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What's the REAL Reason for Obama's Medical Marijuana Crackdown?

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There's an interesting article at The Week looking at some different theories regarding the reasons behind Obama's medical marijuana crackdown. You can choose from one of more of the following:

1. He's trying to look tough because he believes – rightly or wrongly – that he could be vulnerable to being labeled "soft on crime" during the election.

2. He doesn't think the "marijuana vote" is strong enough to have a meaningful impact on him politically.

3.  The medical marijuana industry got too big too fast, forcing the federal government to intervene.

Do we have our answer here somewhere? I wouldn't immediately dismiss any of this, although if the Obama Administration actually believes they're scoring political points with this madness, they are out of their minds. In any case, these ideas effectively sum up most of the speculation I've heard recently from serious observers.

But there's a larger point to made here: the reason we can only speculate as to the Obama Administration's motives is because they won't even admit that this crackdown is taking place, let alone explain the reasoning behind it. We shouldn't have to sit around guessing what this is about. The President, or the Attorney General, or someone with knowledge of the situation should tell us.

I'm serious. It sounds terribly naïve even to me as I write it, but there really is no logical reason why our government can’t simply tell us why they are doing these things that they've been doing. We can see them doing it. Just tell us what it's all about. Wouldn't it be easier that way?

Think about it. If state lawmakers, local law enforcement, medical marijuana providers, patients, advocates, and the media all understood what the Obama Administration's enforcement priorities and long-term goals regarding medical marijuana actually are, we could all make more informed decisions that make life a lot easier for everyone else. We've all become so accustomed to this being a big guessing game that nobody stops to point out how crazy that is.

The Obama Administration's continued insistence on discussing medical marijuana in the most brief and vague possible terms has created an enormous amount of confusion and wasted time on every side of this debate. Medical marijuana is a matter of public policy. Can we please just talk about it in public?

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Real reasons for medical marijuana crackdown

I don't think you have addressed any of the real reasons for the crackdown on medical marijuana.  I would suggest the following as reasons:

1.  The federal government wants to reaffirm their ultimate authority over states and the show that the 10th amendment to the constitution has no bearing....federal law always trumps state law.  To not do this would give states and people the idea that they may have some control over their destiny.

2.  Medical marijuana, with it's many uses and cures erodes the pharmaceutical industry profits,  undermines the medical industry, and also places Obamacare in jeopardy.  When people can grow and administer their own medicine without going through the "system", this is a threat to the control of the person.  The  government through the FDA is working on making any and all natural herbal/vitamin based treatments prescription only. This will match up with what Europe is already doing.


3.  The federal government is looking to license the growing of  marijuana and has awarded several pharmaceutical companies the rights to produce natural plant based marijuana compounds which will be introduced to treat specific issues.  This will insure that the profits of the pharmaceutical industry are maintained and enhanced.  I'm betting marijuana remains a Schedule 1 drug though.


4.  The government hates's long been known that the US government is one, if not the largest supplier of illegal drugs in the world.  Whether it's heroin, cocaine, or marijuana the government through one of it's alphabet agencies or black ops is involved in the production and distribution of illegal drugs.  Marijuana is the largest moneymaker for the government/cartels and medical marijuana cuts into that money that's used for off the books "projects".


5.  If the federal government were to acknowledge medical marijuana and the states rights to administer laws/regulations pertaining to the distribution and use what would happen if a state "legalized marijuana" .Hypothetically they would have no choice but to honor that states right to administer laws and regulations concerning legal marijuana.  See points one through four as to why this wouldn't be good.


6.  It's a slippery slope....once medical marijuana is ok and people see that it isn't the "Killer Weed" and doesn't create psychopaths, rampant crime, and the moral degradation of society, can the full legalization of marijuana and all the problems it creates for the federal government be far behind?


6.  The need for a "Police State" is partially propped up by illegal drugs.  What would happen to the prison industry if even marijuana was legalized.  The prisons would lose thousands of prisoners and profits, it probably would be difficult to keep all jail cells full.  What excuse would police departments have for their SWAT teams and armored vehicles, all of which are used to bust people for pot. 


This is just a starter list for why the Feds are cracking down on medical marijuana....I'm certain we can come up with more.

