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Obama's War On Medical Marijuana Just Got Even Uglier

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One month ago, Eric Holder testified before Congress that the Dept. of Justice is only targeting medical marijuana businesses that violate their state's laws. Anyone who didn't realize it was a lie should be getting the message right about now.

The federal government is moving to shut down the nation's largest and highest-profile medical marijuana dispensary operation, filing papers to seize properties in Oakland and San Jose where Harborside Health Center does business.

Copies of the federal Complaint for Forfeiture were taped to the front doors of the two dispensaries Tuesday, alleging that they were "operating in violation of federal law."

Medical marijuana advocates, as well as some state and local officials, decried the action, saying it hurts patients in legitimate need of the drug and breaks repeated promises by President Obama's Justice Department that it was targeting only operations near schools and parks or otherwise in violation of the state's laws. [LA Times]

They're not even pretending it's about state law anymore. Harborside has a permit from the City of Oakland and pays millions in taxes to the state of California. They've been covered extensively in the press, and featured on the Discovery Channel program "Weed Wars". Everyone knows exactly what goes on inside Harborside because we've seen it with our own eyes: they provide high-quality medical cannabis and other services to qualified patients. This is the definition of a legal and well-regulated medical marijuana dispensary.

So how are the feds justifying their attempt to shut down the most responsible business in the industry? They are claiming, I kid you not, that it's just too successful:

I now find the need to consider actions regarding marijuana superstores such as Harborside. The larger the operation, the greater the likelihood that there will be abuse of the state’s medical marijuana laws, and marijuana in the hands of individuals who do not have a demonstrated medical need. – U.S. Attorney Melinda Haag

This is beyond outrageous and it flies in the face of even the most recent excuses put forward by the Attorney General and the President himself when attempting to justify their escalating war on medical marijuana.

By targeting Harborside solely on the basis of its reputation as the nation's "biggest" medical marijuana provider, DOJ forgets something rather important: it's the biggest because it's the best. Harborside is a model of safe, secure, patient-oriented medical marijuana services. It's also a model of legal compliance, and any effort to shut its doors simply obliterates the Attorney General's recent claims that DOJ is merely upholding local laws. He really should stop saying that.

It boggles the mind to imagine what sort of perverted logic is driving Obama's vicious assault on a voting block that helped elect him four years ago. What little the President has said on the matter in recent months is now even more obviously false, and if it isn’t about upholding state laws, then the question of the Administration's true agenda is something about which we can only speculate. It isn't winning him any votes, that's for sure.

Today, anyone who's tried to make excuses for Obama's horrible handling of all this should just stop. Anyone who says this President is secretly a friend of the marijuana reform movement should close their mouth. Anyone who's claimed that "they're only busting bad dispensaries" can cut the crap. This is a war. It's Obama's war. And to my friends who are too afraid of Mitt Romney right now to criticize Obama, I say you're making our President more dangerous by meeting his mistakes with silence.

If you don’t want Obama to destroy medical marijuana in America, this would be a good time to speak up about it.

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Let them do it.Let them wage war, and dig their own graves in the process. History tends to bend towards the side of righteousness....One way or another, Cannabis will be legal in all its forms, for any use, for all adults...mark my words.

Such optimism!

It's a little hard for me to share your optimism when I live in a dry county - where it is still illegal to sell alcohol. I guess that's what I get for living in the Bible Belt.

That is what is great about

That is what is great about our country. If you dont like where you live, GTFO!

Are you serious?

That is one of the dumbest things people say. BTW how do you feel about immigration laws? It takes a lot of time and money to immigrate to any country genius. Your logic is the excuse illegal immigrants use, "well, i didn't like where i was and everyone just told me to leave so i did" it's just asanine smh

Obviously he was talking

Obviously he was talking about moving to another county/state.. Which is great about our country, it allows flexibility, so if you don't like where you live you can... GTFO.


Although I think he was

Although I think he was talking about just moving to another county, it still is stupid. He assumes everyone has the funds, or ability to do so. Some people have jobs that require them to be close, some don't even have that. You can't just up-and-move. It isn't that easy.

