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CNN Guest Says We're Idiots for Caring About Marijuana Policy

Submitted by smorgan on

Even as public opinion begins to shift in favor of marijuana reform, there remain some among us who just refuse to admit that this issue matters. In this clip, CNN contributor LZ Granderson viciously insults supporters of marijuana policy reform.

It's an arrogant and foolish display that completely misses the point of the drug war debate. It ought to be obvious that people care about this for reasons other than a personal desire to get high. If only pot smokers cared about this issue, it wouldn’t be polling at record levels and affecting the outcomes of important elections. Clearly there's much more at stake here, and those who don't understand the issue should begin by talking less and listening more.

Our marijuana laws cause an almost incalculable amount of destruction and anyone who can't see what's at stake here would be well advised not to call anybody else an idiot.

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