This guy's list is better

This guy's list is better than the list in the article.  I personally think Obama's crackdown is tied in with his healthcare reform.  Most likely big pharma said to Obama, " you want our support for your health care reform?  Do something about medical marijuana."  Insurance companies might have greased Obama to get rid of the marijuana above ground economy.  I bet Obama hates going after pot smokers -- but he has too because it is somehow intertwined in some deal for his healthcare monster he created.

Continuation of Prohibition

I agree with  Obama's desire for the domination of federal powers.


But I believe the main problem has its basis in the same moral arguments which instigated the Harrison Narcotic Act and the Prohibition of alcohol. As a society, we like to tell what others can 't do - cloaked in language expressing public values, safety and normalcy - as long as our own lifestyles remains sacrosanct. 


This moralizing is illustrated in Obama's flip-flop on gay marriage. It's taken him this long to "evolve" on an issue which isn't going to injure anyone, but may not appeal to closet bigots? And his recent "Just wait until after the election" comment shows he's shrewd politician who places political expediency over principle. He definitely won't adopt what historically has been a politically extreme position on drugs. Recently, Obama came out explicitly against legalization: "I don't think legalization of drugs is the answer" when world leaders urged him to adopt a far more rational policy. 


It's all too easy to utilize irrational, moral demagoguery and fear to justify huge federal powers which obliterate state sovereignty. Once these powers are created, they become entrenched in the system and unalterable. One example if the new 2013 Drug War budget which is even more repressive than GWB's.  


Basically Obama is a coward, not a bold Constitutionalist.

 Why would you want to fill


Why would you want to fill up jails with potheads that their only crime is smoking some grass with their friends?  Lets all fill jails with people for non violent crimes! 


Why wouldn't the 10th amendment have no bearing? Why wouldn't we want CONTROL of our own DESTINY? 

Why do we have to copy what England is doing?  Aren't we our own country? 

We are the lead supplier of drugs because of the POLICY. Hasn't anyone ever thought of THAT?  Why is it a Class I drug anyway and Cocaine/Codeine/Morphine and Opium are NOT class I scheduled drugs? Especially alcohol. Is there such thing as alcohol abuse? They have laws against drunk driving? You see it EVERYWHERE! Not drunk driving but ALCOHOL. Wait a minute...wasn't alcohol prohibited by the US govt. back in the day? Oh yeah there were people who would try to smuggle alcohol into the US.  HMMMMM that does sure sound familiar. 

The people see that its "killer" weed because of all that propaganda back in the day. Everyone remember Reefer Madness?  Is it the governments fault for making marijuana seem like the WORLDS worst psychoactive "drug"? Would there still be illegal trade of that if it was LEGAL? 

"No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it." -Albert Einstein

Please Californians, you must

Please Californians, you must register Republican by May 21st in order to vote for Ron Paul on June 5th.

Ron Paul is winning delegates and the Republican Establishment is starting to get VERY nervous.


Ron Paul will end prohibition on Cannabis and Hemp.

Ron Paul will release all non-violent drug war victims from prison immediately upon taking office with a full presidential pardon.


Vote Ron Paul 2012!!!

marijuana crackdown

its number 4 of the real reasons,listed above.Our government merged with organized crime after the Kennedy assassinations. By 1965 they had a huge distribution system set up in almost every town, that was organized crimes end, the supply end was the government,using military transport.Its purely about money,unbelievably huge amounts. Pots contribution, besides it being the most popular,is to keep an acceptance of dealing with organized crime,"OK",in the publics eye, so they can make even more money off cocaine and heroin.The big money in drugs is made by whoever brings it across the border.Add to this,the issue of hemp,our need for it as alternative fuel,plastic production,job creation,environmental pollution concerns.This should be the biggest issue in every americans brains till its fixed.

Obama's Feds

Obama stated the real reason:

 Marijuana is listed as an illegal CS I under the Controlled Substance Act with no legitimate medical purpose.


And his administration couldn't overlook laws already on the books, or prevent federal DOJ/DEA powers from enforcing them.


His 2013 Budget for the War on Drugs is essentially an escalation of the what has been the natural progression for drug policy since Nixon created the War in 1970.


*What I don't get is people who think there's some difference in Republicans and Democrats when they do the same thing in office


This isn't true at all. The

This isn't true at all. The attorney general AND surgeon general both have the power to reschedule cannabis (or deschedule it entirely). Obama can order either of his two cabinet members to follow through with this action, he simply does not have the political capital or moral fortitude to carry out such an order (aka he's a coward).