It IS that easy.  I left

It IS that easy.  I left Indiana for Colorado a little over a year ago.  Left a job, house, family, friends.  Vote with your dollars and vote with your feet.  If  you live in a dry county, you have no one to blame but yourself. GTFO

Deciding what to enforce

So, you do want Obama and his administration to stick to their announced decision not to enforce federal drug law against medical marijuana.  It is an application of law that does more harm than good. But (unless I badly miss my guess) you don't want them to stick to the decision not to enforce federal immigration law against young people who were brought here as children. Many would say that this, too, is an application of law that does more harm than good.

So should the Administration have the discretion not to enforce what they consider "bad" laws, or should they not? If your opinion on the matter depends on your opinion of the particular law in question, don't pretend that it is based solely on Constitutional principles.

... or, you know, we can try

... or, you know, we can try to make our own country better

It's not "our country", it

It's not "our country", it belongs to right wing christian assholes who suck Jesus' dick. Get used to it, I have lived in it for 55 fucking years and I"m used to it. You can too if you try.

Hey, I'm a Christian, and

Hey, I'm a Christian, and believe our gov't is wrong on this issue. not only wrong, but highly destructive. I love Jesus, and follow the Bible as good as I can. Don't knock Christians, and don't knock Christ. And on another note, Obama is destroying what's left of our country, and he is so left-wing that liberals are saying "Damn!" Don't knock my faith, and don't defile my God.


What difference does it make who is "running" our country, it's in shambles and our rights our slowly being taken away. Christian, non-Christian we need to stand together. Is everyone going to roll over and play dead while this so called, "president" takes everything away from us, including our rights to decide how we should live. The government is telling us we have to have insurance? The government is telling us we have to do what someone else wants or it's discrimination even if it is something we don't want to do. How come they get to do what they want but not others? Of course there is the biggest important issue right now. Why is the government stealing from our Social Security? That money belongs to us, not them to do as they damn well please. What happens to the money that a person paid in all their lives and then die before they get a chance to use it? Why is is that congress gets raises at their $100,000 plus salaries and those of us on Social Security do not get the first raise until this year since "he" has been in office and then they raise our insurance. Get the picture here people? We need a revolution.


GTFO statements are pretty much the height of ignorance.  I am amazed that people that utter this phrase are actually literate.

i tend to agree , the other

i tend to agree , the other thing that always amazes me is the lack of civility when their drug use is threatened..kinda like the same behavior you see from hard core users

So if a bunch of

So if a bunch of ultra-orthodox Muslims suddenly moved enough into your small town to hijack all your laws and transform it into a Sharia-Law zone...


You're going to pack up and move out without fighting for what is right?  Wow.  How patriotic.


Whether the oppresion comes from Christians, Muslims, or another religion... it is still oppression.

Religious communities Like

Religious communities Like those don't Oppress once they have control they gently remove all non conformers.

Jesus is Not The Problem

Christians are hardly a threat to the nation. Christians helped to build this country right along with everyone else. It's the GOVERNMENT that is becoming downright tyrannical. I'm NOT voting for the backstabbing SOB this time. If certain laws are not going to be enforced, then RESCIND THEM. Selective enforcement is unfair and discriminatory. RON PAUL 2012 

You know, if you don't like

You know, if you don't like where you live, you are free to move!  There is no law preventing you from leaving the bible belt to a more normal environment.

Please people, escape from

Please people, escape from the bible belt!

Or instead of tucking tail

Or instead of tucking tail and leaving I could fight to enlighten this ignorant slight majority of conservatives here, which is exactly what I and other liberals in Arkansas do every day. It's the reason we are FINALLY getting the chance to make our county a wet one in November, and it will most likely happen.
I guess all the hundreds of thousands of liberals in the deep south could just move to Seattle or San Francisco, but is that REALLY practical or smart? Of course not. It strikes me as a bit spineless too.

May Be Smarter

Well, you MIGHT happier living around people who have more in common with you and share the same belief system.

Yes, that's what you get. And

Yes, that's what you get. And let that be the lesson in life you learn.


This is the only way to think if it is ever going to Happen ! Well said !

"History tends to bend

"History tends to bend towards the side of righteousness...."  What fantasy world are you living on?  Did you see this in a Hollywood movie?  Or did they teach you this during your state-funded education?

