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Will Obama Be Better on Drug Policy in His Second Term?
Marc Ambinder has a totally weird and distracting piece in GQ today saying that unnamed sources have told him to expect important drug policy reforms if Obama is re-elected. I think it's a bunch of crap.

According to ongoing discussions with Obama aides and associates, if the president wins a second term, he plans to tackle another American war that has so far been successful only in perpetuating more misery: the four decades of The Drug War. [GQ]

That's just the first sentence of many, but we can stop right here because I think there's been a huge misunderstanding. Marc Ambinder seems to think that Obama's people talking about reforming drug policies is a meaningful event, but alas it is anything but that.

Not so many weeks ago I watched with my own eyes as Obama's drug czar draped himself in the flag of reform at an event that was designed to placate pre-election frustration among progressives with regards to Obama's absolute failure to fix a single aspect of the massive war on drugs. The Obama Administration will tell anyone willing to listen that they are thinking creatively about solutions to our swollen criminal justice catastrophe, and it's hardly the sort of "exclusive" breaking news Ambinder breathlessly brings us.

In fact, the real story is the exact opposite of what was reported here. Obama isn't trying to win political points by pretending to support the war on drugs until after the election, at which point he will begin implementing important reforms. He's actually trying to win political points by pretending not to support the war drugs until after the election, at which point he can continue waging the drug war worse than ever.

You see, the drug war is really rather unpopular these days. You score more political points by attacking it than by propping it up, which is exactly why these "aides and associates" of Obama's have no problem telling their friends in the mainstream press about the President's bold post-election plans for fixing flaws in our drug policy. They're just saying this stuff because they know people want to hear it.

The most inaccurate statement you can make about Obama's approach to drugs is that he's trying to look tougher than he actually is. In reality, this administration speaks routinely of backing away from harsh policies, while simultaneously deploying the same drug war demolition tactics we've endured for decades. 

If anyone in the press is looking for a good story about Obama's approach to drugs, I'd recommend looking into the massive facade of false promises that's already unraveling in front of us, rather than regurgitating further rumors of future reform. 


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So how do these Obama cronies explain his jihad against MMJ?

It's certainly not in deference to divided public opinion. MMJ for seriously ill patients enjoys overwhelming public support (70%-80%), yet he's chosen to stand in its way, in defiance of public opinion and despite the clear moral imperative of providing patients with the best available medicine. And in defiance of his own campaign pledge. Even if Obama himself said that things would change in a second administration, there would be no reason to believe him, his credibility is shot to hell. And his sense of justice is grotesque.

It's another sign of desperation from the DLC

The Dems are starting to realize, a year too late, that cannabists cannot be kicked to the curb like dogs after so many of them worked their asses off for him in 2008.

The DLC's (woefully inadequate) brain trust have only just realized now, despite all the hints courtesy of the 'Town Halls', that cannabis law reform was a major topic for those people. His treatment of it, laughing off a very serious problem that has ruined more lives than any drugs ever did, was the first warning that he was no 'progressive' when it came to social policy.. Anything but. And all remaining doubt has been removed by the raids.

And so, Mr. Zero and his cohort think they can sucker us again? Really? They want our help...because? Because they're so terrified that Romney will destroy the last vestiges of civil liberties in this if the Reps haven't already done that with the Dem's hearty help, courtesy of the DrugWar?

News flash, Dems: we cannabists have been in the civil liberties hurt locker for FORTY EFFIN' YEARS. Thrown into it partly by traitorous, back-stabbing Dems. We live where you're piss-your-pants scared of going. And you want our help as you continue to put your foot down on top of that of the Rep's DrugWar jackboot that's crushing our throats?


What can they possibly be thinking? Are they thinking?

You really have to ask if they are as stupid as they think we are.

Alcohol has destroyed more

Alcohol has destroyed more lives than all other drugs combined, including my family's and the families of many people I know. Yet, it's still legal. The US Government's hypocrisy makes me want to shoot myself in the head.


  The prohibition of alcohol ,our government decided to legalize the alcohol because they became aware how much the people with stills were making!!They could of cared less about 'we the people.They are just out to profit from our addictions. They should see that history has repeated itself with methamphetamine.You have ironically mason jars,cops chasing illegals through the woods,and now imposter drugs bath salts,which mimics effects of cocaine and meth,and k2 ,which mimics marijuana.Just the same bullshit as before!! All because people are supposed to be free!!When our government says what we cant do it pisses us off and violates our freedom!!! Yes drugs are not a good thing nor is greasy foods,soft drinks etc. If the people do not stop our way to powerful government prohibition will continue with way more items prohibited.Such as cigarettes,which has already begun, and Im sure the damn McDonalds!!40 years fom now our grandkids,who will have no clue what freedom is,will be sneaking through the woods to meet the hamburglar  so that their children can experience the once easy to get hamburger.This will happen if we let them!! We the people have the right to tell them what laws we want governed!!!Stand up americe!!!So are great great grandkids get a chance to experience freedom!!





