Okay, here's Obama

Okay, here's Obama himself:


And Attorney General Holder has stated he considers Obama's policy statements law of the land.







Until marijuana is

Until marijuana is rescheduled, or federal law changes, or the supreme court states explicitly that states rights rule on this issue raids will never end. It really is that simple. Obama isn't going to reschedule cannabis until a serious effort is made by the medical community to present the scientific evidence in favor of rescheduling. Although a lot of evidence is there and the recommendation was made by AMA  it needs to be discussed appropriately. Instead I often see a bunch of wack jobs raving and ranting about how marijuana cures everything, is perfectly harmless, and using patients rights as an excuse for back door recreational use.

My opinion, the so called medical marijuana community is just as much to blame on the recent (and expected) backlash as the current administration. People took Obama's original recommendation and straight up abused it. People made tons of money off so called non profit medical marijuana. Who didn't expect the DEA to interfere? What a lot of these so called activists don't realize is if marijuana was schedule II and became an FDA regulated botanical substance they would lose access to it because it require real prescriptions for serious health problems. Furthermore the vast majority of growers would not be able to meet the quality control standards and would be unwilling to because of loss of profits (the real issue here).

Therefore people who are interested in marijuana for recreational use should shut up about medical marijuana because most of them have no idea what they are talking about. Separate the 2 issues and the movement as a whole will be taken much more seriously. Let the doctors and scientists handle the medical issue. The activists can discuss the social policies that need to be enacted to legalized marijuana and handle it in a similar way as alcohol. Otherwise this circle of stupidity, smoke and mirror tactics (on both sides) won't end.

Medical vs. Recreational quandry

points well-taken.


I think the marijuana legalization advocates do themselves a disservice by forcing a debate based on medical grounds. We already have the DEA intervening in the doctor-patient relationship and deciding what controlled substances are appropriate for "legitimate medical need in the course of professional practice." Although judiciaries have deemed it meaningless, that one phrase in the CSA allows the DEA to decide a physician is "drug trafficking" if the agency arbitrarily determines a controlled substance is prescribed in an amount or purpose according to a law enforcement perspective.


If marijuana becomes a CS II-V, marijuana would fall into the spider-web of federal government control. Criminal sanctions would undoubtedly increase, and language within the CSA would grant the DEA all powers to control inter- and intrastate cultivation, production quotas, sale of marijuana - as well as conduct particularly onerous medical oversight. States' abilities to regulate would be completely nullified by the CSA. And all the current "easy" marijuana physician evaluations would cease since the DEA would crack down on what it deems improper pain diagnoses by criminalizing physicians who may prescribe pot. We already have a Pain Crisis with persecuted physicians and legitimate chronic pain who are either undertreated or lack access to legal opioids altogether. Under the obfuscation and populist BS, the Obama administration knows the federal laws and has actively sought to preserve them.


Is this the scenario marijuana advocates want?


We need to separate the issues. Abolish the CSA. Legalize marijuana. Allow pain patients access to the gold standards of pain relief - opioids. And further research into the medical aspects of marijuana.



Get in line for human rights.

Allot of great post's above me & yes Wash patriot's list was way better than the actual article. I saw it get alluded to but not directly said so I decided to post my perspective, "I believe the drug-war will end because of the body-count & the publics evolving understanding of the humanitarian problem it represents."

Recently Obama went to a summit in South America where he basically got bamboozled by every single leader willing to meet with him about the horrendous loss of human life due to the failed "war on drugs". Their is talk from several S.A leaders about legalization as well on humanitarian grounds.

The war on drugs is becoming another form of American "Denialism" about human nature, evolution & Science itself. It's our shadow war that needs to end worse than our previous two debacles in Iraq/Afghanistan, our wrong-headed approach is one of ego & pride.

Allot of the historical progress made within the gay-rights movement can teach us allot about the war on drugs. So how is the gay rights movement & the war on drugs interrelated you ask????

