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The Ugly Truth About Obama's War on Medical Marijuana

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As the media turns up the heat on Obama's medical marijuana crackdown, one of the excuses he's giving is that they're just going after businesses that are violating state laws. In the President's own words:

The only tension that's come up – and this gets hyped up a lot – is a murky area where you have large-scale, commercial operations that may supply medical marijuana users, but in some cases may also be supplying recreational users. [Rolling Stone]

And again from someone at the Dept. of Justice

After Kimmel's speech, a Holder deputy told HuffPost that there was no coordinated war on medical marijuana, but that some individual clinics were breaking both state and federal laws. [Huffington Post]

Andrew Sullivan also gives a nod to this notion:

To be fair to Obama, he specifically said the policy was against those abusing the medical marijuana law to sell illegally. And some blame can be attached to the disorderly way in which medical marijuana laws have been enforced.

This excuse fails on about five different levels. The escalating assault on medical marijuana that's been ramped up over the past year is far from focused on forcing out bad businesses. If it were that simple, there wouldn’t be much to argue about. States could simply clarify their policies where necessary, medical marijuana providers could maintain scrupulous compliance, and only the crooks and bums in the industry would have anything to worry about, right? Wrong.

The truth is that the feds are doing the exact opposite of respecting state laws; they're trying to destroy them. Federal prosecutors have repeatedly threatened to arrest state employees for merely administering their own medical marijuana programs. They did so in a cynical effort to prevent lawmakers in multiple states from creating the sort of tight regulations that would prevent abuse and legitimize the industry.

Obviously, you can't claim to be merely upholding local laws while simultaneously threatening the very people who make and enforce them. This has been widely reported, and it even resulted in a push-back from the governors of medical marijuana states who've become frustrated with the mixed signals they've gotten from the Obama Administration. Think about how crazy it is that these states were following Obama's lead by clarifying their laws, and then the DOJ just comes along and threatens to arrest their staffers. It's an incredible mess, and it happened because Obama and Holder completely confused absolutely everyone about how this issue would be handled.

Making matters worse, multiple federal agencies have carried out a dizzying array of attacks against medical marijuana from every other conceivable angle:

  • U.S. Attorneys in California recently revived the Bush era tactic of threatening to seize property from landlords who rent to medical marijuana facilities.
  • After 9 years of failing to respond, the DEA recently denied a petition to reschedule marijuana, ignoring a vast body of scientific evidence proving the drug's medical efficacy.
  • Federal threats have caused numerous banks to close the accounts of businesses that provide medical marijuana to qualified patients.
  • The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms issued a surprising statement that medical marijuana patients may not purchase firearms.
  • The IRS is shaking down medical marijuana providers for millions of dollars based on an obscure tax provision aimed at drug traffickers.
  • A federal prosecutor even threatened to target newspapers that run ads for medical marijuana services.
  • And, of course, the DEA continues to raid tax-paying businesses that are legal under state law.

For Obama to now claim that all they're doing is targeting illegally operated dispensaries is flagrantly and transparently untrue. There really is a far-reaching federal assault on medical marijuana being carried out at the national level. Obama's refusal to acknowledge or explain it is unacceptable.

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obama needs to start getting

obama needs to start getting his fuckin shit together, i really hope he gets fuckin booted out of office, seems easier to just get it illegally then deal with this fuckin shit.

Drugs are bad for you. 

Drugs are bad for you. 

If drugs are bad for you,

If drugs are bad for you, then, why do Big Pharmacutical Companies keep raking in all the money that they do. Marijuana has NONE of the side effects that Pharm drugs do. I really hope you are never ill, or, in so much pain you can't take it. You will be fucked if you are. Drugs are bad for you...... Shut the fuck up and open your eyes and mind, this is the 21st century not 1930, you IDIOT.

I bet you think popin open a

I bet you think popin open a couple of beers after work, is cool though.

fn hipocrits drive me batty

Lot's of things are bad for

Lot's of things are bad for you, (like too much Alcohol, or even too much food) but the government (another word for majority) shouldn't decide everything you can or can't do. (and YOU in that case is another way to say MINORITY)


Says who , you? Who exactly are you to make such a bold statement. Are you a doctor? Till I see your credentials I say you're about as smart as the FEDS!


living on planet earth could be hazardous to your health...

