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New Poll: Almost Everyone Thinks It's Wrong to Jail People for Pot

Via NORML, check out this new data from an Angus Reid Public Opinion poll.

Majorities of respondents in the three countries (Britain 56%, Canada 68%, United States 74%) welcome the concept of using alternative penalties—such as fines, probation or community service—rather than prison for non-violent offenders. At least seven-in-ten Britons (70%), Americans (74%) and Canadians (78%) believe personal marijuana use should be dealt with through alternative penalties.

…And yet I keep hearing people justifying Obama's medical marijuana crackdown on the grounds that voters will be impressed by his toughness. How much more evidence do we need that huge majorities support less punitive marijuana policies? It's time to bury the antiquated, idiotic myth that the public supports tough drug laws. It's false and it's been false for a very long time.

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Wake Up People

Legalization and regulation models are the only real and acceptable ways to combat the demonizing of cannabis. The antiquated perpetuation of the mindset of those who have gone before runs deep, as evidenced by this very article. Let's stay basic and regulate marijuana like alcohol. It is a practical, realistic and workable solution.

We who have the desire to use cannabis wired into our genes are literally second class citizens. I personally function at a productive level whether I use marijuana recreationally or not. I feel that the social sanctions against me are misplaced and have no place in the society in which I live.

I have not consumed a mind altering substance in over a year and have no plans to do so in the near future. I have a job and payments like many do and I can not jeopardize my entire life just to smoke a joint. Even though I would really like to do so without fear of repercussions, as do many who come to this site, I simply can not for it's misplaced perception in today's society.

Here's something that is quite true and accepted in the USA. Suboxone is a narcotic that thousands upon thousands of people take to suppress their opiate addiction. This is a fact and medically accepted. It is a physical, mental and spiritual addiction that takes control of an individual. These people, of whom many hold jobs and positions of responsibility, are allowed to live normal lives with jobs because our medical community and pharmaceutical companies have fought for their right to do so. That's great for the opiate addicts, I hold them no ill will, they have their own battles. I just wonder why there are so many of them without us showing more concern on the matter?

Marijuana has clogged up the judicial system in ways that are unnecessary and ludicrous. It is a plant that kills no one. People get in trouble because of it's legal status, not because of it's chemical composition. There are no deaths attributed to marijuana consumption. I know of no psychotics who became that way because of cannabis. I have not ever witnessed violence brought on by cannabis consumption per se.

We must have a realistic agenda and that is to remove marijuana from Schedule 1, it's wrong period no exception. There is a use for marijuana in medicine. We need to map out the genome scientifically and release it's great potential. We need to regulate cannabis like alcohol. Lastly, we need the hemp industry to thrive in the USA. It is well known that industrial hemp does not get one high and the list of products that can be made from it would make George Washington Carver envious.

"The government's line is that the use of marihuana leads to harder drugs. The fact is that the lack of marihuana leads to dangerous drugs."-Dr. David Smith, Haight-Ashbury Free Clinic

Cannabis Poll

The Obama Autocracy appears to be as bad or worse than the Bush/Cheney regime. What an insane 'public policy' war!

Going bankrupt, the Empire in steep decline ... but still plenty of money for drones and prison cells! Is this a great country or what??!!

What surprised me is that Amerikans are actually a bit more enlightened than Brits or Canadians on the topic.

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