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Today is International Overdose Awareness Day

Today is International Overdose Awareness Day. Click here for an event listing. (Click here for info on the vigil being held by our friends at the Harm Reduction Action Center in Denver.)

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If drugs weren't illegal and subject to street dealers who supply whatever they can get their hands on and sometimes cut it to boost profit we wouldn't see all the OD's we do now.In Vancouver,where I live the addicts are restricted to a small area where they are left to do whatever.They are mostly addicted to crack and in pitiful condition.Currently there is nothing but Fentanyl available on the street and it's a bad drug.Big Pharma's nightmare no fun opiate.You never get the euphoria because it's been taken away at manufacture and the opiate effect is Times 50.When they sell it they tell you that it'll get the job done.That means it'll take away the sickness.Long time addicts get nothing.I know,I have a load of the crap.It will kill you.With the end of the addict control of heroin dealing in Vancouver,the control is in the hands of gang bangers who have no idea what they have and what strength it is.They also could care less.Progress,it isn't.The rest of the people here posted a well done and It is good that this issue is even spoken of,let alone have it's own day.I lost a lot of friends and acquaintances to OD's and there was no day for them.Addicts are still the onl;y group in society that it's still OK to criticise and abuse with impunity.I have had to go out and oppose ,twice,laws that were proposed that would have made addiction,itself a crime.The world is a very different place than it was when racism and fear made drugs like opium a crime.I'm glad that there is a day to remember people that died from addiction.I will not be really happy until we can go out and buy our drug of choice whenever we choose.With the internet,it could be between an Afghan farmer and me.Win,win.We just need the will to live and let live.

While the public health community sleeps

They've gone along with the government clownjob claim that cannabis has no medicine use, so it can't be used for pain before trying prescription opiates from the thugs of big pharma. If that causes 1000's of death a year from opiate overdoses, that can't be helped says the public health community. Their alcohol and prescription opiate supremacist bigotry stinks to heaven. They should have led the charge to have society accept medical and recreational  cannabis, but they chose to betray their mission, with damage spraying out in all directions for generations now.

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