Obama should get booted for this?

If he gets booted, then Romney takes his place.  Romney's anti-cannabis position is pretty clear.  Seems silly to boot out Obama because he lets the DOJ go after medicinal marijuana when you know for certain his replacement will do the same. 

Ron Paul!

Ron Paul has said that he wants to end the federal war on drugs!!!! why do people not even consider this guy when were talking about his issue?? hes the only one that has any compassion for medical marijuana patients and like i said he wants to end the federal war on drugs, this means that our states will finally be able to stick up for themselves and address this issue without pressure from the federal government.

And dont tell me he doesnt have a chance, because this is exactly what the people who dont want him in office want you to think, hes recently won the majority of the delegates in multiple state conventions, go to his website or dailypaul(dot)com will tell you this also,

RON PAUL 2012!!!

ok then

You know, it's comments like the one above that make cannabis consumers have the rep of being drug addled idiots. For the record I think Obama is an idiot to take the stance he has, and I hope he pays a political price for it. See how much better that sounds dude?

Thank you.

It breaks my heart when I take time to write something serious and the first comment is a turd like that.

Obama is a hypocrite

Obama has admitted to using Marijuana.

He stated he had used it many times, and that he inhaled...Because that is the point.

He probably still uses it now, just as you or I do, and if he becomes ill, I am sure he will be provided with it then as well.

Let us remember this when we go to the polls.

Not just when we are voting for president, but whenever we vote for anyone, from small town mayor to Senators and congressmen.

Or else we will need to collectively donate large sums of money to influence policy the wrong way, through campaign financing.

I am a proud mother of 3

I am a proud mother of 3 girls who are my life in 2007 I was told that I have Lupus and factor 5 I live my life with pain every day. Because of Medical Marijuana I have a better life. In 2011 I was able to finsh school and achive my goal with a grade point of 3.8. It breaks my heart that people are forgetting the real issue about MEDICAL MARIJUANA this is to help the sick. Not hurt them

So, u want romney then, right?

i have seen romney in action a lot. the message is crystal clear, he will attempt to wipe out every medical marijuana retail outlet, period. he gets asked of mj, and tells the reporter, "arent there more important issues to talk about than marijuana?" and amazingly, he said it in colorado. a man in a wheelchair asked, if romney becomes president," will u take my medical marijuana away?" romney laughed, turned and walked away toward the podium. another man asked "why dont u answer his question govenor?" romney does not even look back, but says "i did".


is that the mentality u want running this country? romney cares about one thing, winning, and he will lie to everyone to do just that. and the flip-flops are all on tape, he thinks we r stupid, and wont look at what he said way back when. what an moron and idiot he is. the mormon church strictly forbids drugs of an kind, and romney will fall right in line with that. romney walked up to a kid on a beach near his house, and told him to stop smoking pot, and in that statement i see the only real thing romney wants, is power over others. his gaffs and insults are growing old very fast. we americans dont have time for all this bullshit.


now, i am not happy with obama either, but i will not punish him politically. at least at one time, he left the marijuana industry to the states. so, there is at least a little chance that he will again, after the election. his posture on marijuana could just cost him the election, but it is way more important to vote for obama on the most important issue at hand.  who will appoint the next two (two of them said they will retire in obama's second term) supreme court justices?  it is his most important decision he will make in a second term, and that is indisputable. the current republican court is bad enough, but if romney wins, it will be more of the same, republicans. this is most important, because the ultimate decision on legalizing pot, will be in the supreme court's hands. i refuse to  be a one issue voter, that completely diminishes myself, much like the village idiot.  so, please, open your eyes and minds to the whole picture. i know a lot of people never even give the court consideration, at their peril. swollow the bad with the good, dont be a one issue voter! pot is our desrie, lets select the man that is democrat, and get democrats on that court. peace

