. 4. Their medical records must document a change in condition within the past 5 years. 5. In addition to DOCUMENTED MEDICAL EVIDENCE, it would be helpful, but not necessary, if their doctor were willing to testify to their improved health condition as a result of cannabis use. A sample scenario would look something like this: Jon Smith (who is HIV+) refused to use cannabis until two years ago because the federal government says it has no medical value. As a result, Jon suffered some physical harm (nausea, pain, weight loss, etc). Finally, Jon decides to use cannabis at the encouragement of his friend(s), doctor(s) or other individual. As a result of his NEW use of cannabis, Jon was able to demonstrate with MEDICAL RECORDS that his health has improved. It is important to understand that you will incur no financial obligations or benefits for your participation in this study. If you or someone you know meets the criteria mentioned above and would be interested in participating in this very important and timely research study, please contact Americans for Safe Access (ASA) as soon as possible. Please send all inquiries to [email protected] , or contact us by phone at 510-251-1856 xt.306. Thanks for your attention to this very important matter. --------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------- Caren Woodson Director, Government Affairs Americans for Safe Access Help ASA Support Reasonable Medical Cannabis Policies, We Can't Do it Without You! Join ASA today!
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