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What if Day Care Workers Get Stoned on Marijuana and Kill Children?
You may think legalizing marijuana is such a great idea, but what if it's actually the worst idea ever? Here's someone who believes the latter, and they've written a letter to their local newspaper explaining why.

What about the children’s day care workers? If they smoke it and their senses are dulled by its use and they drop little Johnny on his head, whose fault is it now? If it’s legalized, there is no crime and no recourse for problems it causes. You may be able to sue for a wrongful death or injuries incurred, but other than that there’s been no crime.
The same situation will apply if the driving under the influence of it causes an accident. The police can’t intervene on a situation that isn’t a crime. Please think about these things, it is a big deal and it opens a can of worms that we will pay for the rest of our lives. []

If even one sentence of this impressively incoherent editorial made any sense at all, I suppose I'd be in a different line of work. Heck, I might even be dead. We might all be dead, slaughtered ironically by the very people whose job it was to care for us while our parents were at work. After all, at the risk of terrifying the above editorial's author, marijuana is already being grown, sold, and smoked in every neighborhood in America (except the South Bronx, where they've now captured every single offender).

Fortunately, things aren't actually that bad in real life, especially if you're not a paranoid idiot. For example, our foremost concerns about bad things happening at day care centers can be resolved satisfactorily in almost every case simply by choosing a facility with a good reputation for not killing the children.

What we have here, and it's hardly a rarity in the marijuana debate, is a bit of a mix up between the rather divergent concepts of legalizing simple possession of marijuana vs. legalizing extraordinary acts of recklessness or insanity whose perpetrator happens to have consumed marijuana prior to the incident. The idea is that walking down the street with a gram of pot in your pocket would no longer be a crime. Walking down the street throwing snakes at people and screaming voodoo curses would still be illegal, but the amount of pot in your pocket at the time would be considered irrelevant at trial.

In other words, the answer to the question "whose fault is it now?" would be the same after legalization as before. If you drop a kid, crash a car, or throw a snake at somebody, it's your fault. If marijuana was involved, it's still your fault for consuming marijuana, not marijuana's fault for being consumed by you. That's the rule for alcohol, and in case anyone somehow managed not to notice, it has yet to turn our day care centers into drunken death camps.

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Please say people are not

Please say people are not this stupid

When people suffer repeated head trauma...

This person was dropped on their head by stoned day care workers so many times they do indeed believe.

Where is the logic?

Normally, people who smoke marijuana, tend to get even more cautious when it comes to handling children. It´s alcoholism you should be worried about, or abuse of prescription drugs, because that´s where the dulling of the senses becomes a serious problem.


I´d actually prefer a stoned daycare worker, because stoned people won´t be as likely to lose their temper and teach my children negative behavior.

marajuana and dropping kids

Drop the child because you smoked POT? Mam, you showed your true colors by asking the question.Not even Michael Jackson dropped the child and he was on something way stronger then POT! Don't think the "poster child drug user" looks like the photos plastered as such. And know that someone smoking a bit of dope...and that DOES mean more likely to sit on the floor with the child and play a game or act goofy. When was the last time you did that with any child let alone your own. Signed, Ms New To This Blog Thing The Queen of Cool (named not in vain but by my children)

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Day care??

Sorry. Sure they are!

Marijuana the Scapegoat

The only time I saw someone drop a kid on her head, he was a committed non-drug-user and he was sober.  What does that say about seriously sober people?  BTW, the kid had a big bump, but she recovered. 

Non-users can have no possible idea what goes on in the head or the reflexes of those who smoke pot, yet they’re always certain of the consequences.  Assumptions and conjectures about reality can be meaningless, but not to those who live in a reality-free world.

It really is sad that people choose to be stupid or live in ignorance by buying into the government’s drug propaganda.  As custodians of democracy, democracy deserves better.  People too lazy to learn how to think may simply deserve the miserable lives they live.  That they would impose their miserable lifestyles onto the rest of us is a direct affront to human dignity and freedom.


Marijuana as a scapegoat

It is scary thinking that these ignorant/greedy people are controlling our country.

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Yes it is! But We Let Them,

Yes it is! But We Let Them, by not paying attention and standing up and objecting, inmass. Oh and you forgot stupid.

