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Seattle Police Legal Marijuana Guide Features Gandalf and Bilbo

Embedded video from "The Lord of the Rings," appearing on Seattle Police Blotter legal marijuana guide page.
The SPD Blotter yesterday published "Marijwhatnow? A Guide to Legal Marijuana Use in Seattle." It includes a guide for citizens as well as a heads-up on what police and the mayor are working on. Some highlights from the document, paraphrased:

  • You can legally carry up to an ounce of marijuana, as of December 6th, but not in public view.
  • Rules for marijuana stores will be developed over the next year, and won't be done until December 1st, which means no legal sales until then.
  • Growing is still illegal.
  • Marijuana smoking in public is ticketable in some places -- treated like cigarette smoking.
  • Driving under the influence of marijuana is illegal.
  • Police like the clarity of legalization more than the grey area of Seattle's previous "lowest priority" policy for marijuana enforcement.
  • Police are reviewing their hiring policies with regard to prospective officers' past marijuana use.
  • Police will not assist the federal government in any investigations into marijuana offenses that are legal under state law.
  • Police will not return marijuana they seized from you prior to the passage of the initiative.

The article was written with humor, and includes embedded video from The Lord of The Rings movie of Gandalf and Bilbo blowing smoke rings.

I almost forgot the main highlight from the bulletin: "You can certainly use marijuana in the privacy of your own home."

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best part

What will make the biggest difference is this: Police will not assist the federal government in any investigations into marijuana offenses that are legal under state law.

The drug war is dead, will the DEA fade out and eventually be eliminated when additional states follow in legalizing their biggest money maker?

This is awesome

It defies all belief that this is happening... I mean this is REAL..  public acceptance has really reached such a level that governors are making jokes about "cheetos and goldfish" and .gov websites are featuring humorous terms like "super skunk" and videos of fictional characters smoking the "finest weed"... 

One could almost believe with the way things are going that even I would be allowed to smoke in my off time!  HAH.. well ok, that probably won't happen ever.

The best way to try in Red states:

On the ballots, specify that public view is prohibited, use only allowed in the privacy and property of your own home or residence, growing allowed 5 or 6 plants or whatever, confines of own home. Need license to sell and taxes on that.

But alcohol

But alcohol is accepted in public.. what do you see at an NFL game?  A MLB game?  Hockey? What about concerts, etc.  You see those tell-tale red cups filled with frothy liquid, you see bottles, cans, etc.  Why should Marijuana (once legalized) be any different?  The only thing I would say is that since it's smoked, that 2nd hand smoke might be an issue, in which case I agree with their policy here of "if you couldn't smoke a cigarette there, you couldn't smoke pot either."

shhh . . . nudge fudge wink

Yes alcohol is at the present time more acceptable than cannabis, and yes that's weird, but let's just get the Jails and Fines and Cops and Gangs out of the picture, let ordinary folks get used to and familiar with cannabis consumption, and then see how the situation relaxes and develops.

It is often the case that progress happens one funeral at a time.

Softly, softly, inch by inch.


That is, in fact, Gandalf and BILBO

borden's picture

Thanks for the heads-up. I've

Thanks for the heads-up. I've made the correction.

Safe Vape Toke Equipment

@Uncle Bob--good point about side-stream smoking, the answer is to press for generally available cannabinoid e-cigarette or Personal Portable Vaporizer as shown in the paper edition of the Newsweek "New Pot Barons" article. Also better instruct the public that you CAN vaporize (non-combustion) with a cheap screened one-hitter that has a long flexible drawtube (hookah hose without hookah) attached-- google "Long-stemmed Choomette" and "How to Make Smoke (i.e. Vape) Pipes from Everyday Objects.

Now i can't wait til they

Now i can't wait til they make electronic thc joints! Oh heaven!

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