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5 Reasons You Should Never Agree to a Police Search (Even if You Have Nothing to Hide)
I have a new piece at Huffington Post breaking down why you should never, ever agree to a police search. It's a topic I revisit often, and each time I find a new audience that needs to hear this message. It's yet another tragic consequence of our all-consuming criminal justice conveyor belt that so many people have forgotten how to use their most basic rights at the time those rights matter most. If you're someone who assumes it's pointless to refuse a search because "they're just gonna do it anyway," then this article is for you. Please pass it along.

Permission to Reprint: This article is licensed under a modified Creative Commons Attribution license.
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Is There Really Any Choice Any More?

You could certainly make the case that your Constitutional rights are in danger of being trodden upon, presuming that you don't get shot & killed while "resisting arrest". That might just be the least of your problems, since you can be subjected to "extreme rendition", "enhanced interrogation techniques", "preventive administrative detention", "indefinite detention", extrajudicially be stripped of citizenship, or extrajudicially assassinated. All that talk about "hope & change" was just meaningless campaign rhetoric. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. ========================================================= There has been a gathering storm of repressive police state measures passed by the treasonous USA Congress, and eagerly signed by successive 'Dictator-wanna-be' Presidents, that has turned average USA citizens into "presumed domestic terrorists", including today even minor crimes under that aegis. If you smoke marijuana, you are on that list. That list appears to be based upon just how readily TPTB can make criminal & civil asset forfeitures -- like any common criminal that weighs his victim's purse before committing resources to this larceny. ======================================================== Never mind that those Too Big To Fail international banksters can steal 10s or 100s of $Billions USD (soon $Trillions?) without fear of criminal prosecution, just as Wells Fargo / Wachovia was investigated and found to have willfully & knowingly laundered $372.2 Billion of Mexican drug cartel money without criminal prosecution. only $160 Million in (nominal business expenses?) fines. When the Rule of Law is no longer based upon Constitutional guarantees, then the lop-sided enforcement of laws is no longer the Rule of Law, but the tyranny of the powerful. Governments thus imbued can no longer make any claim to legitimacy.

Logic would dictate..

An unjust law is NO law at all.

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