Voodoo Economics

In court, would there be no distinction between the venomous and non-venomous species? After all, throwing a garder snake at someone may be considered more benign that a poison-spitting mamba. Wouldn't a judge consider a lesser sentence for the garder snake chucker? In any event, Morgan makes a crucial point, outlining the stumbling block of the dinosaur prohibitionists. Does this relate in any way to the fanciful latin phrase: Post pot ergo propter pot? Follow the money. More and more people are finding out for themselves that the DEA is the de facto enforcement wing of the pharmaceutical industry.

What if...what if...what if...

There are a whole lot of answers to any question that begins with "what if". There are an infinity of what if's in the mind of a fearful person. What if they drink a beer and drop a little one on his head? Same logic. Lets not go down this "what if" path.

I bet she votes.

I bet she goes down there all by herself and using her profound logic she helps mold the future of this country.

This is merely a small contigency of rabid prohibitionists

The remainder of them are the ones "bending" the law..yes, you can hear it creakin, to the point that public opinion is merely an opinion. The famous silent majority.We The People-out on our backside, dancing to the deadly tune played by big Pharma.

The statement that the DEA is a de facto police for for the Pharmaceutical complex is far too true for comfort,

We do not live in a Democratic Democracy.

The "Policy for Drug Free America" is supported by Budweiser and Joe camel.

The uninformed are harmless.

It's the Federal court system and its colossal waste of time on this miserably failed "war" on Cannabis and on Drugs that scares me as they batter the Constitution of The United States to an unintelligible pile of paper (Hemp)-We follow the "letter" of the law and always neglect its "intent"

Our founding Fathers would be Pissed.

And no, the world will not end, when Cannabis is legalized.

Hol on.. I'm in the South Bronx..

... and they definitely did NOT catch everyone!! I'm headed to the grow shop in Queens now to pick up some 1/4" tubing, net cups, and airstones. I got some new buckets from Home Depot. I plan to expand for the next grow. My connects have some Northern Lights and Sweet Skunk cuts that are showing nubs besides my princess diesel plants are pop-pop-poppin. The South Bronx will rise again.


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Anthony tell me you didn't use your real name! The sacred plant is still illegal. The cops can register and log on just like you and I. LOOK OUT!

it would be much better...

.... to drop the snake on it's head and chuck babies.


"Walking down the street ... screaming voodoo curses would still be illegal"


Do we not have the right of free speech in the USA?

Im sure the voodoo curses

Im sure the voodoo curses would be fine as long as you dont actually curse anyone, (Cause I really believe in curse, right, haha.) but Im pretty sure throwing snakes would get you murder, manslaughter, or animal abuse, depending on what kind of snakes and if you knew they were venemous or not.  XD 

Wait until they find out the

Wait until they find out the ultimate child abuse by people that smoke marijuana,,all the children are born naked,,that's right,,they bring them out cold wet and hungry without a stitch on and only hire doctors that beat the child as they exit the womb,,incredible ain't it.

Legal Subversion

If pot becomes legal, anything you do while under the influence becomes legal too!!  Potheads will now be able to rob, murder, and so-on!!

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Illegal Subversion

Let them!!! That is what you lazy cops are for isn't it!???


what you retarded? so when you rob a bank on alchahol its legal to rob the bank because booze is legal? wtf?

 Get some edumication(so yo understand it)

I’ve heard about people

I’ve heard about people who abuse their own naughty parts! What kind of society would we have if that were legal?!? There would be people doing that when they’re driving! Their cars would be like those hydraulic hot rods that are driven by our Country's unregistered guests! I don’t want to see people playing with their particulars in public places either! Then we’d have to let people marry their hands for crying out loud! Ooooh, I’m so excited! I asked for my hand in marriage today and it said yes! It makes people go blind! ’nuff said!


I laughed quite hard at this.  And I'm not even stoned!

The real problems with legalization

I'm certainly a proponent of ending the drug war, and stopping the ridiculous, life-ruining effects that some current drug possession laws can have. I agree that the person who wrote in commenting on a toked-up daycare worker "dropping little Johnny on his head" was making an idiotic point. However, let's say there is suspicion of marijuana use at a daycare facility when an employee drops a child by accident, and the daycare worker tests positive for marijuana use. What do you do with that information? Maybe he's a regular smoker but only on Friday nights. Was he impaired on the job? Should he be prosecuted differently? Or to make an analogy to alcohol use, what if he hits someone while driving? Alcohol's effects can be measured moment to moment with a blood test, but marijuana metabolites are detectable in urine for up to a week in a frequent user. So the driver, even though completely unimpaired, could still test positive. Should he still be prosecuted as driving while intoxicated? Should it be illegal to drive with a positive marijuana test?  These aren't insurmountable policy problems, but it would be more fun and interesting to hear about the actual nuts and bolts of legalization than refuting the rants of a crazy person, as numerous as those rants may be.

