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Is Marijuana Prohibition About to Get its Ass Kicked?

Ballot measures to legalize marijuana in Colorado and Washington are polling strong on the eve of the election, and for many, this is a moment as momentous or more so than the presidential race itself. I've been too focused on other projects to comment regularly this time around -- and it hasn't been easy -- but tonight I can think of nothing else. And if you're reading this, I imagine you're thinking what I'm thinking.

Whether we win, lose, or a little of both, there's no question that we've taken this fight further than a lot of people thought possible when I was a young activist (and I'm still not that old yet). I haven't forgotten the time I spent explaining to friends and family why I was doing this work and that I wasn't doing it for fun; we do this to change lives and change our country for the better. As those changes grow ever more tangible, the momentum of our movement becomes self-evident and the people who once stood in our way step slowly back into the shadows.

Where once a powerful alliance of prohibitionist power players dogged us at every turn, it feels lately as if there's no one on the field anymore except us, Kevin Sabet, and a random assortment of disoriented profiteers on both sides who'll continue to fear change until they learn not to. The polls, meanwhile, move in our favor as fast as you can count them and the myth of marijuana policy's fringe position in American politics is dying an overdue death before our eyes.

All of this is true even if we don’t move the ball as far forward tomorrow as we hope to. I'm saying it now because we have a lot to be proud of either way.  I also just wanted to say something because I've been quiet for a little too long lately. If tomorrow goes our way, you can bet I will be anything but quiet.

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good luck ! man i really hope

good luck ! man i really hope it works out scott.......even though heroin is my thing and i dont like pot i am 100% with you and the movement and am actually super anxious about this and definitely care more about this than the presidential election. as for sabeet, your right lol it reminds me of being in elementary school (the only level of education i completed lol) again and, when say in kindergarten, the class is taught something new and contradictory...say...the non-existence of santa clause, there is always that one kid...that one, really frustrating, annoying kid, with no friends who always just has to dissent - and do so with that disingenuous, annoying smile that kids like that always seem to know how to wear. its a schmuck smile...and they cannot take it off their face as they shake their head no in the face of solid fact (Disproving their argument.) Eventually their cheeks turn red and they stomp but they never lose that ghastly, instigating poop licking grin... thats sabeet.. really. but yeah i really hope things work out i cant wait - i bet itll be a convenient excuse for the powers that be in CO to break out the riot police as celebrations no doubt spill into the streets... i hope everything works out!!

Marijuana Spring


This is truly a great moment. From this point on the failure of prohibition and the desire of people for true reform will be all too obvious. There will be no way to justify the drug war or resist change anymore. There are already states and nations looking for real alternatives to the current nightmare they are caught in. When they see the US legalize it will be obvious to everyone that both US federal law and UN law are meaningless and it’s over. This is very like the fall of that other wall in 1989 which led to the break of the Soviet empire. This is the end of the American drug war empire. Thank you to everyone who worked to make this happen. War is Over! 2012!

The Drug War is an extension

The Drug War is nothing but an extension of everything bad and wrong with our country.  It's one of the last holdouts of ... well I wasn't meaning to be overly corny here, but I can't think of any other word but evil.

The Drug War's a holdover from class warfare, race warfare, hate-mongering, and ignorance.  It is wrong at its very core principal and it's only common sense that as the American people rises above such detestable behavior, that the war will end, and prohibition will make way for a more common-sense approach.

Except the profiteers who make their living by exploiting this broken system to cling on to dear life, and to fight tooth and nail against reform.  After all, they won't so easily give up all that they've held for years now.  But in the end, the will of the people will prevail.  It won't happen over night, but change is certain at this point.

Drugs are less harmful than a

Drugs are less harmful than a big Mac or gambling with 3 billion British pounds(4.8 billion dollars) wasted each year wasted in the futile drug war with "A six-year study of Britain's drug laws by leading scientists, police officers, academics and experts has concluded it is time to introduce decriminalisation."

These US state legalization ballots will have huge implications to help end the prohibition in the US and also help end Global prohibition since a lot of countries are largely influenced by US drug policies.

I am sitting here with a big Mac, a betting slip(gambling) bet on a legalization win and with my fingers crossed(with a joint between my crossed fingers) hoping for this outcome and the irony is the fast food and the gambling are the dangerous activities. 

Could this day be the new 420 day?

Hi guys,Giving you a response

Hi guys,

Giving you a response from Scotland, UK, keep up the great work you do; US policy and culture, as is always the case, has consequences for other countries around the world, especially the UK so we have our fingers crossed too. As I write this, Obama has secured his second term - thank goodness, as I hardly see Mitt Romney as a radical drug policy reformer; the only changes he would make would be to do a 'Reagan' and up the ante in the War on Drugs - so let's all hope that Obama makes some desperately needed liberal changes to Federal and State drug policy, particularly in regard to marijuana (or cannabis as we call it in the UK) laws.

Much love to all you guys on your side of the Atlantic; don't ever stop fighting for what is right and let's collectively end this odious, pernicious and morally bankrupt 'War on Drugs' and restore our human rights and civil liberties in what is supposed to be a 'free' country.

All the best!!


Marijuana prohibition

Hi all you guys on your side of the Atlantic from Scotland, UK!!!!!

You're all doing a brilliant job campaigning; keep up the good work! As I write this Obama has secured his second term - thank goodness as I hardly see Romney as a radical drug policy reformer - far more likely to do a 'Reagan' and up the ante in the War on Drugs by wasting more money on police, courts, prisons etc!

Let's hope we now see some real change to state and federal drug policy, starting with much needed changes to marijuana.


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