Obama's War On Medical Marijuana Just Got Even Uglier

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One month ago, Eric Holder testified before Congress that the Dept. of Justice is only targeting medical marijuana businesses that violate their state's laws. Anyone who didn't realize it was a lie should be getting the message right about now.

The federal government is moving to shut down the nation's largest and highest-profile medical marijuana dispensary operation, filing papers to seize properties in Oakland and San Jose where Harborside Health Center does business.

Copies of the federal Complaint for Forfeiture were taped to the front doors of the two dispensaries Tuesday, alleging that they were "operating in violation of federal law."

Medical marijuana advocates, as well as some state and local officials, decried the action, saying it hurts patients in legitimate need of the drug and breaks repeated promises by President Obama's Justice Department that it was targeting only operations near schools and parks or otherwise in violation of the state's laws. [LA Times]

They're not even pretending it's about state law anymore. Harborside has a permit from the City of Oakland and pays millions in taxes to the state of California. They've been covered extensively in the press, and featured on the Discovery Channel program "Weed Wars". Everyone knows exactly what goes on inside Harborside because we've seen it with our own eyes: they provide high-quality medical cannabis and other services to qualified patients. This is the definition of a legal and well-regulated medical marijuana dispensary.

So how are the feds justifying their attempt to shut down the most responsible business in the industry? They are claiming, I kid you not, that it's just too successful:

I now find the need to consider actions regarding marijuana superstores such as Harborside. The larger the operation, the greater the likelihood that there will be abuse of the state’s medical marijuana laws, and marijuana in the hands of individuals who do not have a demonstrated medical need. – U.S. Attorney Melinda Haag

This is beyond outrageous and it flies in the face of even the most recent excuses put forward by the Attorney General and the President himself when attempting to justify their escalating war on medical marijuana.

By targeting Harborside solely on the basis of its reputation as the nation's "biggest" medical marijuana provider, DOJ forgets something rather important: it's the biggest because it's the best. Harborside is a model of safe, secure, patient-oriented medical marijuana services. It's also a model of legal compliance, and any effort to shut its doors simply obliterates the Attorney General's recent claims that DOJ is merely upholding local laws. He really should stop saying that.

It boggles the mind to imagine what sort of perverted logic is driving Obama's vicious assault on a voting block that helped elect him four years ago. What little the President has said on the matter in recent months is now even more obviously false, and if it isn’t about upholding state laws, then the question of the Administration's true agenda is something about which we can only speculate. It isn't winning him any votes, that's for sure.

Today, anyone who's tried to make excuses for Obama's horrible handling of all this should just stop. Anyone who says this President is secretly a friend of the marijuana reform movement should close their mouth. Anyone who's claimed that "they're only busting bad dispensaries" can cut the crap. This is a war. It's Obama's war. And to my friends who are too afraid of Mitt Romney right now to criticize Obama, I say you're making our President more dangerous by meeting his mistakes with silence.

If you don’t want Obama to destroy medical marijuana in America, this would be a good time to speak up about it.

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And that is why my vote is

And that is why my vote is for Gary Johnson in November. He will be on the ballot in all 50 states as the Libertarian candidate. He is a former Governor of NM who, for over 12 YEARS, has been the highest ranked US official to ever support the full legalization of marijuana. GARY JOHNSON 2012

once again in the usa guilty

once again in the usa guilty till proven innocent but they dont care it gets them on the front page in election year pretty sad when voters ok the medical bill only to have washington come after them how come we dont hear about raids in dc? cause they dont want to mess in there own back yard...its sad day in the usawhen the higher ups run on there own agenda dispite what the voters think time to get them out of office

President Obama is a bull

President Obama is a bull shitting liar just like all the rest of them.THAT makes me sicker than I already am and now I don't want to vote at all,but I DAMN SURE WILL!!

it doesnt matter who said

it doesnt matter who said what or promised what.. ITS FEDERALLY AGAINST THE LAW... end of story


so let me see if i understand this .. turn a blind eye to those who pay the most tax and bust the ones that pay the least?


it doesnt matter who said what or promised what.. ITS FEDERALLY AGAINST THE LAW... end of story


so let me see if i understand this .. turn a blind eye to those who pay the most tax and bust the ones that pay the least?

Do you know WHY it's "illegal"?

