Anti-Marijuana Fanatic Insults Cancer Patient in Mean-Spirited Letter

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Last week, New York Times published one of the most powerful editorials about medical marijuana that I've ever seen. It was a moving personal appeal from Gustin L. Reichbach, a Justice of the NY State Supreme Court, who began treatment with marijuana after being diagnosed with terminal cancer.

It's a story so moving you would have to be insane not to feel compassion for Justice Reichbach and patients like him. Unfortunately, long-time drug war defender David G. Evans is insane. In a calmly-worded, yet viciously dismissive letter to the editor, Evans suggests that the judge might be lying about his cancer treatment.

Anecdotal reports may…be inaccurate because of the emotional expectations of the person using marijuana and the placebo effect. In some cases, there may be deliberate exaggeration for ideological reasons.

To even suggest such a thing is offensive beyond words. We're talking about a man who is fighting for his life, a man who dedicated that life to upholding the law, and who turned to marijuana only after being handed a death sentence. From what twisted perspective would one even arrive at the idea that such a person was speaking dishonestly?

Even leaving aside what we already know about marijuana's medical benefits, what kind of monster would question a dying man's account of how he finds comfort? Evans's sickening insinuations are an exhibit in the inhumanity required to judge those who only seek relief from their suffering. Worse, he even attempts to disguise his coldness and cynicism as a form of genuine concern:

It is true compassion to make sure that medicines are safe and effective and that the claims about them are true.

It's an incredible thing to say, premised entirely on the absurd notion that David Evans is entitled to an opinion about another man's cancer treatment. As often as we've seen critics of marijuana's medical use endeavor to embarrass themselves, I can scarcely recall an episode so disgraceful, so pure and vile in its arrogance.

It's awful to think that Justice Reichbach and other patients like him might read the cruel words of people like David Evans. But let's not miss the true meaning behind Evans's senseless message. If you look back at what he wrote, it reveals a great deal about the desperation of anti-drug ideologues like Evans as they angle for attention in a debate that's increasingly been decided already in the hearts and minds of most Americans.

Faced with a powerful story from a credible and sympathetic voice, Evans saw no option other than to call him a liar. He can't even accept the basic fact that sick people find relief from medical marijuana, because even that simple and obvious truth would, by itself, overwhelm every idiotic thing he's ever said on the subject. As hurtful as his words may be, Evans's horrendous example is exactly the reason we're winning this debate.

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ONDCP Propaganda

The government claims that " smoked marijuana " has no medicinal value . The government also sends out " medicinal marijuana " to at least one person to this day . A big can full of rolled up joints . YouTube it . U.S Attorney General Eric Holder said that Obama could reschedule cannabis thru an executive order . 2013 maybe ? David Evans and the ONDCP may be partners here on this Judge hit piece . Government propaganda . Be Deceptive , bring the " kids " into it . Emotional factor . Disregard science .  Who needs facts when you have the ONDCP Ministry of Propaganda offering you a helping hand ? Mr. Evans occupation and his position  on a plant called Cannabis , seems to be in conflict . Reality and Propaganda don`t mix very well . Think of the kids . Why deceive the children ? Why lie to the children in order to help shape a delusion ? I can see the forest for the trees . I can also see that " Big Green Tsunami " coming . RUN , HERE IT COMES, HAHAHA....



You'll see more of this as we win...and we ARE winning

Or this wouldn't be happening.

It's axiomatic that as the opposition loses ground, it gets vicious. You see this throughout history, in every sphere of endeavor, not just war. The opposition has too much at stake, and in the case of lower-level prohibs just beginning their 'career' in oppression, their entire futures are in jeopardy.  

But also notice something; it's never the really high-and-might prohibs like Gil that are used for this kind of thing, only the bottom feeder,Hofferian True Believer types that step up to the plate. The top-level prohibs are caging their bets; they know what's coming, and they're packing their parachutes, just in case. That's why they're leaving the gruntwork like 'rebuttals' of this sort to their expendable foot-soldiers. The idea being to let them catch Hell when the tide turns.

Evans writes:"The

Evans writes:

"The F.D.A.’s modern, sophisticated drug approval process is our best defense against marketing unsafe and ineffective drugs."

Slowly (although increasingly not so slowly) but surely, the truth about marijuana's medicinal effects will become better known, and new medical uses will probably be found (likely many and important), and the FDA and people like Evans are going to have a lot of explaining to do.