Make War on General Haag

The excuses U.S. Assistant Attorney General Melinda Haag uses to justify her latest assault on medical marijuana dispensaries are not likely to make sense.  They were never intended to make sense.  Her statements are vague, they lack believable content, and she offers no evidence of wrongdoing by Harborside.  She’s a fake.

General Haag invents a set of negative possibilities about Harborside based on mere presumptions.  She acts upon shadowy possibilities as if they’re real.  In formal logic, her little mind scam is called the fallacy of reification.  It’s a common technique that turns hysterical fantasies into actionable realities, a type of fallacious discombobulation that’s made its appearance throughout the history of prohibition propaganda.

No one involved in antagonistic legal attacks of the sort leading to dispensary raids should escape the scrutiny of American citizens.  Ms. Melinda Haag, given her recent actions, is obviously looking for a spotlight, and I say give her what she wants. 

Activists need to find out more about Melinda Haag, more than she knows about herself would be good.  My experience in dealing with vicious people such as General Haag is that they always have something really twisted in their background they need to hide.  Medical marijuana patients may form only a small percentage of her victims.  A woman such as Gen. Haag probably has enemies within her own profession, and among the various officials she deals with.  Find them, find the truth, and she can be neutralized.


Administrate the Public Servants

Here is what people can start doing if they wish to COMMAND their Public Officials/Servants. Each one of them take and Oath of Office, and we all know that almost all of them break their Oaths because they are mentally incompetent and couldn't recite their Oath from memory because they don't know it by heart. They are ACTORS d.b.a. ATTORNEY GENERAL ERIC HOLDER...  that is his public capacity. There is a private side as well.  He has a living name and a CORPORATE NAME.  Same as they all do.  Here is a little something that I send to JUDGES, SHERIFFS, ATTORNEYS, STATE REPS, POLICE CHIEFS you get the idea.  Now, these are my (s)words and my claims. One must use their own words and own understanding and comprehension skills to authorize their own "Oath of Office Acceptance For my Court Record"   I usually do a Public Information Act Request to the Secretary of the State (or whatever office will have such information)  first to get certified copies of their Oaths of Office and send that along with my demand.  If we wish to restore the Rule of Law we must learn what that is and apply it ourselves because it is Our duty and responsibility.  Light a fire under these peoples asses... if they start getting thousands and thousands of demands like this....... well, can you imagine?




OFFICIAL NOTICE/DEMAND by an American Native!


            FOR:  The living Man or Wombman so named below offering We the People of G-d (YHWH) your OATH OR AFFIRMATION FOR SERVICE UNDER WE THE PEOPLE’S CONSTITUTIONS, FOR SERVING AS AN ELECTED, EMPLOYED AND/OR APPOINTED SERVANT AS AN OFFICIAL regarding his/her OATH OF OFFICE standing unto G-d is in Violation(s) of His one Natural Law and contract breech with me being one We the People of G-d for no upholding my organic Constitutional superior declared Sovereign Rights of G-d and is therefore impersonating without standing;


In the name of YHWH. Amen; I, me, myself, a living soul sui juris Texian American Native Sovereign of YHWH de jure sanguinis coronae, standing in the Kingdom of YHWH without the Corporatism UNITED STATES and STATE OF TEXAS, formally accept your contract offer for value being your Oath and/or Affirmation(s) for Office without the Corporatism UNITED STATES and STATE OF TEXAS by affirming (swearing), “so help me God”. I formally accept your offer with lawful conditions with your constitutional, legislated, delegated, regulatory authority and your timely public declaration for fiduciary officeholder by Oath and/or Affirmation by limiting your all enforcement claims brought forth, “UNDER PENALTIES with PERJURY”. Further, I formally accept your Oath Offers with conditions that all RETURNS must be signed Under Penalties with Perjury upholding and notwithstanding all your Oaths offering(s) and/or Affirmation(s) for Office beholding unto Our Creator G-d as being truth. KJV: Leviticus 19:12, Deuteronomy 23:23, I Kings 8:31-32, Ecclesiastes 5:3-6, Matisyahu 23:11-30, James 1:6-7


It is now written that you and I have a joinder standing under G-d in a firm binding private contract ab initio. I demand you uphold your private contract part, non ultra vires, as laid down by our Creator in His Holy Word and declared in the one We the People’s organic Constitution for Texas a republic and with all other Oath offering(s) and Affirmation(s) notwithstanding. Doing otherwise initiates Dishonor unto him and good faith breach with me of G-d.


