Philippine Democracy and Human Rights Face a Critical Test This Week

From our Facebook page today:

Our ally Senator Trillanes of the Philippines is facing possible jailing, maybe as soon as tomorrow, as a result of legal maneuvers that strain credulity in both their reasoning and their timing. It's not a given that Judge Soriano will go along with the administration in allowing the case against Trillanes to go forward. But even if he doesn't, there is a second case that could have the same result -- the judge in that case, Elmo Alameda, has used reasons that are farcical on their face to allow that one to move forward. He did at least allow for bail, but the case before Soriano would not. It's possible that the judges have been threatened.

If Trillanes joins Senator de Lima in the Camp Crame detention center, it will be even harder for political opponents of Duterte's drug war killings to oppose him, and the Philippines will be a big step closer to dictatorship. We would like the US government to make use of the Magnitsky Act to sanction Duterte administration officials who are responsible for these and other human rights violations. We also support legislation in Congress to cut off most funding to the Philippines National Police, and to fund the work of Philippine human rights advocates and health-based drug service providers. We prefer targeted measures of those types, for now at least, to pressure individual officials without harming the Filipino population as trade sanctions might. We would also like President Trump to retract his two disturbing statements that praised Duterte's drug policies.

In the meanwhile, we are hoping that Judge Soriano will do the right thing, and we commend the IPU for keeping a focus on this. Visit read about our work with Senator Trillanes and others.

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To Save the Philippines, save the USA, FROM alt-right FASCISM!!

In order to save the Philippines, we must first save America!  Destroying the Republican Party is Job #1!

If we cannot protect the USA from fascism, we cannot protect the Philippines.

Fascism has come to USA in the guise of a shit-for-brains TV game show host with the stage-name "Trump."

The Republicans are all in. So fuck them Republican fuckwads.

Vote Democrat to destroy the Republican Party.  Nobody will miss them, not even the stinking Trumpanzees.  They'll pretend they were with us all along when we win -- and you know that's how the duplicitous cowards will behave.  No point in worrying about what they think -- because they don't think; they are a violent and mindless CULT, and will continue to behave accordingly, until we disband them.  (It will be my great satisfaction and pleasure to see Trump exiled to a Siberian prison.)

The Fake President is now covering for the murder of a journalist for The Wall Street Journal.  The Republican Party is engaged in a nationwide campaign of voter suppression.  But at least, none of them assholes has done anything so UN-FUCKING-PATRIOTIC (heavy sarcasm) as TAKING A KNEE DURING THE GODDAMN NATIONAL ANTHEM!!

FUCK TRUMP, and FUCK all his asshole supporters!

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Fuck the National Anthem -- grow up, assholes!

Any football watching, beer guzzling, cheese eating jackasses who thinks they are being "patriotic" by prioritizing their own entertainment over the lives of unarmed black men being gunned down in the street...

...well.  Those are worthless human beings, indeed.

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Marijuana Legalization and Fascism

Syllogism is a form of deductive reasoning where you arrive at a specific conclusion by examining two other premises or ideas. … For Example: All roses are flowers (major premise). This is a rose (minor premise). Therefore, I am holding a flower (conclusion).
If the premises are true, then the conclusion must also be true.

Another example: Major premise: All men are mortal. Minor premise: Socrates is a man. Conclusion: Socrates is mortal. (This is an example of Aristotle’s famous “Barbara” syllogism.)

Now let's try it out on Traitor Trump:

Major Premise: Violent, fascist authoritarianism is an existential threat to marijuana legalization.

Minor Premise: Republicans are violent, fascist authoritarians.

Conclusion: Republicans are an existential threat to marijuana legalization.

Dain Bramage's picture

Each of the premises has one

Each of the premises has one term in common with the conclusion: in a major premise, this is the major term (i.e., the predicate of the conclusion); in a minor premise, this is the minor term (i.e., the subject of the conclusion).

Major term: An existential threat to marijuana legalization.
Minor term: Republicans.

Dain Bramage's picture

Both Premises are True, thus the Conclusion is True.

The Major Premise is true, both inherently and historically.  Inherently, because legalization requires a democracy, which fascism excludes.  Historically, because we know that both The Right, and the fascist Alt-right, HATE DRUGS, ESPECIALLY MARIJUANA! 

The Minor Premise is true, because of Traitor Trump's allegiance to Putin, his open criminality and thuggery, his drooling lust for Absolute Dictatorial Power, COMBINED with the total complicity of the fuck-wad Republicans as they systematically destroy the institutions of democracy!!

Therefore, the conclusion MUST BE TRUE.

