CNN Guest Says We're Idiots for Caring About Marijuana Policy

Even as public opinion begins to shift in favor of marijuana reform, there remain some among us who just refuse to admit that this issue matters. In this clip, CNN contributor LZ Granderson viciously insults supporters of marijuana policy reform.

It's an arrogant and foolish display that completely misses the point of the drug war debate. It ought to be obvious that people care about this for reasons other than a personal desire to get high. If only pot smokers cared about this issue, it wouldn’t be polling at record levels and affecting the outcomes of important elections. Clearly there's much more at stake here, and those who don't understand the issue should begin by talking less and listening more.

Our marijuana laws cause an almost incalculable amount of destruction and anyone who can't see what's at stake here would be well advised not to call anybody else an idiot.

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I think the new strategy is

I think the new strategy is denialism about the issue. Its what Romney is doing, its what Obama is doing, its what the media is doing, and its what federal politicians are doing. Just pretend the issue doesn't matter and hope the activists back off. Well no one is backing down yet so too bad for them.


I would like some journalist with half a brain to say to one of these people "if marijuana didn't matter why is it worth spending a few billion per year enforcing these laws?" I have yet to hear a journalist ask a politician or a pundit the tough questions. At least in the main stream media.


Of course voting on one issue is somewhat stupid but that's basically how most American's vote. Like abortion. I'd like to hear one of these losers come up and say anyone who votes just on abortion or gun rights is stupid.

17Billion?  Yeah right . . .

17Billion?  Yeah right . . . don't forget about Afghanistan -what -did you think our enemy was throwing sheep at us?  Nope, they use drug money to wage war and fight us (thus keeping us there) . . . any idea how much we spend a week fighting drug money in the Middle East?  Most of our enemy's war is financed by drug money -but most of 9/11 was financed by drug money, which brought us to war . . . we spend a bit over $2billion a week on drug prohibition in the United States circa 9/11.  Would you not count your taxes paying for a war to fight against drug money and revenge against drug money financed 9/11 attacks to not be a part of the war on drugs?  Do your really think oil money finances terrorism?  Oil cannot finance terrorism because oil is overt and not covert . . . no rich oil man wants his corporation in the Middle East to be overthrown and replaced with an American friendly company the way we did to Iranian government in the 1950 -thus meaning they will avoid oil money financing terrorism at all cost . . . Middle East nations will avoid using oil profits because it would be robbing from the rich and their workers . . . it would have skyrocketed the price of gas much higher . . . most of the oil comes from northern Iraq, which is Kurd and the Kurds love us the way we love our pets . . . Iran has the largest drug using population per capita, which is where Iran get's a lot of uranium funding and most of its militant funding . . . Why would Iran use legal covert money from taxes and oil to fund its militant and uranium agendas?  They could never afford it . . . the same thing with Jordan and Syria and Lebanon and Pakistan.  America spends well over $300 million every day to keep drugs illegal . . . if this is a wrong figure, then its because 9/11 was a practical joke and the last big American war was Vietnam.  How do you think Soviet Russia collapsed?  Could it be because they lost the war in Afghanistan -defeated by drug money for 9 long years . . . Iran-Contra was way more than just Nicaragua and American hostages in the Middle East . . . how else does the CIA get their money when Congress refuses to fund certain objectives and missions?  Don't forget that Al Qaeda sells more cocaine than any Gringo American drug smuggler . . . European nostrils are much larger than ours today.  Even the DEA and CIA and U.N. and War College etc admit that drugs are the main reason why American soldiers are in the Middle East.

OT but completely relevant


For all of you who think you want Gary Johnson as president over Ron Paul, please read this article:

And if you live in CA and will be voting in tomorrow’s primary, please vote for Ron Paul over Gary Johnson for a far, far better chance at ending the drug wars.

Please don't take offense but

Please don't take offense but I think Ron Paul is one of those candidates who a lot of young people are interested in purely because of one issue and that issue is often the drug war. Yes if Ron Paul was president drugs might be legalized but if Ron Paul was president you wouldn't have any more public education, public funding for science, public funding for environmental protection agency, and a host of other very important functions of government.

So Ron Paul may be best candidate for getting drugs legalized but he is also a quack on a large number of other issues. He is actually a very naive person. His economic philosophy is half baked. He has a very narrow view about the powers of congress and states rights versus federal power.

The only good thing about Ron Paul is his views on drug war, patriotic act and sometimes war. Everything else he says is insane.