It's illegal because rich asshats LIED to make it illegal to protect their profits. Like Hearst and DuPont, their environmentally destructive products were inferior to hemp products, and they knew it. Cannabis has been used as a medication for 2000 years. It's all based on lies. Aspirin kills more people a year than pot ever has, in fact there's been no recorded death due to pot consumption.


I know it sounds ridiculous, but unless everyone who truly believes cannabis should be legal comes together and votes, nothing is going to change.

I know it seems like a total waste of time, but there are more of us than there are people who don't want weed legalized. The problem is, everyone that smokes weed doesn't bother to get out and vote, doesn't bother to petition, but they'll be the same ones complaining when they get busted and end up on probation. 

Petitions will work. If people want things to change, we have to change them. We have to elect people that are pro-marijuana. We have to vote for congress members that are pro-marijuana, and finally, we have to vote for presidents who are pro-marijuana. We just have the same old, Republican, white Christian men in there that think that if they legalize, they'll lose money and control. 

The DEA and the Department of Justice look like complete assholes to everyone right now. So tell them. Register to vote, sign legalize petitions, show up on election day, and actually make a difference.

Until we do that, we're just a bunch of pot heads sitting around bitching about it. And I'm awfully tired of it.


Gary Johnson for President!

Unequal and more hurtful

If Harborside Health Center's size is the real reason for the attempted shutdown by Ms Hagg, because of concerns about those without medical cards having a greater chance of access then she should attempt to shut down all Walgreens stores because their widespread placement of pharmacies makes it too easy for prescription pain pills to make it into unauthorized hands. This is all horse shit, and Melinda Haags, Obama, the rest of the federal government, and anyone with the slightest common sense knows it. Whether you're opposed to it or not, you should be able to see it's a clear violation, and abuse, of power. I don't know why, but Ms Haags seems to have a very real personal vendetta against Cannabis. Maybe she got dumped by a hippie boyfriend back in the day and just never let it go. Either way, she has appointed herself Cannabis judge, jury, federal prosecutor, and executioner. Perhaps it's time someone reminded her where her place is, and firmly suggested that she find her way back into it.

people like gbrown

Its people who still talk like this gbrown dude that are part of the problem.. Prohibition does not work thats been proven a few times already. It wouldnt be Federally Against The Law if we could just get peoples heads out of their ass so they can see how much of a waste this drug war has been an see how much revenue marijuana would generate, its time for america to do whats right for a change an put an end to all the bs an lying about somsthing so harmless

perhaps raids on DEA offices

perhaps raids on DEA offices are in order...

picket the wretches

and the courthouses that dispense 'justice'. and the problem bars that cause way more grief than marijuana, but I'd do that early in the day, before their denizens start showing up.

People are too scared

It is pretty obvious that the government makes more money on weed being illegal.  They continue to mess with and provoke legal businesses.  I am willing to bet the federal government gets a cut on all weed sold on the streets, I bet they help ship in the US.  Anyone disagree?  Why else would they get so pissed when another person is making so much cash selling weed legally?  Because that business is now taking the fed's money.  And GOOD!  The Fed's are a joke.  Our tax dollars should go to our states not the fed's.  The fed's should have no say in laws in of states, period.  Why the hell do they exist anyway?  I feel people are too scared to speak up due to the fear mongering messages spread through the media.  People need to wake up, we are the only ones that can correct this mess. 


The only thing people care about is money right? That is how and why mj is illegal. The government as a whole makes less money from prohibition, however the individuals in the government profit from prohibition. Hemp seed oil was our primary source of fuel in the early 1900s. So oil companies made propaganda movies like "Reefer Madness" to get people to vote on anti-mj laws. Tell me, who owns these oil companies? Its the people in control, they will give their wealth away by making mj legal. If mj was legal today, we would have more money in education, better roads, basically it would improve the lives of every citizen. Instead these greedy politicians want to pocket that money. So why not make up a bunch of stuff about mj that isn't true? It is time that we save our environment by industrializing hemp and legalizing marijuana completely. If you disagree, then you obviously are not properly educated about what really happened in the 1930s and you should do yourself a favor and educate yourself. Thomas Jefferson was quoted saying that "Hemp is key to our nations success and wealth." It was the first crop to produce a billion dollars and in 1850 it was our 3rd largest crop. Hemp has approximately 25,000 different textile uses and that is why it is illegal. Thank your oil companies and cotton companies because they wanted to eliminate the competition. I feel so much hate torwards these greedy assholes for fucking up our kids future and our countries future. I love USA but the people in charge have lost touch with our countries roots and they only care about their personal bank accounts.

