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Washington Sheriff Tells Oregon Voters: Legalization Is Already Working

King County Sheriff John Urquhart has recorded a message letting Oregon voters know that legalization in Washington State has seen wasteful arrests decrease, DUIs decrease, taxes going to schools and police, and drug prevention programs getting funding. Watch this video about it from the Yes on 91 campaign:


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Who produced that Ad?

This ad should be the blueprint for all state wide legalization initiatives. The producer/director of the ad should get an award for best political ad for marijuana campaigns. There are plenty of LEAP members who have made similar statements and they have been quite effective in winning over hearts and minds. But to have a law enforcement official that's currently holding office state these facts, the mesage really resonates with people who might be on the fence concerning this issue. When the voters juxtapose government funded groups lead by Kevin Sabet against this Sheriff, I feel pretty confident that yes on 91 will pass with flying colors.

They went head to head

Sheriff Uquhart and Kevin Sabet actually went head-to-head at the Senate Judiciary Committee in Washington, D.C.  Good viewing on C-SPAN.  Urquhart's remark begins at 58:00.


Washington did nothing on legalisation until about a month ago.How they can come to any conclusion,one way or another is highly dubious.I live in BC,right over the border and we were waiting as anxiously as the residents for that change to happen.For decades we have been told that we couldn't have cannabis legalisation due to the problems we would have from the US?Now we see the Pacific coastal states all looking like they'll be legal before we will.We will have a federal election in 2015 and it's very likely that Harper, and his prohibition mad government will go and that cannabis prohibition will go with them.The leader of both the Green and the Liberal parties are already out for legal cannabis.

The New Cartels

Legal cartels and crony capitalism is what we are asking for when we say "tax and regulate".

No more regulated than tomatoes. No more taxed than tomatoes.

A Campaign to Regulate and Tax Marijuana like Lima Beans

Or Tomatoes, Thyme, Water Cress, or any grown crop. I agree with you.


People have free will to choose marijuana, but I read an article recently that marijuana destroys gray matter in the brain. It also lessons the intelligence of the user. In this day and age when absolute evil is at war with absolute good we need to be extremely alert and not apethetic.

You keep on reading and

You keep on reading and you'll find some cannabinoids are neuroprotective. In this day we need to be well informed and be critical readers.  Go to primary sources.  Read peer reviewed research instead of letting anecdotal or obviously biased information guide your opinions. Oh, and check your spelling... it reflects disciplined thought among other things.

I think Doris needs to be

I think Doris needs to be lessoned.

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