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Another Dumb Drug War Idea: Banning Hidden Compartments in Cars

Frequent visitors to this site should know by now that there is no idea so absurd, no strategy so stupid, as to be rendered ineligible for introduction into the War on Drugs. There is nothing these people won't try, and by nothing I mean that literally, as in every bad idea that the human mind can possibly produce will eventually be attempted by amped-up narc-mongering nutjobs hellbent on bending our legal system to hell.

The latest news in this ongoing crusade to arrest everyone for everything is Ohio's preposterous plan to start busting and jailing people for having hidden compartments in their cars:

A hidden compartment in your vehicle, with or without drugs, could mean big trouble as Ohio officials get serious about slowing down drug-smuggling.

A proposed state law, advocated by Gov. John Kasich, would make it a fourth-degree felony to own a vehicle equipped with secret compartments. A conviction would mean up to 18 months in jail and a potential $5,000 fine. [Columbus Dispatch]

Right out of the gate, I've got three good reasons why this is insane:

1. It's already illegal to have drugs. Is Ohio having a hard figuring out what to charge people with when they find a kilo of coke in a car? I have an idea: coke. That ought to get the job done. You can make all the laws you want about where people can and cannot store enormous amount of highly-illegal contraband, they're still not gonna keep it in a turkey bag and balance it on their head. Anyway, since when does the highway patrol hate ripping cars apart?

2. How am I supposed to know if I have a hidden compartment in my car? It's hidden. There's a multi-billion dollar industry of people smuggling this and that from here to there, and those cars get resold like crazy. Heck, the number one reseller of shady smuggler cars is the cops. Any used car on the road could have a stash spot in there somewhere, and excuse me for not preemptively cutting every inch of my crappy car open with a metal saw to make sure. You're gonna put me in jail for possession of empty space that I failed to notice?

3. I should be allowed to hide random crap in my car. Right? It should go without saying that I have every right to hide my stuff in my car any way I want. Maybe I'm hiding candy from my kids or porno from my wife, or whatever from whoever else. It's my damn car. Why is the government telling me I can't have a compartment full of candy and porno in my car if my lifestyle calls for that? The fact that some other dude keeps a kilo of coke in his compartment has nothing whatsoever to do with me. Leave me the hell alone.

It remains to be seen whether any of this will occur to anyone before this stupid new idea becomes a stupid new law. But you can bet that the people smuggling drugs through Ohio really couldn't care any less what the law says about where you aren't allowed to store the marijuana, meth, cocaine, and heroin that you aren’t allowed to have in the first place.

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Go Ahead and Lock Everyone up!

Just go ahead and lock every Damn body up and get it over with. Soon our Govt will be gassing us like in the Holocaust that never happened!

I got an idea

If they have a problem with people breaking the law against drugs, why don't they just make it illegal to break the law? And for good measure, they could make it illegal to break the law that makes it illegal to break the law.

Perfect Defence

What an article, to say it hit the nail on the head wood be a huge understatement.

Sadly the Drug War is used to justify such insane invasions of privacy being written into law!?!?

LUCKILY this article (SPREAD IT FAR & WIDE FOLKS) actually provides the PERFECT DEFENCE for those future victims of this law; that is:

"How do I know if i've got a hidden compartment in my car?"

And (although I'm no lawyer) it would seem to me that this defence would still be valid, even if the person had previous convictions for drug offences, as long as no traces of drugs what-so-ever were found in the compartment. 

Note that I didn't say car, because finding drugs in the car other than in the compartment would probably bolster/cement the argument that the victim was unaware of the compartment!  Although the fascist law enforcers might not give a shit, since ignorance is no excuse in the eyes of the law unless a specific clause is placed in that law to allow ignorance.

More Container Madness

Hidden compartment prohibition is on par with drug laws targeting baggies and 35mm film canisters simply because the items are or were popular for use as drug containers. 

Anti-container laws really are an act of desperation, if not proof of authoritarian insanity.  Delusions behind container guilt apparently rest on the container’s chances of coming into contact with some demon drug.   It’s as if the prohibitionist views the drug’s alleged evilness as being absorbed by osmosis into the other object.  At this rate, prohibitionists will be prohibiting the air and soil that comes in contact with drugs.  Their dream of arresting the entire planet on drug charges will be realized.  What then?  What do you do once the earth is under arrest?

Speaking of containers, bladders, vaginas and anal cavities are containers that already elicit way too much attention from desperate drug cops.  If a right to privacy were a reality in the U.S., the drug war would stop where the human body begins.  That means people have the right to take charge of their own bodies and psyches, so no more drug war.  Too bad.  For people who believe the state can do no wrong, it’s the end of their world view.


Ohio officials are pot heads

The Ohio officials have forgotten about their own secret hidden compartments that they could smuggle pot in. Their empty brainless heads offer a large amount of room for smuggling and they could finally make good use of their heads. 

No end to this idiocy.

Try to find a payphone in Vancouver.Now if you find one,call someone and ask them to call you back.Don't wait too long or get angry at your friend ,you've been punked by Vancouver police drug cops.Have a diet pill or vitamin mixture you want to cap up yourself to save money?No capsules.Remember benadryl or it's generic alledryl?They used to come in capsules but no more.Vitamin b12 as well.Not any more.Try to buy lactose or baby laxative.Not only were they safe cuts for heroin and cocaine but they had other uses.Not available any more.If you wondered why these things changed,thank the Vancouver police drug squad.Now not only do addicts have to inject things like dextrose,they need to add vitamin c to stop the sugar from jelling if they do more than a point.This is unhealthy,dangerous and just plain stupid.I can tell you about changes to opiate drugs but just look at what they're doing with oxycontin.People are still going to try to inject the stuff.It will just be more dangerous,no matter what is necessary to dissolve it,it will be done.This is drug war insanity.It makes life for addicts more dangerous and raises medical costs astronomically.That it inconveniences the public doesn't even come into the picture because people don't realise and are never told why these changes are made.

kjs420's picture

What's hidden?

My passenger side airbag compartment doesn't contain an airbag, came that way from the factory, is that a "hidden compartment"?

If a "hidden compartment" is found, is it still hidden?

Is a compartment hidden, or is what's in it, hidden?

If the outside of a "hidden compartment" is visible, is it hidden?

How do you find a compartment if it's "hidden"?

If you hide a compartment, how do you know you'll find it again?

Is a compartment hidden in a hidden compartment twice as illegal?

Is a coke can under a blanket in the back seat a "hidden compartment"?

How hidden does a compartment have to be to be considered hidden?

Is an obstructed view of a compartment, considered a hidden compartment?

What about a compartment in plain view?

If a cop doesn't see a compartment, is it hidden?

And on, and on, and on?

It is such a nonsense!

It is practically a way for the officers abuse their power even more! I would say put the money and the effort already known criminals and allow to spy on them, than stop ordinary people with candies in their compartments and give them fines or even send them to jail for that!  Well probably people would need to bring their cars to the car servicing centers to check if their vehicles would pass the search or not.

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