Thinking Clearly's picture

Don't be fooled by Obama

You will never hear the word marijuana in the Presidential debates without a third party candidate. Obama backs United Nations Treaties that want marijuana criminalized and backs the drug war in Latin America. He is NOT for legalizing marijuana or decriminalizing it. Period. He said so. Obama and Romney are both allergic to marijuana.

The dispensaries in California and Colorado are slowly being dismantled and who sits in the drivers chair watching Melinda Haag make a fool out of Eric Holder. Which makes a fool out of him.

If he is not censuring Melinda Haag Obama is implicit in condoning her behavior.

Don't expect to hear marijuana or the drug war debated in any meaningful way during the upcoming Presidential debates unless Gary Johnson is there with them calling for an end to the war on drugs. Then you will finally hear a debate about marijuana on a meaningful level.

How long are you going to watch Rome burn before you realize Nero Caesar is nowhere around? He's busy playing his re-election fiddle.


Nero played while Rome burned, not Caesar. Just saying.

Reason of "Bill of Rights"

As i was reading about Nero in Wikipedia.




I can't help but think why America was founded.


Which at the beginning a Government which had as it's rulers"We the People","Bill of Rights"and the "Checks and Balances"




They've studied Nero and King George(Who's ruled by the Rothschild Family) was trying to become Nero again thru the "Devine Right of Kings"

The drug war will not be debated by GJ either

Johnson only supports ending the prohibition of marijuana (and his foreign policy stance leaves a great deal to be desired and is not at all libertarian, let alone Libertarian).  If the prohibition of ALL drugs is not repealed, the problems stemming from prohibition (the police state, as the most obvious problem, and the violence due to the black market) will not go away.  Besides even if he gets 15% in the polls he will still never become president.

The only candidate for president who supports completely ending the federal prohibition of all currently illicit drugs is Ron Paul (and he IS still in the running and may even gain the GOP nomination since the GOP is being sued by the RP delegates for their dirty tricks, and some legal problems Romney has may disqualify him from the nomination).  If you truly want the fed gov's war on cannabis to end then you must support the only candidate who can win the election (he'll beat Obama by a mile), who agrees that the prohibition of some drugs is patently unconstitutional, and who WILL restore Constitutional governance in the fed gov (thereby getting rid of the DEA, the ONDCP, the treaties with the UN concerning drug laws -- which treaties are treason against the Constitution -- and the CSA among other illegal fed agencies).

Where to goif you want to live in a free country?

What country can one go to that is actually free? The Us government just talks like it is but is still run. off these corporations who don't do the nicest of thingsto workers in factories abroad and want to keep such a helpful plant and useful hemp crops illegal for their own benefit. But yea would Canada or somewhere in Europe be a betterplace to live in a freer country?

We're From The Government And We're Here To Help

The bigger the government the more corporations will pay to control government guns. It is not corporations per se that you have to fear. We can put them in competition with each other. It is corporations backed by government guns.

New Change

How about instead of flip flopping between the lesser of two evils, Obama and Romney. Why don't we organize a nation wide protest against the outrageous war on drugs. Also we should be doing a lot more to get Ron Paul in the spot light. He's is the only up coming candidate who openly admits that he will try to legalize all drugs, especially marijuana. If we have a leader who is open and ready to fight for its legalization and to end the war on drugs. Why don't we do our part to make sure we get this man in office.

Right on the money!

Exactly, people in the reform movement are shooting themselves in the foot if they do not support Ron Paul's effort to become president.

Why is this even still an issue

When November comes full legalization is already on the ballot for many states and will most likely pass in each one of them by a pretty large margin.  In almost every other state there is at least a medical marijuana issue being voted on also. I don't see why they are putting so much effort and our tax dollars into trying to fight a war that they have already lost.  The only thing this will do is make even more people angry and come out to vote for legalization.  This year will be the biggest turnout in history (especially in Colorado and Oregon) when it comes to first time voters and it is all because of an issue our administration refuses to look at the facts on.

How Naive

If the upcoming ballots reflect reason amongst voters, you're right.  They'll pass.  Trouble is, the black market is represented by a significant number of voters.  They won't vote to legalize, and will campaign in opposition for whatever reasons they think will convince other voters.  You think Proposition 19 failed in California because most voters opposed marijuana?  Not at all.  It failed because continued prohibition guarantees higher profits.