You are aiming your gun in the wrong direction.

Obama Must Act on Marijuana Before the Election

Won’t Obama toss the poor dog a bone?

Apparently not.  A few forced departures from the Assistant Attorney Generals office would be some nice bones.

Withdrawing from the Single Treaty and changing marijuana’s status from a Schedule I substance to something reflecting marijuana’s true status in the drug world would be a lot nicer.

Promises of better days in the future don’t work anymore.  The future is now.


Obama Sucks - The End!


If you support the failed and dangerous policy of prohibition then you're either a black market profiteer, a corrupt politician, a terrorist, a sadomoralistic fake-conservative, or an authoritarian wing-nut-socialist.

You've helped create a black market with massive incentives to hook both adults and children alike, while making these dangerous substances freely available in schools and prisons.

You've triggered the worst crime wave in history, raised gang warfare to a level not seen since the days of alcohol bootlegging, and helped evolve local gangs into transnational enterprises with intricate power structures that reach into every corner of society, with significant social and military resources at their disposal.

Your insistence that only criminals should sell drugs has put previously unknown, dangerous, contaminated concoctions on our streets. Your aberrant ignorance has diverting scarce law-enforcement resources away from protecting peaceful citizens from YOUR ever-escalating prohibition-engendered mega-violence. - These are the very same citizens that you falsely claim to represent.

military industrial complex

Agreed. Obama is just a puppet for the military industrial complex that feeds off the drug war.

you guys are right

It must change, the war on drugs, the DEA etc, simply hurt good honorable people...the whole public really...

It gets difficult not to just get very angry at the injustice, disinformation/lies, and corruption. I suppose one should try to channel that energy into something that will actually change things, and slay- as opposed to continue feeding- this monster.

I guess we have to keep spreading the truth and enlightening the ignorant, as well as exposing the corruption and evil. I guess I haven't really said anything that most of you haven't already learned, but I hope my venting might have some constructive value.


And to all that actually spread factual information, thank's and keep up the good work, lots of things have to be fixed in our society!


cannabists?! ive never heard that one before. lol........heroinists cant be kicked to the curb either, man. i think scott is right, i wish it wasnt true but im sure it is. theres no reforms coming from obama. or romney. the only shot is one of the other candidates but what kinda shot is that? (certainly not one in the arm hahaha) but yea you know, in one of the above posts someone said cannabists cant be kicked to the curb, well in the fairness of the drug war ill just say neither can us junkies i dont like the word heroinists, sounds kinda wierd... so, yeh, so this can be impartial, junkies cant be kicked to the curb either,!!!! you know, we do have the ability to vote too, you know, well alot of us though we dont exercise it, generally, not any time to worry about voting when youve got to fight prohibition all day....but im a junkie and im registered and im making time so yeah man im voting for ron paul or gary j.......... obama sucks and so does romney. id like the president of Guatemala honestly thatd be better

Ambinder is such a tool

Ambinder is such a freakin tool, any time I see his name in the byline I cringe.  This article was so obfuscatory.  Depressing how in the miltary-industrial complex's pocket he it.  We gotta go state by state, folks, get your boots on the ground .

Yeah, right

Obama will be better in his second term?  Really?


Say, Charlie Brown!  I hear Lucy will hold the football for you to kick it.  She promises that, the second time, she won't pull the ball away.  Really!



What About My Rights?

I am in my 50's and decided to include marijuana as part of my life at a young age. I have been unable to consume marijuana for over a year because of urine drug tests. Marijuana is the only 'illegal' drug I care to use. I use in private and neither encourage or discourage those around me to use marijuana. They are free to make up their own minds imho.

We, the marijuana users, must become more proactive and point out the undeniable fact that we are the second class citizens. Our right to live a productive life in the pursuit of happiness is constantly hindered by the failed drug policies of our government. We must unite and make the public aware that marijuana is oh so beneficial. As a medicine, a recreational substance, and a textile. Can any other product can claim so many benefits without damaging the environment?

People do not want to go to the next drug up the abuse ladder, this is a lie. People are not more prone to accidents because they got high the night before, this is a lie. People do not die when ingesting marijuana, this is the truth. Regulation of marijuana like alcohol is a very real goal to pursue.

Let's wake up the fourth estate and get our message out there people! We do not have the freedom that is promised us by the Constitution of the United States of America, because we choose to align ourselves with a plant. We have been demonized long enough. I, and many others, face negative sanctions daily because of this choice.I am tired of being part of the criminal element, this is not who and what I am. I am sick and tired of being a second class citizen. It is well past time for public awareness to come to the aid of we who are proponents of this beneficial plant.

