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Strange New Website Attacks Marijuana Legalization… and Vegans
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When I arrived randomly at, it appeared at first glance to be a website literally created for the dual purposes of opposing marijuana legalization and condemning the practice of eating a vegan diet. And, as crazy as this sounds, further inquiry reveals that that's just exactly what it is.

By introducing articles, slogans and products that bring up the contradictions in certain cultural movements, it is hoped that people will stop to think before they choose positions that may harmful to themselves and others.  Two movements which challenge knowledge and conventional wisdom, veganism and the legalization of marijuana, prompted this website.

The whole site is a dream come true for hysterical hippie-hating idiots who know how to read. The next thing you know, they'll be publishing articles about how granola makes you fat and live music damages your eardrums. In the meantime, you can enjoy anti-pot rantings that rival in stupidity almost anything we've come across in the wealthy realm of bone-headed anti-drug bloggery.

"If the make-believe world of 'pot magic' gets its way, its advocates will make others believe there are no other remedies for certain illnesses."

"Anyone can grow marijuana in their yards or in a planter and not get arrested if kept at home."

"Marijuana smoking does cause cancer, another lie perpetuated by marijuana promoters."

"Pot supporters know well that legalization would mean more pot smoking, or they would not be advocating for it so vigorously."

"The legalization of pot in the United States should be stamped out and go no further because its partisans have always claimed and promoted that marijuana is not addictive, a clear and simple lie."

Maybe I'll send a note pointing out that if people can quit meat and cheese, they can probably quit pot too. Yes, that will make them feel better.

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show me one single death

show me one single death contributed to marijuana use alone. you cant. it does not cause cancer alone. alcohol tobacco and prescription drugs are way worse for your body than marijuana could ever be. the first two copies of the declaration of independence was written on hemp paper for crying out loud. its softer and stronger than cotton. people abuse cheeseburger so lets make cheeseburgers illegal. sorry im jumping around in subjects but this just angers me when people believe lies. the plant even creates the same amount of oxygen than is used when its burnt so its a close cycle. you make bio-fuels clothes paper medicine you name it. imagine all the jobs and revenue this could create. lets wake up america and get back to "we the people" and run our government. instead of letting the government run you. our fore fathers (who grew marijuana) would be ashamed. 


This site is most likely funded by bankers that launder cartel money, phanaceutical cos that dont want you to stop taking prozac, booze cos that want the obvious, cotton and wool farmers or producers, oil and chemical cos that make synthetic fiber, and lets not forget the original special interest, paper. Thank you billy hearst for 75 years of insanity, pain and suffering. If I could go back in time and eliminate one man....

dude, it's just a troll site.

dude, it's just a troll site.  like christwire. 

About "POT" etc.

1.  Drew's quote from Wikipedia surprised me, but evidently they mean not "cannabis" (industrial) but its "drug" (inspiration) aspect which first appears in USA 1850.  Someone please go to Wikipedia, sign in and correct the slightly careless language.  (My username, Tokerdesigner, got hunted down by tobacco industry trolls and "topic-banned from discussing cannabis", otherwise I"d do it.)

2. jdesmo4, don't forget the $igarette companies-- legal high-power cannabis will popularize 25-mg mini-vape utensils and doom high-profit 700-mg hot burning overdose $igarettes. 

3. "POT"-- As in Scott's examples (above) from that website, when they don't say "marijuana" they say "pot", to the point of sounding obsessive about it.  Y'know, some tobacco troll probably invented that scary malicious tagname for our good herb.  Study language history and you will agree, in English speech "pot" has probably for at least 5 centuries been one of the top ten words for SCARING little children:

a.  If you don't make it to the POTty on time, they PUNISH you.

b.  If you knock over the chamberPOT they PUNISH you.

c.  If you pull that POT on the stove over onto yourself it can SCALD or KILL you (rhyme: HOT).

d.  If someone touches your BODy (or vice versa) you're in trouble.

