Bill O'Reilly Opposes Marijuana Decrim Because it Might Reduce Racial Profiling

This week's exciting news that Gov. Cuomo and Mayor Bloomberg are backing an effort to end New York City's mindless marijuana arrest crusade didn't exactly result in a round of applause at the FOX News studios. Here's Bill O'Reilly babbling about it.

O'Reilly says the cops "know who the wise guys are," and they're only bothering people who deserve it. That sounds reassuring, oh, except for the fact that NYPD has already searched more young black men than they even have in the entire city. So yeah, they might be catching some of these "wise guys" as O'Reilly so eloquently describes them, but only because they're also searching every other young black man in the city. There is no clever strategy behind it. They're just searching all the black dudes. Stop trying to make it sound sophisticated, Bill.

But the real problem with O'Reilly's logic, and it also highlights the irony of whole ridiculous situation, is that there's no component in this new marijuana decriminalization proposal that would actually require police to stop constantly racially profiling everyone they see. That's not even what this is. 

Simple possession is already decriminalized in New York. The measure in question would simply downgrade the more serious charge of "possession in public view" so that racial profiling victims would no longer be charged with the public display of marijuana as a result of police ordering them to empty their pockets. The policy of police racially profiling people and illegally searching them remains intact under this plan. You just get off the hook if any pot is found during the course of police committing misconduct against you.

I'm still in favor of the reform – anything that might stop all these pot busts is great – but it's insane that they're actually going so far as to legalize "public display" of marijuana simply because they can't stop the cops from yanking pot out of people's pockets and then lying about it. New York's marijuana law wasn't really even the problem here and shouldn't actually need to be changed to prevent the racially abusive enforcement and prosecution scheme that's been going on in New York for the past decade.

These were false arrests to begin with and the most appropriate solution would be for police and prosecutors to stop systematically violating people's rights. But apparently that is more difficult than reducing the penalties for marijuana. Wow.

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Thank 'Broken Windows' for this

And because of 'Broken Windows', we now have a broken justice system. Unaccountable. Uncontrollable. And bound to turn outright, overt fascist at any moment, dropping all pretense of civilian control. After all, when the leaders of the country can get away with war crimes abroad and illegal repression at home, and nobody can stop them and hold them accountable, why should the rank-and-file care?

The rot started at the top, yes, but it's poisoned the whole body politic now. 'Stop and frisk' is nothing less than "Tovarisch, vasha boomaga!" (Comrade, your papers!).

Tell me again, what did I and so many Cold War veterans fight for, and so many of us die for, to keep that from happening here...when it IS happening, here?

And the Americans hide inside their homes.

Strange how the Occupy movement was composed of all those adults with the courage and conviction to stand up to this trend, and we as a nation let the police brutalize them over and over again.

Shit, some of us even called them names.

We get what we collectively deserve it would seem.

I like how Bill O'racist,

I like how Bill O'racist, admitts that, the NYPD IS RACIAL PROFILING!!!! But then just tries to justify it. It's completely Indefensible!!! Why is this open racist allowed on a supposedly NON-Biased cable news program?!?! Where's Rev Sharpton & the NAACP on this?!? 


The part that really gets me is where he says:

"The left hates that. Hates it! Because it is racial profiling. But it's really criminal profiling."

Sadly, he doesn't mean it's criminal profiling in the sense that profiling of this nature should be criminal.

bill just sexy

Oh chill boyz.bills just a sexywexy man.he knows the police shouldn't have to stop becouse he's right everytime.and fox is fair and balence you deucebag mofo.marijuana shouldn't. Be decriminalized it should run with captial punishment. Only becouse marijuana is for losers.who don't know how to have fun or live normal.therefor defective human beings. Nothing but empty shells of zombrex infused chromozones.they steal rape pillige and murder children under its influnces. I learned this my 4 years working with narcocon.we have a proven success rates. Just look at our patient success storys.and besides bill oriellys an all american american so fuck off you orwellen loving nazi. Drug legalizers are selfish,greedy, no regard for human rights.and hate children.


I know it's probably, wrong, but I had to laugh a little when I read your post. You have issues, man. Serious issues.

And I'm fairly certain you are the only 'deucebag' here.


That's some thick sarcasm there buddy. I had a good laugh and indeed I laughed even harder reading the first reply to your comment. It missed this guy by a mile.

Flawed to the core.

You're article is quite correct. The system is flawed but made so much worse by the fact that it is run by entirely racist and callous people much like Bill O'Reilly.

not being funny i am born n

not being funny i am born n raised in nyc although since becoming a teenager ive lived here a couple years at a time right now ive been here since 08 but anyway, i got arrested and as scott put it in his huff post article "had my life turned upside down" and it was in nyc and i am a white dude a stereotypical, profiled junkie because i have tons of track marks, am rail thin and at the time had some health issues with some super sized abcesses from banging. anyway i was minding my business, actually, on the phone in a secluded, but public area, talking to my cousins husband, an awesome dude. the cops walked up the steps and right passed me and i was chatting away turned around and looked at the cops who were standing right there starring at me after walking up the steps to the platform and i jokingly asked if they wanted to talk to me and they said yes. i laughed and kept talking and then turned around a moment later and was like "wait, really?" and they were like, "yes." so i was baffled and said my good byes. they broke my chops and eventually pulled one of these deals youve been writing about the pull out your pockets you show me yours i wont show you mine deals and boom i got arrested. my life was absolutely turned upside down. uh