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We are, here in Nevada. I know a friend's kid that hit a drunk, that pulled out in front of him. The drunk died and that let the cops blood test my friend. He had smoked the day before the accident (my ass, this should be called semi-intentional suaside) So essentially the drunk committed suaside using an innocent driver. The kid got convicted of man slotter and served the minimum time in prison. If you don't believe, contact Louis Gallo Jr.


This accusation that pot smokers are impaired is B.S. I dare anyone or any organization to test me! I will prove I can drive better than all other drivers on the road, while bombed on weed!!!


I have been smoking pot since I was 12, (now 50), I have an excellent driving record, 0 accidents and very low rates. I have 3 kids and never dropped any,(whew cause they do get heavy). Sure tired of being persecuted for being a free human being born in the wrong time and political venue. Do not place blame on the gun, or the drug, It's the person and they're actions. I find it funny that everyone applying for low level jobs.(painting, maintenance, construction, etc), Are forced to be tested for drugs although the higher level jobs,(Politicians, teachers, judges, cops, lawyers, doctors, nurses, etc) Are not forced into giving they're bodily fluids for inspection by others, ( Even though it would seem like they are the ones that should be). And the only drug that is prevalently discovered is the marijuana users while the crack is not or cocaine or meth or msd or lsd or pcp, It seems it is ok to be a drug user just as long as it isn't pot when trying to find employment? The tests they use to screen for illegal drugs discriminate against marijuana while continually letting the addicts of hard core drugs get a job and then abuse the workers comp insurance plan when injured while tweaking or hallucinating or hung over from the nights drunken debauchery at work and when tested found to be clean of drugs! The whole system is a fraud and lie, Originally started by the greed mongers at the pharmaceutical companies, chemical companies(Dow, DuPont) and tree raping (Warehouser!) companies. Just stop the insanity please! Hemp for victory!! (check the videos that our own government put out for the wwII war effort and the Vietnam and Korean war things) They know hemp can actually save the world and it doesn't even get you stoned!

I partially agree with you, but...

Your defense of weed and harsh criticism of other drugs is kind of hypocritical.  If someone is able to test clean for drugs like cocaine, methamphetamine, or opiates, then that means they're able to stop using it for long enough to pass a drug test, and therefore means that they're an occasional user, not an addict.  If someone is able to hold down a job while occasionally using even the hard drugs, I say more power to them.  Hell, I wouldn't be able to hold down a job at all if it weren't for amphetamines. (Adderall)


Gee, and we wonder why Santorum was an early lock to win the hearts and minds of Missouri "conservatives"...

Couldn't take it anymore.  Had to go off on this one.  Submitted and awaiting post approval over at the Missourian:


Dee Wideman writes that she "can't imagine honest, hard-working citizens in the United States actually wanting to legalize something that could harm them or their children." Given that literally half of Americans (according to Gallup) now support the legalization and regulation of marijuana, I hope she's not implying that half of her fellow citizens are not honest or hard-working. Perhaps her imagination could benefit from a more strenuous workout?

Regardless, to take her statement at face value implies that she would like to see us return to the days of alcohol prohibition, and possibly prohibit tobacco while we're at it. After all, alcohol is more addictive, more impairing, and far more toxic than marijuana -- and with respect to annual fatalities, tobacco has even alcohol beat by hundreds of thousands. *

Except that this isn't really what Ms. Wideman is saying, is it? She clearly recognizes that alcohol prohibition didn't work. Perhaps she even recognizes that marijuana prohibition isn't working very well either, given that at least 15 million Americans use that substance regularly, and her argument is simply that many more might use it if they weren't afraid of getting arrested. Whether or not that's the case -- and the experience of other countries along with our own past experience casts serious doubt on that hypothesis -- has she truly considered the collateral damage caused by creating a black market that makes criminals of all of those millions?

