74% of Americans Oppose Obama's War on Medical Marijuana

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The latest polling data on medical marijuana is striking and ought to shock some sense into the Obama Administration. Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks has great analysis.

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I voted for him because I

I voted for him because I thought he was for legalizing weed. I will not vote for him next time. I'll vote Independent or libertarian.  And I literally know hundreds of people that feel the same way. Simple as that.

When the numbers reach into

When the numbers reach into the tens of millions it will make a difference.

The political truth of every journey beginning with a single step is important here; tragically however, another of Mao's phrases, regarding the source of political power is also relevant. So sad. Press on.

Ron Paul!

 people need to know Ron Paul plans on ending the federal drug war and leaving the issue up to the states! no other presidential candidate besides gary johnson is saying this, but ron paul has a huge numebrs of supporters in the republican and also is stealing democrats away too!

and for anyone that says he cant win, you know whats keeping this from happening? NOT voting for him! if everyone truly believes we need to end the drug war a vote for Ron Paul is the first step in the right direction


RON PAUL 2012!!

74% may oppose him on his war

74% may oppose him on his war on medi-pot but I'd bet every one of these fools will vote for him nonetheless. Either way and either candidate is a vote for evil when it comes to MJ legalization, let alone so called compassionate medi-pot use. Obummer won't do it because he can't and Romney can't do it because he won't and once again we get two jokers running for an office neither should be allowed to inhabit and it's back to politics as usual. Round & round we go and again nothing really changes.

If 74% of his major financial contributors opposed this war...

If 74% of President Obama's major financial contributors actively opposed this war on medical marijuana, it would be over before the election. 74% of mere Americans doesn't count for so much in this government "of the people, by the people and for the people."  on o          

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