the problem is man i didnt have pot on me. i had a dirty - as in, used, not really dirty because i learned when i was a babe in the 90s that nirvanas album bleach was named off a billboard st kobain saw in san francisco that said "bleach your works" so it was more a used than a dirty, needle and 15 empty bags. which i still find hilarious that the establishment, atleast in that part of new york city, and not just the police but the DA as well, they call them "DECKS!" wtf? DECKS!!! LOLOLOL!! DECKS? wtf man what is this skate or die ?! tony hawk arresting me? no, i hate to do what they did to me but turnabout is fair play lets call it like it is ill profile them it was a faaaaat as hell, five pounds of sunday pasta wishes-she-wasnt-a-cop so she-could-be-a-proper-guidette fat italian lady cop who was way too young to look the way she did (prob in her 30s but looked like in her 50's) and captain douchebag sheamus agnus o'reilly o'moneghan mcmanus macdublin the fat broads partner - and, as i would imagine it was proper reflection of their real lives, joanne the giant was bad cop and micky sullivan o'dea o'donnovan was good cop. nevertheless point is, this thing your talking about happened to me and it ruined my life for a little bit. it wasnt pot, it was something else, something alot better than pot. in my opinion. and im not the only one. but we dont get any attention? we dont get any help? whats the deal here? hey is this website gonna be around when pot gets legalized? is Ethan still gonna preside over the DPA after pot gets legalized? just wondering, hey, you wouldn't know, youve made that obvious, but i would because im in the position to - with respect to the drug war as it applies to those of us who do drugs, i mean, hey... "pot isn't really a drug anyway" right? lol. 

CJ!  DO you ever stop to

CJ!  DO you ever stop to breathe, dude? Relax! The bleeding name of this site is "". Not "we're only concerned about legalizing pot dot. org". Scott's our friend and couchmate! Grip up!

Don't worry dude you're not

Don't worry dude you're not the only one who wants to fight all drug prohibition, not just cannabis prohibition. There's something wrong when I can buy enough vodka at the local shops to drown myself 100x over without a second glance, but can be arrested for possessing opiates, drugs which, when taken safely, cause absolutely no harm except physical dependence, as opposed to the severe liver/kidney/heart/brain damage and carcinogenic properties of alcohol, not to mention the violence and drunk driving alcohol leads to. Luckily I was never busted during my several years of addiction, but I easily could have been, and I should never have had to take that risk, let alone have to buy the drug that made me a happy and productive person at inflated black market prices from criminals.

Ethan will still be around

Ethan will still be around when pot is legal. Back in the day, DPA led with heroin maintenance and needle exchange. Marijuana only became a DPA priority when donors insisted upon it. 

Bill O’Reilly is Un-American

What else can we expect from a lying pig like Bill O’Reilly but a pathetic grunt? 

Arbitrary shakedowns on the streets by cops are not supposed to happen in America.  The police do not have ESP, and they don’t automatically know who the ‘wise guys’ are.  No one does.  And having marijuana in one’s pocket doesn’t make one the type of person O’Reilly is complaining about.  Street shakedowns of this type are supposed to be restricted to totalitarian countries, and to places like France, a country and a culture O’Reilly supposedly abhors.  Perhaps Bill should move to Paris if he likes the idea of being frisked by the police so much. 

Of course, Bill needn’t worry about police harassment.  He’s a white male, with money and power.  With his exclusive privileges and noblesse-oblige assured, Bill can afford to hate everyone else’s freedoms in the United States, just as he claims al Qaeda and the Taliban do.

Fortunately, O’Reilly doesn’t have the intelligence, nor the moral character, to sit on a judge’s bench.  His current opinion on arbitrary NYPD drug shakedowns simply exposes him as a common racist.  Wiser and far more professional people will preside over the illegal activities of the NYPD, as they’ve done already.  A class action lawsuit is ongoing, and once the plaintiffs prevail, New York’s tax coffers are going to be much lighter.  Talk about emptying pockets.


Bill's such a POMPOUS,

Bill's such a POMPOUS, BLOATED GASBAG that one fine day, he's going to BLOW UP on camera. Man, what a SIGHT that'll be!!!!!!!!!!!!!

cry me a river about that racism y'all

Wow.  Some keep calling Mr. O'Reilly "racist" and think they've said something profound.  Obviously they don't understand reality, which is this:  coloreds commit crimes. 

So I guess lilly-white states

So I guess lilly-white states like Idaho are 100% crime free. No crime in Scandinavia or the Ukraine either. Happy trolling to you and yours!


Old Bill is a controversy clown . How often do you think he actually gets out on the streets of New York ? He lives in a bubble . His job keeps him in a bubble . His own little world . The same is also true with most of the T.V. talking clowns . RT keeps it real . The fact that he works for " fox news " should tell you all you need to know . Bloviating buffoon is Bill , just look .

Thinking Clearly's picture

Wake Up Bill

The end does not justify the means, especially when it tramples on the Constitution and its used specifically to arrest Blacks and other minorities.

Get the bad guys for the real reasons.

Get your racist 1% blinders off O’Reilly!

What a racist pig

If that wasnt a racist comment, I dont know what is,Bill O"Reily is a punk who need his butt kicked,it also amazing that Fox, as well as these other right wing screwballs are still on the air with the racist, and sexist comments they have made.

Hugh Yonn's picture

Pot vs Armed Bank Robber: Pot=more prison time

I spent 5 years in Federal Prison for a marijuana offense.  I watched armed bank robbers come and go in as little as 20 months.

After 3 years, I pointed this out to the parole board.  Their response:  "You must understand, yours was a very serious offense."

I laughed about that for 2 more years (as I still sat in prison), then wrote my book:

Shoulda Robbed a Bank

That's my contribution to helping point out just how ludicrous our pot laws truly are.

I hope you check it out.  I need the money.

Where can i buy this book?

Now i'm curious.

Now I'm curious

Where can I buy this book?

I heard so much from Bill

I heard so much from Bill that you have to believe he gets paid to be who he is. Bill is just an actor playing a racist.

Bill O'Reilly

What an asshole.

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