That is not true at all Ron

That is not true at all Ron Pauls plan is to get federal gov out of these things and let states and localities have control of them because dont you think that they would know better then a huge federal bureacracy?? his economic plan is the only good, one, no income tax, stop the spending, bring our troops home from the 130 countries that were in around the world, and these things make him a quack? ill tell you whos a quack, mittens who has not said ONE thing that hes going to do while hes in office, or also obamas socialist policies to 'spread the wealth', when in fact he will only be helping poverty to creep up the reins,

And just because he doesnt support federal subsidies for these things doesnt mean he doesnt want them to happen, he wants private investors to come and invest money, all the government does is steal money from productive sources and put it into these bureacracies, which wastes the money, and know that this will happen with his 0% income tax plan,

And hes the only candidate that completely understands the constitution and respects state rights, and also his plan is to end the federal war on drugs which will leave the issue up to the states

So a person who uses the moniker "crazy person"

is calling Ron Paul insane.  I agree with every policy Ron Paul proposes, if you want freedom, if you want a government that obeys the Constitution in all things but especially as it relates to protecting your unalienable rights from an overbearing, intrusive, and violently oppressive government (not to mention warmongering on behalf of the banksters), Ron Paul in the ONLY candidate for whom you should vote.

Oh, yes. It's "insane" to

Oh, yes. It's "insane" to want to make friends with other countries instead of going to war with them.

You're the insane one, "crazy person".

That article doesn't address

That article doesn't address GJ's position on the drug war, at all. So not at all relevant, actually.

Johnson's position on the drug war

is only about cannabis, he has no desire to end the drug war completely.  

Yes he does.

I've seen him speak about ending the drug war on several occasions.

Nevermind all the racial profiling due to marijuana prohibition.

Marijuana prohibition deeply impacts many aspects of our society.  NAACP & LEAP should respond back to this fool with a column on CNN.  LZ Grenderson is an African-UnAmerican selling out other people of color and ruining lives just so his messiah wannabe in the White House can play it safe.  His pathetic attitude really casts a shadow on his work for gay rights.  Shame on him.

Prohibitionist's have their "tools", we have our numbers.

For reasons I have yet to understand, anti-prohibitionists do not show up en masse. We have lots of different support groups, but their efforts are split with no semblance of cohesion or focus. We get together for multi-day events to show off buds, but we have small marches that last only a few hours or a day.

We are at a great moment in time right now. Talk of marijuana prohibition and legalization has never been greater. There are people out there everyday fighting the good fight. This has taken a lot of time and money too build up this much momentum. The powers that be are scared that marijuana will actually become an issue in the election.

This is the time too act. To lose the momentum that has been so hard fought, for will be hard too regain, maybe years. I believe we have little time too force the subject of legalization on to their platforms. If you live in a state that does not allow marijuana find out who your enemies are, usually a politician or lobbyist, expose them to the press. Then organize some people-hopefully thousands-too march.

They say we number in the millions. Too effect this election, and keep prohibition on the front page, we need too show them we mean it, by showing them our numbers in action. To have a true impact these numbers should be in the thousands. If our continued peaceable actions are on TV, Americans and more politicians will be forced to talk about the subject. This keeps up the momentum and the pressure on the politicians.

We do have the numbers too get our voices heard. We just need too prove it...

It's a good thing no one watches CNN and that bufoon.

He's an idiot if he believes either of the two could be a good President!  What other issue causes so much unnecessary harm, Mr Snake Head?  I guess he's alright with the senseless caging of nearly a million of your fellow Americans, annually.

And I wonder how many CNN newsreaders toke?

(I refuse to call then journalists, anymore.)

It's really amazing. The drug laws are like water, the basis for all life on the planet, absolutely integral...and people don't think much about it. So long as its' clean (and how did it get that way?) and plentiful and cheap, who cares? Yet watch what happens when things break down, and then people realize how important it is.

The same with our so-called 'Justice' system. The drug laws have pretty much become the foundation for modern law enforcement as it is practiced in the US, as it seems incapable of doing much else. (How many banksters do you see getting arrested by common foot patrolmen?)  Like water, few citizens outside reform circles know just how basically, terribly distorted the system has become, because it happened over several generations.

At the very core of the issue are the cannabis laws. Remove those, and the justification for most of what happened WRT the ostensible rationale for militarization of police (dealers will be shooting back with tanks and bazookas!) will fall faway, and the real reason will stand naked before the public - societal control by corporate interests that don't have the commonweal in mind. Preventing that revelation is absolutely critical to its' continuance.

And this is why we're getting this concerted pushback. The mouthpieces of the Corporatocracy have been given their marching orders, and like Orwell's Sheep, will bleat what they're told to.

But it doesn't matter. The generational shift has already happened, with over 50% of Americans wanting cannabis legal. It's just a matter of time.

And even those mouthpieces know it...

LZ Granderson, You're the

LZ Granderson, You're the Idiot!

