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Major Study Finds No Lung Damage for Marijuana Smokers
Among the most frequent words to fall from the lips of your typical anti-pot propagandist are almost always some sort of insistence that the stuff destroys your lungs. According to them, you hippies are all gonna choke on your bongs, and probably a lot sooner than you think.

But marijuana's reputed legacy of respiratory havoc has always had a funny way of never actually happening to anyone. Important new research will hopefully help bury the nonsense once and for all.

Jan. 10, 2012 -- Woodstock generation, breathe easy. One of the largest and longest studies ever to look at the effect of marijuana smoking on lung health finds that pot smoking doesn’t appear to cause chronic breathing trouble.

In fact, the study found that the lung function of most marijuana smokers actually improved slightly over time. [WebMD]

Why isn't marijuana bad for your lungs? I don't know. Intuitively, I understand why many have assumed that it would be. But it just isn't. It isn't tobacco, and the things you know about tobacco's harms simply aren’t relevant to the discussion of marijuana on any level whatsoever, including what happens when you set it on fire and inhale it into your lungs.

Obviously, it will take a hopelessly long time for this fact to sink in among the frenzied anti-drug fanatics who've fantasized for decades about marijuana's fictitious effects on lung function. Fortunately, due to their healthy lifestyles, most marijuana smokers will probably live long enough to see the day when everyone stops predicting their premature death.

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marijuana smokers


If smoking marijuana finds no lung damage to marijuana smokers it doesn't mean it's good for your lungs. Kertesz said smoking marijuana irritates the airways, triggers cough and phlegm production, and could be especially dangerous for asthmatics. "So don't assume that there is 'no' risk no matter who you are," Kertesz said.

.........introducing any

.........introducing any combusted material in the form of smoke is not good for your lungs. American cigarettes cause cancer chiefly  because the tobacco is treated, as it grows, with pesticides and other great Monsanto-Made chemicals. Smoking cannabis or any other pure organic material that grows out of the ground is a health hazard simply because of the combusted chemicals........and none in cannabis are carcinogenic.

marijuana smoke and cannabinoids

Because cannabinoids have such a powerful anti-cancer effect they reduce damage to your lungs from smoking plants.

 It is much safer to smoke


It is much safer to smoke marijuana than tobacco, but if you use edible cannabis products it is even better, and it can relieve pain.

Great e-book on medical marijuana: MARIJUANA - Guide to Buying, Growing, Harvesting, and Making Medical Marijuana Oil and Delicious Candies to Treat Pain and Ailments by Mary Bendis, Second Edition. This book has great recipes for easy marijuana oil, delicious Cannabis Chocolates, and tasty Dragon Teeth Mints.


Actually, marijuana IS safe for asthmatics. My cousin has some of the worst asthma I have ever seen and due to smoking cannabis his asthma is almost non existent. He would have to use a nebulizer and inhaler numerous times through the day, use the inhaler almost every second it seemed. After starting to smoke cannabis I see him maybe use his inhaler twice a day, if that. CBD, one of the chemicals in cannabis is a Vasorelaxanat and relaxes breathing passages. CBD, CBN, and THC are all potent anti-inflamatory substances, along with the terpenoids in marijuana. It is safe to consume in every aspect and even though smoke isn't a 'good' thing to be inhaling so to speak, cannabis is still not in any way harmful..

MJ vs tobacco

Also, who in the world smokes marijuana in the same quantity as even a once-a-day cigarette smoker (if there is such a person)? 

Your post made me laugh!I am

Your post made me laugh!

I am a "once-a-day" tobacco smoker, but I smoke unfiltered organically grown tobacco, as if a cigar, and I don't inhale it (not directly anyways).  Even this is far more dangerous than smoking pot constantly throughout the day.  You can feel it in the effects of the smoke.  There is a reason why many indigenous shamans consider tobacco to be their most sacred plant, even though the effects pale in comparison to hallucinogens.  Tobacco will destroy you if abused.  And oh how the West abuses.

I will say though, that smoking pot can irritate your throat, especially if done wrong.  And that can lead to intense coughing, which can lead to tissue ruptures, which opens up the airways to infections.  There are easy ways to minimize the risks of pot smoke to such a low level that it actually becomes genuinely beneficial.  We have to be careful with any marijuana study that does not reveal the manner in which it was consumed.

ME!!! I smoke around an

I smoke around an ounces a week.

helps relive my stress... an im perfectly fine while on the other hand my friends which smoke cig's are always having problems an health issues.


No smoke.No problem.

The only problems I Had after

The only problems I Had after 30 plus yrs of toking would be when smoking joints or out of a pipe, the heat of the smoke, would irritate the throat and as a result would eventually cause an opportunistic bacterial infection to enter the lungs via the irritated throat . I confirmed this fact  over the past 3 yrs of which I for reasons out of my control I might add had to quit . My incidences for these infections disappeared ! I should have listened to my Dr. when he urged me to use a water pipe , bong or vaporizer , too cool the smoke beforehand !

lung Infections

The only problems I Had after 30 plus yrs of toking would be when smoking joints or out of a pipe, the heat of the smoke, would irritate the throat and as a result would eventually cause an opportunistic bacterial infection to enter the lungs via the irritated throat . I confirmed this fact  over the past 3 yrs of which I for reasons out of my control I might add had to quit . My incidences for these infections disappeared ! I should have listened to my Dr. when he urged me to use a water pipe , bong or vaporizer , too cool the smoke beforehand !

  think most of these smoke



think most of these smoke the sh*t pure 

wish we had the supply and funds to

tobbaco mixed joints for us :( lol

A careful look at the study

According to this summary of the study, no lung damage was found with "up to 7 joint-years of exposure" the researchers identifying a joint year equal to ONE JOINT or bowl PER DAY per 365 days (In other words, if you smoke one joint or bowl per day for 7 years, or if you smoke one joint or bowl per week for 49 years). That is roughly twice a week for 20 years.

They also said the data suggests that heavier use would cause damage!  When legalized it will become less expensive, you have to keep in mind that some people may be then more inclined to smoke more, which could lead to potential problems.  I think some people could easily misinterpret this study.

It is difficult to compare tobacco smoking to cannabis smoking, but If an average joint is .3 - .5 grams that is roughly a third to a half of cigarette.  Smoking two joints a week for 20 years would be equivalent to smoking nearly one tobacco cigarette A WEEK for 20 years.  The average tobacco smoker goes through about 20 cigarettes a day, or 140 in a week.  Comparisons are hardly reliable.

Please keep this in mind when you smoke, and use a vaporizer if you use more frequently.

Take this info from a doctor

Take this info from a doctor however you want. Don't be idiots. The studies out there haven't been going on long enough yet to know what marijuana smoke will do to the lungs. But, I will guarantee you that it may increase your risk for the future development of COPD. If you smoke it every day, then maybe you should give your lungs a break and learn some food recipes, or, maybe get some help (hate to break it to you, but if one can't go an entire day without leaving their consciousness aside, you might want to check yourself)

Yo doc, you hardly should be

Yo doc, you hardly should be talking about the effects of marijuana being bad... What about all the medicines you fags proscireb that actually fuck people up and your pathetic vaccinations that do jack shit but make you unwell

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