I dont get this whole politic

I dont get this whole politic about weed / medicinal weed, its like an endless fight to get everything away, even tho the reason about weed is illegal is just a lie. cant u see that canabis might be 1 of the most useful plants ever? and obama rlly needs to get his head straight, hope he realise what a idiot he is being and maybe changes about it, or i doubt he will be president for long.

the truth

It is not the matter of it may be the most useful plant, cause it is. 25,000 products alone can be made from the cellulose, 5,000 from the plant itself. It's fibers are stronger than cotton which is why the Declaration of Independence was written on hemp paper, and to this day has not yellowed. What it really comes down to is harmony, chaos..and money. Marijuana makes everyone pacifists, love on each other more, and it heals. If it was legalized in any form medically or recreationally you automatically have the people that start growing it. Well when you grow it it is free, and money is debt.. all money  has an x amount of debt already attached to it when it is printed off. So we create more money to pay that off and then print more money to pay that off etc. And you wonder how we can rack up trillions of dollars in debt? It is because money is debt. And if everyone was happy and in harmony than there would be no need for it, and they could not control the population. but with out harmony you have chaos and chaos is easier to control than harmony. And what exactly do you use to control chaos? Fear. For the last 10 years we have lived in fear of terrorist attacks, enemy countries with biological weapons, nuclear fall out. Do you think it is just a coincidence that we have found absolutely nothing in Iraq, Iran and in Afghanistan? The war is just an illusion that we buy into cause we think we need to be patriotic, and that we need protection. Yet we let the those same people that claim their protecting us strip away our rights one by one and, criminalize the one plant that does not only help people medically but the world industriously. What we really need protection from is our own government.

Bravo, brother! I couldn't

Bravo, brother! I couldn't have said it myself! The president is a figurehead anyway, big business runs this country! I only hope and pray that some day the American public wakes up and the second American Revolution commences!

Well spoken

I could not have said this any better!  I know that people like us are probably not as outspoken as we need to be in the public arena.  The other people who perhaps read this and shake their heads, have willing eaten the lies that our own government feeds us.  This is easier than fighting...unfortunately, I truly believe that the only way we will ever really succeed is too completely destroy our existing government, base foundations of capitalism, and re-write an outdated and never-present Constitution!  Chaos, at some point, will not be ruled or governed with fear but will have to over take the country, and eventually the world.  A new order, and please do not reference Hitler's new comparision...marijuana law enforcement is not only a waste of our money but a breech in our freedom to find new ways to gain independence financially!  Reader's may call me what they want, but the idea of anarchy, at this point...makes the most sense to me!

Duplicity is Part of the Prohibitionist Scheme

Does the unholy prohibitionist trinity of Obama-Biden-Holder believe what they’re told about the dispensary raids?  Is über-prohibitionist Joe Biden the fly in the ointment on this issue?  What role has ‘follow-the-money’ Biden played?  As insulated as these people are at the top, it could very well be they live in some ethereal plane posing no semblance of reality, and therefore no awareness of what’s going on with medical marijuana raids.

DEA dispensary raids are usually smash and grab operations resulting in few if any arrests.  Money and property is taken. All information regarding why the raid took place remains sealed and unavailable for public scrutiny; a secret operation, conducted by secret police. 

With fear of arrests hanging over their heads, few dispensary owners pursue an aggressive legal defense that might otherwise unseal the records and make the federal government’s intent known.  Under these restraints, the cases simply never get adjudicated, so there is no way for the public, or for Obama-Biden-Holder, to know for certain if any single dispensary raid targets state law-breaking, or if it targets anything at all besides money, marijuana and its proponents.  

Forcing the DEA and U.S. Attorney’s offices to unseal the documents on dispensary raids would reveal if probable cause for the raids actually exists.  It would also probably reveal any political machinations in the background.   Something we certainly need for resolving dispensary raiding problems and other national snafus is transparency in government, and that transparency can be provided by AG Eric Holder with a stroke of his pen.


