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Cameron Douglas Writes from Behind Bars

Actor Cameron Douglas was serving five years prison time for a drug law violation, when he was tested positive for drug use. The judge added 4.5 more years to his sentence, the heaviest penalty ever dealt out in that situation. He wrote an editorial, "Words Behind Walls," submitted by his girlfriend on his behalf to the Huffington Post.

"Words Behind Walls" is not mainly about his own story -- although he goes into being kept in solitary confinement for 11 months -- but mostly about the tragedy and injustice of half a million nonviolent drug offenders in the prisons and jails, many simply in a cycle of addiction and relapse like he is.

His piece, linked above, is worth reading -- but not before I remark on the incomprehensible cruelty shown by the judge in this case. That judge must be some kind of lost soul himself. At least that is how it looks from here.

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Crimes Against Humanity.

Politicians and faceless bureaucrats have found the drug war gives them unquestionable power and they have used it to hijack the government and influence the distribution of budgets withing the system. They have kidnapped the taxpayers dollars to advantage themselves. And  they have done it at great cost to the community by being brutal and callous and it is this very callousness that ensures they maintain their power for now. They intimidate and bully all those who would disagree with them and because they are the government anyone who disagrees with them is a criminal. It will be the greatest challenge to remove them from office because they are the most aggressive people in the community but we have to because not only are they thugs and corrupt they are excessively incompetent. There is nothing they have managed well. Not the economy, not the environment, not crime, not anything. 

And don't forget that in solitary confinement, in a maximum security establishment, under conditions of total drug war and zero tolerance, the drug war, the establishment, still totally failed to stop illegal drugs from getting to one man closely watched under lock and key. Who is the bigger failure? The guy with the drug problem or the system full of promises and bull that can't keep it's prison's clean! The judges harsh sentence was a cover up for his impotence and failure.Those in charge of the system should be charged with dereliction of duties and failure to provide a safe, drug free environment.The drug war is a crime against humanity and Cameron Douglas is a victim of crimes against humanity like so many others. It is long over due that we should end this war that should have never been. Legalize! Apologize! Compensate! Prosecute the perpetrators! 

which witch ?

Compare, if you will, the "Witch Burnings", practised by christians across Europe during the Middle Ages.

The style, ethos, and general demeanour, are the Same. And the Fear this behaviour generates is the Purpose.

Or, maybe read Camus "The Plague". Similar.

the reason why

4.5 years were added is because this judge is a fame whore. he sees the child of a celebrity, and sees a method for himself to suck, leech, and grovel at the teat of fame.


pathetic, really. this guy couldn't judge a coloring book contest.

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