Open Letter to Mr. Evans

   I am not a cancer patient but I broke my back after falling 16' from a ladder back in July of 2000. Since then I have been in CHRONIC pain 24 hours a day. Where did I find relief? In the horrid hell known as narcotic pain medication. Medicines to be found SAFE by our government. 13 years later and I am medically dependent on 90mg of methadone to be taken in 30mg doses  3x daily... Nice, right? It no longer relieves my pain and my only other option is to up the dose which comes along with many a beautiful side effects. I WILL NOT live to the 78 years promised me because of this medication. My legs are in a constant state of swelling. A diuretic while taking the pain meds will only make matters worse. Never once did any pain doctor tell me of the addictive properties of the pain medications I was taking. I only found out after leaving them home when I left for a cruise with my family. I brought the wrong pill bottle. It would take a book to describe the hell I went through. At that time I was taking 240mg of the new wonder drug Oxycontin. Yep, your "deemed medically safe medicines" sure are great. I smoked marijuana in High School and Collage as a right of passage. I graduated with a 3.6 in electrical engineering. After graduation I married and had children. The weed and parties of those days just happy memories as I was on my way to create new ones. I got a great job in my field, my wife gave birth to 2 beautiful healthy kids. I bought and paid for my house on the coroner with the white picket fence, dog , and swimming pool. Those pills I told you about??? Never once did I take more than prescribed. 20 years after collage, friends invited me to a concert by a band I followed heavily during my school years. It had been at least that long since I had smoked ANY marijuana.

   The bands audience was made up of people who stood and danced through the entire show. I felt bad knowing I would be sitting for the entire performance. I was hoping to find a seat where I could still view the band. Soon the days of old were returning and a smile was on my face. I didn't hesitate when a joint passed my way. I had never heard of marijuana helping people in pain. At That time people said it was good for glaucoma and cancer, or so I thought. My family life and other obligations kept me in the blind. Soon I noticed something I had not known in over a decade. I WAS PAIN FREE! Not soothed, not lessened. MY BACK NO LONGER HURT! I called my wife I couldn't believe it. I was almost tempted to return home just to run with my son. I called my doctor. He told me stay away. If I smoked marijuana while taking pain pills I would be cut off and have to deal with the demons of withdrawal.  I just witnessed a miracle in my own life and it was whisked away in a second. I WOULD not let this go. I purchased an ounce of medical grade marijuana for myself. Sadly I can only smoke sparingly as to not have a hot urine if my doctor chooses to test me. I am considered a felon in my state because I poses a plant which was used to anoint Christ himself. It was only illegal for 70 years yet legal and used for thousands of years before that. The bible even tells us that EVERY plant is GOOD. Well so be it. Until the day uncompassionate, blind fools, such as yourself stop looking to ostracize others because of your own faults and shortcomings I will continue my felonious ways. I will have days free from the bondage of pain. To you my friend I wish upon you the pain I have suffered for the last 12 years. Something I swore I would never do. Good Day.

                                                  William J. Sweeney 

this is a eloquent statement about the sadism of MMJ prohibition

How dare they stand between seriously ill patients and their medicine! At the cost of terrible suffering, their intransigence on MMJ has been a boost to the cause of recreational cannabis and drug war enemies in general, as the prohibitionists' defiance and contempt for science, public opinion, and basic compassion is continuing to be on flagrant and loathsome display.

that is quite a story my

that is quite a story my heart goes out to you

I have so many reasons for my

I have so many reasons for my belief that the war on drugs is wrong. These reasons are based on my life. I am 50 years old, my dad became a cop right around the time this war on drugs started forty years ago. My dad made a poster board with the names and a sample of most of the illegal drugs and brought it to my 9th grade class at Colerain middle school before the DARE program was created. A few years later after seeing that poster in our storage room many times my parents asked me if I knew where all the samples went. I laughed and told them that they were nuts if they thought my brother would not take them. They agreed, he had and still has a problem. My point is I have witnessed this war and its damage from the beginning from both sides. The majority on both sides know that this war is wrong and harming us more than it has ever helped us. I watched my dad and his friends try to justify their actions in the same way all soldiers are taught, demonise and belittle the other side so that you forget that they are human citizens. I would hear them talk about the “dopers and druggies etc.” and would wonder why. I heard these same terms used by a retired cop many years later on our trips to bristol and would always wonder how he could talk that way because he would bring the mason jars of moonshine that would get them so drunk they passed out while I smoked joint after joint and would show them pictures of the race I took while they blacked out. I have so many stories that illustrate the hypocrisy of this war on drugs I loose track so here is one that I have never been able to digest.