Well they both represent complicated issues that involve having an understanding of evolution, sexuality & complex humanitarian plights. this is something most voters/politicians sadly lack in America (A startling amount of Americans 56% do not believe in human evolution ). As far as drugs go altering one's consciousness is as natural as suckling at your mothers tit, its something man has done since before he climbed out of the tree's, (Early evidence suggests as early as 12,000 years ago pre-agriculture, man was regularily cooking psychedelic fungus into his food during ancient religious ceremonies)

It goes even earlier then that if you want to get really technical.

Author Terrence Mckenna Suggests in his book "The food of the Gods" theirs some evidence that psychedelics may have played crucial roles in developing higher brain functions & problem solving abilities for man before he even walked upright.

If you examine all the legal & at times casually forgettable things we do on a daily basis as humans to alter our consciousness it will quickly reveal why drugs are a human rights plight. Whether you are drinking coffee, smoking a cigarette, driving your car, staring at a computer, catching a quick snooze, sexually gratifying yourself, or having a sneeze, guess what, your "Altering" your consciousness. How do I know that? Because its quantifiable via EKG, dont believe me? google it :)

So the drug issue & gay rights are interrelated because they represent things originally innate in the human character. Well what other things are innate in the humans & human character we have THROWN each-other UP against the wall for? Religious Preference? Cultural Identity? The color of your skin? 

So in conclusion, I believe that as Gay rights & Gay Marriage issues evolve & become accepted, It will not be long until you see a "compassionate drug-users act", Because as twisted as our western world may be, everyone eventually gets their day, its just apparent junkies & gay's were meant to stand in the back of the line as human rights were doled out. One final word the drug-war-clock is informative and awesome, thanks!

Equality for all isn't Obama's record

Great points.

It's interesting to note when Obama finally came out personally endorsing same-sex marriage, his argument was he fundamentally believes in equality for all.

But in relation to the medical marijuana, he dismisses the right of people to use it as a non-issue, and claims there are higher priorities such as the war in Afghanistan (please view his youtube I posted ); and further asserts he definitely won't invest his political capital for a "minor" medical marijuana issue.

So-- it's okay to invest political capital for gay marriage, but not for another social issue involving people who live in chronic pain and have a inherent right to treat themselves?

In Obama's world, some are more equal than others.

Afghanistan as a more

Afghanistan as a more pressing issue than medical pot or drugs: Obama knows that because drugs are illegal, 9/11 happened and Obama knows that because drugs are illegal, U.S. troops went to Iraq and Afghanistan . . . Obama knows that because drugs are illegal, we spent roughly $3trillion dollars fighting terrorism and cleaning up 9/11 . . . Obama knows drug money is the number one culprit in financing 9/11 and keeping our troops fighting and fixing up all the problems from drug money corruption and war brought on the civilians of those two nations.  The reason why America can never win fighting drug money sponsored terrorists is because they have no base of operations akin to a German or Japanese or North Vietnamese munitions or agricultural factory needing to be destroyed for military advancement . . . you cannot win against a daily supplied enemy supplied with drug money.

Obama Strategy: Political Appeasement

I don't recall Obama ever expressing a clear policy on Afghanistan besides formulating a timetable to withdraw troops. In terms of the US's role, and after trillions of dollars, we haven't done much to stabilize the area or protect our nation's interests. About the only Obama coup was a personal publicity stunt to take credit for skewering Bin Laden's head. 


And with dealing with foreign country drug wars in close proximity - an issue which does directly affect Americans much more than Afghanistan, Obama's policies have been counterproductive. Obama's indifference to Mexican drug cartel violence has fueled border wars, DEA/ATF's Fast&Furious gun-smuggling scandal, illegal immigration, a steady, unabated supply of illegal drugs to satisfy the largest drug appetite in the world and a public health crisis in America. Why worry about potential foreign terrorist threats across the world when we already have serious, uncontained damage on the US-Mexican border that affects millions?


Frankly, all his personal concern for forcing equality is wearing thin. He shows little political fortitude or concern for the millions of Americans who are forced into addiction or live in debilitating pain because of the criminalization of the Drug War. He'd rather waste most of his political capital on Obamacare, which will most likely be struck down and won't address an immense public health issue that's been escalating for over a 100 years since the 1914 Harrison Narcotic Act.