Anyone remember the

Anyone remember the prohibition of alcohol? Same thing with "illegal" drugs. End prohibition of the substance, take out the black market, and the drug war ends. But they don't want that. They make to much money shaking down legit business and arresting users (who have not committed a crime under common law, which is our founding laws) and confiscating the money and drugs. The money they get a return o the "investment", meaning the law enforcement agencies make money off of the "drug money" they obtain from seizures. They do the same with the drugs. They seize drugs and then turn around and sell the drugs themselves. I'm not saying all law enforcement does that, but I'm sure a fair amount do.

read me

All I know is that we gotta stop this stupid shit of weed bein illegal because weed is the least of are worries. smoking cigarettes and drinking vodka is know for shutting down the human organs. Weed has no death count and never will. We have a mass amount of retards and asshole controlling this country. If we as humans (not us citizens) stop following the stupid shit the government makes us do. I bet we have a mass change in are world. LET'S MAKE A BETTER DIFFERENCE TO ARE WORLD! We need it. Stop bein afraid of the bullshit government and start being human beings. Stand for your rights. Fuck

who cares

People are welcome to any opinion they want. Just because you can't take the word fuck or shit doesn't mean they are wrong just shows that your a pussy who thinks they are better then everyone @smorgan & jdog


A lack of verbage merely shows your lack of education, or your capacity for deep thought.

Using the same words over and over, as replacement for the words that should be used does exactly that.

Plus there is no reason to be angry at US, we are on the same side of this policy.

Throw some F-bombs where they will do the most good, not at those who are a supportive part of your community.

And by the way, being eloquent does not make one a pussy, being ignorant and un-educated does.

Oh really so if you curse

Oh really so if you curse then you are uneducated? I think people need to wake up, especially you! Who cares about a few swear words? Obviously you do. I think you need a lesson in real life and not from a book!


I don't understand how the government can regulate tobacco and alcohol, two leading causes of death and high risk of abuse, and then marijuana is illegal. Marijuana, a plant with no long-term health problems, a natural PLANT that can grow its god damn self where ever it manages to get a seed, a plant that is NOTHING compared to the negative of alcohol and tobacco, is illegal. They have NO argument other than being all powerful government "It's illegal because I say so.".

War on medical marijuana

Tobacco is also a plant, and alcohol is made from vegetation of various the argument that marijuana is a natural plant does not fly. All plants that grow naturally are not benign. Belladonna is a plant; a toxic plant, albeit used in medications.


I completely agree with your argument overall...that criminalizing is ridiculous and denies all the benefits of the entire plant, not just the medical aspects....but those of us fighting for change must do so intelligently if we wish to be listened to. We are going against bias, fear, and generations of thinking that street drugs are for addicts. We are trying to re-educate people.

I cant believe they have a

I cant believe they have a natural plant illegal. Something that was put on this planet by the very same thing that put us here, nature! Even belladonna, a toxic plant, is legal! I can't believe the government even has the power of doing this. I hope for a better future one day.

wtf??....what does owning a

wtf??....what does owning a gun and medicinal marijuana have to do with anything.  seriously....they act like the potheads and suppliers are out shooting places up like the ok corral. IDIOTS...potheads are at home playing xbox and watching movies munching out on the food they just bought ( stimulating economy...minimal...but still) give us a break w/ the B.S!!

Medical Marijuana is great for recreational purposes only

Didn't obama smoke weed in his earlier years before deciding to become president. Now he wants to crack down half the canabis dispensaries. Well the ones the are illegally open to the medical marijuana users. I think he should always look at the positive about medical marijuana people that smoke weed aren't fighters we are lovers .just saying

F the US who F's us all the time.

I don't give a shit anymore about our government because they don't give a shit about us. I'll just have to continue to get my shit illegally, even though I'm a harmless contributing member of society. No government is going to force me to be a habitual alcoholic tobacco chain smoker for the sake of preferred and special interest taxes. Oh, not to mention the ill health effects of such that push it's citizens to government approved pharmacy drug dealers. Capital Hill is making my stomach turn with their hypocritical ignorance and I have no respect for our law makers. Go to hell feds and take every single one of your lying conniving manipulating pork spending departments with you. You've never done anything for the citizens in the first place.