Why else would the infamous "emerald triangle" produce so many "No" votes?


The legalization on a state level while a huge tax influx for the state of California and Colorado is just that a state law.It will not supersede a federal one.The real problem here is not the law or the dispensary. It is the out of control healthcare system that will easily hand out a "pot" card to anyone with $250 to pay for the script.Lisa Ling did a wonderful story on this subject. The above dispensary was the subject of the story.While they did have a great idea, the people walking in the door did not look sick they looked like addicts and thugs.However it is not there job to diagnose a sickness, it was there job to fill a prescription.Once again the acts of deviant behavior by those that just want to get high have cost the truly needy a valuable form of medication.Damn shame really.So once again it is still illegal in the eyes of our federal government.If anyone really wants to do some homework the original laws were put in place to stop the influx of migrant workers into America. That would now be classified as a hate law and would not be constitutional, that is what  a slick lawyer needs to investigate.


Omg someone with an understanding of all this. Good job!

Don’t Blame the Victims

Marijuana prohibition emerged due to racism, xenophobia, ethnocentrism, predatory capitalism, and a host of other motives that draw from the deepest reservoirs of human barbarism.

The reason the medical effects of marijuana were more-or-less rediscovered after years of disuse as a medicine was because recreational use revealed a lot of symptom relief for different health problems, starting with glaucoma.  This is the reason the United States has a lot of recreational users per se who’ve become medical patients, or in some states who are waiting to become patients, and smoking anyway with the invincible help of the black market. 

There never was any conspiracy to use medical marijuana as a vehicle to legalize cannabis.  It just turned out that way.  Legalization is still on the table partly because the feds won’t accept marijuana as medicine, and it has people pissed off.  The federal government is making a fool of itself at every step.

Another myth is that it’s really easy to get a medical marijuana card.  It is not.  People do get turned down.  In California, if you have a primary care physician treating you for a legitimate health problem, then that becomes the basis for issuance of a card by a secondary physician, the one who takes the legal risk by actually issuing a card.  The secondary physician’s best legal (and thus financial) interest lies in detecting cheaters, and they do it all the time.  

In any case, a few cheaters are no reason to shut down a medical marijuana dispensary operating in good faith.  If that became U.S. drug policy, it would become necessary to shut down every doctor’s office in the country that prescribes drugs.


So many people so ignorant of Constitutional law

The fed gov is, Constitutionally supposed to be SUBSERVIENT to the States and the People!  It is NOT supposed to be the master of all, it was given certain specific powers and none of those powers gave it authorization to legislate the petty details of the individuals citizens' daily lives, including what we may (or may not) ingest.  The fed gov does NOT own us body and soul (neither do the State and local governments), we each own ourselves and prohibition of anything denies us our unalienable rights to our lives, liberty and property (as do laws mandating such things as the kinds of toilets and light bulbs we may use in our homes or that we MUST buy medical insurance or be "taxed" for failing to do so).  THESE are the argument that must be used in discussions and in the courts of law, the fed gov (and State laws) are violating our unalienable rights.

Only Hope

This just further proves my point.. if we really want a free and prosperous country again, it's time we all stand with Dr. Ron Paul.

Absolutely correct!

Ron Paul IS the answer, the ONLY answer we currently have.

And the Tyranny Continues...

Obama is a lying puppet...every word out of his puppet-mouth is a lie...the administration is ruining this once-great country faster than anyone could believe.

All the money these dispensaries pay in taxes (hundreds of millions per year) should show that they are running a legit business. I seriously doubt that "there is a chance they are running the business incorrectly" simply because they are doing so good.

That just shows they are the safest & most professional place to get you meds at.

I bet the medical marijuana industry in taking a huge chunk of money out of "big pharma's" pocket and they're the ones who pay all the big money for Obamney's campaigns...

medical marijuana is safer and cheaper than most other cancer meds but the huge drug companies are in cahoots with the legislators, senators, etc...if the drug companies aren't making their billions they can't pay off the scumbag senators, etc...it's all a giant scam.

it makes NO sense to close down a dispensary "because it's too big"....that sounds like something they made up because there is no REAL reason to shut them down.

You want a reason? Look up Sativex

Recall that the government has a patent on cannabis medicines, despite claiming for years that no such things as cannabis medicines existed.