On Dec. 24, 1985 I was driving home to my parents house to spend the holidays. A few miles from their house a drunk driver crossed the center line and hit me head on. I have no memory of the crash. I do have pictures taken by a police officer at the scene because my dad was also a police officer. The photos show me still trapped in the car as Fire and EMT work to extract me. I was 24 at the time and the Dr. and nurse from the Air care helicopter were in the back seat pumping fluids into me to prevent the number one cause of death, ruptured spleen, for males 18-24. I have been told that it took an hour to get me out and that they chained my car to a tree and pulled it back apart with a fire engine. The drunk driver was taken to jail, not needing to go to the hospital at all and served 3 days for what he did to me. What did he do, here is a partial list, broken and dislocated right foot and ankle, broken right leg, left knee and femur crushed and leg now shorter. Broken left arm, multiple breaks of my lower jaw, upper jaw, right and left eye orbit, nose, right cheek replaced with a rib bone, several skull fractures, both lungs collapsed, severe closed head injury, total deafness in my left ear which when after a few weeks in the hospital they performed a scan on me they slapped a neck brace on me and said “don't move your neck is broken.” Thats something you never forget and it took a long time to accept that the injury I survived, basal skull fracture, was explained like this to me by a neurosurgeon, “I am sorry it took us so long to find this, we don't x ray that area because if you have that injury your dead.” At the time he said he could only find one other person who survived and the treatment was to let it heal. About six months later, sitting in a one armed wheelchair because my left arm was still paralyzed and both legs broken I noticed if I leaned forward that my hands went numb so I went back to the neurosurgeon and had a new set of scans and he said my neck was still broken so quit leaning forward until it healed. I had my first artificial knee installed at 28. It lasted 4 years, the second one 5 and the 3rd has been in 11 and still good. I had my lower right ankle fused and an artificial ankle installed in the past 2 years. Since 1986 I can remember one time where my body did not hurt, I woke up and did not move for several minutes enjoying the strange sensation of no pain. Then I moved, that's it, one time.


The recent death of a famous NFL player by suicide brought back some bad times. I have read accounts by those close to him who have talked about how hard it was for him to sleep. I am assuming that what I have went through with my injuries is similar to what a former player has to learn to live with. That you are always going to have pain and the search for rest will lead you to some desperate choices. I have never had a problem getting Dr's to prescribe pills to try to help. They want to help and try to help under the rules of the game. Sleep to some one in pain is the ultimate goal, it is the only way to get some pain free time. Around 1990 I became so desperate to sleep that I gave up and kept taking 5 Valiums every 30 minutes until I fell asleep. My wife at the time came home and found me awake but obviously drugged and I told her what I was doing. I went to the emergency room and told the prescribing Dr. what had happened. He told me that I should not do that and I needed to get a new Dr. which I did. After surviving a close call I knew that I had to figure out a better way. I continued to see each different Dr. for each of my medical problems until one day one of my Orthopedic surgeons told me that I needed a good primary care to keep track of all my problems and sent me to the Dr. I have been seeing since. He did his best and still does. About 10 years ago on one of my visits he told me that I was really doing better. I looked at him and said do you want to know why? He said yes to which I answered I started smoking pot. He said whatever works and we both try to ignore the subject.



It had finally dawned on me that the reason that I never smoked marijuana was because it used to make me tired. It took a while but I tried smoking pot and found out that when I smoke I am able to live a much more normal life. The worst torture is laying in bed as an atheist and finding yourself wishing you were not so that you could pray and get some relief. Pain and lack of sleep will drive you insane. When I see very real examples every day when the war on drugs is causing a stigma so strong that we don't listen to those we know that are telling us every day that marijuana makes their life better I want to scream. We all used to hear the police use the excuse when they enforced a bad law, don't blame us we just enforce the laws, for the first 30 years of the drug war. That is false now, the police and prison workers are actively paying lobbyists to fight for prohibition. They can not deny now that their support is to keep their jobs, no matter who gets hurt. That is until they retire, then most Leo's agree with the organization formed by their retired colleges, LEAP Law Enforcement Against Prohibition. I do know that if a current LEO speaks out against the drug war the can and do loose their job. So much for that pesky 1st amendment.