We didn't repeal Prohibition I because it was an easy way to collect tax dollars. Arguably, the nail in its coffin came when a former prohibitionist named Pauline Sabin stood on the floor of Congress and stated, "Women played a large part in the enactment of the Eighteenth Amendment. They are now realizing with heart burning and heart aching that if the spirit is not within, legislation can be of no avail. They thought they could make prohibition as strong as the Constitution, but instead have made the Constitution as weak as prohibition." Sabin went on to argue that alcohol prohibition was causing more harm to children than alcohol itself. Today, when surveys indicate that our kids find it easier to obtain marijuana than alcohol, for economic and legal reasons that are not difficult to understand, it is not irrational to wonder why we so often fail to learn from our mistakes.

Ms. Wideman wonders: if day-care workers smoke marijuana "and their senses are dulled by its use and they drop little Johnny on his head, whose fault is it now?" The answer is trivial: it's still their fault. We wouldn't legally excuse those same workers if they'd been drinking before they dropped little Johnny. Why would we excuse them if they'd been smoking pot? This is not "a can of worms," merely a revalidation of the basic legal principle that individuals are responsible for their actions regardless of what they may have ingested.

"Our forefathers would be turning over in their graves if they could see us now"? I agree, insofar as our forefathers didn't even dream of a nation in which one could be arrested for plucking a plant from the ground and consuming it. While we have no way of knowing its THC content, we do know that cannabis hemp was one of George Washington's three primary crops, and that under Jamestown colony law, settlers were not only not prohibited from growing it: they were required to do so.

Finally, with respect to her Christian faith, I would be curious to know from which Biblical passages Ms. Wideman concludes, "I know that my God does not endorse [marijuana]." Certainly, the Bible condemns gluttony, regardless of the substance being consumed. Yet I must have missed the passage that mentions marijuana specifically or condemns its use in moderation -- though I do recall Genesis 1:29-31, in which "God said, 'Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed which is upon the face of all the earth. To you it will be for meat.' And God saw everything that he had made, and, behold, it was very good." Numerous Christians have understandably concluded that this passage applies just as much to marijuana as it does to any other "herb bearing seed," so while her God might not endorse marijuana, I would hope she is not doubting the faith of those whose God takes a different view.

* If you question these claims with regard to marijuana, I hope you will consider picking up a copy of "Marijuana Myths, Marijuana Facts: A Review Of The Scientific Evidence" by Lynn Zimmer, Ph.D. and John Morgan, M.D.  While it came out 15 years ago and could benefit from a new edition (in light of much new research that would not weaken its overall conclusions), its rigorous survey of medical and social science addresses a number of matters which Ms. Wideman appears to believe haven't been studied or even considered. Marijuana has been with us for as long as alcohol, and we know a great deal about both its short-term and long-term effects. And frankly, very little of what we know supports either its "prohibition" or Ms. Wideman's conclusions.

Good comment

except that marijuana has been with us for much, much longer than alcohol.


Ah, good point. :)



Cannibis is a herb, a natural plant that has been proven in many medical cases to be beneficial. The oil has been proven in medical studies in the UK to get rid of skin cancer. It's a proven relaxer that Cancer patients need to be able to get through the devastating rounds of destructive chemo. If not for it, they wouldn't be able to eat. It has also been proven to reduce and get rid of tumors because it restricts the blood flow to them, thus causing them to just die. The list goes on and on. It is a natural beneficial source for different medical situations, and has been proven to be effective in case studies, labs, and personal lives. It's like any other stimulant in this world such as caffeine, prescription drugs, or any thing you put into your system that can alter or affect your perception and reaction time. AS WITH ANYTHING OF THIS NATURE RESPONSIBILITY COMES WITH IT. I see people abusing prescription drugs on a daily basis. But i guess people are more worried about people smoking cannabis and their reaction with kids, other than someone who has taken a round of xanax that can't even remember their name. Yet they will just get sent home (hopefully) because they have a doctors prescription. But the ones on the pills are more likely to drop a child or be so out of it that something happens under their care.

 No one ever addresses the subject of pharmaceuticals when addressing the legalization of Cannabis. 

No one ever addresses personal responsibility to keep yourself mentally in the here and now to function daily. And when your  working a job where others depend on you to be HERE and ready at the drop of the hat for anything, then the person needs to be able to step up the the responsibility or bow out and let someone else take over. 