In adulldt language:

a.  POTshot-- the ultimate treachery

b. POTbelly-- life-threatening health condition

c.  POThead-- alleged stereotypical "drug" victim

d.  stinkPOT

e.  crackPOT

Rhyme: "If you do POT (paught) you will get CAUGHT!"

Diagnosis: the writer(s) is/are Manic-Depressive; they sense (and fear) that cannabis brings out one or either of those dangerous extremes, "HIGH" (manic) or STONED (depressed); maybe we could say "pot" is the sound and/or concept that hits your mind at the pivotal moment when Manic! is turning into Panic!  (Depression = frozen Panic.)  

Remedy: provide SAFEGUARD(s) against extremes, or extremism, relieving some of the fears among the "POT-conscious" populations.

An example of safeguard or moderation discreetly built into functional equipment is the 25-mg "one-hitter" or single-toke vape utensil made for pennies from stuff lying around in your garage; see "Make Smoke Pipes from Everyday Objects".  By replacing the 500-mg hot burning joint or blunt with the 25-mg vape toke, a MATERIAL MESSAGE of moderation, i.e. avoidance of extreme mood alteration, is conveyed, and-- instead of emotional "drama" (instability)-- creative imagination, music, engineering and handcrafts are promoted (thus also helping relieve another cause or form of depression, UNEMPLOYMENT).


Drew B's picture

Hi maxweed, actually that is

Hi maxweed, actually that is not my quote and I didn't attribute it to wikipedia either.  

Rather that whole indented chunk was copied from the website being analyzed.  Frankly I didn't look up the reference in wikipedia and whoever put together the "thougthful" website was not thoughtful enough to provide links, so …

Sorry I didn't make that clear.

Take care, Drew.

Don't Just Get Mad, Tell Them You Are Mad And Why!

Once in awhile, like when your blood runs fast when you learn about ignorance or corruption concerning the EVIL, counterproductive, greed-driven War on Drugs, take the time to tell others about the facts concerning the War that smashes their false  propaganda and assumptions they push. I went to the idiotic Thoughtful(less) and wrote them a quick email explaining my hostility towards their ignorance/corruption concerning their attack on cannabis. Thanks for listening, 777denny


BTW, I try to always use the correct term of 'cannabis,' especially since the term 'marijuana' was adopted as a racist term for Hispanics, and cannabis has a much better acceptance from others, since the sound doesn't conjure up negative images that the M word can and does.

Re Wikipedia: correction acknowledged

Anyway, everyone please check out Wikipedia and try to develop a strategy for getting more truth (and verifiability) into articles relating to cannabis, cannabis smoking etc.  Example: in May-June of last year, the leading anti-one-hitter troll, after hetzing up a posse of editors to vote for sanctions (edit block) against "Tokerdesigner", immediately proceeded to remove a picture of a midwakh (middle east one-hitter) from the top of the "Cannabis smoking" article and post a "Man smoking a joint" there instead.  Same troll also removed a ref to an Australian Department of Health warning against mixing cannabis with addictive tobacco in a "joint", and deleted the "One-hitter (smoking)" article which had been getting 1191 hits a day in an October 2010 survey.

If you are going to write to that "thoughtFUL" website, "don't get angry-- get even" (Everett Dirksen).  Point out how their tactics aimed against cannabis suspiciously resemble  the way hidden-contributor super-pac(K)s have been aiming hardball and/or slanders against political candidates in recent months.  There will be trolls and trolls but these trolls are out to protect Nicotine $igarette industry control over its slave addict Property.

Got a laugh out of this one

As a long time drug reform supporter you get used to hearing much of what is promoting. I took the liberty of sending them a link to this article. It's a pity that after multiple millennia that this is the kind of bullshit humans are squabbling over. I'd spout a mouthful of pro-marijuana ideologies at this point, but I would just be preaching to the crowd. GO RON PAUL!

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