And then recall that the former Number Two at the ONDCP, Dr. Andrea Barthwell, is now a corporate officer at the company that makes it. Sativex is about to be marketed as the only legal cannabis medicine in the US. You think that her contacts in the DEA, the FDA, etc. are not being exercised to the max?

This has been planned for years. It just so happens that the people who pull the strings from behind the scenes chose this Administration to pull the trigger.

Actually GW pharmaceuticals

Actually GW pharmaceuticals has a patent on Sativex not the US government. The only reason Sativex is getting federally approved is because a company is going through FDA procedures to get it approved just like they did in European countries. The FDA has guidelines for getting a botanical substance like herbal cannabis approved as medicine. But no one has done it. That is why the federal government can keep claiming herbal cannabis is not a medicine because in the eyes of the laws regarding medicine according to the federal government it is not. If the medical marijuana community wanted to better legitimize itself it should start the discussion of getting cannabis approved at the FDA level according to FDA guidelines. Unfortunately no one seems to want to have such a discussion and the really sick patients will lose out. The reason no one wants to go that route is FDA guidelines are quite strict for any drug and the vast majority of dispensaries or growers will lose money having to meet those standards. Its a messed up situation but blaming Sativex is missing the point. 

Regardless Harborside may have a good legal case to challenge federal law in higher courts. If they can prove they are truly compliant with state law in every way possible then they can force a court to rule on who has jurisdiction. It could even go to state supreme or federal courts if they take it far enough. Someone has too otherwise the federal government will keep acting with impunity with regards to state law, no matter who is president.

Known medical uses by gov research...

Left hand not knowing what the right is doing???



Sorry I didn't mean to imply

Sorry I didn't mean to imply that no federal agency or employer of federal agency has no patents on cannabinoids. I was referring specifically to Sativex. The reason drugs like Marinol and Sativex get approved is because pharmaceutical companiess have put a lot of effort into proving that they work and are relatively safe. By that I mean clinical trials. There is plenty of clinical data to indicate that smoked cannabis, vaporized, or eaten works for a few conditions. But no one has gone through the clinical trial approval procedure with cannabis as a botanical substance.

I don't think its fair to accuse companies like GW of manipulating the government to get Sativex approved and suppress medical herbal cannabis. That's not really how it works unless the drug is unsafe and the company deliberately wants to manipulate FDA (which has happened with other drugs). All they have to do is clinical trials and they can get approval it doesn't matter if the compounds are scheduled because once you have clinical PROOF then the law must change. Until now feds can argue no one has done this with herbal cannabis and technically from a very narrow legal view point they are correct. GW has actually done a lot of good for changing a lot of doctors minds about cannabinoids and cannabis as a drug.

I honestly think that these accusations are counter productive for the medical marijuana movement. I also want to say that the people who make them (nothing personal and this isn't referring to person I am replying to) are often trying to protect their own self interests because guess what? If herbal cannabis was federally approved as a medical herbal substance then automatically dispensaries or anyone involved in the supply chain would have to follow a host of safety and quality control guidelines. Most people who grow "medical" cannabis don't want this because as is often the case its about money not about patients getting quality products.

F____! Obama and the DEA

Obama continues to talk out his lying ass, and the DEA is nothing but a bunch of Government Gangsters. They see the writing on the wall, and are being big "DICKS" as we get closer and more support for the legalization of Marijuana.

full legalization of

full legalization of marijuana hurts so much of the marijuana community. The people in the state of california who make a living off of growing and selling to distributors would lose everything because the Federal Government would grow it themselves or outsource to Marlboro who already has a patent on Marijuana Cigarettes, 20 pack of joints from your local CVS. Keeping it on state regulated terms is the way to go and letting the government get a small fee out of it to keep them away. The Federal government would make billions off the marijuana industry every year if they would just shut the fuck up and leave it alone. Marijuana could start chipping away at our multi trillion dollar debt. Not to mention we could make Marijuana an exported item and be the marijuana capital of the world.

Legal weed hurts so much of the marijuana community?

Only if you consider people like the growers who voted against Prop 19 part of the marijuana community. I don't, I think they stabbed marijuana users in the back because they want the price of cannabis to stay sky high for their own personal benefit, and they couldn't care less that their big bucks come out of the hides of the marijuana community. My advice to these selfish folks is to start saving some of those windfall profits before cannabis prohibition gets flushed down the toilet of history. 

