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Would Romney be Worse for Medical Marijuana Than Obama?

My latest Huffington Post piece takes a look at the argument that medical marijuana advocates should support Obama, despite what he's done, because Romney would be so much worse. Check it out and let me know what you think.

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If you don't DO anything, your words MEAN nothing

If your spouse drinks all the money, wrecks the car, sleeps with your neighbor, and you say,

"That's ok honey, but don't do it again", well . . .

If the butcher sells you rotten meat, the gas station sells watered gas, and the painter uses milk powder to paint the house, and you say, " Well at least you're not openly shooting me with a gun (ha ha)", well . . .

At what point can we hope that approximately 25 million people just say "No", and sit on their hands ?

Just how much worse can it get ? What will it take to get some attention ?


I don't know which candidate would be worse but I do believe Obama meant what he originally said. But do to pressure from those below and watching his approval rating steadily decline he buckled. He then allowed the anti-legalize and those who profit from the criminalization(pharmaceutical companies, dea, big business) to do as they please in an attempt to win a fww votes from the haters and the support of those that I said before. Those people are the ones who will truly decide whether he can be president again and he folded to them. This is not a trait I like in my president but at the same time this isn't the only issue that matters. Romney seems completely out of touch with the common people and that scares me more than any drug or law, just or not. My vote was for Paul but the perfect candidate doesn't always make it. So I vote for the lesser of two evils in Obama.

Gary Johnson???

Why vote for either one when there's a candidate that is favor of legalization?  Don't give Obama a pass for his lies.

Don't Forget Gary Johnson

Assuming that Romney gets the Republican nomination, many Ron Paul voters may feel like staying home or holding their noses to vote for the Republican or Democrat they hope will be the lesser of 2 evils.  But there will be a better choice -- Governor Gary Johnson, the Libertarian candidate.  He is conservative on economic and fiscal matters (more conservative than the Republicans) and liberal on social matters (more liberal than the Dems), including both medical and recreational cannabis.  Johnson's chances of winning are very small, but every vote for him sends a clear message to the 2 major parties about how they need to change.  

IMHO Romney's DOJ will

IMHO Romney's DOJ will  "release the hounds" on the mmj community asap. Regardless of his personal opinion. Because REPUBLICANS are the only demographic left that doesnt think Cannabis should be legalized, and views the MMJ industry as a ruse for recreational smokers to get high. I wouldnt even be surprised to see a return of  a Bill Bennett or some other backwards thinking far-right winger that thinks that distributors deserve the death penalty.  BUT, sadly its exactly the decimation of the mmj industry that may be needed to generate enough blow-back for the country to finally see legalization for ALL adults. Since right now we are actually seeing some in the MMJ community fighting AGAINST legalization, because they are profiting greatly off their current status as one of the few allowed to produce & distribute. Besides, until cannabis is legal for everyone then no single patient is truly "safe" from over zealous prosecutors.  

Look I don't think it can get

Look I don't think it can get any more plain then this. Mitt Romney doesn't even drink beer. He's completely sober. In other words a 100% square! Romney doesn't use drugs because of his religion (his own words).

Obama smoked weed in the past, drinks beer, and maybe still smokes cigs I don't know.

Therefore I will go with the guy who has blazed simply because deep inside he knows its fun. Romney is a tool and he always will be.

And Obama isn't a tool of the globalists?

Then how do you explain his actions on June 6 2008, meeting IN SECRET with those same globalists? Why was his press retinue told he was on his plane bound for Chicago that day, and when the doors were closed and the aircraft taking off, only then told that he wasn't? And why did then-Press Secretary Gibbs give a BS, mocking response about some  vague meeting, when the RICHEST, MOST POWERFUL PEOPLE IN THE WHOLE FREAKIN' WORLD were there, the ones who sank the world economy?

You DLC shills really are amazing. You believe that cannabists must perforce, by choice of intoxicant, be dimwits and will swallow any name brand BS uncritically. (What comes from believing your own propaganda, I suppose.)  I hope I have disabused you of that illusion.

I take drug legalization

I take drug legalization seriously not conspiracy theories.

Neither is better than the other, Romney or Obama

Both candidates are crony corporatist globalists, and I would not vote for either one, even for the position of local dog-catcher / animal control officer. If your preferred candidate didn't make the cut at the political conventions coming up, then "write-in" your choice -- a far better option than boycotting the elections or voting for that "lesser of two evils".

At the Federal level, neither |D| or |R| politicians should be supported unless they proudly & publicly announce their unwavering support for cannabis decriminalization at a minimum. Far too many of these politicians not only oppose cannabis, but also support the legislation favoring the martial law / police state / perpetual war agendas -- a prime example: Senator Barbara Boxer (D) of CA, another part of the problem, not the solution.

At the State & Local level, there are (or should be) alternative political candidates (Libertarian or Green Party) to vote for. Organize local voters behind individual liberty -- even if that means "writing-in" the preferred candidate.

Personally, I will use an Absentee Ballot in order to avoid the electronic voting machines, and I will be voting for Ron Paul for President and the Green Party for State / Local elections, even if I have to "write-in" my choices. The meme of Not Voting because your candidates aren't on the ballot is impossible to differentiate from the typical apathetic voter giving silent tacit approval to the status quo. That non-involvement has brought us to the brink of martial law, an extrajudicial & unconstitutional police state, and perpetual serial wars overseas including our economic doom.

Conservatives will

Conservatives will always be against change as their social view is a fictitious past some 50 years ago.From an anthropological perspective they view themselves as disenfranchised and their leaders tell them its their turn.  In Romney's case his "etch a sketch" personality in regards to mmj will depend on who has his ear at the moment.  His religion doesn't even allow him caffeine and is one of the most active in a world wide conversion to Mormonism program.  He will not be good for drug policy revision to a more enlightened stance.  Obama on the other hand would be a lame duck president who will have nothing to lose by revising drug policy that is based on reality not fiction. Not saying he will just saying it would not cost him anything  First term presidents area all about the next election.  Conservatives want a "Christian" populace that promote disenfranchise of anyone not of their idealistic model.

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