What is the point of this ramble? Your legal product alcohol directly caused me to live the rest of my life in pain, took my dads life, took my son's mom's life at the age of 39 and you tell me that I am breaking the law when I use marijuana to ease my pain, F. U. Jeff McCurry

Open letter to Mr. Evans

Mr. Sweeney, I appreciate your words, and I am sorry you have had the difficulties you have had. I am grateful to you for speaking up, and I agree with almost everything, there is one thing that maybe should be different. While I agree that most time people don't know what it's like to live in someone's shoes, unless they have the opportunity, this Evans person does not see your life or pain, both physical and emotional, or anyone's for that matter. Why do you think he wrote such a classless editorial? I could tell the whole story about my father shooting himself in the head with a .357 and a hollow point bullet because there was no cure for Arachnoiditis(sp?), and there is only so many narcotic pain patches, Fentanyl patches which are 10 times more powerful than Morphine, that a human can take. I have also been subjected to pain pills, as well as Valium and Ambien, let alone the other "medicines", loose use of the word, that were prescribed and said would help with the side effects of the potent drugs, and those had side effects of their own. Those are the same "medicines" that Evans said our government works to maintain safety, however those are the same people being paid, or has some form motive, for allowing these DEADLY and HARMFUL Pharmaceutical medicines to be prescribed for "sale" and use! Why do you think we see all theses ads for class action lawsuits against Pharmaceutical drug manufacturers? The problem is that people are not educated enough and there are FAR TO MANY CORRUPT POLITICIANS, and those two things are the biggest factors, and thankfully the educational gap is closing more and more as we keep standing up to people like Evans, and more research is being done by private firms and Universities local and abroad. So, I don't think it is good to wish any kind of pain or harm on someone else, because negative begets negative. For everyone you convince that we are doing the right thing, we lose one for the "negative" we put out. You can continue to help fight the war, but please try to do it from stand point of education and by showing that you can overcome the corruption of negativity. Thank you again for speaking up and keep fighting the war! Jason

What a powerful story.  I

What a powerful story.  I work for WLIW a local New York metro area (New York City, Long Island, and New Jersey) PBS affiliate, and am currently putting together a piece on medical marijuana.  If you happen to live in the NY area and would not mind sharing some of your story publicly with whatever parameters you like, please contact me at [email protected]

Scared of pharmaceutical companies going out of business?

The scare tactic now days is 'schizophrenia' and or 'Psychosis'. Yet the non biased science suggests the chance of that happening is so small. Substance abuse in any context is foolish and could have a negative impact. However, compared to cannabis, you have a higher chance of having Psychotic or schizophrenic symptoms with alcohol, tobacco, caffeine and anti-depressants. Some people are fooled by propaganda and dismiss the science of cannabis, fair enough...I get my info from non biased scientists, professors and doctors..Not politicians or policemen, they just want to see cannabis smokers behind bars.

Reefer Madness based on incomplete studies

NIDA-funded researchers deliberately confuse the acute psychoactive effects of marijuana with the onset of mental illness while ignoring many of the common psychoactive effects of heavy alcohol use or nicotine withdrawal.  By labeling one acute effect as "psychosis" and ignoring others (cherry picking), you can make potheads look more crazy than alcoholics.

Evans = Prohibitionist Parasite

Evans wants his brand of Welfare to keep flowing.   It's how the Drug War works.  People become dependent on Drug War money and will do or say anything to keep the coffers open.  His concern for others is non existent.

Evans = Prohibitionist Parasite

Evans wants his brand of Welfare to keep flowing.   It's how the Drug War works.  People become dependent on Drug War money and will do or say anything to keep the coffers open.  His concern for others is non existent.

Reichbach's appeal was directed to Cuomo and NY legislature

So far Cuomo has been quite the pig about this.  Like his alcohol supremacist father, he dislikes recreational cannabis so much that he is willing to tell seriously ill patients to go to hell. He's a hardcore political animal though, and sooner or later he'll bow to public opinion on the subject.

Did somebody say David Evans?


I don't know who he is, and based on what he's saying, that's all right with me. 

I was looking for a way to say Happy Birthday to Tommy Chong today, and I came across this, enjoy! 

 Best wishes to Justice Reichbach, by the way. 