That's a great summary of the

That's a great summary of the current state of affairs for medical marijuana. Obama cannot deny what the DOJ is doing, and there's no way he can explain the current situation without admitting he reversed his stance on the issue. When he wanted to get in office, he admitted to smoking marijuana and promised not to interfere, but once he was in office, he changed his tune and hoped that those of us he is hurting would not notice or be heard. Many working professionals/voters are very quiet about their medical marijuana usage, so he lets the DOJ wage war on medical marijuana, and he's betting that we won't notice or speak up. Let's prove him wrong with our support of organizations like NORML and ASA, and with our votes in November.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. 

The reason its not legal and

The reason its not legal and never will be is because that would be something that they wouldnt be able to control(like cigarettes and alcohol)they have to have their hands in everything.ok lets tax it like alcoholand tobacco right?Wrong.....look what theyve done with the crap out of it so noone can afford it.then it will be filled with crap to make it highly addictive.were screwed people get over it.grow it in your basement like its been done forever and move on.cause we'll regret it on the long run.

A couple words of advice . . .

A couple words of advice for all of the commentors;  VOTE FOR RON PAUL ! ! ! or stfu:) 

Thinking Clearly's picture

Lies and more Lies

Obama will not consider supporting the legalization of marijuana. Neither will Republicans.

The truth is in plain sight. There are no confusions here except why the truth has no value to these two parties concerning marijuana. If all this hasn't convinced Obama by now its a case of doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. A good definition for insanity.

Lets discuss Gary Johnson instead of Obama. Or Romney. There is some choice, unfortunately its not from the Democrats or Republicans.


I guess Ron Paul is a nobody to you? Are you simple?

save face

It's not just the president, the government has lied to the people for how long now? It's not even just about marijuana. Our lovely government has lied to us about almost everything for the past century. Do you really think that the government is going to change? I highly doubt it! They will never admit to anything they don't want you to know the full truth, even when you can find it for yourself. Even then it's shrugged off as a conspiracy theory. Our government will never admit to the real truth. We the people should be ashamed! Rise up people I do mean everyone and take the power back!!!

I dont see what the big deal

I dont see what the big deal is people are going to smoke it wheather its legal or not. We might as well tax it and make it a cash crop. Its not like anyone has ever died from using marijuana.

no big deal

civilizations have thrived on it! 

I think its vitally important

I think its vitally important for anyone who is arguing about changing the laws about marijuana to separate the issue of medical marijuana and recreational marijuana. Now of course some legit medical users also use marijuana for recreation. But its also clear that a lot of medical marijuana users and even so called medical marijuana activists don't really care about patients and only really care about getting their marijuana for recreation. Confusing the issues creates layers of problem and makes it much harder to rationally discuss the issue both with activists and with politicians. It creates a major image problem. It gives the government a lot of excuses to bust on medical marijuana and attack state law because most of the public isn't fooled by it. Sure polls say people support medical marijuana but do those polls also ask people if they support medical marijuana for recreational users? I doubt it.

Look there are very sick people who need access to marijuana. These people are in my opinion being trampled on by not just the government but also by the activists themselves. Why do I say this? It sounds backwards. But here is why:

1- Growers and dispensary owners themselves have opposed laws to legalize recreational marijuana. This kind of greed and selfish behavior shows that a lot of the people in this industry are happy with status quo because they are making lots of money. Since when was helping sick people only about making money? Sounds a bit like the pharmaceutical industry everyone likes to demonize. Did anyone really expect the DEA wouldn't notice and take advantage of this major public relations hole?

2- Growers, dispensary owners, and even activists themselves resist efforts to legitimize the medical marijuana industry with quality control. Quality control for any substance whether its a botanical substance or synthetic substance is an important part of modern medicine. Many people seem to think that because marijuana is natural it doesn't need any quality control. That's absurd and even dangerous. The amount of bacteria, fungi, and pesticides that ends up on so called medical marijuana is dangerous to someone whose is immune system is severely weakened like an AIDS patient or someone undergoing chemotherapy or organ transplants.