Rather sell you chemicals

The only people who want cannabis legal is the average person. Gov has alot of people dependent on it being illegal they should be shutting down meth labs and cocaine and heroin rings . The growers local or foreign make allot more money whether medical or clandestine than legal.  The prisons employ more people and privatize the industry which builds more buildings to house more people to employ more for something that has been used as medicine for thousands of years Has little or no side effects. I know for a fact theres way worse chemical medicine that there happy to prescribe you. Honestly i think it's all about population control and marijuana doesn't fit with there allowing companies a chemical throw down on society and there food and drug poisoning of Americans. 

Don't be hating on any

Don't be hating on any drugs.

Hate is how the man controls you.

ALL drugs have their uses. And they all used to be freely available. Look at how the military used meth and dex in WW2.

Thinking Clearly's picture

Republicans and Democrats are Corporate tools

Individuals make changes in society. Corporations make money.

Vote for an individual, not a corporation.

Look at the size of the Super PACS. When Obama and Romney want to express their gratitude for the help in getting them elected do they think of you? Your measly donations aren't even grease on the wheels compared to the millions sitting in the super PACS. Stewart and Colbert have it all right.

My advice is to vote for an individual not a corporate sponsor. For me its a matter of principal. I can't control the Supreme Court. I can't control the Congress. I can't control the President.

The only control you or I have is over your own vote. I damn sure am not giving my last bit of control to the corporations that are ruining this country by supporting one of their men with my vote. Get Gary Johnson in the debates if you are really serious about producing some change.

Block the Doors

with chained patients to the doors....DEA will go away Show support make calls, write letters...Do Something instead of just reading the news

peeps, you need to argue

peeps, you need to argue Federal Jurisdiction and authority in a COUNTY court. ONLY JURISDICTION nothing else....

.....the State og California is Federated and goes along with Washington, but Washington is WAY out of jurisdiction...its really a bad State for arguing the 10th Amendment.

It all comes down to Private Property rights.  And my assumption is that 98% of Californans have no clue what that is.  So until peeps edify themselves on these points, you will continue to get screwed.

Wize up, light up, stand up.  Be ready to defend your right to a good life at the barrel of a gun.

This whole medical marijuana

This whole medical marijuana crackdown seems crazy on many levels.  If the Fed government is shutting down the industry leaders who have bent over backwards to comply and regulate the business, that means they are shutting down everybody.  The website posted a story about a military drill in Northern California that had them busting terrorist pot farmers about a year ago.  The author thought is was a joke.  Can you'all see where this is going?  There is no state law anymore with Homeland Security.  Anybody acting against the Fed government is a terrorist.  The government does not want to compromise with marijuana whatsoever..  This government must want to punish millions and millions of Americans for using marijuana; and even if people work hard and change the law, the Fed government does not want to be reasonable and still wants to punish people.

Where is this all going?  Here is a crazy answer:  John Titor is right with only a slight divergence.

Perpetrated by Drug Lords

It is not mind boggling why the feds targeted the most successful dispensary. The war on drugs is a war perpetrated by drug lords defending their market territory. They are targeting their most successful competitors. 


"God bless the world 'cause we in trouble." --Dave Chappelle


So it's about punching out hub caps
and pennies for breaking your back.

The mafias-oh complains the laws are not fair.  When they don't have 100% control by distribution flowing through the streets the profits go elsewhere. 

Laws to keep people moving through the trial system , easier to do when there's no more cafe cannabas shops and a feeding frenzy of corrupted officials and lawyers posing as politicians knowing how to exploit.

It should be the people getting mad.   




When I get high Obama looks

When I get high Obama looks like the fag devil slave boy he is and Haag looks like a phony lesbian witch. Fuck these bastards.

The sheriff can tell the feds to beat it, right?

If I understand how it works, the county sheriffs can tell the federal guys operating under Melinda Haag that they are not allowed to exercise federal powers in the county. So we just put the pressure on the sheriffs to do this, right?

Fact Check

How can you tell when Obama is lying? When he opens his mouth.

When are you people going to

When are you people going to stop being such pussies, and make a WAR on the evil politicians that do this shit? Why don't you pussies stop fucking whining and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.


Join Crimes Against Fathers and help us establish new courts, so that we can put all of these criminal politicians on trial for their crimes against humanity. Google Crimes Against Fathers

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