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Senate Could Vote to Cut DEA Funds as Soon as Tonight

Cut that funding!

The Marijuana Policy Project (MPP) is reporting that Sens. Rand Paul (R-KY) and Cory Booker (D-NJ) have cosponsored an amendment to the Justice Department funding bill that would shield medical marijuana patients and providers from the attention of the DEA in states where it is legal.

The vote could come as soon as tonight or tomorrow, MPP says.

While the House vote was historic, it will be only a symbolic victory unless the Senate also joins in. Passage of the DEA defunding by the Congress (and the presumed signature of the bill by the president) would, on the other hand, have real world consequences--for the better. 

Stay tuned for what could be a very well-deserved slap in the face for the DEA. Even if the measure fails in the Senate, it should provide a heads-up to the agency that there is growing dissatisfaction with it on the Hill. But we don't want to settle for that; we want the DEA handcuffed when it comes to medical marijuana.

Washington, DC
United States
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what is the bill number

This is great, but what is the bill number to which the amendment is attached?  If we're to call our senators and ask them to vote for it, which I would like to do, we need to know the bill number.  If we don't know the proper number, it tells them we don't care enough. 

When you study how the Nixon

When you study how the Nixon policy of scheduling marijuana against what his medical adviser  Dr. Egeberg who was bullied into only a temporary classification #1 1970 and discarded 700  pages of his own commissioned Shafer report. We are now going into our 45th year of  temporary classification of marijuana still waiting for the final classification of cannabis  and in these past many years they still have not found any scientific justification for its  prohibition.

When you study how the Nixon

When you study how the Nixon policy of scheduling marijuana against what his medical adviser  Dr. Egeberg who was bullied into only a temporary classification #1 1970 and discarded 700  pages of his own commissioned Shafer report. We are now going into our 45th year of  temporary classification of marijuana still waiting for the final classification of cannabis  and in these past many years they still have not found any scientific justification for its  prohibition.


I don't see any other way to handle it. They have clearly indicated at every turn that they will follow their own agenda no matter what the President or Congress decides.

Too bad THEY can't be arrested.

What has Prohibition Done for Everybody? Gee... Let's See

   You can be sure that elements in the DEA and assorted Buddies & Cronies are screaming Bloody Murder---making all kinds of covert threats---promising all kinds of dirty trick pressure maneuvers... After all, these tactics seem to have worked in Canada over the last several years.  In the flush of the recent victories in Washington State, Colorado, and now Jamaica, we must not forget there are lots of Prohibition Crusaders still out there. Crusaders who are always looking to Re-stoke Fear, Rekindle Panic, and Reassert their wooly-headed and misbegotten agenda. Crusaders looking for Job Security. Crusaders who want More Control, while hypocritically whining about the excesses of 'Big Gov't.'. Crusaders who tearfully long to shore up their Prison Wall Guard Towers, and to forge more Cells to fill with Blasphemous Doper Heathens. Exploitative Corporate Crusaders. Crusaders who yearn to recapture Every Sparkling Inch of their Puritanical $Holy Land$---a place that only exists in their addled brains. Truly Misguided Crusaders. Some of them even Vicious Crusaders... Unscrupulous Ends-Justifies-The--Means Monsanto-Backed Lobbyist Crusaders... Expect Retaliatory Flailings, Rants & Desperate Strategies. Especially, We must All Beware of Provocateuring, & Insane Closet-Sociopathic Crusaders. Crazy People in Manufactured Positions of Authority. Crusaders with Money, Badges, Guns, Flash-Bang Grenades and Friends in High Places---Some of them are truly more Mean-Spirited than a Razor Wire Fence. They would rather go after Drugs than anything else, including any other crime you can think of. Court records prove that cops spend more time on this than anything else. Why? Gee. Let me think... If it is such a hideous crime, why are SO MANY COPS caught doing drugs& dealing drugs &c?  Are they all 'Wicked Ones'? Or, could it be that they know something a naive public doesn't?
     Don't forget the Illegal Drug Dealers et al who also stand to lose Big Bucks from the de-criminalizing of pot and/or other illicit drugs.  Undoubtedly, many of them are also making all kinds of covert plans---cooking up all kinds of dirty trick pressure maneuvers to keep the Sickeningly Profitable-For-Them Status Quo. Cartels & Dealers looking for Job Security. The kinds who are not above ensuring that Prohibition continues by creating Sordid Events & things to Splash in the Sold-Out Press, like, for e.g.: tricking  addicts into, say, overdosing in large numbers by supplying drugs with much higher purity---which nasty trick has been used many times in the past. Or engineering Drug Freak-Outs with weird analog substances. ---This has also been done. Or magnifying a Juicy Dope Scandal involving high-level entertainers &/or political or iconic figures, &c. Yup. Cartels & Dealers who are always looking to Re-stoke Fear, and make it seem that 'Panicked Public Is Demanding a 'CRACK DOWN'. God, they love that term 'Crack Down'. You can just hear craniums crunching under nightsticks. This IS what helps them Reassert their Piratical Agenda, & Keeps the Cash Flowing for Cartels & Dealers who want to keep Every Sparkling Inch of their Prohibition Lucre Wet Dream. Some of them are even hailed as Folk-Heroes. But no doubt many are Scum-Rises-To-The-Top-Vicious & Unscrupulous Ends-Justifies-The--Means Bribed the Judges & Cops, Politicians & Lobbyists-As-Well types of Cartels & Dealers... Among their numbers are even Insane Sociopathic Cartels & Dealers, whose activities Prohibition FINANCES & SUPPORTS. THIS is the OUTRAGE. Much, much more than the damages from the substances themselves. Truly, the Remedy Is Worse Than the Malady.
     Yup. This is what Prohibition has gotten us: A World which is squirming in a Powerful Two-Jawed Trap, between the these two powerful Vampirical Groups: Cartels & Crusaders. To survive and flourish, Cartels & Crusaders Really Need Each Other. But we don't really need Them! That is the secret that they will go to many lengths to hide. But the Veil is Falling...
     Yup. There will be many struggles still ahead.
     But Miracles Do Happen. Expect More of Them.