If someone said to me "Dain, let's assume you are right.  What are you asking people to do?"

This: I am asking the leaders within the marijuana legalization community to recognize the threat of fascism posed by Trump and the Republicans, and come out openly against it, even at the risk of alienating Republican donors!  Otherwise, we will win a battle and lose the war.

Legalize marijuana

You need to forget about just marijuana and start talking about legalizing all drugs. They sell deadly tobacco and alcohol products in the corner gas station.why you trying to legalize drugs just one of the time.different people like different drugs and they should be able to use whatever they want.
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Agreed; however...

Michael Smith,

Agreed.  However, there is Personal Liberty, and then there is Public Safety.  As you say, the most deadly drugs are already widely available, and entirely legal.  But, consider the harms to society, in terms of both health and safety, those deadly drugs have caused.  I support Personal Liberty, and I oppose drug prohibition.  But nobody wants a public health crisis, right?  Smart, reasonable regulation is the answer.

Marijuana has a safety record that is second to none; in fact, its impeccable safety record  is perhaps the most remarkable quality about cannabis, as it relates to human health.  The same cannot be said for other drugs; and that is not a result of politics, but rather, of biology and chemistry.

That is why we demand that cannabis be legalized first -- NOW, without further delay.

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Has Russia infiltrated the marijuana legalization movement?

When Trump was installed as our fake President in 2016, it was evident at the time that a Trump presidency was going to be bad for the cause of marijuana legalization.  When he appointed Jefferson Peckerwood Sessions as AG, it became incontrovertible. 

Yet, as with the USA at large, the marijuana legalization movement, rather than collectively rising up in opposition to a wildly illegitimate and openly hostile administration, instead fractured into two camps -- with Trump supporters in one camp, and with reasonable, decent, and morally appalled folks in the other camp.

It is now quite clear (as perhaps it always was) that Trump and the Trump administration are in league with Russia -- specifically, oligarch and criminal mobster Vladimir "Dioxin" Putin -- who criminally helped him steal the 2016 presidential election, and who has been receiving deferential treatment in return, ever since then.  Equally clear is the fact that Trump's supporters enthusiastically endorse and/or cover for this treason.

So: We know about Russia's solicitous behaviour and intentions toward Trump and the Trump administration, and we know the Republicans are either in on it, or down with it.  That's point one.

We also know that Russia infiltrated the NRA (National Rifle Association) from top to bottom.  That's point two.  That tells us the Russian military is using a strategy which includes, among many other things, the infiltration of POTENTIALLY DIVISIVE, single-issue political organizations like the NRA.  Who's to say there aren't other American political organizations in their crosshairs as well?

Perhaps you already see where I am headed here.  Ask yourself the following question: based on what we've just discussed, what are the odds that Russia is also trying to influence American politics by, in addition to other tactics, the infiltration of the marijuana legalization movement?

In my estimation, the odds are extremely high that this is true.  Given Russia's intentions and behavior, one might ask, how could this NOT be true?

So, accepting the premise for a moment, what would this mean?  If true, what would this look like?

Well, for one thing, you would expect to see a drug reform organization downplay, or ignore entirely, the threat of authoritarian fascism which Trump and the Republicans represent. 

And so we do.  Show me one drug reform organization that has sounded the "fascism" alarm.

I think you would also expect to see and hear lots of "gaslighting" about Trump; like, for example,  "Trump is for states' rights."  

And, once again, so we do.  (It's Bullshit, by the way.  Trump is for Trump and Trump alone.)

And so I will say it once again: If The Resistance Fails, fascism follows; then, marijuana legalization itself fails. 

Climb on the Big Blue Wave!  Vote Democratic!


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A vote for a third party is a vote for Trump

  • A vote for a third party, either the Green Party or the Libertarian Party, is equivalent to a vote for Trump, for the following reason: A third-party voter DECLINES to participate in the Blue Wave. That is to say, a third-party voter DECLINES to participate in the Resistance against Trump and authoritarian fascism. This weakens The Resistance. This, in turn is equivalent to support for Trump.
  • Naturally then, Trump supporters (Republicans) will try to “split off” as many oppositional voters as possible, by trying to convince them to vote third party — either Libertarian or Green will do, for their purposes.
  • What this means is: If you support Trump, you could vote Libertarian, or Republican, or Green, and it wouldn’t matter because you would be voting support for your candidate, Trump.
  • On the other hand, if you think Trump is a monster, and a traitor, and a Putin operative, and a serial sexual predator, and a child snatcher, and a thief, and a threat to American democracy… AND you oppose these things, then you can ONLY vote Democratic, OR you will be voting against your own intentions, for the same reason: either you get on the Big Blue Wave, or you don’t. The only way to get on the Big Blue Wave, which IS The Resistance, is to vote Democratic.

