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BREAKING: Another Senate Pro-Medical Marijuana Vote

US Capitol, Senate side
BREAKING: The Senate Appropriations Committee just voted to extend the ban on DOJ spending funds to interfere with state medical marijuana laws. My US Senator, Barbara Mikulski (D-MD), sponsored the amendment.

Check back on our web site for information later today, and see last week's feature story on the House approving this and several other amendments that rein in DEA power.

As noted in that article, the language and arguably the fact of it being an appropriation matter (as opposed to just legalizing medical marijuana) leaves the field open for prosecutors to make arguments about how the amendment should be interpreted, and to do raids and continue prosecutions in the meanwhile. So it's not the solution to all of the problems that medical marijuana patients and their providers face, much less for marijuana policy in general. But it's a good step, and politically means the world for our efforts and their future prospects.

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They ignore the facts and Target the truth sayers

Least we forget we have waged a multi billion dollar war, we have allowed the 1% to pollute our air and water, posion the children with their diesel buses and subverted a multi billion hemp industry, we have gone to great extreems to insure only the petrol chemical industry can profit, when we know everything made out of plastic can be made out of hemp, yet we have destroyed millions of people life's and livley hood all under the pretext of keeping little Jonny from smoking the plant, this war , this drug war is based on lies and propaganda and race,where the masses are forced to pay endlessly for the medical Monopoly incompetence or be criminal, it's time the state grow up and quit playing victim all the time, quit targeting Americas best our modern day Beatles, Rolling Stones, our modern day Thomas Edison, George Washington and Henry Ford all had something to do with hemp. Check out Henry Ford hemp car on YouTube, and Twitter @smokingspirit when they are making a million dollars a minute ripping off the American people a million dollars buy a lot of people to Target and slander in ifidel

stop the discrimation of US citizens

why can't federal courts do for weed smokers what they did for gays because allowing people in certain states to smoke weed and others not is discrimination .hope someone with the power or money will do something to change this. i quit my job 3 years ago when CO got recreational pot tired moving out there but its not my kind of place way to many people for me , i will never have another job until i can smoke weed without being worried about going to jail or having my kids taken and im not saying i want to go to work high even though im more productive when i am but until i get equal rights all u tax payers will be paying my way and i dont struggle not working i get all i need from the government hell i think im doing better not working than i was when i had a job,and ive decided to quit smoking weed and im gona start protesting that way if the cops try to mess with me i have no pot in my system weed is the only thing that makes me a criminal i dont lie cheat steel or hurt anyone to get pot SO AMERICA WAKE UP AND DO SOMETHING 


this is very good for senate


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That's great news! Progress

That's great news! Progress may be gradual, but every step forward matters. Kudos to Senator Barbara Mikulski and everyone involved in this positive development for medical marijuana patients. Keep pushing for change!

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It might not solve all the

It might not solve all the issues, but it's a positive step forward. Thanks for the update!

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