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Bill O'Reilly Shouts Dumb Stuff About the Drug War Again

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I don't even want to know how many times I've written about the reckless idiocy of this man, but what am I supposed to do, ignore him? The arrogance on display here is so perfectly horrible, I'm afraid I just can’t look away.

You can see the frustration of his guests as they struggle to explain anything at all about our drug policy to a guy who is so determined never to understand it. From his casual slander against medical marijuana laws, to his bizarre inversion of factual vs. theoretical examples, to his ridiculous insistence that any drug sale borders on attempted murder, O'Reilly is the hellish incarnation of every dumb idea anybody ever had about how to deal with drugs.

I can't wait to hear what he has to say when we finally end the drug war and everyone is safer, happier, and healthy. I can only assume he'll complain quite vigorously about it.

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is just as bad on other subjects as he is on the drug war, people should just turn off their TVs when he comes on so that FOX decides he's not bringing in enough viewers and cans his ass. Just as with Rush and Hannity, I just do NOT understand why anyone pays any of them any attention at all. 

I agree...

I agree that no one should waste even a second of his/her life listening to morons like Bill.  I even tried to hear him out for the sake of being fair and hearing another opinion on the subject, but I didn't even make it through two minutes of his idiocy.  Yes people should turn off their television when he comes on but unfortunately there are too many dumb f**ks out there who believe him as if he were preaching the gospel right out of the bible.  I think what upsets me most is even Bill probably knows the real truth about cannabis but makes his living blowing smoke up the asses of other idiots so to acknowledge truth would end his conservative career (though not a moment too soon if you ask me).  Hey Bill! If a girl dies of a drug overdose we should jail a DEA administrator since their prohibition on drugs is what allows impure and exponentially more dangerous substances get into that girls' hands to begin with.  I wonder if he'd finally be happy if we just gave up and let America become a full fledged police state complete with storm troopers and mass public executions.  That seems to be what the far right wants... oh, as long as it's only poor people and minorities that occupy the gallows.  It just wouldn't do for middle and upper class white folks to suffer at the hands of government.

Totally agree with you

Totally agree with you Moonrider , the only way to combat this type of stupidity spouted by assholes like O'Reilly is just to turn him off , I cannot understand why anybody would listen to his propaganda 

The problem with turning off the TV

Turning off the t.v. works for me, but what truly bothers me is that there are millions of impressionable viewers who won't turn off their televisions and actually listen to these fools. They fill gullible heads with dangerous notions. They incite anger and hatred in a volatile world. Turning them off may placate us, but ignoring them doesn't make them go away and knowing they're out there infecting others with their diseased thoughts causes no end of consternation.

Playing to "The Folk's" inherent prejudices

Please keep in mind O'Reilly's biggest fan dying off like flies. That it happens to be the generation that saddled us with the anti-cannabis laws, and that he's playing to that, is not just coincidence.

O'Reilly isn't popular in following generations. So, he's playing to an increasingly smaller 'house'...that needs hearing aids to listen (otherwise they play the TV at 'Granny volume'). While at the same time he's alienating the very next generational cohort he needs monetarily by insulting their intelligence. Feet, meet bullets.

He's another generational dinosaur in the societal tar pit, thrashing and bellowing and lashing out with his claws and he sinks ever further into well-earned irrelevancy.

Hype Master

O'Reilly is a master of hyping up people. He knows that the majority of American Citizens want drugs legalized and that's the base he's going for on this subject. He and FuxNews know that this behavior of his will lead to more viewers and people talking about him. The fact is, his opinion is no more valuable than Jerry Springer's. They are two ringmasters of the same ilk and most people know it. O'Reilly is 100% illegitimate as a "newscaster" and he's not only getting physically old, his act is old and worn out. With that said, it's not even worth getting upset at what he says.

Poor Bill's going down!


Most Prohibitionists eventually get to experience utter loneliness, also known as “the sadomoralist condition”—a form of existential despair as they begin to finally realize the utter futility and destructiveness of their life’s work. This is ultimately compounded by the deep realization that it’s simply not possible to prove any of the nonsense they’ve been zealously propagating for many long decades. It’s this type of loneliness that often turns their attention to a higher power, the one that usually comes in liquid form. This is a serious terminal affliction and not one that a psychologist, philosopher, or priest can help with. Eventually, they become trapped in a very dark place where they have literally nobody left to relate to. In such situations, it is our civic duty, and moral obligation, to point their festering, lonely souls to the nearest cliff.