"You Blue it"

Some may find my objection to slogans like "Blue Wave" puerile, but

(1) It suggests fascistoidal police action arresting me for a half gram of hashish so I was kicked out of Europe

(2) "Blue blood" suggests oligarchal family connections that "trump" personal integrity as an evaluation of character and social deservingness

(3) "Blues" has for generations meant depression, despair, hopelessness, even if some heroic musicians magnificently compensated and erected a defiant art form

What to do:

(1) Agitate for the Democrat Party to adopt GREEN as its signature color and ACT ACCORDINGLY on issues of environment protection and PRECURSOR-CROP-HEMP-based REFORestation programs. 

(2) Find diplomatic ways to persuade present Green Party forces to join in this augmented Democratcy!

(3) Dain, I hope you will like this: adopt the Dainisch composer Carl August Nielsen's 5th Symphony op. 50 as the official Symphony of  the new Green Democratic party, starting with the wingbeats of a dragonfly flying down along a deep forest creek and ending with 36 strident heroic notes of total Green Victory!

Dain Bramage's picture

I like it!


I think maybe the Democratic leaders finally got the memo -- the future of the party does not belong to the corporate "blue dogs" but instead to the progressive "green" wing.

I also agree the Green Party should join with Democrats strategically, to defeat the Republican death cult!

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Libertarians? Join us or "lose" in Prison with Traitor Trump

Let's face it -- Libertarians are nothing but Republicans in disguise, so fuck 'em.

vote 3rd party

What you have said about 3rd parties is wildly inaccurate.  A vote for ANY demoncrap or  replublirat is a vote for the status quo--that is, the two party system is so corrupt that we just have two corporate/bankster puppets fighting for the pie.  the pie, of course, is the American tax dollar.  The way the corrupt get that tax dollar is by convincing the illiterate American that they are doing well, that watching tv is all they need, that someone else is causing any trouble that there might be.  

The very reason drugs have been kept illegal is that these two puppet parties have profitted from it's illegality.  By and large, the wool has been pulled over the eyes of the American people by the use of the media system: tv style news, newspapers, radio, and now internet.  You and I both know these are forms of lying but recently, the lies have gotten MUCH more blatant.  Vote demoncrap and you vote for status quo, vote republirat and you vote for corporate control.  Vote 3rd party--don't waste your vote--vote AGAINST the status quo AND corporate control.

There is a LOT more to be said about this, so don't thimk for amoment that this is all I have to say.                                                                     

Dain Bramage's picture

Dik Hed, That might have been

Dik Hed, 

That might have been true if Trump and the Republicans had not colluded with Russia... but they did.

Now it's no longer simply a matter of partisan politics -- it's a matter of defense of the nation.

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Then VS Now

There was a time when it made sense to vote third party -- Green, Libertarian, Teapot, you name it -- when Democrats and Republicans were like identical piglets clinging to one of the many creamy teats of Corporate America.

But both parties have changed; the Democrats have progressed, while the Republicans have regressed.

The Democrats are now calling for marijuana legalization nationwide.  Additionally, they are running on Healthcare (as a GOOD thing, not a bad thing!) and a living wage for the working class.

The Republicans are now openly covering for fascism and treason, and they wear it on their sleeve -- er, I mean, T-shirt: "I'd rather be a Russian than Democrat." No missing that sentiment, is there?  And fascism is MOST DEFINITELY bad for our cause.

What matters most now, in the face of open fascism, is The Resistance.

And that is the problem with third party votes NOW: they split the opposition vote, and wind up fuckiing us all -- and the Republicans are banking on it.  (Read up on how RWNJ Maine Gov LePage achieved and maintained power; third party votes handed him the governorship.)


I live int he Philippines where extra-judicial executions have taken place by several thousand if we believe the media, and in this case, I believe the number to be between 3000 and 7000.  Howevr, I must tell you that the PEOPLE of the Philippines voted for Duterte in overwhelming numbers BECAUSE he ran on the platform of cleaning up this very situation.  The situation is not like the one in the USA, here it is much more like gangstas running town hall and town hall secretly supports the gangstas.  When the extra-judicial killings started, EVERYONE (except the gangstas and maybe a few parents) sighed a huge sigh of relief. 

