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Prohibition Repealed 80 Years Ago Today -- and Again One Day from Now

On December 5, 1933, the 21st amendment to the Constitution was ratified, repealing federal prohibition of alcohol and sending alcohol regulation back to the states.

Tomorrow, December 6, 2012, possession of marijuana for persons 21 and over becomes legal in Washington State. There's a long way to go before marijuana prohibition finally lands in history's dustbin, much less overall drug prohibition. And of course we are anxiously waiting to see what the feds will do. On the other hand we've lived with marijuana prohibition for more than 75 years, compared with alcohol prohibition's 13 years, or drug prohibition's near century, so the week is certainly an historic one.

A big anniversary, and a big day. Stay tuned.

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some people said it would

some people said it would never happen us and colorado we still got to do it more federaly we just started to end in washington and colorado w

All kidding aside

i do appreciate that you did say "much less overall drug legalization." seriously, not being sarcastic.


but let me ask you this, do you think so really? i mean, listen, well, someone who isnt me, but who i feel like i know them better than i know myself, they are 27, they have been doing a certain type of substance extracted from a plant which head is like a kings crown, for a very very very long time. Since it's not me and I wouldnt be dumb enough to say that kinda thing in public, afterall, prohibition is still in effect, i couldnt say how long specific but id imagine this pal of mine has had the extracts of the king crown plant in his blood for several presidencies now.  Well, let me say, the poor fellow has to be on guard for AIDS, hep C, cops, robbers oh my but what if the fellow were really careful about his life, i mean if he took all the experiences prohibition has taught him, and with that navigated his way through a successful and to the point, long life of using, do you think the lad, if he were to make it to 60, 70 years old perhaps, has a shot at seeing something meaningful done for overall drug prohibition?? Or do you gather hell have to figure out a way to do what i know he considers the most overrated and boring act in the world, procreation, so that his probably genetically born to enjoy the plant he does offspring will perhaps see something and will then be able to plant these plants he loves legally on his grave? I do know that the lad would like his tombstone to read,  " 'ere lie-th a non temprance man, none never seen 'im without his 'eroin, not even when after he twas dead."

Not taking no for an answer

Today we see the result of people speaking out against the unreasonable overreach of the government  to control us in our daily lives. We push back the surveillance state, the for-profit prison industrial complex, the attempts of some people to project their fears onto our private behavior. This is indeed a big day.


This is just the story of winning the first battle, and there are many more to fight, but the dominoes have begun to fall and this will develop more momentum. Already good people in other states are clamoring for an end to the injustice where they live. I hope you all keep up the effort to bring change to your own state. I also hope that you strive to demonstrate responsibility in your actions and respect for the ones who weren't ready for this and can't believe that it's happening.


It is happening though and when we keep the pressure on, there is no stopping us. Believe!

It is now legal to possess

It is now legal to possess marijuana in WA but there are no legal sources to procure state licensed marijuana and until growers are licensed and retail outlets are approved,the green market will be booming for at least a year and 1/2,,,supply and demand will be the deciding factor without regulations other than the laws against it.

Apparently the laws against marijuana have had little effect on reducing it's supply or decreasing the demand.

Drew B's picture

Sign of the Times

Alcohol Prohibition, 18th Amendment. 18 = 6 + 6 + 6

REPEALING Alcohol Prohibition, 21st Amendment. 21 = 7 + 7 + 7


Also, UNIX permissions 666 and 777 might figure in somehow. :-)  (At bottom.)


The rallying cry should be, "Give them Love!" instead of "Give them Hell!" ;-)

Through forcing their will on others they carried the nation to a horrible, violent, and corrupt place, far from the utopia they falsely prophesied. 

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