No matter what people ingest into their systems, it all bows down to personal responsibility. If someone gives you a prescription for anything and you abuse it and then call yourself functioning then you have a problem. If you can't function in a responsible atmosphere taking the medicine then you need to find something else to do, or stop taking it. 

Most attacks on Cannabis of any kind, including it being legalized are based solely on ignorance. I think anyone who thinks it shouldn't be legalized, knowing the medical benefits it has based on knowledge the other medications on the market now, are either totally ignorant or working for Big Pharmacy's that will do anything to keep it from being legalized because they will loose money. AND ALSO HAVE NOT ADDRESSED PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY IN ANY ACTION. 

If it becomes completely legalized it should be the same as everything else. If it's regulated and you know the laws and the rules, if you break them then you should pay. And when you do to much, and something happens GROW UP AND TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR  YOUR ACTIONS. 

If your working in a daycare setting and your high on anything, and you drop little johnny on his head. You have been not only irresponsible, you are negligent. And there has been a crime committed. But it wasn't what you ingested that did it. IT WAS YOU WHO TOOK IT WHILE YOU WERE DOING SOMETHING THAT YOU KNEW YOU SHOULD NOT BE IMPAIRED WHILE YOU WERE DOING IT. And if you have a prescription for anything and cant function, then stay home or stop, it's that simple. 


damM right I dont want no

damM right I dont want no damm stoner-baby-sitter eating my kids because there aint no munchies to be MUNCHED ON !!! 

What if?

What if that kid was the result of some Christian organization not allowing the parents to use birth control?

Would the church intervene?


The person who wrote this, has watched WAY too many anti drug films from what? 80 years ago? I'm not going to pretend like I know when those films came out. But I do have a lot of experience with cannabis, and I have to say that this is ridiculous. What you don't realize, is even if Cannabis does become legal, the entire country is not going to instantly take up consuming Cannabis. Let alone before work or driving. I think only experienced users of Cannabis, who have a tolerance, and know how to medicate properly actually do this. You wouldn't drink 8 Shots of liquor and instantly hop in the car to go to work.. An alcoholic maybe, but that in its self is a problem, not the liquor. Just like you wouldn't smoke 3.5 Grams of Cannabis, and decide to go to work and operate a forklift.


You compare walking around with an herb in your pocket, to throwing snakes and hexing people? Are you serious? Do I even need to comment and make a point on this?


You're points are ridiculously far fetched. You need to do some actual research, coming from both sides of the debate, and possibly try it yourself. If someone did a study and asked all murderers and rapists if they had eaten apples for the majority of their life. Then came to the conclusion that by eating apples, you too, could become a murderer or rapist, would you believe that? Same thing with cannabis, you don't consume it and suddenly become a bumbling murderous idiot for a few hours. The issue was in the person already.

I think you misunderstood my post.

This is a critique of an editorial someone else wrote.

Wow people are so stupid, do

Wow people are so stupid, do they not understand how many people have died in the last decade due to crime with marijuana trade a trafficking? Over 1,000,000 people easily in the last decade and this bitch is worried about some kid falling on the ground? What an IDIOT!!!!! It infuriates me how stereotypical people are towards pot. There have been numerous public officials including presidents and govenors too openly admit theyve used pot. So many underage children drink 14,15, 16, 17 year olds. ALCOHOL KILLS these kids. Not marijuana, no these kids aren't in the hospital for pot related accidents, it's because alcohol. Alcohol destroys families, causes addiction, causes death, causes injuries, you can even become commatosed from alcohol and die and then what? Side effects from pot - hunger, tiredness, not addiction, not death, no comma. 1. If your a child care provider I'm sure you have background checks done, drug tests, etc. they don't hire cannabis cup participants. 2. If marijuana was nationally legalized you would STILL HAVE TO BE DRUG TESTED. Just because it's legal doesn't mean that employers don't have the option of testing people and denying unemployment.

