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DC Finally Selling Medical Marijuana

Submitted by David Borden on

Capital City Care, one of DC's new medical marijuana dispensaries, made its first sale this week.
DC has seen its first legal marijuana sale under the city's medical marijuana law, enacted in 1998 by voters but blocked by Congress for most of that time. According to The Washington Post, an HIV positive patient (identified only by his middle name, Alonzo), who suffers from insomnia and occasionally from difficulty swallowing or digesting, side-effects of his powerful antiviral medications, visited Capital City Care at 7:00pm yesterday evening.

With just nine patients qualified to date, according to DC's Dept. of Health, things are still moving slowly. But they are moving. Having lived in this area since 1995, having worked in this issue since before then, and also having helped out on the polls on that election day 15 years ago, I'm pretty happy to see this finally happen, and proud of my friends who are part of it.

The Post has a photo gallery here.

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