"But it is one thing for our would-be protectors to inform us of what they regard as dangerous objects in our environment. It is quite another thing for them to punish us if we disagree with them." -- Thomas Szasz

"Deliver my soul, O LORD, from lying lips, and from a deceitful tongue." (Ps. 120:2) 

Deliver my soul, O LORD, from lying lips, and from a deceitful tongue. 
DDeliver my soul, O LORD, from lying lips, and from a deceitful tongue. 
Deliver my soul, O LORD, from lying lips, and from a deceitful tongue.
Deliver my soul, O LORD, from lying lips, and from a deceitful tongue.
  Ddd    Ddddd

FDA Drugs are safe?

News to me.

look up vioxx

look up vioxx

ONDCP Propaganda track 2 [ thru the looking glass ]

The people over at Christian Science Monitor website have an article posted 5/23/12 concerning the Rasmussen Poll results on marijuana legalization showing that 56% of Americans approve of it . According to the report above , David G. Evans is Executive Director of Drug Free Schools Coalition in New Jersey . According to this article by CSMonitor ,   " If they had asked , ` If you knew that a majority of homicide convicts in New York had smoked marijuana within 24 hours of their convictions , would you be in favor of legalizing it ? ` they would have gotten a far different answer , " says David Evans , special advisor to the Drug Free America Foundation . " These questions are so biased and leading , it`s embarrassing " .        [ if you smoke marijuana within 24 hours of a homicide conviction , it would have been while in state custody ]  .           He then says , " This is a clearly very biased finding . They`ve asked leading questions to get the responses they wanted " .       Deception and fear is the oil of the drug war machine . That Drug Free America Foundation crap would not exist without the ONDCP . They want to scare you into giving them your tax money so that they can have a job . Mr . Evans is getting money from at least 2 taxpayer funded entities . His statement`s about the Rasmussen Poll show that he is in the very firm grip of lunacy . 

Leading questions? Here are the first 4 questions

  1* Would you favor or oppose a law that bans the sale and consumption of beer, wine, and all alcoholic beverages?

 2* Should the government outlaw tobacco smoking?

 3* Should it be a crime for people to smoke marijuana in their own home or the home of a friend?

 4* Would you favor or oppose legalizing marijuana and regulating it in the similar manner to the way alcohol and tobacco cigarettes are regulated today?


It's not like the preceding questions included information, information which is readily available, on how many people's deaths are alcohol or tobacco related, including non-users, and how few are killed by cannabis (Has anyone in the U.S.been killed so far this year by anyone impaired by cannabis?). They don't need to include that information about how cannabis is far safer than alcohol or tobacco, because most people know it and just hearing the words reminds them. 

Leading questions might be one word for them, but WHY are they leading questions, even though they seem scrupulously neutral in their wording, and are basic context for asking what people think should be done about weed? Run from the question, prohibs, you are good at that.  

I see this sequence of questions as a potential base for a campaign ad. Just to note, the poll result was 56% -  36%, a full 20% to the good. Awesome is not an exaggeration to describe this. 

Give him a gun and he shoot's himself


First they ignore you,

then they laugh at you,

then they fight you,

then you win.


hey to the PK hater at the concert

hey man, whats up with that? regardless of anything else this site is an anti prohibitioin site, not a pro pot site, REGARDLESS of anything you may read or see here. It doesn't say stop the pot war, it says stop the drug war here.


i just want to tell you that, you know man, i understand what your saying but the venom you seem to be spewing at PKs is kind of offensive to me. I am not a fan of pot and i wasnt in high school nor today, when i say im not a fan of pot, i mean to say that i dont like the effects of it, i say this not as a drug warrior but as someone who has smoked pot, vaporized pot, maybe tried to inject it, whatever, atleast 300x. thats why. but from high school to today i will tell you with 1 million percent pride i love opiates. all night all day everyday. china white, black tar, oxy, roxi, percy, vicy, morphy worphy, you name it i love it. fenty wenty. i love em all except i hate the prohibitionist lies called suboxone (buprenorphine) methadone & naloxone. That aside i am trying to win a championship of the worlds proudest heroin lover/opiate lover, i am in reform to get along with my fellow drug lovers and fight with them but all too many times there seems to be this kind of divide where pot people, and i understand the whole baby boomers are inherently the most selfish generation in history but this isnt just a baby boomer drug, the divide is like, some pot folks think pot is the only drug in the drug war that pot is the only drug in the world, they so violently hate everything else, they dont even seem to consider other substances drugs. 

