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Save Marijuana Legalization

Last week, US Attorney General Jeff Sessions reversed the Cole Memo, Obama-era Dept. of Justice policy that protected state laws legalization marijuana or allowed medical marijuana. Your help is needed TODAY, to save marijuana policy reform from the Trump administration. Please do two things:

1) Write to Congress using the action form below.

2) Call your US Representative and your two US Senators about this. You can reach them (or find out who they are) through the Congressional Switchboard at (202) 224-3121. The text of the letter in our form will guide you as to what to say in the call.

Sessions has gotten a lot of negative reaction for this move, from across the political spectrum. That means we have a chance of turning it back, but we need you to take action now. Thank you for supporting this effort.

Permission to Reprint: This article is licensed under a modified Creative Commons Attribution license.
Looking for the easiest way to join the anti-drug war movement? You've found it!

Drug laws are criminal

Drug use, abuse, and addiction, are a medical condition/issue, not a criminal act. Criminalizing a medical condition, IS a criminal act. As long as no harm is caused to others, or property, no crime has been committed. The harm comes from the government and it's  treasonous policies. The "war on some drugs" is a war on American citizens that don't agree with stupid unjust laws The USDOJ is a RICO.

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 It's crucial to engage with

 It's crucial to engage with our elected representatives on issues that matter to us.

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Another way to help people who use marijuana for medicinal is via the use of a gym trainer.


Personal training can offer valuable support to individuals who use marijuana for medicinal purposes. Here's how:


Customized Workouts: Personal trainers can design exercise routines tailored to an individual's specific medical condition and fitness level. This ensures that the exercise program aligns with the person's medical needs.


Pain Management: For individuals using medical marijuana to alleviate pain, personal trainers can create workout plans that focus on strengthening specific muscle groups or improving flexibility. These exercises can complement the pain management provided by medical cannabis.


Balancing Side Effects: Some medical marijuana users may experience side effects like fatigue or changes in appetite. Personal trainers can adapt workout schedules and nutritional guidance to address these side effects and help maintain overall health.


Mental Health Support: Many individuals using medical marijuana may be dealing with chronic illnesses or conditions that affect their mental well-being. Personal trainers can provide motivation, stress-reduction techniques, and emotional support to improve the client's mental health.


Monitoring Progress: Personal trainers track their clients' progress and adjust workouts as needed. For medical marijuana users, this means that their exercise routines can evolve to align with changing health conditions.


Medication Timing: Some medical marijuana treatments may impact a person's energy levels or coordination. Personal trainers can help clients schedule workouts when they are feeling most alert and coordinated, optimizing the effectiveness of the exercise.


Rehabilitation: For those recovering from surgery or managing the side effects of their medical condition with marijuana, personal trainers can assist in rehabilitation exercises. This may involve regaining strength, flexibility, and overall health.


Motivation and Accountability: Chronic illnesses can sometimes lead to feelings of hopelessness or depression. Personal trainers offer motivation and accountability to keep clients engaged in their exercise programs, promoting a positive mental outlook.


Improving Quality of Life: The aim of personal training for medical marijuana users is to enhance their overall quality of life. This includes improving physical and mental well-being, helping them regain a sense of control, and fostering a sense of normalcy.


Nutritional Guidance: Personal trainers often provide dietary advice to complement exercise routines. For medical marijuana users, this guidance can be particularly helpful in managing side effects or dietary restrictions associated with their condition.


In summary, personal training can be a valuable resource for individuals using marijuana for medicinal purposes. Trainers can create tailored fitness programs that address the specific needs of medical cannabis users, promoting physical health, emotional well-being, and an improved quality of life.

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