Breaking News:We Just Won an Old Fight

Save Marijuana Legalization

Last week, US Attorney General Jeff Sessions reversed the Cole Memo, Obama-era Dept. of Justice policy that protected state laws legalization marijuana or allowed medical marijuana. Your help is needed TODAY, to save marijuana policy reform from the Trump administration. Please do two things:

1) Write to Congress using the action form below.

2) Call your US Representative and your two US Senators about this. You can reach them (or find out who they are) through the Congressional Switchboard at (202) 224-3121. The text of the letter in our form will guide you as to what to say in the call.

Sessions has gotten a lot of negative reaction for this move, from across the political spectrum. That means we have a chance of turning it back, but we need you to take action now. Thank you for supporting this effort.

Permission to Reprint: This article is licensed under a modified Creative Commons Attribution license.
Looking for the easiest way to join the anti-drug war movement? You've found it!

Drug laws are criminal

Drug use, abuse, and addiction, are a medical condition/issue, not a criminal act. Criminalizing a medical condition, IS a criminal act. As long as no harm is caused to others, or property, no crime has been committed. The harm comes from the government and it's  treasonous policies. The "war on some drugs" is a war on American citizens that don't agree with stupid unjust laws The USDOJ is a RICO.

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Hurt nailsToenail

Hurt nails

Toenail inflammation :



Nail pain or toenail pain is often accompanied by bruising under the toenail, black toenail, or infected skin around the toenail.The most important explanation for toenail pain is onyx, fungal toenail, or injury. Associated with injury to the toenail, which can cause blood under the nail

Purulent nails, nail remover :

Pus is an infection of the fingertips or toes in the area surrounding the nail. Pus can be pus or extracted without pain.

Treat ingrown toenails without removing the nails :

Ingrown toes are caused by pressure from the growth of the nail edge into the skin of the toe. When a nail is bitten through the skin it causes inflammation. Initially, it showed a little discomfort. Seven Plus Clinic helps treat ingrown toenails without removing the nails.

Nail treatments, nail figure has gone tackle .

Yes, with the help of a doctor, you can heal an ingrown toenail. Ingrown toenails are not part of the infection. Can be easily maintained

A good nail doctor :

If you have nail problems such as nail fungus and are looking for the best nail doctor, Seven Plus Clinic has the best doctor for your nail problem.

Toenail inflammation :

One of the most common toenail infections is ingrown. If your toenail is ingrown, it means that the sides of your toenail are beginning to grow into the skin next to your toenail. Ingrown toenails are often red and inflamed, painful, and should even contain pus.

Purulent ingrown toenails :

If the skin is over the edge of the nail, bacteria can enter it. Nails may be infected Signs of a purulent ingrown toenail infection include fluid or pus that starts on the toe.

Ingrown Toenail Doctor :

Seven Plus Clinic has the best qualified doctors for ingrown toenails to take care of you.

Rash Search by skin :

Skin rashes can have non-comedogenic causes. For example, in hot and humid weather, excessive exposure to the sun, or shaggy clothing that doesn't fit.

There is a burning sensation on the skin :

The burning sensation can be a different kind of pain, dull, stinging, or aching. Burning pain is often associated with nerve problems. However, there are many other causes.Infections and autoimmune disorders can cause nerve pain and, in some cases, nerve damage.

Treat skin diseases Good movie doctor :

A dermatologist is a skin care physician who specializes in normal skin care and is in the prognosis and treatment of skin, hair and nail ailments. Dermatologists also have knowledge of documents showing cosmetic disorders of the skin.

Dermatologist Specialized Skin Clinic :

Seven Plus Clinic is the best dermatological clinic in Bangkok. There are the best dermatologists who patiently take care of patient skin problems.

A red blister is looking up by itself :

Redness is often caused by allergies to insect bites and certain skin conditions. The causes of rashes and rashes often change with age and health conditions. Sometimes, the red bump in your leg is a sign of a more serious condition. Seven Plus Clinic can help you get cured.

Dry, red, stinging skin :

If you have dry, red, and stinging skin, you have eczema. This will cause your skin to crack as well. You will get this skin condition from your parents. But things like allergens, stress, and other irritants can make them worse.

A good dermatologist :

Seven Plus Clinic is one of the best dermatologists in Bangkok, providing care and treatment for all your skin related problems. People face many types of skin problems, some have minor problems and some have significant problems. A good dermatologist must know what a patient needs.

Specialized clinic of dermatology :

Seven Plus Clinic is In Bangkok Dermatology is the separation of medical nursing from skin and problems, an unprecedented nature of both medical and surgical. Dermatologists deal with infections in the broadest sense and a few problems of the skin, scalp, hair, and nails.

The Seven Plus Clinic :

Seven Plus Clinic is one of the leading dermatologist clinics in Bangkok, specializing in intra-skin medical assistance. In providing comprehensive patient care and counseling services in the field of dermatology, hair and nail diseases, we specialize in providing clean and safe, standardized services, coupled with our long experience in patient care. In the norm

Specialized dermatologist :

Dermatology is the branch of medicine that deals with the skin. It is a specialized practice in both medical and surgical procedures. A dermatologist may be a medical professional who treats ailments involving the skin, hair and nails, and minor cosmetic problems.

Flaky skin :

Scaly head :

When you have dandruff or your head is peeling off, the skin cells on your scalp shed more quickly than usual. The most common explanation for dandruff is seborrheic eczema, a condition that causes oily, red, scaly skin. White or yellow flakes are flaking, causing dandruff.

There is an itchy, red, white peeling rash :

From sunburn to allergic reactions, there are things that can make your skin red or irritated. It's because excess blood runs to the skin to expel irritants and stimulate healing. Your skin may turn red from exertion, such as after intense heart-pounding exercise.

It's not always a reason to worry. But the redness of the skin often causes irritation and discomfort. Even in the midst of other symptoms, determining the cause can help you treat your skin and prevent it from recurring.

Wax psoriasis A good psoriasis doctor :

Flaky skin :

Shedding is the loss of the epidermis to large scales. Skin becomes dry and cracked, although dryness is not always the cause. Scaling is also called skin scraping, skin peeling, scab, etc.The flaky skin can make a person feel nervous, especially if it occurs on the hands, feet, face, or other visible areas. The scales can itch and reddish, so situations can affect the quality of life.

Scaly scalp :

It can often be difficult to pinpoint an accurate statement for your itchy and flaky scalp. But here are a couple of the culprits: irritated skin, and it's the term for seborrheic eczema (the more severe type of dandruff). Causing skin cells to accumulate and become scaly and itching

Symptoms of a red rash :

The rash may look like a blot, marks, or blisters. Consider that when you see a dermatologist for medical treatment.

For untrained eyes, all rashes can look the same and can be easily treated with over-the-counter oral antihistamines or hydrocortisone cream. However, it's not always easy, as dermatologists say. The rash may appear blotches, blisters, or blisters. They will be red, itchy, flaky, or dry. And can occur in one area of ​​the skin or anywhere of the body. Additionally, some rashes can come and go while others do not seem to go away.

Although most rashes are not life threatening. But some rashes can signal something more serious. If you develop a rash and accompanying symptoms, see a board-certified dermatologist or attend an ER immediately:

Rashes are common on your body. • You have a fever with a rash. The rash appears suddenly and spreads rapidly. • The rash starts to blister. The rash is painful. Infectious rash

The doctor who treats the cashier :

A dermatologist is the first specialist your doctor may recommend you. Dermatologists focus on the treatment of skin, nails, hair and mucous membranes. (Moderate psoriasis usually affects the nails, skin, and scalp.)

Seven Plus Clinic Skin Clinic

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