I agree with you about the

I agree with you about the Harrison Act, but that evil Kudzu vine has spread.  What is the real role of the DEA who have their hands in Chinese made goods and outsourced jobs.  Even the Sherman Anti-Trust act states its illegal for the DEA to get paid for their services or job, since the DEA are a corporate entity and not a Federal Entity based on the kind of work they do and get paid for.  They regulate industrial hemp by keeping Americans from growing it and therefore reduce the number of jobs and products from hemp, but they will allow Americans to buy imported hemp, which costs more and gives more of our money and jobs to China (and other nations) . . . this means that the DEA are engaging in a monopoly and therefore are a corporate entity (since actions speak louder than doctrine).  The only way its legal to pay DEA agents and workers is if they made it illegal for any hemp to be used or sold in the U.S. or if they allowed Americans to grow it in order to compete with foreign hemp.  Federal law dictates its a felony for any DEA worker or agent to receive a paycheck and it was a law passed 80 yrs before the DEA were created since by definition of what the DEA does, they are a business as well and not just a federal agency.

Obama's own words 


He doesn't want to invest the political capital. And believe if legal, marijuana should be regulated with uses defined by the DEA.

Attorney General Holder Backing Up Obama's Policies 

If America legalized

If America legalized via medical pot as its conduit, then it would hurt our military industrial complex since the number one reason on how 9/11 happened was because drugs are illegal for the black market.  If one legalizes drugs, then one sends a shockwave through the world that would legalize drugs in Europe, Africa and Asia and if those places legalize drugs, then we wouldn't have American and Coalition troops in the Middle East fighting drug money backed terrorists and insurgents, which would be bad for business . . . if we legalized drugs, then Iran would use legal oil money to fund their terrorism and nuclear agendas, thus driving up the price of oil, instead of using drug money to fund nuclear and militant agendas . . . same thing goes with Pakistan.  Legalizing drugs would make oil more expensive and force fuel to be cheaper by new competitors in the hemp fuel industries whom would greatly advance if drugs were legalized, thus driving down the cost of war, instead of having war lumped up by one fuel and resource provider: oil and petrol plastics.

Because Islamic Terrorism thrives when cops keep up prohibition one officer or judge or attorney or DEA agent at a time -thus keeping drugs on the black market for hundreds of billions of dollars a year, then one must assume that all American cops, judges and attorneys being involved in the war on drugs is a Muslim Terrorist Sympathizer -regardless if they know it or not.  Because a cop makes an arrest for someone with heroin or dealing heroin, the Twin Towers collapsed . . . because cops raid medical pot dispensaries, a U.S. soldier gets killed.

Our Drug War Is Homegrown

I don't subscribe to your view that there's some foreign conspiracy to keep drugs illegal to prop up oil prices and fund terrorism. 



One only needs to look at why the US regulates legal drugs for American's consumption. Historically drug prohibition has its roots in moral hysteria which instigated the Harrison Narcotic Act and alcohol prohibition - at a time when many people used narcotics without ill-effect and addiction was a minuscule problem. The arguments used were that narcotics are responsible for moral degeneracy, increased crime and racial or ethnic social ills. The Chinese opium war contributed to racial profiling and sentiments. But after these quick-fix moral agendas took hold, even their adherents conceded all the drug war criminalization greatly produced more problems.


Since then the Feds have used basically used the same rationalizations to enact total control of all drugs via the Controlled Substance Act. Although the DEA spends some of its resources on foreign drug interdiction, most of its resources are used to schedule, regulate and determine the medical legitimacy and availability of substances for the US. The DEA  uses a closed system in which it can control all aspects of scheduling, quotas, distribution, enforcement powers and medical oversight.  As an example, the DEA arrests physicians for alleged 'drug trafficking' simply because it  and the DOJ can decide what constitutes "legitimate medical need in the course of professional practice."


We have a drug problem because of domestic, repressive federal powers. 

You are right, but I am

You are right, but I am obviously right too and history and politics proves it.  If I am wrong, then explain how America and her allies have been at war for over a decade.  Explain how individuals and corporations can profit from war.  Explain how individuals can profit from oil.  Wouldn't legalization cut into oil with having hemp fuels . . . with having oil money sponsor terrorism and wars, instead of drug money?  Why was pot/hemp outlawed 23yrs after the Harrison Act?  Because of plastics and cosmetics and paints and fuel and textiles and construction materials -that's why.