Whereas the above private contract now being in force, you are personally liable for the protection for my entire Texian American Sovereign declared rights standing in G-d’s Kingdom without the Corporatism UNITED STATES and/or STATE OF TEXAS, therefore I demand you honor my reserved declared rights imbedded in our Constitution and protected with G-d’s Superior common law and commercial law which is created within imprescriptibility as mine and are unalienable in their entirety. Doing otherwise initiates Dishonor unto Him and good faith breach with me of G-d.


Absent the above private contract involving my Sovereign private affairs that are arrived at without recourse and dishonor with you and whereas your Corporatist Title being one PERSON created by THE STATE OF TEXAS/UNITED STATES is fired from assigning or appointing any 3rd party legal representation for making legal determinations involving me of G-d (YHWH) Doing otherwise initiates Dishonor unto Him our Creator and good faith breach with me of God and in International Maritime law voids your fiduciary worthiness.


I further declare that I Am confident for handling my own affairs. I do not own or reside on or in any water body on planet earth. I declared by Affidavit “I Am of G-d NOT a Corporatism UNITED STATES and/or STATE created Corporatist”. If you insist on pursuing, standing against me of G-d without Venue or proper geographical Jurisdiction you are in Texas State Corporatism violation “Law with Color”, Nation’s Law, International Laws, Treaties and the most superior law over all, our Creator G-d’s One Royal Law.


Galatians ; all law is fulfilled in One Word: Thou shall love thy neighbor as theyself. James 2:8-10


“For all of those who rely on the works of the law are under a curse: for it is written. “Cursed is everyone who does not observe and obey all the things written in the book of Law.”  “The One who is righteous will live by faith”. Galations 3


THEREFORE, YOU ARE NOTICEDthat you may be knowingly or unknowingly COMMITTING CRIMINAL ACTS by criminally converting Civil Statutes and my unalienable rights as well as my true Authentic identity as a Child of Light. These acts are being Created by simulating Court Processes using Corporatism “LAWS WITH COLOR” while being INFERIOR with We the People’s Superior created organic Constitutional Jurisdiction and Venue. Therefore you may be standing in DISHONOR of your OATH(S) OF OFFICE by dishonoring G-d, the One Organic Creator Superior over all and myself a declared sui juris Texian American Sovereign of G-d de jure sanguinis coronae standing in G-d’s Kingdom without the Corporatism UNITED STATES and/or STATE OF TEXAS INC. If found you have knowledge in COMMITTING such CRIMINAL ACTS and dishonoring your OATH(S) of OFFICE as an Elected, Appointed, Assigned, and/or Employed official servant for We the People of G-d, claims may be brought against you PERSONALLY for you are operating outside the bounds for your constitutional, legislated, delegated, and regulatory authority and therefore are unauthentic and thus have NO PROPER AUTHORITY. THE STATE OF TEXAS/UNITED STATES Corporatism offers no protection for its administrators, agents, employees that are elected, contracted, employed or appointed when they operated outside their  jurisdictional bounds and against G-d’s Superior created mankind.


I demand acknowledgement and receipt with attached NOTICE/DEMAND including any charging, billing, summons and/or any other simulated Court process with related instrument(s) certified copies being sought against me that may require a fine, pleading, subpoena or arrest and/or causing myself injury and/or my private property. If you refuse in signing said OFFICIAL NOTICE/DEMAND then any fraudulent actions by you against me will be declared tendered and dishonored by affidavit and describing you as being an unlawful official administrator/agent/actor/employee impersonator. I demand your signature hereon and returned within three days from receipt as an acknowledgment which may be introduced as evidence for initiated claim(s) and your signature hereon is not a guilt admission.



Official man/wombman’s living Name: Alva Gene Calvert Jr..; Signature: ______________________


Official’s Corporatism d.b.a./Title: JUDGE A. GENE CALVERT JR.


