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"Obamacare" Heroin Hits the Market

Like any other businessmen seeking to differentiate their product from similar competitors, heroin dealers come up with brand names, too. Among the latest is this entry from Massachusetts: "Obamacare"

This photo comes courtesy of the Massachusetts State Patrol, whose troopers seized 1,250 packets of heroin stamped "Obamacare" or "Kurt Cobain" during a Friday morning traffic stop.

Branding heroin is nothing new; legendary New York City heroin dealer Frank Lucas had his "Blue Magic" back in the 1970s. In recent years, the trend has continued, with names such as "Bugs Bunny," "Buddha," "Bin Laden," and "LeBron James" all making appearances, some for more obvious reasons than others.

"Kurt Cobain" I can understand, from a heroin marketer's viewpoint. This shit will blow your brains out.

But I'm not sure what message dealers are trying to convey with the "Obamacare" brand. Is this stuff gonna kill you as dead as socialized medicine? Or is it gonna bliss you out like knowing you have access to reasonably priced health insurance despite preexisting conditions?

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Good old American marketing

Is heroin addiction a pre existing condition?Or is it just a nasty side effect?I wonder what the television ads in the future will say?Meanwhile,the Harper government is changing the law to disallow heroin programs such as Vancouver's SALOME.Another waste of tax dollars in another attempt to attack heroin addicts.There has been no increase in heroin addiction in Canada or Vancouver.Makes one wonder at such a huge deal being made over such a small number of very down and out people.They are also about to turn the cannabis industry over to the very private sector that has supported it's prohibition all these years. While excluding those that have worked tirelessly to have the drug made more accessible.You just know that there is no science or research behind any,Harper,drug policies.I did the math and a point of pure afghan heroin sells for 20 cents in Pakistan.An addict in Norway is given magazines to sell to support their habit.It's just a matter of changing the way people look at things like addiction.People will not start shooting heroin just because it's cheap and legal.Not even if it's called "Obamacare".

stamp collection

well, i understand as a legalizationist the frustration with the illicit market but i dont understand if the author of this is making fun of the dealer or of dope or what?? i cant say ive done obamacare. im a homeless junkie from manhattan and this past summer ive seen alot of different stamps and have heard of others. no mercy, apache, UFC, my favorite - strong medicine, KO, top rank, smackdown, the most popular one this past summer was law and order which shouldnt be mistaken for the bogus version stamped as law and order criminal intent (a copycat stamp). i mean the list can go on and on, right now white tigers popular, there were even bags without stamps but just colored, purple bags, red bags and blue bags. all the bags, when the stuff is actually stuff, are good. but i will say that at 10 dollars a pop you cant blame us for being thieves, liars, cheaters, scammers, homeless, etc. prohibition sucks and prohibition causes all the horror... indeed stamps are definitely nothing new but as long as things are this way, thank God for them because id rather get the stamp i know and trust (which lately has been the wonderfully abundantly filled "sons of anarchy") vs some stampless plain bag with like a fraction of a fraction of dust in it.

Sons anarchy bags

Did 9 bags and was high over 10 days and didn't sleep for over 8 days, do way in hell that was herion in those bags

The Real Deal

Once the " MitchMcConnell " hits the street`s , watch out ! . That heroin will prevent you from doing anything . You will experience pure Gridlock . Then you will slip into the " JBoehner " spin cycle . It`s some dirty stuff .


Stay back from that " L " that comes after the " K " . > That " CRUZ " pak is even worse . Bundles of Go Out Prikin` [ GOP ] are readily available . Stay tuned to ya` local neighborhood corner . You can also get " FOX " bundles on " K " street .   >  2014 ........

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