Drugs were kept from being illegal as a means for the British and Europe and Russia and America to gain and keep control and domain over China and Asia and India and Hong Kong and Macao (Opium Wars).  Explain why we don't call Russia the Soviet Union anymore -could it be because of the War on Drugs creating drug money, which conquered them in a 9yr long war against Afghanistan thus shriveling up her economy (War of Attrition) . . . explain how the CIA used drugs to keep communism away from post WWII Italy and Russia out of Marseilles . . . how it allowed Laotian allies to wage war against the NVA and VC during Vietnam.  Explain why Iraqi-prisons being controlled by the U.S. military before we left Iraq was filled with Russian and Italian mob types or Latin American drug smugglers and not just your expected Muslim terrorists or Iraqi Insurgents (at least when I was there at the prison).

Explain why China has bought more of our U.S. debt than any nation -though China helped back the war against Soviet Russia in the 1980's and China today has great interests in Afghanistan (as you have read) and realizes that Afghanistan is one of the richest nations on the planet in terms of minerals used in the manufacturing and powering of computers and industry from copper . . . yet it's drug money that keeps America and her coalition forces battling in Afghanistan.  Even the NY Times and Brown University admit that America's war on Narco-Terrorism from 9/11 and our two wars will cost us about or just over 3 trillion dollars (The War on Drugs has cost America over $3trillion in one decade alone -from war to incarceration)  Does China have any interest in America or gaining global hegemony?  Does any American businessman have interests in Chinese businesses filling his American stores with cheaper goods?  Does America have any interest in Afghanistan (like the Brits did, thus resulting in their wars against her in the 1800's)?  And what happens if China calls on our debt -would us doing the dirty work in making Afghanistan more stable for China have a role in it -could it?

I never said it was a conspiracy, but a bunch of jumbled agendas having their hands in the same cookie jar.  Drug legalization has little to do with people using drugs and everything to do with war and terrorism and industry and control over other nations.  Maybe China wants America to leave Afghanistan with few spoils, thus making it easier for her to gain control of what we helped establish and topple fighting terrorism -what we shaped in the form of contracts and capitalism.  Drug legalization or prohibition has a lot to do with computers and the minerals that make up computers as well.  Maybe keeping America at war with Afghanistan will make it more likely for America to create a larger business and control for computer minerals, since winning the war earlier would mean a shorter stay in Afghanistan and less civic/political involvement -less contracts and less supplies over non-Saddam pro Kurdistan oil.  Who controls the ingredients over computers controls the computers and who controls the computers controls the world -explain why Afghanistan is considered one of the world's richest nations -rich to the Russians, Brits, Americans, Chinese,  Alexander the Great, Greeks and Persians?  Keeping drugs illegal allows us more time to influence Afghanistan -but we cannot control blowback, which is a CIA term referring to when shit went wrong -not as planned.

Its not a united conspiracy or agenda being negotiated at some large table of rich evil men and corrupt rulers, but a bunch of loosely organized agendas with many having nothing to do with the other agenda and many having much to do with other agendas.  If I am wrong, then its because 9/11 never happened and America spent nothing less than 3-4 years in Afghanistan and didn't invade Iraq or at least left Iraq before 2005/2006 -as logic and common sense would dictate -as history and precedents would indicate . . . why did it take America and her few allies so little time to defeat the Nazis, Japs and Italians during WWII . . .  when for today it takes modern technology, more supplies and more money (sine allied involvement in WWII happened at the end of a depression and not a depression resulting from war) and more allies to wage a longer war with fewer enemy who are not so well equipped . . . its because you cannot defeat terrorism funded by drug money, but you can blow up factories and infrastructure to conquer and win a war in traditional warfare.  A group of people with lots of money and future capital riding on the war machine want huge prizes from the crackerjack box and conventional warfare will not let them have what they want, but keeping drugs illegal worked for the CIA (the way we defeated Iran in 1953 etc) worked for the oil men and lumber men and newspaper men and plastics men and cotton men in those industries.

Consider the Children

To bring the discussion back to our everyday reality, let me add this little bit: our children. I first smoked marijuana in the early sixties, and discovered the bonus of seeds which I proceeded to plant ever since. It, marijuana growing and smoking, became a religious pursuit, as the Word of GOD and marijuana, was making me over into a much better person than I was before I brought marijuana into my life. In the process, I earned a criminal record with several felony convictions for growing my own marijuana; today it's medicine in Michigan. So my B.A. degree is BS, and my teaching career was short lived, and my children have suffered without a father providing many of their ordinary needs and pleasures like music or dance lessons, etc. because I was in jail a number of times, and when I was out of jail, my services were not wanted by anyone. My wife divorced me because she was afraid the State would take our children away. We remarried when we thought it was safe. It was not safe, and my son did time in juvenile detention because I grew marijuana and marijuana was prohibited.