3- Clinical data. Many activists say we don't need to do clinical trials because we know marijuana works for everything. This again is absurd. Marijuana doesn't cure everything and a lot of the evidence about its effectiveness is anecdotal. That being said numerous clinical trials have been conducted with smoked marijuana, oral THC, and other drugs like sativex. How come we don't hear about this when discussing the issue? Every time a politician stands up and claims "there is no clinical data for smoked marijuana" why doesn't someone in the crowd stand up and say "yes there is" and show that data? In order to change a substance from schedule I to schedule II you need scientific evidence. Granted the government used poor science to put marijuana in schedule I we now have good science to put it back into II. Why aren't more activists standing behind the science instead of hiding behind a smoke screen of political tricks and half baked legislation to confuse everyone? I've seen activists actively resisting scientists efforts to do more legit research. Its insane! I think the reason is because they want the easy way out. They want to ride the publics acceptance of medical marijuana to get it legalized for recreation. The government knows this. This is why Oaksterdam was raided. Anyone who doesn't see this is a fool and shouldn't be speaking for the legalization movement.

4- I bet many people who claim to support medical marijuana would resist re-scheduling to schedule II. You know why? Then recreational users won't have access to it. Its that simple. It would requite a prescription that is far more strict then the system in California which is again a joke and a public relations mess.

Finally I want to say that I support the legalization of marijuana for recreational use 100%. But we need to separate these issues otherwise no one will take medical marijuana seriously enough and very sick people will continue to suffer. Also the little time we have to discuss marijuana law with politicians will be and has been squandered by people using smoke and mirror tricks to convince the public to support them. The really sick patients are already losing out because of the recent blow back. The blow back is in many cases the fault of the activists who confused the public on the issue.

We need to stand behind the science that marijuana doesn't belong in schedule I. We need to stance behind the science that demonstrates that marijuana is no where near as harmful as the government claimed. We need to stand behind the science that shows current drug policy isn't working and that better systems are possible. Standing behind the smoke and mirrors with patients as the shield is not right. We need to be honest within our own movement before we can talk about it with the public. Its clear to me from the comments I read hear and the interaction I've had with so called "activists" and "medical" suppliers that this honesty is seriously lacking.

Then Obama, the DEA, Holder and all those other dick heads won't have an inch to argue. Medical marijuana can have scientific proof that it works. In some case that proof is there. But if we want an FDA approved schedule II botanical substance we need to be approach the issue objectively and scientifically. If we want marijuana for recreation we need to approach the issue with the same objectivity but with a different serious of arguments. Personally I want both. But I won't claim "wheres my medicine!?" when I'm not sick and neither should you.

about voting

I agree. If you see how the two major parties lie and work this issue, then you can see how they lie and work all the other issues and concerns of the American public. People have told me that if I vote for a third party I am throwing my vote away. It is obvious to me if you don't go out and find yourself a third party, you are throwing YOUR vote away.

It looks like Gary Johnson if going to be the Libertarian candidate and they are for putting Marijuana laws back into the hands of the states. They also have many political beliefs that you may or may not agree with, but they are not the only other party and not the only party that is opposed to federal prohibition.

Two faced

I think it is funny that Mr. Obama is all bowed up and thumping his chest over killing Bin Laden, but claims he is not able to tell the DOJ how to behave when it comes to infringing on state laws. Sounds like bull$hit to me.

I agree drugs are bad, but

I agree drugs are bad, but marijuana is a plant the grows naturally, it is almost impossible to OD on marijuana, I think there should be laws regulating driving while high, and matters like that but otherwise it's a plant, I hate when people refer to it as a "drug"

Why marijuana is still illegal

Marijuana is still illegal because it props up the drug war as a whole. Most who use so-called illegal drugs ONLY use marijuana or stop with marijuana or fall back only on marijuana and not use harder drugs or stay with harder drugs. It doesn't matter that marijuana is "the safest therapeutic substance known to man (Judge Francis L.Young circa 1988)." It's metabolites stay in one's body for up to a month. That props up the testing companies and the bottom line for governors like Rick Scott of Florida who have a major stake in a testing company. Other drugs only stay in the body for as little as a few days (cocaine, heroin etc) and most never use those drugs. To say that marijuana is a gateway drug is like saying those that ride bicycles are more likely to ride motorcycles. They take a person who has used a less commonly used substance and ask if they've used a more commonly used substance and try to make a causal connection.