People here feel much safer, and Hell!  i even feel safe NOT locking my doors during the daytime--something I took for granted where I also live in the USA.  Unless you live in the Philippines, youcannot judge what the situation is.  The people here are half stuck in feudal times and half stuck on cell phones, they are generally illiterate, one third are extremely lazy, nearly all want a free handout and what pseudo-liberal Americans don't understand is that the gangstas here have guns, intend to use them and sell shabu-shabu (meth) to children and are basically immune to prosecution (due to the mayors being relatives and protecting them whilst getting a kickback)

I am a liberal who does indeed believe in human rights--that is human rights in a place where civiliztion reigns with a populace that understands civility.  But when civility is NOT understood, then even a liberal like myself must come to the realization that one must use fire with fire--that is fire POWER when fire power is being used on the public.  Gun ownership is LIBERAL concern, why the reactionaries were able to hijack that, I do not understand. 

Anyway, stop condemning situations where you do not have direct eyes on it.  David Borden is a good guy when it comes to AMERICAN problems and ideals, but David, come to live in the Philippines for 3 years and you will realize it is NOT America or Europe or even the 2nd world.

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Trump's Treason is bad for drug policy and bad for USA!!

I think this article sums it up just right:

A Semi-Exhaustive List of Trump's Treason (by Beerfinger on Daily Kos, 1/11/2019)

1. Trump literally asked Russia to steal his opponents' emails. Out loud. In front of cameras. Honestly the list should end here. But unfortunately, as we all know, that is not the case. So I proceed... 2. His campaign manager, his personal attorney slash “fixer”, and his son all met with a Russian operative during the campaign. The purpose of the meeting was to collect compromising materials that Russian intelligence claimed to have on his political opponent. 3. Trump hired Paul Manafort, a known Russian operative, to be his campaign manager. Manafort was indebted to known Russian oligarchs with close ties to Vladimir Putin and has since been found guilty on 8 counts associated with his financial ties with Russia. Another 10 counts were declared a mistrial because of one corrupt juror. He is also currently under investigation by Special Counsel for colluding with Russia during the election by supplying them with internal polling data. 4. At the Republican National Convention Trump approved a last minute change to the Republican Party platform by watering down support for U.S. assistance to Ukraine, thus satisfying one of Putin's biggest ambitions. 5. Trump, a shameless liar who routinely projects his own transparent insecurities on others, literally said during a debate with Clinton after she accused him of being Putin's puppet, "No puppet! No puppet! YOU'RE the puppet!" I mean.Come on.You don't need a psych degree to see straight through that one. 6. Overall, the Trump campaign had an unprecedented 100+ contacts with Russian’ linked officials. (That we know of) 7. Prior to his inauguration, Trump's National Security Advisor made assurances to Russia that Trump would reverse sanctions placed against Russia by the Obama administration for interfering with the 2016 election. Flynn has since plead guilty to crimes associated with that incident. 8. For 18 days, Trump ignored the acting Attorney General's warnings that Russia had kompromat on the his own National Security Advisor. In fact, he FIRED HER for alerting him to the issue. 9. Trump was literally THE ONLY person in all of these United States to be against Russian sanctions passed by Congress. In fact, the only reason he didn't veto it is because there was supermajority support for it in Congress, even among the GOP, which would have embarrassed him by handing him an early defeat and overturning his veto. 10. Trump fired the FBI director and later admitted he did so to try to end the Russia investigation. On the air. With Lester Holt. 11. The day after firing Comey, Trump secretly invited the Russian ambassador and the Russian foreign minister INTO THE GOD DAMNED OVAL OFFICE where he handed over state secrets and literally told them that he had put an end to the investigation by firing Comey. 12. At a news conference in Helsinki, Trump sided with Putin against his own FBI and then met PRIVATELY with Putin for hours. 13. On countless occasions, Trump has attacked U.S. intelligence, the free press, gold star parents, and the U.S. Courts system. He has called the national press the "enemy of the people." Yet he has consistently defended Vladimir Putin, despite Russia's involvement in interfering with the 2016 election. 


I tell you what, the FBI sure as hell better be investigating him. I'm not sure what more evidence people need to realize that their country has been highjacked by a treasonous con man and his criminal enterprise. If you're not on our side, you're complicit in the betrayal of American democracy.
Dain Bramage's picture

Putin is in charge of the Oval Office!

There is never a need for Nancy Pelosi, Democratic Speaker of the House of Representatives, to attempt to negotiate with Traitor Trump.  That would be participating in a charade. Trump isn't in charge of the Oval Office -- Putin is.  And so, if she ever really needed to discuss anything with Trump, she should make her remarks directly to PUTIN.

Wow i hate him(

Wow i hate him(

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