ill say it like this, if stopthedrugwar put together some kind of reform rally in NYC, LA, Houston, Amsterdam whatever whereever, invited all its supporters to some nice hotel, our main man who wrote this article and his colleagues from other sites perhaps would speak to us all in an auditorium over the course of a weekend with other fun activities, experiements, and guest speakers being involved as well, i can guarantee you that i would be there but i have a funny feeling after the first day when folks got acquainted that assembly room would be radically different in terms of where everybody found their seats. i guarantee i will be among those who are passionately paying attention although appear half asleep to everybody else, while perhaps scratching viciously at the calfes, inner and outter thighs and cheeks. BUT id still be there, with everybody else. Even the ones trying to put together a toaster after taking it apart in the hotels kitchen.

now i can understand what your talking about when you bring up the cruise you were on. I think that your doctor owes you a giant apology if he wasn't perfectly upfront and clear to you about withdrawals. Furthermore, if he was, but you yourself had no idea just how bad they could be, lets say your doctor exaggerated them to holy hell but you didnt take it literally. I get that. Thats okay and i understand that. Infact, you and i can say we have an understanding here about something most people truly could never fathom without experiencing it and they still wouldnt even if you and i both explained it to them as aggressively and honestly as possible. Nobody could ever, ever fathom withdrawals. But here's the thing man, first things first, they cannot kill you, second things second, benzo's and booze withdrawals can kill you. An old junkie saying is "dope withdrawals wont kill you but youll wish you were dead. Booze and benzos can kill you and youll feel like your dead." right behind booze and benzos in terms of excruciating pain is methadone - im not trying to insult your intelligence man, we are on the same side after all but if you dont know about methadone w/ds you should find out because it is worse than what you went through on the cruise and it lasts twice-three times as long. its different. again, incase you didnt know. Ive been through opiate withdrawals atleast several hundred times. eventually you CAN SORT OF get used to it. But it is really the only legitimate piece of ammunition any anti opiate person can have, which is understandable, but i would say to anybody that would allow w/ds to deterr them that it's their loss. w.ds wont kill you and in my opinion it is a completely agreeable trade off. but yes it does hurt and anybody who says otherwise is lying or just flat out has no idea what they're talking about.


Now ive told you that i donot like marijuana man and i feel there's a ridiculous prejudice against non pot reformists in the reform world, our response is really simple if you feel that way then you shouldnt be in drug reform you should be in pot reform, if that were the case your path and mine would never cross and maybe wed both prefer it that way. (not you, personally, but just any pot elitist type) but you know, im not gonna slam pot here and all that. I dont like it, because ive done it again several hundred times at different points in my life and i always found it unpleasant i dont need to hear how dumb i am to have tried it so many times expecting diff. results. there were diff reasons for trying it and i also subscribed to the whole you gotta get used to it thing when i was young and whatever, various reasons, always the same result, not my thing. heroin, pks, definitely my thing and yes it is a daily physical and financial commitment. again a reasonable price to pay in my opinion when considering the payoff. so thats all man, i just want to let you know, nothing personal, please dont be offended, i wanted to let you know how your comments made me feel reformist to reformist. it just really upset me this morn.




after reading this article

after reading this article and both the judges letter and Mr. Evans reply I stopped to reply to mr evans on his website asking him why he said and felt what he did listed some facts and stats and am awaiting his reply I believe this is a way of getting to someone you confront them with the truth and facts you disprove all that they bring at you

If he responds to you at all

I bet he ignores what you said, as that is standard operating procedure for drug war thugs, like my Congressman Andy Harris (SOP for pols in general, but that's another story). Please let me (us) know if I'm wrong.

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the right wing have their religion now the left wing can have on


Subject:A Religion for the AmericanFrom:smoke ing ([email protected])To:[email protected];Cc: Bcc: Date:Sunday, May 27, 2012 8:34 PM

