Drug War Symposium, Cardozo Law, NYC 3/13

I am presenting at a symposium sponsored by the Cardozo Public Law, Policy and Ethics Journal, "The War on Drugs: Working Toward a Ceasefire," this Wednesday 3/13 at Cardozo Law School in NYC. The event includes a screening of the Eugene Jarecki documentary "The House I Live In," at 10:00am. My panel starts at noon, there's a second afternoon panel, and a keynote address by Judge John Gleeson on federal mandatory mandatory minimum sentencing. It is open to the public, but RSVPs are required in order to gain entry to the building -- email the Journal or use the Paperless Post invitation to sign up.

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David or anyone really can you help?

David or anyone else, for those of us who are computer illiterate can you explain what to do with the RSVP site? Does one just print that or is there something im supposed to write or something? I'm not sure what to do.

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There is a "Paperless Post"

There is a "Paperless Post" online invitation that is linked to on the page. One can use the form in there to RSVP -- or can use an email address that is provided within the Paperless Post text.

there is a part of

there is a part of California, Humboldt for example, that really does rely on it for their economy, however those people cannot be so short sighted as to not recognize that if their economy has benefited from it, it may benefit others particularly their friends in the medical community. those stoners up in the hills need to realize that its a matter of time and if they don't start preparing for the inevitable their economy will suffer when it is finally legalized. they do not have the market cornered by any means and it is they who have turned their economy over to marijuana growing and distribution. They have the ability to prosper from this more than most, because they are already set up to roll out lines of strains and connoisseur type branding that could even see their economy thrive. i still believe it was incredibly short sighted of them to vote against the prop and hope they reconsider for the greater good.

an ad on prime time

this has always amazed me that with all the resources available in this ridiculous war on some drugs

that there is never an ad on mainstream television or even a billboard campaign. i just dont get it unless

the people who actually can afford real advertising refuse to make the necessary adjustments.  why isn't

"stop the drug war" on 1000 billboards?  thanks, dr v. 

I'm not surprised this sort

I'm not surprised this sort of thing happened in Illinois: it is very difficult to tell the difference between cops and crooks in the state.

My dad's iPhone was stolen out of his car (admittedly it was unlocked; he assumed that was ok in a town of less than 5,000 people). When the police recovered it, instead of giving it back they claimed it was "evidence" and auctioned it off.

The only difference between the thief and the cops was that the cops didn't have to sit in a cell for it.

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