That is about 1,000,000 times

That is about 1,000,000 times more likely to happen with alcohol then with marijuana the chances of that happening with marijuana are about to slim to nothing b sides you do not use drugs at work idiots b sides the affects of marijuana do not last that long alcohol is a different matter all together that will affect you clean through the next day if you get drunk the night before and or out till 2 o'clock in the morning and then go to work you're obviously still drunk outlaw alcohol and tobacco the 2 most dangerous drugs and the world and the only gateway drugs

marijuana vs alcohol

That is about 1,000,000 times more likely to happen with alcohol then with marijuana the chances of that happening with marijuana are about to slim to nothing b sides you do not use drugs at work idiots b sides the affects of marijuana do not last that long alcohol is a different matter all together that will affect you clean through the next day if you get drunk the night before and or out till 2 o'clock in the morning and then go to work you're obviously still drunk outlaw alcohol and tobacco the 2 most dangerous drugs and the world and the only gateway drugs


Boy, this article really lit the site up . Since when did it "not"  become a crime to become intoxicated , drive a vehicle and cause an accident , only to see the police avoid the situation because the intoxicant was legal ? Trust me , she`s not the only %!*^&?  off the wall lunatic in this country when it comes to Cannabis and common sense . Makes you wonder where she gets her Cannabis information from .

Lol. I must say, after

Lol. I must say, after reading this entire page, i would expect the writer to have self esteem issues and maybe suffering from a little depression. Ofcourse i say that because i can almost guarantee with all the intelligent lengthy and well written comments left as a result of the OP she has still learned nothing. Some people suffer more than other as a result of no interest in truth.

What if an obese day care

What if an obese day care worker accidently fell on a child and killed him?

Should we then ban Twinkies and Cheetos for all of society?

What if a tobacco smoking day care worker accidently dropped their cigarette and burned down a day care center killing several children?

Should we then ban tobacco for all of society or perhaps matches and lighters?

What if a motor head day care worker accidently killed a child when transporting them?

Should we then ban Corvettes for all of society?

What if an alcohol drinking day care worker accidently dropped a child and killed him?

Should we then ban alcohol for all of society?

What if an ADHD day care worker accidently dropped a child and killed him?

Should we then ban all people with common psychiatric disorders?

This is twisted logic!  Only a moron or a liar would use this nonsense.

crazy guy

Bahahaaa, I think this guy's mama dropped him on his head at birth!!! is this real..seriously!!!

crazy guy

I think this guy's mama dropped him on his head at birth!!!  seriously, is this real!!!

Is this what we worry about after 9/11?

Her standards for daycare workers is pretty high. For the low pay these people get, it's amazing the quality of workers there are, and her letter is an insult to all those workers that really do care. If your kid comes home clean, fed and happy there really is not anything to complain about.  


Just have to throw in my 2 cents and say this is the worst propaganda piece I have ever read.


If you want Marijuana legalized you have to answer these issues!

I am sorry, but I can not take the Pro Pot lobby seriously.  I would vote tomorrow to legalize medical marijuana because their is true suffering out there for many patients and I think medical marijuana is far less harmful and addictive than Opioids. However, I could never see myself voting to allow recreational use because the pro pot lobby has done such a poor job of answering the publics questions on this issue.  If you want pot to be legal then formulate a coherent case.  

First, the person who said that pot doesn't alter your performance- that is just stupid!  Of course it does!  That is why people recreationally use pot!  Because it alters your mood and cognitive functions.  No one would pay all that money to buy and smoke something that did nothing for you.  The same way people drink wine or mixed drinks to alter their mood to something more enjoyable.    Making the "it makes no difference" argument just weakens the overall case for legalizing pot.  If you can't speak honestly about the issue then you will never get anyone who doesn't already agree with you to vote on your behalf.  

Second, until you can perform some kind of legally valid test to determine impairment levels then I don't see how you can legalize the drug.  That is one of the reasons why alcohol is still legal.  The government created  tests to see how much alcohol people needed to ingest before becoming obviously impaired in their actions and then they can penalize people accordingly.  The problem with pot is that the drug remains testable far after the effects of the "high" are resolved.  That leaves even a conscientious user at great legal risk.  I am not surprised that the person driving the car went to jail for man slaughter.  Their is no way for him to prove he was not impaired at the time of the collision.   The prosecution could go into court and prove he had pot in his system.  He had no way to prove that he was not impaired at the time of the collision.  Maybe a person with no THC in their system would have had faster reflexes and been able to swerve and avoid the pedestrian.   After all, it is not illegal to walk when drunk and it is the responsibility of the driver to operate a vehicle safely.  It is a truly tragic outcome, but legally justified.  If pro pot users want to legalize its use, they had better come up with a way to defend themselves legally. 

