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Who Are the Extremists in the Drug War Debate?

This piece has already been cremated by Pete Guither and its ashes thrown from a mountaintop by David Sirota, but in case you missed Kevin Sabet's lament in the New York Times about his lonesome quest to find reasonable voices in the drug war debate, well, I just wish you could've seen the expression it left on my face.

This guy wrote speeches for multiple Drug Czars and yet finds himself complaining that "extremists on both sides have taken over the conversation." Dude, look behind you. There's nobody there. I never saw someone sitting six rows back from Sabet screaming psycho drug war battle cries into a bullhorn. If you've been deciding what words would come out of the Drug Czar's mouth, your centrist credentials are in question. Sabet's been writing cheers for one of the teams, then shows up in a referee uniform and a fake moustache hoping no one will notice. It would be no more absurd for Rob Kampia or Ethan Nadelmann to do the same. 

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Don't you get it?  I mean it

Don't you get it?  I mean it is pretty easy to put the puzzle together; or that the handwriting is on the wall. 

The US economy has been failing for many years now; it has become inevitable that the system could crash and probably will.  Instead of real solutions to solving this economic crisis, our leaders are passing creepy laws, like the NDAA and building FEMA camps.

This whole 'EXTREMIST' thing, is being diluted across the whole (alternative view, truth based) spectrum of alternative media, once reserved for Moslem extremists. The establishment has an agenda and they are selling the people on something.   It has been easy for the corporate media to frame this whole set-up against anybody who even questions the establishment. 

What happens when a country loses everything?  Imagine what it would be like to not have any money, or a job, or a home, or a family?  Would that person become an extremist?

Anti drug war activists, who are clearly alternative to the mainstream right now, are easy prey and will be the first to be called terrorists in a system under full blown economic collapse, world war, or civil war time martial law.

This is not some some sort of a joke or mistake... this is our future.  This means of course that if you don't want to be labeled an 'extremist' you had better prepare to lose everything and still be happy and think the government (leaders) are doing a good job.

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