I find it interesting that

I find it interesting that Prosecutors are finding it harder and harder to find Jurors for marijuana cases that are Prohibitionists, in fact most possession trials are dismissed due to not being able to find a "prohibitionist Jury". I've read a couple of articles recently that Prosecutors are doing exactly what our Administration has done, go around the established system and are demanding Bench trials for these people arrested sometimes for far less than a gram. This flies in the face of our Constitutional right to a trial by a fair and impartial jury of our peers. Thank God none of these "Prosecutors" have been successful in their demand so far and we can hope it continues. I can't even count the possession cases that have been dismissed in just Montana over the last 2 years, for amounts far less than even 1/8. Due to the public's support not only for the drug itself but for the millions it brings into the state coffers of those states where it is either decriminalized or permitted for medical use, or for some of the 50,000 other uses it has Let's face it, the drug war was lost before it even started. That money can be put to far better use, if it's diverted away from the War. It is the equivalent to throwing large amounts of cash in your toilet and flushing it down...

Wake Up! IDIOT!

If people would get their head out of their A$$ they could see a lot of what is wrong with our country stems from prohibition! Ending marijuana prohibition would add thousands of jobs, save thousands of lives and put a big damper on the drug cartels and terrorist. If they would look at the facts they could see that prohibition is far more harmful to our youth than Legalization would ever be. I say we keep marching forward on Legalization until it finally happens and it will! We will always have issues concerning education, jobs and so forth; it is time to take this issue on full force. We've waited LONG enough! STOP THE LIES AND LEGALIZE!!!

Drug legalization has little

Drug legalization has little to do with people's right to use drugs without fear of arrest . . . pot or drug legalization is more about terrorism and Afghanistan than buying pot legally, especially considering its illegal drugs that gave birth to 9/11's funding, which brought us a $3trillion dollar war.  The war on drugs in a decade alone from 2001 to 2011 cost us well over 3trilliion dollars (fighting drug money in Iraq and Afghanistan) -so how is it a trivial matter . . . no one thinks about getting stoned or someone toking up when they hear about pot legalization -they think about some poor 18yr. old wounded veteran with no legs, no arms and no eyes who served their country in Iraq or Afghanistan because of drug prohibition creating funding for 9/11.  Why else did our military prisons in Iraq have Russian and Italian mob types and Latin American drug traffickers?

Granderson Doesn't Speak for Men of Color

In New York City, most of the men illegally arrested for marijuana possession are African-Americans.  I wonder how they would respond to Granderson's ignorant analysis of the importance of the marijuana issue?

Stop trivializing marijuana. 

Stop trivializing marijuana.  Marijuana is just as important commodity as wine is to a wine maker, or cattle is to a rancher or a car is to a car maker.  Hey dreadlocks lollipops, go tell an oil company that their product, and the people who support it, are idiots.  Go tell a farmer that his corn crop is not important and not worth talking about.  So why would you tell a pot farmer that his crop is not a serious subject?  DISCRIMINATION you lollipop sugerBob hairdo! 

Long Term Ramifications of Pot Use?

After 6000+ years of known pot use by humans, you’d think someone would’ve found something seriously wrong with the weed by now.  But no.  It still doesn’t kill anybody, and it still doesn’t cause hair to grow on your palms.

What we have is a long history of its use as a beneficial medicine and a tribal sacrament.  If marijuana is so trivial, so insignificant, why are people being arrested and prosecuted for it? We know its use is culture specific in many cases.  Everything we know about human nature and the status quo says it’s being used as a shibboleth to go after people with dreadlocks, et al.  It has culture war written all over it.

The problem with people like Mr. Dreadlocks—the guy with the shelf full of Reader’s Digest condensed books behind him—is that he’s a know-nothing, although probably not an idiot.  He’s incompetent when speaking of the drug issue, and he’s incapable of judging competence as a result.  When he calls legalizers and regulators idiots, he’s being an ignoramus.  It’s important to distinguish the idiot from the ignoramus, as this example shows.


The guy with dreadlocks seems

The guy with dreadlocks seems to have a speech impediment that reveals a certain level of retardedness.  Not important?  Oh, god, how clueless he is.  He's so clueless that it might take him 30 years of puffing to finally figure it out.

The drug war is evil.

This story was so offensive to watch.

They make out marijuana is the funniest issue in the world. More than 2 million Americans in jail, ethnic minorities unfairly targeted, 50 thousand dead across the border, terrorist organisations like the Taliban funded by drugs instead of it being an ordinary industry in the hands of businessmen, and millions of people around the world with terminal illness living in agony and dying prematurely without their medicine. And billions upon billions spent on a war that can only be won by war profiteers. The drug war has got to be the least funny subject in the world yet these emotionally retarded morons are have the party of their life laughing at the horrors created by an evil US war machine. 

I am so relieved to hear

I am so relieved to hear someone else had the exact same reaction as i, and was clear and concise with a reply to this nonsense. I hope the two guests eat their words sooner than later

you know what this just

you know what this just pissed me off, guess what this issue has affected my entire life so ill be godddamned if you are going to tell me im an idiot f%$# you . whats more important that correcting a 70 year old mistake that has put so many in harms way? nothing u condescending prick i bet ur overlord handlers are happy with you, more money for big corp riiiiiiiiiiiiiiight!?!?!?!?!?!?!

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