I am a nurse so I have always been drug tested at work so I never use anything. I don't want my co workers drunk, on prescription drugs or on marijuana.  I don't think their is a big difference between having a bottle of wine at night or smoking pot morally.   I think I am a very persuadable voter, but no one ever makes a logical case for passage.  This is definitely a movement in search of coherent leadership.


It's a good thing we don't have to take YOU seriously

Most people who feel they cannot support the ending of cannabis prohibition are only able to approach this issue from a limited, highly personal perspective. Certainly understandable. But not helpful at all when you realize that what they are supporting, which is the degree of distortion of our society suffers courtesy of the laws, not the behavior they are meant to curb. What's needed is a wider and deeper perspective.

For example, you have to know where you've been to know where you're going:

Here's a good start:

The History of the Non-Medical Use of Drugs in the United States A Speech to the California Judges Association 1995 annual conference

by Charles Whitebread, Professor of Law, USC Law School

For far too many, they believe that issues such as lost rights and civil liberties are mere ethereal concepts that don't have real world impact upon them as they rarely come into contact with a system that is capable of destroying them with such extraordinary ease. Believing themselves immune to it by virtue of being virtuous, they think the dragon will not blast them to ashes with its' breath if they're 'good people'. 

But that system is not fool-proof; indeed, fools seem to operate it. And it results in innocent people like these getting ground up by that system, with horrific results. They did get blasted, and they probably thought the same way you do.

Like as not, if you support cannabis prohibition, you are an accessory to that. It doesn't matter to what degree. And those who prosecute drug prohibition are notoriously bad about admitting mistakes and making recompense; they're more likely to laugh at you as they depart the carnage they left behind in their oops-wrong-house-I-didn't-get-a-warrant drug raid. And I do mean carnage, as police murders of innocent taxpayers is often sanctioned because of the attitude fostered by many taxpayers, and reflected by police in that a drug suspect has already been judged as being a  subhuman 'druggie' and doesn't deserve any legal niceties such as due process.

It is these and other gross injustices that we fight, in the name of drug law reform, and it's not just about a "buncha stoners wantin' to git' high". Drug prohibition and its' end has dimensions and ramifications that reverberate far beyond the personal out to the national and international spheres. Much more is riding on this than personal likes or dislikes...

If you have not lived it you don't know!

I agree to some extent. YES POT SHOULD BE LEGALIZED FOR MEDICAL CONDITIONS. I suffer from cronic Pain 24/7! Opiodes are addictive, easy to abuse, they don't remove the pain, just take the edge off. That's the biggest reason pain suffers abuse pain meds. Also after time opiodes can exasperate the pain. I'm speaking from experience. I've been on pain meds for 10+ years, I've never taken more then prescribed by my Dr., usually took less. I hated taking them. With all the troubles with people selling their rx's, murders ect. not to mention the damange to my already frail bones, I deceided to wean off of of all my pain meds, which i did successfully. I have no cravings, only constant pain and a quality of life that sucks. no energy, no ambition, wake several times at night with horrible pain and most nights i can't fall back to sleep. I used to smoke pot and it was truly a miricle.It took my mind off the pain, I had ambition, concentration, energy and i could SLEEP. So WHY NOT LEGALIZE IT FOR MEDICAL REASONS, RATHER THEN NARCOTICS FOR SEVERE PAIN, CRONIC PAIN AND MULTIPLE COMPLICATED MEDICAL CONDITIONS SUCH AS MINE AND 100 of 1000's other people who have no quilty of life. Can't work, even though i know it would be the best thing in the world for me. If you can't sleep, you can't concentrate, you can't deal with the pain. so I say to colleeningeorgia, as a nurse you should understand what i am saying, and you should know the benefits of cannibas for your patients! No you should not drink and drive, or smoke and drive, but pot wares off after a few hours and not additive, unlike the devastating effects alcohol and narcotics have on everyone concerned. either directly or indirectly.

It's infuriating to read about how Americans are torturing you

and many other people. It's quite bad enough that they hate recreational users without a shred of justification, but depriving people of the only effective and safe medicine for severely painful conditions reaches a level of moral depravity that is truly staggering. No real American and no real Christian would tolerate such sadism for one second.

you answer these questions, Colleen

How many people does alcohol kill? How many people does cannabis kill? Why do you want to force people to use a killer drug to get buzzed when something far safer exists? In the real world, alcohol supremacism over cannabis KILLS.

Thanks a lot for your 'concern' about our being able to defend ourselves legally.   

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