Right on Malc - the sooner

Right on Malc - the sooner he's gone the better

Thats Gobildy Guuk?

Orielly has to be the most ignorant Irish man on cable tv to date. His arguments are broke. Just like our justice system that has to deal with all the non-violent drug offenders who are serving mandatory minimum sentences for felonies that should not exist, and by the way did not until fairly recently.

mandatory minimums for

mandatory minimums for pharmacists! O'reilley is a moron..

Fair & balanced is one of the

Fair & balanced is one of the logos that they put on screen to try and tell viewers that they are a honest news station. It should say extremely unfair and unbalanced mentally with their hatred and lies that spout out of their vile presenters. Glenn Beck committed a serious crime live on TV when he asked his audience for Michael Moore to be murdered and on Pierce Morgans CNN tv show Michael said that he now has 7 navy seals protecting him fulltime at the 'expense of your tax dollars'(another one of their favorite sound bites). They promoted Sarah Palins mad rants using gun sight cross hairs that resulted in senator Giffords attempted murder. This is just two things that should have put this hate powered station off the air. Bill O'Reilly may not have gone this far but his rants are vile and full of hatred and he brings shame to all Irish people.

Selling drugs is a violent act?

This man can't be ignorant to not realize is selling drugs is a "violent act", then how is alcohol sales not violence either? If his logic is sound, then by all means we must ban alcohol and cigarettes immediately!

Any publicity is good publicity

Whenever O'Reilly attempt to demonize drug reformers, it usually backfires. This video is a classic example. O'Reilly puts his foot in his mouth when he accuses Ham of using a theoretical example when she was referring to an actual law. Then O'Reilly comes at her with a "What would you do if?" question that was totally theoretical and she called him on it.

Liberal Pundit Juan Williams missed the mark by avoid the issue of culpability for the drug user. Liberals on Foxnews are uncomfortable confronting the drug war since they fear being painted by O'Reilly as soft on drugs/crime. Ham was excellent in her rebuttal when she wasn't shouted over Bill'O.


O'reilly got so much mail for this segment, he had to devote two days to the subject to read the viewer mail onn the air. So whatever O'Reilly wants to debate the issue with his emotional hypothetical arguments, I say it's a win win situation. He looks foolish and the issue isn't being ignored as it so often is on the other cable news and mainstream media. The only drawback is a lot of his guests come off as ill prepared to debate him when they don't give direct answers to his gotcha questions. This happens so frequently, I wonder if being ill prepared is a prerequisite for the producers that book drug reformers on the show to make O'Reilly appear like he knows what he's bloviating about.. 




I made it to the 03:19 mark...

I made it to the 03:19 mark... When "it" started to talk about "truth". "we are living in a age where truth is hard to come by". Coming from a person that has sold his soul to become a prominent purveyor of lies, propaganda and biased opinion, it was all I could stand to listen too. It is a good thing that I am able to turn off this idiot before he damages my calm.

Here is a talking point "it" failed to mention: If anyone feels that the mainstream mass media in the U.S.A. has only disseminated the truth is irrefutably mentally ill.

The power of the printed word has been well known by those that are involved in the news industry. They all know that is is not news until they say it is news... The mass media is and has always been a sh*t hole.

As for his opinion concerning drugs or anything else? Well, it really isn't worth talking about now is it? Most people do not venture downtown to engage in an intelligently constructive conversation with a mentally challenged homeless person, they just ignore them no matter what they are spouting out. We should all do the same to our alarmist media pundits of insanity...

Bill is a good example of someone who needs a consciousness expanding experience. People like him are the ones that favor wars, prisons, torture, segregation and other despotic behavior. Certain psychoactive drugs have the power of making even Bill a bit more human. The unfettered use of those drugs could cause widespread humility and compassion for others instead of the status quo (an audience would not exist for Bill and others like him in a pot smoking republic). People like him are well aware of this, hence their fear of any drug legalization.

My 80 year old father

I finished watching the video. Bill reminds me of the conversations I have with my 80 year old father. Those conversations never last more than a minute or two, we can usually talk longer about the weather...  I feel compassion for those that suffer from age related mental degradation. I hear cannabis has neuro-protective properties...

4:20 Bill...