"The government's line is that the use of marihuana leads to more dangerous drugs. The fact is that the lack of marihuana leads to dangerous drugs." Dr. David Smith-Haight Ashbury Free Clinic 

Fool me once, shame on you.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

Gart's picture

Cynical, crappy political propaganda

There is one thing Mr. Obama has been consistent about throughout his career: his ability to use rhetoric and propaganda, political or otherwise, to great effect. One thing is for certain, he is a consummate politician. That explains why, despite his pitiful and shameful shortcomings, people continue peddling his rhetoric—including people in the Drug Reform Movement.

I have been tweeting about Obama’s dishonesty, cynicism and cowardice for quite a while. These are some of them:

· Idea that Obama's current position on drugs is because it's a re-election year is a red herring. What will the spin next year be!?

· To call Obama's support for #WarOnDrugs hypocritical is a gross understatement. It's dishonest, cynical & cowardly!

·  Where would Obama, Cameron & many supporters of Prohibition be today had they been caught when they were using drugs?

· We should ask them if they agree they should have been sent to prison & whether it would have been worth it.

· Had Obama been convicted, forget being elected president, he would not even have been able to find a decent job.

· Obama is best proof that when it comes to foreign policy it does not matter who is elected president of the US!

· #Drones, #DueProcessDenial, #MilitaryCommissions, #WarOnDrugs 2 mention a few: Obama's made a travesty of democratic values

·  #WarOnDrugs, #Drones, Indefinite Detentions, Denial of Due Process: Obama has become the laughing stock of any truly democratic person.

· What cruel a joke 2 award Obama the Nobel Prize. He should apologise & return it right now, interests included.

· I believe the Nobel Committee do have enough evidence to sue Obama for bringing Nobel Peace Prize into disrepute!


Gart Valenc

Twitter: @gartvalenc

Fool Me Once...

The funny thing is, he's not fooling the very people he's trying to placate.  We've heard this before, and seen what's been going on in spite of what he keeps saying isn't.  If anything, this sort of talk (without any corresponding action) is just alienating more of his supporters.  And who knows, some undecided's who are pro drug war might just decide against him because of this "secret agenda."

So it looks to me like this kind of "leak" is lose-lose for Obama.  Do'h!

I hang on that side due to my

I hang on that side due to my libertarian leanings and what you say is straight up true. It will not move a single socon.

The Master said it well :

"Never mind what a man says, watch what he does."

~ Richard Nixon

Oh and by the way, the "War on Drugs" is not a failure.

It was designed to do what it is doing - smash people and give the State more power to smash more people.

If you thought that the Obama

If you thought that the Obama Administration's crackdown on medical marijuana in California was just a political play to please the center in American politics, this might give you pause.

One justice official says the Golden State's whole medical cannabis game is a giant "sham." Even if you, the California voter, believe that folks with ailments should be able to get pot recommendations and buy weed fairly easily, it's all about getting high, says Laura E. Duffy, the U.S. attorney in San Diego:

Thinking Clearly's picture

Obama doesn't cut it

The Fallacy of smoked marijuana for medicinal use - smoked marijuana is not medicine

Page 3 of the DEA position on marijuana

"Based on evidence currently available the Schedule I classification is not tenable; it is not accurate that cannabis has no medical value, or that information on safety is lacking."

Is Obama proceeding from science as he said? His statements have made no bones about his position - legalization is not the answer and he will not pursue a decriminalization strategy. That leaves nothing but oddworld doublespeak. Unless I hear it straight from the horses mouth, I know its bull. It already came from the horses mouth, and that makes his sources liars or fools.

Hoping for Obama to do better in a second term with regards to the drug war after siding with criminalization strategies at the United Nations and snubbing Latin America's requests for new strategies up to and including legalization...I would say there is not anything to look forward to in another term. Nothing but more hopeless doublespeak and oppression. Over 1.7 million annually are arrested for drugs. What about Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness? There is nothing promising in that area that is either Democratic or Republican.

There are choices, but neither Romney or Obama are offering what is needed: the legalization of marijuana and an end to the war on drugs.

And you will please note the 'smoked marijuana' reference

It used to be all 'marijuana'. Now, it's 'smoked marijuana' that's the prohibited item. Specifically. Ever wonder why?

Here's why. The former Number Two at the ONDCP, 'Dr.' Andrea Barthwell, used to run around the country mouthing off that "medical marijuana is a cruel hoax" and that it had NO medicinal properties. But prior to the end of her tenure, she made contact with GW Pharmaceuticals, whose liquid cannabis spray,  Sativex, is about to be marketed in the US. She packed her golden parachute, and jumped for potentially more profitable 'work'. But before she did, she began to say that now t was 'smoked marijuana' had no medicinal properties. Which has become ingrained in the official propaganda. That's why.

