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Ron Paul Explains Why Other Candidates Won't Discuss the Drug War

If you've been following our coverage of the presidential candidates in New Hampshire, you'll find this to be a refreshing change in tone.

I think he's exactly right, and it's worth pointing out that you don't have to be just like Ron Paul to win points with voters by supporting drug policy reform. Paul's libertarian philosophy doesn't resonate well with many progressives, who are otherwise impressed with his drug policy positions. Any number of politicians on the left could earn enormous support, especially from young voters, just by copying Ron Paul's approach to marijuana policy and ignoring much of the rest of what he stands for.

Ron Paul is a complicated political personality, but the lessons to be learned from his politically successful advocacy of drug policy reform shouldn't be too difficult to grasp: public support for changing our drug laws creates a substantial and growing opportunity for politicians with the wisdom to capitalize on it.

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"drug war"

"Drug war", who wants to be the next casualty, NOT ME!

President Obama used words to

President Obama used words to get us to vote for him.

Dr. Ron Paul has proven through his actions, his position by seconding H.R. 2306.

I was raised by; Your actions speak so loud , I can't hear a thing you are saying.

This is why I know for sure that Dr. Ron Paul is dedicated to ending this prohibition.

Personally, I believe it is amoral to force through legislation and punitive punishment, your morals on unwilling others. What would happen if people who believed in abortions, had to start riding in the back of the bus? 

Things like random drug testing, intrusive back ground checks and zero tolerance, are all forms of mental terrorism. Scaring you with the threat of destroying your life at their discretion.

When even law enforcement agents can no longer say anything negative about the "War on Drugs" without the chance of being fired. We are heading straight into a police state.

Vote for Dr. Ron Paul, I will be, even if I have to write it in.

Here's what a recovering

Here's what a recovering politician has to say:

Re: Ron Paul is not complicated!

And, P.S.  Check out Gary Johnson!!!!!   You will not regret it. 

Hypocrisy Is The Essential Trait of The Successful Politician

Politicians will not be lining up behind common sense as long as the wealthy keep paying to keep people who think emotionally whipped up into anger and fear of people who act differently. Witch-hunts are the oldest form of politics.

Might Means Ron Paul?

Look, Ron Paul is dead on about the drug war but the rest of his crap platform will never wash. Abolish the welfare state? Are you fucking kidding me? Ron Paul is the candidate of Ayn Rand and Social Darwinism. We need someone with similar views on drug legalization, but not some screwball from Texas with unworkable ideas about modern society. Happy dog food eating, free lancers.

Less feds

less government is our only hope. If u wan t poverty, don't vote for paul.

He never asked to be King.

I've seen many people who choose to hate someone simply because of their popularity. Especially in this election. They ignore what has been said but they hear a fragment of the speech and assume they've heard the whole story. On top of that, people almost always assume the worst possible scenario. Ron Paul is the most Compelling political candidate I have ever seen in my life time. He has the ideology of James Madison the forgotten "Father of the Constitution," co-writer of the Federalist Papers and the first and only president to personally command the United States army in actual combat. (George Washington wasn't president during the revolutionary war, The United States had yet to declare it's independence) He heavily promoted the ideas of the constitution, just like Ron Paul is today. If you watch any clip at all, even the small scale ones, he always answers the question on the spot with the upmost honesty, along with remaining unassuming of the questioner. On top of that, more military officers, veterans, and enlistees endorse Ron Paul than any other cannadite in this election which means he knows what he is talking about and has known for the last 30 years. If you go to a site that offers a worldwide poll for this election and submit your vote you will soon realize Ron Paul has 92% of the votes. The only ways I see him losing this election is either by a rigged ballot or just plain ignorance and stupidity. OPEN YOUR EYES!

Paul's libertarian philosophy

Paul's libertarian philosophy doesn't resonate well with many Regressives either, they aren't keen on people having the freedom to do what they want with themselves.

O'Reilly leading the charge on Ron Paul's legalizarion vision



For someone who did his thesis at Harvard on drug policy, BIll O'Reilly has shown a knack for allowing his personal bias against drug use to get in the way of the truth and history of the drug war. O'Reilly ranted on his talking points that "it is a fact that dealing drugs is a violent crime due to havoc hard drugs reek on society."

Those that drink O'Reilly's Kool aid will undoubtedly take his opinion as gospel. It is O'Reilly that wreaks havoc on our elected leaders with common sense that can intimidate others from taking a more sensible position. If you want to deal with actual facts, the Center for Disease Control lists alcohol as the drug most associated with homicide and domestic  violence. O'Reilly who is very adept at using smoke and mirrors tactic to make his opinion appear to be fact, gives alcohol a pass due to the fact that it cam be consumed without causing intoxication. A fact that doesn't diminish the harm that drug causes society. I'm glad to have O'Reilly raise the issue. I just wish he would invite someone into the "NO Spin" zone who could see there his bullshit and dissect his statements. 

Stop making sense

You can't legislate morality. Enough already. Spend the money on things that really matter. Things like rebuilding our infrastructure, schools, parks, or health care but not prohibition of an herb. Spend the money on things that enrich our quality of life not tear it apart.

Go Irina!


Ron Paul Has Common Sense

I agree with Ron Paul that we should stop the drug war. The ludicrous idea that possessing a PLANT should be a crime is only supported because of fear-mongering propaganda. Greedy pharmaceutical companies have played a role in keeping it illegal as well. 

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