The reality is that marijuana is a cash cow for the police under civil asset forfeiture, the drug testing companies, the treatment centers, the judges, jailers, prison builders, private prison contractors, the defense attorneys, prosecutors, and the black market which feeds other crimes that then need to be addressed by these same people who make their living on enslaving one for what they peacefully ingest, inhale, or imbibe.

Those are a lot of jobs lost if marijuana were legalized. Those in those positions aren't willing to just give up that cash cow without a fight. The two party system does not help because the Democrats basically say, "hey, don't vote for us, you are helping a republican.'" They take the marijuana community for granted. The republicans talk a great talk of getting the gov't off of one's back, but they really only mean the corporations backs. 

We are winning and the wall of intolerance will not need to be dismantled brick by brick. We just have to keep pushing and realize that by the actions you are seeing from the feds are a tell that they have become a rapid animal backed into a corner fighting for it's existence (DEA et al) before they finally succumb. 

Things one can do: Hone your

Things one can do: Hone your argument... anticipate the typical responses and be prepared to debunk them. For example: gateway theory...debunked in my previous post, but to add to it, argue that if more are using marijuana, why isn't there a corollary to expanded use of hard drugs which is falling? Another argument against is that treatment visits are up. Argue, if that if one is forced by a drug court to choose between jail or treatment, which would you choose? No-brainer.

For Republicans, argue that it is fiscally responsible (generates tax revenue and saves money on enforcement and keeps people on the tax rolls) and that you know of no other community asking to be taxed and point out how the business community (CNBC, Miracle Grow, etc) is looking for a new way to make a buck. Point out that marijuana legalization is completely compatible with republican ideals. It's about individual freedom and getting the gov't out of one's life.

People need to start calling the congressmen/women and Senators. Editorials to papers need to be written. The White House needs to be called (202) 456-1111. It is not enough to sign petitions or attend rallies that politicians don't care about. If you want change, you need to demand it.


"The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms issued a surprising statement that medical marijuana patients may not purchase firearms."


Yes, because everyone know pot smokers are far more violent than alcoholics...

10,000+ murders a year in mexico, Obama shrugs shoulders.

I would like to see the drug war end so users can get the care they need if they need anything at all. Some users have other issues and drugs are a coping mechanism. Treatment centers are too late you need education centers on how to make responsible choices and be provided with unbiased information about the benefits and dangers of all drugs. That can't happen until resources are directed that way instead of toward policing and prosecuting users.


so the ATF issued a statement to not allow any medical-marijuana patients to purchase and own a firearm? correct me if i'm wrong, but doesn't that interfere with our second amendment which clearly states "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." shall not be infringed, doesn't that mean theres nothing they can do to take away that right? call me crazy but were all slowly becoming prisonors in our own country who claims to be the land of the free, i feel as if we should change our nations name to "the united states of nazi germany".

Experience is indeed quite key!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


                                    The less one knows about any drugs the more they'll harm U!!!!!!!!!!!!Know that most prescription drugs have not stood the test-o-time like illegal drugs which R actually much safer 4 that very reason.Now I must go 2 my job @ the MAYO where I'll B performing-o-little Brain-Salad-Surgery with the great Ben Carson!!!!!!!!!! Sorry E.L.P. fans:)(;

Weed is illegal.......

Weed is illegal because some d-bag years ago said that it was cutting into profits for his paper company. If we make it legal again we could make more paper, reduce pollution, and still have the bud for medical purpose. Ya it might take away a few jobs but if a person thinks about it the prison system is made up mostly of people that are caught with small amounts of this one plant. But if its made legal again all of those people will create jobs and put money in to the economy. Not everyone has to like it just look at alcohol I don't like it but so many people do so its legal. So if we work together instead of fighting we can get it legal again.                           

              -Don't drink and drive smoke and fly.

Not Good Enough

Yea, not so sure about that.  He ended those DEA raids at the beginning of his term, but now they're back shutting down COMPLETELY LEGAL dispensaries in California.  He's changed his stance on gay marriage - he needs to get it together with the drug war, as well.

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