A  Religion for the American




Sunday, May 27, 2012

A Religion for the American

A  Religion for the American        The Irish expression for getting drunk is he got mortal- he was, is a human. One of the things that distinguish man from machine is the HOLY SMOKE, the blood of Christ WINE, the water of life, Whiskey and  beer, the witches brew that the monks of Belgium made holy-that illogic that doesn’t fit into a computer. There is a religion for sitting- a religion for breathing- a religion for walking and the American Indians had tobacco and many different forms of (sweet tobaccos) it took drugs and courage to settle the old west anyone would be a fool to think the future would be any different but the new world order demands a religion to be free to be mortal.           Today the medical monopoly will tell you that it doesn’t matter how hard an American works according to them all the money all the science all the technology in the world can never make a building safe for a smoker and non smoker to peacefully coexist-. And as long as they can criminalize the people for using the plants and animals then they can profit. Profit off our old and sick and demand that only people with prescriptions can own houses for it’s a medical necessity. These gods in white coats are the only ones who perform miracles, the new godless religion psychiatry as the medical monopoly fails to recognize any god, but them; no lab test. Their recommendations have become dictatorial as they criminalize us for being human celebrating the mortal- only the Jew in Iran can legally drink. Help keep the world free stop the medical monopoly its not too late to change our fate and stop these snakes before they turn this world into another anti drinking anti smoking state  and when we could have fuel for  $0.98 cents a gallon if weed was legal,  you can be assured that the medical monopoly only make designer steroids for the athletics and breathalyzer pills for the Europeans and with two shootings  almost every night you can be assured they are not just helping these people out. From their nicotine patch to their Parkinson’s drug they control the crave. And all they need to do is run the person broke get him on the streets and they can criminalize him- its just another decedent immoral American ,another Berkeley subversive - not a tee pee or a tent shall be lent for that’s not what their god meant.                         Its the 1% controlling the 99% as they use their phony morality to save us from sin- like an octopus it has many tentacles- banks – prisons- corporate powers Americans use to have the largest savings in the world, a person earning double minimum wage back in 1959 could buy and pay for  a house in three years now the bankers have the people locked in 30 year mortgages and its not just the prison empire that profits-bankers profit off the drug war- NPR frontline points out that its big business destroying Americans freedom, Time magazine points out the true science of weed is being subverted- nuggets magazine points out they new all along they were lying by carrying out their drug war  denying our right to choose, it’s the 1% who continue to profit off our slave labor, prison labor, or we become medical experiment. As they work to make machines out of us at work denying us the natural - when the head of the DEA points out that he apologies for Denial Chong ( reader news may 2012)that they normally wait for a conviction to drug and attempt to murder any punk stoner. It is these acts of defiance an oppressed people will do to rattle their chains of oppression and to win our freedom. The freedom they had back in the 1950s- 60s- it is out of this necessity that God has shown a  religion for all Americans that you may be mortal, celebrate the power that God has granted man. The power over the plants and animals. God saw what he made and it was good- the universal life religion recognizes that there is only one God and many man different religious interpretations. That all men, all religion have some good some right and some wrong but all are possible under God as long as the moral of Christ, the moral of peace Raines supreme read more in the books[email protected]/dp/1460941136/ ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1338175488&sr=1-1 Posted by smoke at 8:28 PM 0 comments Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to Facebook     



Who knows?

What rock did this Evans,person slither out from under?It's unimportant as there are obviously enough dank,wet,slimy places for such people to hid in.The pro drug war crowd haven't had a leg to stand on since they began their terror campaign.This is just another clear light shone on the racism at the base of all anti drug legislation.Where there aren't enough colored people to arrest the police just shift to the poor.Being against the misuse of a drug is one thing.Attacking a cancer patient because you don't approve of their choice of medication is just plain evil.

A dash of cynicism

<blockquote>Last week, New York Times published one of the most powerful editorials about medical marijuana that I've ever seen. It was a moving personal appeal from Gustin L. Reichbach, a Justice of the NY State Supreme Court, who began treatment with marijuana after being diagnosed with terminal cancer.</blockquote>

<blockquote>We're talking about a man who is fighting for his life, a man who dedicated that life to upholding the law, and who turned to marijuana only after being handed a death sentence.</blockquote>

A fine and persuasive message. Nonetheless, I wonder how Reichbach has judged others in the past who were/are in substantially the same position he is now in. More importantly, what will his future actions be?

