Does Refusing a Search Give Police Probable Cause?

Here's the latest clip from my new YouTube series, How to Deal with Cops. Hopefully you'll find it interesting even if you think you already know the answer. Enjoy.

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 Believe it or not, ever

 Believe it or not, ever since we've been at war in the Middle East, it’s a Federal Felony for a cop to request a search with narcotics in mind and it’s the same felony for the citizen to give consent to a narcotics search –how you might ask –simple: because drugs are illegal and therefore sold illegally for big bucks, meaning 9/11 happened via the cause and effect of drug prohibition using the DOJ as the catalyst (unless we are assuming all airline tickets and rent and food in America are free) . . . its also logical to assume that drug money has killed and wounded at least 50%-65% of all American troops in Iraq and Afghanistan . . . even the DEA, CIA, U.N., War College, BBC, Nat Geo, Time, NY Times etc will admit that most terrorists/insurgents receive their money from drugs –or use overt oil money to covertly buy drugs as a means of not losing their oil money for the record.  The act of keeping drugs illegal creates a cause and effect for our soldiers to be attacked and harmed.  One cop doing his or her job in drug enforcement is enforcing drug prohibition and drug prohibition gives much money to terrorists due to the covertness of drugs.  Because most drugs bought in America are controlled by the Latin Smugglers, dope money doesn’t affect Islamic Terrorism –they get most of their money from Europe, Asia and Africa . . . they buy most of the South American cocaine headed to Africa (Guinea-Bissau) and then onto Europe/Asia.  We had big time Russian and Italian and Nigerian and Latin American drug dealers/smuggles/money launders in our Baghdad based prison (and not just the typical Iraqi insurgents).  Because drugs are illegal (after the American pushed 1961 U.N. Single Convention on Narcotics), 9/11 happened the way it happened and when it happened, thus propelled us into two wars fighting Narco-Terrorism and fixing Narco-corruption and rebuilding Narco-Terrorism destruction of the infrastructure.  According to NY Times and Brown University, Narco funded 9/11 and Narco-Terrorism in Iraq and Afghanistan will eventually cost America $3trillion, which means America spends between $1.4-$1.6 Billion dollars a day on keeping drugs illegal in America circa 9/11.  Keeping up the War on Drugs one cop or judge or attorney or probation officer or jailor or consenting citizen at a time is treason, which is a federal felony offense . . . if any of this is wrong, then rest assure drug money plays no part in financing the big Mexican Blood Bath.  Refer to Iran-Contra, CIA, Narco-Terrorism and the Big 9yr long Russian-Afghan war of the 80’s which greatly crumbled the Soviet economy . . . supposedly America is in a recession too –all because cops request searches and bust people and judges sentence people for drugs, which creates a 11yr long war in the Middle East.

In Short, if you consent, you are helping the terrorists by protecting their interests in illegal drug money and if a cop asks, he's doing the same thing likewise . . . No greater ally did the terrorist ever have than the American Cop.

100% agree.

100% agree.

Scott, how would you...?

Hi Scott. Thanks so much for the tips, but I have a question regarding a search that I was subject to after refusing to be searched. Once I refused to be searched the officer simply refused to let me go, called a k-9 unit which sniffed in "the general vicinity" of my vehicle leading to the eventual discovery of approximately $20 worth of cannabis inside my armrest how can one avoid being detained in this manner while being in compliance with the law?

Let's talk

Hey Scott,

I'm hoping you can help me out.  I would like to schedule a meeting with somebody/anybody from DRCNet to talk about an internet based tool that I developed that I think can help accelerate the momentum that we in the drug legalization movement are currently enjoying and which DRCNet and other organizations have helped create.  I've sent a couple of emails into the general email box but haven't received a reply back.

I understand that anybody making this claim can be viewed with a high degree of skepticism and that is perfectly legitimate.  To overcome those valid concerns let's open a dialogue so that you (or others) can get your questions answered that would allow you (or others) to meet with me.

Please contact me at [email protected].




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