Official’s Corporatist Bar Card No: _________________ Official’s Office No.___________________


Official’s Elected and/or Appointed Bonding Co. name and number:___________________________


Blessings and Best Regards,                             




___________________________of G-d

I, me, my, myself By Anthony-Richard-Alan:

     Of the Adamo/Byrne family lineage, a Sui Juris

          Living-Soul, Office of Peace, Claimant. By Affirmation

 I Am of G-d

Standing in G-d’s Kingdom without the Corporatism


As a Private-Texian-American-Native-Sovereign

And all my rights standing reserved in G-d’s

Kingdom without Recourse





The use of a Notary does not constitute adhesion, nor does it alter my status in any manner


The purpose of the Notary is for “verification & identification only.

I DO NOT require entrance into a “foreign jurisdiction.”





Jurat Acknowledgement




On this day, the ___  in the___ month., Two-Thousand and Twelve  c.e. Anthony – Richard – Alan: Byrne did “make, sign & seal” this “OFFICIAL NOTICE/DEMAND by an American Sovereign!” before me, a Notary Public in & for the “STATE OF TEXAS”



                                                                        By: __________________________________



That's a fine example of

That's a fine example of raving lunacy there, pal. Who's side are you really on?

I like how you use G-d for

I like how you use G-d for God and YHWH for Yahweh... looks to me like whomever is ashamed to use the word God.  But not too ashamed to use biblical references... Just interesting to me is all.  Did you copy this form or did you write it?

It is how observant Jews do

It is how observant Jews do it.

Anyone Can Sign an Oath

I find it ironic that any Native American whom your oath references could possibly expect anything positive, or would trust the white-man to keep his word, based on a signed piece of paper. 

American Indian treaties, anyone?  Dime a dozen.  Get them while they’re hot!

He's not a Native American -

He's not a Native American - the term he used was American native, which means only someone born in the US. 

But his 'statement' is totally a bunch of BS. It's the same nonsense that the raving lunatic fringe of militia movements uses to harass any & every elected official or government employee that they take a notion is somehow 'infringing' on their rights, and usually with no grounds whatsoever.

These fruitcakes believe that all they have to do is wave their magic wand and say "I don't want to follow that law" and poof! they can exempt themselves from it, all on the basis of their 'sovereignty.' They do nothing more than annoy people and waste YOUR taxpayer money and resources.

im in a militia

Please understand that militia in the media have been painted as extremist right wing religious taboos but its all a sham. I am an atheist democrat and have served with a militia for over a year. We are culturally diverse and no where near as hard headed as everything you see.

the fact that your in a

the fact that your in a militia says it all....

My magic wand is more powerful than your magic suit and badge.

Just by what little you did say I can easily determine that you are not Law abiding nor do you know where you are. I was NOT born IN the U.S. I was born ON the Land De Jure Soli Sanguinis Coronae. You have truth mixed with lies designed to confuse. To state common law jurisdiction does not exist is nonsense, the entire country is a common law jurisdiction. The common law is the kings law, the highest law of the land, t

he supreme law, that law which all others are subservient to. If the common law, the supreme law, which is literally ALL of the rights and freedoms of the individual, does not exist, then no law exists. The people of this country are the kings in this system, and we are self governing, ruled only by LAW, which is not some complex code written in a fnacy leather bound book, law is not even the writings of our ancient ancestors who pioneered it. LAW is a spirit, a simple set of self evident truths, that all men and women are equal and share EQUAL rights, to life, freedom, and to pursuit happiness. The Constitution is nto where rights and law came from. This country's framework, the entire system of our self governing constitutional republic existed by 1777, the Constitution did not even exist until 1789. It was not created to give the people rights, nor to create law, BOTH law AND rights already existed in 1776. ALL the constitution did was establish a charter of powers for government. It included a charter of negative liberties as an added protection ot the people's rights. As if saying the government cannot do anything not specifically authorized was not enough, they went on to add a few specific examples of things the State created by the constitution could NOT do. MOST of the rights of the people are not even enumerated, but none the less being so intrinsic to the nature of freedom, ALL rights are protected. 

There is a reason our wise forefathers did not descend into such minutia as to say a man shall have a right to wear a hat if he so pleases. To enumerate ANY lengthy list of rights could be used as an excuse to deny any right NOT enumerated, but this was avoided. Our forefathers listed only a few specific rights, but ALL are protected as this enumeration of rights is not to deny or disparage any others not enumerated. This is a concept lost on most people. Most people do not even know what their rights are, how could they? People have been manipulated to believe that their rights are only what they are told. 