Bill OReilly is not a real person

he only exists on tv. it's not that he's lying, it's that he has nothing to lie about because he has no beliefs. He sells a character and fox news employs an actor. he doesn't care about politics, he only cares about doing what he does.

O’Reilly’s Hidden Agendas

O’Reilly is a professional, evil clown.  Somewhere I read that 40% of his audience tune in because they like him and his spewed crappola, and 60% tune in because they hate him and want to hear what outrageous thing he says next. 

BTW, assuming you made it up to 01:51 in the clip, never sell O’Reilly’s daughter a car or anything else, much less drugs.

If O’Reilly’s daughter is sold a car by a car dealer, and she wrecks it and dies in the crash, “do you think that car dealer does not deserve to spend time in prison?

Because if you do think that, you could be mentally ill….

Bozo O’Reilly is the big man who ‘could be’ mentally ill.  Unfortunately, on his cable shows, he won’t shut up long enough for anyone to tell him.


Bull O'really

People like Bull O'really are the best thing we have going for the legalize marijuana movement. 

Maybe not the best thing, but...

O'Reilly's heavy-handed crusade against pot is handled so poorly with his hypothetical, emotional arguments which are either unprovable or unsubstantiated by the data. You know O'Reilly's gone over the deep end when the conservative pundit on his show argues against his get-tough, counterproductive solutions for having unintended consequences. Bill'O constantly refers to unintended consequences as the justification for his tired, antiquated solutions. However, since these sensible drug reform measures haven't become the law of the land in this country....yet, his arguments are theoretical.


When one compares the results of Amsterdam and Portugal experience with decriminalization, the data shows these policies work. However, these facts escape O'Reilly since they don't neatly fit into his blowhard, punitive agenda.

well call me werid but am I

well call me werid but am I the only 17 year old girl that finds bill sexy.i mean come on he nails it,and i wanna nail him yumm

Charming while alarming



What exactly does O'Reilly nail besides losing his credibility on a serious issue? Perhaps his personal assistant nailed Bill'O's grooming, suit & tie. But if you look a little deeper, you'll  notice him looking straight into the camera spouting off with his bold faced lies. O'Reilly wants to give the government control over what you ingest into your own body. Think he's still sexy or does his Gestapo style approach of spinning the facts set you back. You may think to pause before you whole heartedly support this blowhard's cause. 

Bill o Riley is a pot smoker!

Bill O Riley is a pot smoker according to Tommy Chong!! Tommy says that he has smoked with this hypocrite  lots of times and recently too!!!! Bill O Riley is just another friggin HYPOCRITE!!!! TAKING HOME THAT MULTI MILLION $ CHECK!!! HE IS NOTHING MORE THAN A  BOUGHT AND PAID FOR REPORTER \!!! 

Has Bill O ever heard of Bill

Has Bill O ever heard of Bill Buckley?

Sage0927's picture


Notice he said all the hard drugs...but didnt mention mary?Cause you cant overdose on why is it he is trying to put mary in the same category as those hard drugs? It's like he thinks they all share the same side effects..maybe he should smoke a j and then have this interview again 




I guess bill never heard that 29,000 of those od's were from big pharma drugs.Mostly oxycontin.Of course that isn't one of billies pet peeves so they get a pass.O'reilly has no clue and he's such a fool that he threatened to punch out the son of a 9/11 victim that opposed the gulf war.Punch him out.Live and on TV.Enough said on a sad waste of skin.

I could hardly watch that.

That guy is always a prick. All she was trying to say is a judge should have discretion. If the person that sold them killed the person taking the drugs then yeah lock em up but if they did not kill any one and have some pills on them because they're addicted they should get treatment not 10 years mandatory. That's All she tried to say but he wouldn't let either of them speak. I feel sorry for the old folks that watch and believe this garbage.

O'Reilly the braindead

So, every evening I watch these drug adds, which include warnings that that stuff could kill you.  So, as O'Reilly suggests, playing fair here, if you go to a doctor and he prescribes something that kills or injures you then that doctor should be incarcerated for life or executed.  What's fair is fair.  And, then do the same for the Drug Manufacturers, Lilly, Merck, etc.  I mean, they advertise them, and they tell you point blank that you take your chances with their doctors. 

Mandatory Sentencing

I think that people who use vibrators during phone sex should get a minimum of 10 years.

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