So now I'm a great-grand-parent with no pension or savings like most people my age. I made my way by picking "garbage" off the curb and selling it at flea-markets, and I did many hard labor jobs which debilitated my back to such a degree that I qualify for legal medical marijuana today.

I say all this to ask the question: Do you want this kind of ruined life for your children? which is preventable by the sensible removal of the prohibition of marijuana.


The original article by Mr. Morgan and all the comments are interesting and some even worthy of pursuit, however, I have a quite different view on America's luciferian and moralsitic "WAR on DRUGS" for the reader's consideration.

Without any constructive implications or conclusion of law by me, and supported solely by the federal statutes within the federal drug laws themselves in Title 21, United States Code, Section(s) 801 thru 904, I have developed a Theory of Constitution Law and Strategy of Argument that PROVES, "beyond a reasonable doubt", to any reasonable thinking person or guru of Constitution Law, that there is no Congressionally enacted federal criminal statute the would PROHIBIT, FORBID, or make it UNLAWFUL for any person at random, to buy, sell, use, or abuse, narcotics, hallucinates, or "controlled substances", whatever they are now or ever will be.

For over 35-years, the executive and judicial branches of the government of the United States have arrested, prosecuted, convicted, and taken-away the life, liberty, and property, of any person at random or targeted by the DEA, hundreds of thousands of men and women from nearly every nation on this planet (with dead-bodies on both sides) under color of the most repugnant FRAUD ever perpetrated and conducted by a government against its Own People in the History of the World!

Before the reader "tee-hees" this declaration of fact as patently frivolous and totally without merit, think about this!  Our precious documents for self-governing by "WE, the people" has been acclaimed by intellectuals and scholars from around the World as the work of GENIUS for over 225-years! Do you honestly think that these GENIUS Framers and Founders of Our still yet Young Republic would have ever created, much less endorsed and ratified, a Constitution for self-government that would grant the central government of the United States the POWER to take-away the Framers and Founders "life, liberty, and property," and then imprison them 10-20-30-years or life without parole for buying, selling, using, or abusing, their favorite recreational drink . . . TEA . . . well, do you?  I thought not!

It is NOT the subject matter of melons, marijuana, cabbage, cocaine, tomatoes, or TEA that is the issue here, it's the Peoples Perpetual Protections secured in the text of Our Constitution for self-government and the money-back guarantees of the Original Ten Articles of Amendment that is the issue here!


I submit for consideration,the REAL reason that NO POLITICIAN or Public Servant wants to even talk about ending the longest war in this nation's history is; THEY ALL KNOW, AND WOULD HAVE TO ADMIT THAT THEY ENFORCED THE FEDERAL DRUG LAWS UNDER COLOR OF  F R A U D !!  The law suits that followed would break this country's already weakened financial institutions. What is the amount the jury would award the hundreds of thousands of men and women for taking away their life and liberty, for a combined millions of years?  How much would you award a family whose husband and father was in the DEA and killed trying to enforce a FRAUD or killed by mistake or otherwise by a DEA Agent trying to enforce a FRAUD?  And what about the billions of dollars of cash and real property confiscated (stolen and unaccounted for) by the executive and judicial branch of the government of the United States and over one trillion of tax-payer dollars wasted to conduct a FRAUD against Our government's Own People?  If I'm right, and I am...think about it!

President of the bored

Obama is just a puppet for our fascist rulers. The pharmaceutical companies, the police, the prison industry, the brewers, plastics manufacturers you name it. He is the president of the united corporations of America.

Obamas change od heart on MMJ laws

I hope that my theory is correct...I think this was a tactical decision by Obama handlers.Knowing the election was about the economy, Obama could ill afford to have what still is considered taboo, albeit by a smaller minority of voters. So he has left social issues fall to the wayside. I think Obama will keep his earlier promise of backing Gay Rights and Medical Marijuana as a Lame Duck President. I hope I hope :-)


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