The common law is a system of underlying law that long predates the Constitution, which was only a means to repair an economy destroyed by inflation via 13 individual colonies ALL printing their own paper currency. Common law is the only true law, in order for something to even be called LAW it must be simple enough for an individual of average intelligence to comprehend, other wise it is void for vagueness. The over complication of law is an agenda, designed to create inequality through the confusions of conventional wisdom. The reason everyone is required to and has a DUTY to know and obey the law, is because the law IS literally the individual rights we all possess. You cannot claim ignorance in violating the rights of another, for example, you cannot claim you were not aware the individual you robbed possessed a lawful right to own property, nor could you claim you were not aware that that the individual you defrauded had a lawful right to the truth in contractual relationships. The reason we cannot claim ignorance is because we ALL share these rights, and violating the rights of another is a grave dishonor, one that violates YOUR rights at the same time you violate another's. THIS is how old the common law is, it goes all the way back through even ancient Sumeria.

One thing about this however that IS TRUE, although he erred in the manner which he arrived at his conclusion, his conclusion is correct none the less. STATUTES absolutely ARE lawful. Theya re LAWFUL because they are ALL terms and conditions of registration contracts, which are 100% voluntary. RAPE for example is unlawful, SEX on the other hand is lawful, and the determining factor of difference is CONSENT. The reason that statutes are lawful is because they are terms and conditions of voluntary contracts. They are just agreements, and you have to CONSENT to them to give them the force of law. A statute, by itself clearly cannot be a law, if it were, it would be called a law, a different word is used because they are different things entirely. Self evident truth is what gives law force. When we are talking about matters of law and crime there is no need for you to consent. EVERYONE is bound to obey "THE LAW" but the law is not what people have come to believe it is. For over 6 millennium tyrants have been using law as a tool to oppress their subjects.

THIS COUNTRY today IS the New World Order. The entity commonly known as the new world order is actually the OLD world order, that order of the world before America pioneered self governance and the notion of the individual connection to the creator, the source of individual sovereignty, which is where states derive their sovereignty, but the people remain supreme sovereign. Until that is they go and sign over that power in a registration contract agreeing to give statutes the force of law

To summarize and recap, the common law is nationwide, it is not negotiable, it will always exist. Statutes ARE lawful but only by consent, and the mechanism of this consent is the registration contract. ANYONE ignoring the common law, the supreme law of the land, or claiming it does not exist, there is one simple word to describe this type of individual. LAWLESS. The supreme law is the law of the land, those who choose to sign over their power, and exchange rights for privileges in registration agreements, are not abiding LAW, they are abiding statutory terms and conditions where they have agreed to waive all of their protections of law for a mere privilege. ONLY those who lawfully discharge their duty to claim and exercise rights, BY claiming and exercising those rights, are LAW abiding. Those who choose to abide statutory rules are free to do so, but they are not obeying the law.

Rave Much?

So, let me get this right... after several decades of incredibly intelligent, articulate citizens who have never had a parking ticket failing to talk local, state, or federal law enforcement out of seizure of property, arrest, public defamation, beating or getting shot several dozen times, you're going to defeat the Forces of The Law with...(wait for it)... words? 


Next up, kittens all close their eyes and wish a parallel dimension into existence where cats are king, and global warming ends because Al Gore invented the internet.  By the way, monkeys will fly out of my butt with Baskin-Robbins at 5 pm...


For the Love of God... please go support Prohibition.  With you on their side, we just might win.


Laws? What laws? They're nothing but words written on a piece of paper. Who actually ENFORCES the law are the police and their guns.

dude you ain't just smokin

dude you ain't just smokin pot to be that crazy, do you think anyone with a working brain takes that bullshit seriously? People like you make the rest of us responsible legitimate medical marijuana users look bad. If you want to help make marijuana use more acceptable to reasonable voting citizens, do us a favor and burn your computer and stay inside your shack in the woods and share your fucked up views with the squirrels and rabbits you deranged individual

Thinking Clearly's picture

Eric Holder and the Department of Injustice

Eric Holder testified before Congress that the Dept. of Justice is only targeting medical marijuana businesses that violate their state's laws.

Melinda Haag just made a liar out of him. In fact Melinda Haag just called the doctors of California liars and quacks too. She says patients are individuals who do not have a demonstrated medical need.