Does he favor reform only regarding this one particular medicine he personally has great need for or reform regarding the entire problem of denial of access to medicine? Will he continue to speak out concerning the evil of denial of access to medicine? In the future, if he is able to sit on any cases involving marijuana or other medicines the government disapproves of will he attempt to reach decisions as close to justice as possible under the circumstances or will he simply attempt to go along with cruel orthodoxy and punishments? IIRC, despite its name, the NY State Supreme Court is an intermediate level appellate court so he has much less ability to change case law than his title suggests to those who live in states where the state Supreme Court is the highest level court and consequently the least bound by <i>stare decisis</i>


Here is a report I recommend all people with an interest in medicine and current drug laws read:

Special Rapporteur on the right of everyone to the enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of physical and mental health
2010 Annual Report to the General Assembly (main focus: the right to health and international drug control, compulsory treatment for drug dependence and access to controlled medicines)  [A/65/255, click E for English language PDF] 

hypocrisy even among its own structure

Yeah, the DEA and Federal drug laws can be hypocritical,

 the cannabis plant is unjustly catagorized as a schedule 1 substance with no medical value, but for years, the same Federal entity has allowed an albiet small monopoly to exist, that the feds can only supply a few remaining ocular cannabis patients with their medicine.

imagine what would happen if they were forced somehow to remove it from schedule 1 and to be moved to schedule 2-3 ?

they might even have problems with that, as they would have to alot scheduling due to actual scientific and supported statistical data, and given the toxicity/potency of many of the schedule 2-3 pharmaceuticals, not to mention the addiction potential in many drugs of that class, I wouldnt be suprised if it was relegated as a schedule 4-5 type drug.

federal drug laws are supposed to support justice within the states as far as medical rights are concerned.....but in this situation, its the federal system that is holding up state support for medical rights.

all US citizens are supposed to have OTC access to codeine suspensions once a month via a pharmacy with a paper trail and signature. The law still stands to help protect US citizens from not having access to cheap cough syrup preparations and give them an option for treatment besides having to go to a Dr/Clinic. OTC Dextromethorphan containing cough syrups are available, but many people dont respond well to that substance, and a small number of people cannot consume it without risk of death/seizure.

rather than change the Federal drug law in this case, which was decided upon with research and statements from scientists/physicians, the DEA decided to change the system by private meetings with private corporations, and got various mega chain pharmacies to stop scripting OTC codeine cough syrup at their pharmacies as a private way to control the issue rather than taking correct channels.

I think the DEA should be barred from making deals with corporations, any and all federal meetings with corporations should be publicly accessed.

In my experience in the illicit drug underworld, Cops, DEA agents, two Secret Service agents (including George Bush Sr's personal staff) either helped to move illicit drugs around the USA, used illicit drugs to pay for sex with a teenager, or, protected family members from drug busts. Business men in various corporations including Micron tech, Morrison- Knudsen used their company planes and lack of us customs search's on such planes to move cocaine into the USA for corporate, personal, and resale use.

what I saw in my decades in the illicit drug scene, is that the rich and powerful protect themselves and family/freinds from prosecution or charges, they tip off suspects in federal investigations, they moved drugs via international borders without much worry. 

hell, I know a guy that used to drive cocaine and heroin up to McCall Idaho, and when within McCall police jurisdiction, they were escorted into McCall by two cop cars that bracketed the delivery vehicle, so that as long as it was in McCall jurisdiction, it could not get pulled over and searched by State police.

the USA is corrupted in many ways, the Drug war, is one of the more glaring area's of corruption.

I always considered myself a minor player in the drug war arena, living in Idaho, and for the most part out of the drama of the big cities. I can only imagine the experiences of people living in larger cities dealing with other cases of government and corporate corruption.

another area of the Drug war that is obviously corrupted in many area's, is the recovery/halfway house and rehabilitation industry. I have not personally been court ordered to a halfway house situation, but I did personally CHOOSE to seek self treatment in a few of these places, and also, knew other friends that did also or were court ordered. out of 4 halfway house systems that I or my friends were a part of, a decent number of them were being used as profit potential by individuals who were using and dealing illicit substances. in some of them, it was the house parents who were using while getting paid and getting cheap rent, and also selectively dealing to chosen residents. eventually this led to women being used like prostitutes, and people being hustled for their money, while other members were secretly running and dealing drugs in an environment  at the same time courts were sending new people to "recover" in.

as well, I know a person  in the scientific arena, who both work for drug testing companies, and at the same time, helped develop technology to beat drug testing. He spent his profits on illicit drugs, and also getting set up selling research chemicals that eventually have become synonomous with "bath salts"

reminds me of G. Gordon Liddy and his campaign against cannabis, who at the same time, marketed bunk technology to test for adulterants on cannabis like paraqat.

US citizens are getting played, and have been, for quite some time. And behind the scenes, some US citizens are PLAYING with the played, fornicating, using drugs, and playing the good citizen role, while taking their pleasures any way they want, and sometimes, protecting their families using their position and power to take advantage of the system.

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