(Best 'Mr. Rogers' voice) Children, can you say, 'hypocrisy'? How about 'conflict of interest'? Suuuure you can!

These prohibition people really are the worst liars and crooks imaginable...and a lot of them are feeding off of our life's-blood via taxes to pay their salaries. Parasites, all, and they poison this country with their lies and their fascist actions.

"smoked" vs "vaped"

Suddenly millions of former "smokers" will realize there's a simple-to-learn method for VAPING instead of smoking with a one-hitter, i.e. narrow screened utensil designed for 25-mg single tokes.  This has been ignored by politicians and media who are in bed with the tobacco industry which counts on customers buying the 700-mg-per-lightup $igarette.  "Smoking" marijuana is an obsolete idea.

Oh yes, the method is to hold the lighter far enough under the opening and keep sucking at least 19 seconds before you let any part of the herb start glowing.

Another Promise?

Are you going to fall for this one? Not me.

Too bad Romney is worse

Romney looks to escalate the drug war further unfortunately.  He showed zero compassion to a medical marijuana patient in a wheelchair.  He has spent his life crusading against anyone who uses marijuana


When the only option is Dumber [as opposed to Dumb], its not an option at all unfortunately.


Rs and Ds

Rs continue policy Ds ramp it up.

It really depends...

Since 2008, Obama has received $17,464.00 in contributions from CCA and the GEO group - the two biggest corporate run prisons.  Obama has built his so-called consensus with the imprisonment of his own people, and taken money to do so.


Make no mistake, Romney will do the same  - with all the talk of legalization, I expect to see the likes of CCA and the GEO group pull out all the stops so they can keep a steady stream of inmates.


Source Date:


More fun facts:

Tweedledee & Dumb

The Romney & Obama Show, is, a show.

And an old one too. Carnival show, to hold the suckers enthralled while the pick-pockets coo comforting 'scuse me's.

~ ~ Stay home. Rrefuse to vote, or vote for that Other person.

Thinking Clearly's picture

Do It Right

Choose for your real reasons. Don't be hypnotized into playing the game. What you stand for and what you feel should coincide with how you vote, or it means nothing at all. If it means nothing at all, it means more than ever that it needs to in a way that it never has before.

My choice is not Obama or Romney, and I WILL vote.

I don't think Romney or Obama can backpedal that fast.

The Status Quo Party

Look at what the administrations do: Ds talk anti-drug war and ramp it up when they get in. Rs talk pro-drug war and continue the policies of the previous administration. Any one who votes D on drug issues is asking to get stomped harder. Anyone who votes R is asking for the stomping to continue.


Unless you like more unemployment , high national debt, 2 Wars.... Let's all do our part and keep him a one term president., just like jimmy carter.

Is he trying to con everyone twice?

Anyone that buys this is either a fool or insane by definition.This guy has been a total hypocrite and a liar and has gone back on any and every promise he ever made to be reasonable,let alone active in cannabis reform.He has even made medical cannabis a focus of his drug war.Obama is a prohibitionist and anyone that thinks otherwise is guilty of "magical thinking".Ask Steve Jobs how that's working out for him.

Won't be fooled again

This is just another case of Obama telling stupid people whatever they need to hear.   He said whatever he had to say to get elected.  Now he'll do whatever he needs to do to get re-elected.  Even with all of his many failures and lies, Obama will still carry California.  I never though I'd say this, but I'm voting for Romney.


I think most (not all) people are missing the real reasons why Obama, & Romney for that matter, aren't willing to reform our Drug laws. It's the MONEY. Do you have any idea how much Money is donated by all the Law Enforcement agencies. I know that in California alone there's a very strong Correctional Officers Union and they  don't want to loose their jobs, and by legalizing Pot it would close a lot of Prisons. So they give to both parties, and that's just one Union, in one State! Add up all the Unions/Associations for all the 50 States & you're talking real Money. All politicians are Whores. They all answer to the same Trumpet...MONEY...PERIOD. If any of them went soft on the drug laws they know they wouldn't be getting anything from the big hitters.

I'm 67 and remember back in the 60's thinking that surly these stupid Drug laws will be gone in my lifetime. Boy was I wrong. I'm all for legalizing or at least rethinking our laws, and I don't even smoke the stuff! However I would like to have the option to make some killer Brownies to have when I can't sleep, Etc.


ps I wish some of you would proof read you're posts before you post. Having said that I know someone will find fault in my post now. Just be nice, I'm an old Man now. LOL

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