She is closing Harborside because they might break the law, not because they did. In fact Harborside has been following all the State's laws.

The United States of America has no right to call this the Department of Justice. The employees cannot even tell the truth. This is not a shining example of any kind of Justice that I have ever heard or known of. This department has become a cadre of liars abusing the powers vested in them.

If we can't correct the employees, we could at least rename this department to better reflect their actions as the new Department of Injustice.


This is called a "violation of civil rights under color of law." Which is a legal way of saying that the authorities are abusing their power. We need to wise up and VOTE EVERY INCUMBENT OUT at ALL levels. City, County, State, Federal!  If you keep voting for the same people, you get the same results!

Obama's MMJ raids

I wonder if this isn't a shrewdly calculated attempt by Obama to bait Romney into the MMJ discussion, where he is guaranteed (he already has) to fall flat on his face.  I wonder if Obama is betting that the MJ issue will hurt Mitt more than Barry.  Cold, and calculating, and outrageous... but possibly true?  I'm not sure, just wondering if it might be so.

no doubt...

no doubt... but viewed in the gravitational pull of the upcoming elections, if his game is relative to his opponent Romney, as opposed to being relative to the will of the voters, what has he got to lose by upping the raids, getting the electorate good and pissed off, and forcing Romney into the debate?  He puts Romney in the position of having to approve of the raids verbally, while Obama himself can say nothing, and even appear to be considering reform, like it was just now occurring to him.  After all, he and Romney have virtually identical positions on legalization.  They oppose it.

But I do agree with your point on corporatism; I'm just wondering why such high profile raids at such a sensitive time politically.

Me Too

I have been discussing that very thing on a DW list and none of us can figure it out.

Thinking Clearly's picture

Obama has No intention of ending prohibition

His actions fit that scenario too. Look no further than that.

Obama could have ended this long ago with less liability. Ever consider it may not be all that you thought it was to begin with?


I must admit to having considered that thought.  I've tried to give him (Obama) every benefit of the doubt.  He has called himself a progressive.  He got my vote.  Now my pro-marijuana red-state counterparts are having a good laugh at my expense.  "He still doesn't realize he's been suckered!" they're saying.

So, now what?  Mitt?  Please... No way!  We (pro-marijuana folks) can't have that.  Ron Paul or Gary Johnson?  Okay, but results in Mitt being elected (and who's to say they're not lying, too?)

Perhaps I'll vote for Obama because he's a prohibitionist, only not a very good one!  But if you wanted to hear me say I was fooled, there you have it.

Do you really think that

Do you really think that Obama is that smart?

Yes, but...

Yes, clearly he's very intelligent, I do think

he's "that smart", but I find his game

hard to read.

But he's no dummy!  I think that is apparent.

Psycopaths are "smart"

Blatant pathological liars are not only insulting, they're sick. When a person doesn't know the difference between the truth and a lie, that's a mental disorder. Obama's on the far end of the scale when it comes to perpetual lying. There are "good" liars and "bad"liars, and some that just cant help it, they believe their own lies. They lie about everything. Even stuff they know, you know is bull smack, it doesn't matter to them. They think you believe everything they say, that's where the insult comes in.

Point taken...

Point taken.  Assuming we're still talking about Obama,

then I can't tell you what he believes, or whether he lies because

he's a clever politician and that's what they do, or whether he's got

mental illness.  But in the end, I must make my political decisions

without that info, and I'm not sure I need it.  I have to work with the

options available to me.  He betrayed me and insulted me, as you

say... but he says he wants to be judged on results, and I didn't get

my red card until Obama came along.  That's more positive "change"

than I thought I'd live to see.  Yes, it was The People who did that, the

good citizens of Colorado, and Yes, it is his war (as the article above

says), but to twist the old expression, "With enemies like that..."


I don't like it either, but for me, it's vote for Obama, or don't vote.  And

with Mittens as the alternative, Obama has me right where he wants me,

deliberately or not, liar or not, mental illness notwithstanding!

Time to vote this

Time to vote this narcissistic psychopath out of office.

Obama logic: Harborside = Too

Obama logic: Harborside = Too big to fail! we must shut it down!

Chase, Bank of America, Goldman Sachs, Wells Fargo, Citigroup = Nothing to see here.

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