Drug war

Amen brother,couldn't have said it better myself.Love your style,I'd vote for you!!!!!



Any word yet?

I'm having trouble finding any news on this through Google.  Probably because I don't know the right thing to search for.

Bill Pass

Gov track (see above) predicted the bill as submitted to the house and handed over to the senate at approximately 25% (doing this by memory). Their prediction is based upon the total of bills that are eventually signed into law by the president and not on a bias based upon the language of the bill. Main stream media repeatedly fails at covering marijuana and hemp. Prior to passage of the last farm bill that contained language allowing hemp to be grown, there was very little coverage by msm. If you want to try google advanced search you may find it better than Fingers crossed.

Why stop at marijuana?

While I understand the importance of ending the prohibition on cannabis I am someone to which this will have no effect at all.I have been fighting against prohibition on all drugs since I was first sent to a federal pen on heroin possession charges.Cannabis patients often tell of how they need their drug to be able to function all day.I am the same with heroin.I know others who are similar with other drugs.Some drugs do serious harm to the body.Heroin does not.This is why in many countries in Europe.Heroin is legal by prescription or by other means.These countries often rejected cannabis?Portugal has decriminalised all drugs.If caught with heroin you must see a counselor.I'm unaware if you get your drugs back but on Vancouver's DTES the police often return heroin and cocaine as to seize it only causes the addict to have to steal to get more.There are many differing ideas in how to deal with drugs.The most expensive by far is the one we use today.It is not only the most expensive but the cruelest,by far as well.

the DEA does need to be reigned in

I think the DEA is so accustomed to doing whatever it wants in foreign countries that it has forgotten that in America it serves. It answers to the Executive Branch which is charged with, among other things, enforcing the laws passed by Congress.

The Congress should ask for resignations. Demand might be a better word.  They should fire some people and let the other Departments and the Agencies under them know who the fu**ing boss is.

The bill is the Bring Jobs

The bill is the Bring Jobs Home act, SB 2569 Here's the text of the Paul amendment:

One small step

for man. The giant leap should really come with repealing the entirety of the contolled substances act so that we can get government out of the business entirely and allow the market to make the tough decisions when it comes to substances that we choose to put into our bodies. That will also help to defund the criminal pharmaceutical empire as more people choose to take advantage to the access to natural healing agents rather than petrochemical ones that are approved by the Fear and Death Administration (FDA).

Aww, poor DEA terrorists ..

Aww, poor DEA terrorists .. wont get money to finance their terrorism 


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