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4/20 Protest at Obama Oaksterdam-area Headquarters

There is a Bay Area 4/20 demonstration against the Obama administration's war on medical marijuana. It's starting a short time from now at the federal building in Oakland, followed by a march at noon Pacific time to Oaksterdam and Obama campaign headquarters, which is around the corner from Oaksterdam University. There is a film festival and benefit party for California NORML and OU starting at 3:00pm, and another event in the area tomorrow.

Phil is attending and will be posting a Chronicle report this afternoon -- check back. Visit for sign up for their updates. Following is the CANORML announcement:

Fri 4/20 - OAKSTERDAM PROTEST (11:30 - 1:30)

JOIN US at 11 AM, at the Federal Building in Oakland (1301 Clay St.) to protest the federal attack on Oaksterdam and medical cannabis. At 12 PM we will be marching up to Oaksterdam to make our views known to the President's campaign. Participants are invited to drop by the Oaksterdam Student Union 1915 Broadway for refreshments after 1 PM.

FILM FESTIVAL & 4/20 CELEBRATION - 3 PM - 8 PM at Oaksterdam (1600 Broadway) $10 for benefit of Cal NORML & Oaksterdam U. Featuring: "A NORML Life" (3PM); "California 90420" (4:30 PM) and special premier presentation: "The Green Goddess" (6PM) with in-person Q& A by producer Chris Iverson. Facebook event page

Sat 4/21 DEEP GREEN FESTIVAL at Craneway Conference Center, Richmond - noon -midnite
Festive Earth Day celebration of the 7 dimensions of cannabis. Look for the CalNORML table!

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Obama sucks he can go to hell for all i care i hope he dies a horrible death for allowing the war on pot to go on.



For Freedom, Vote for "None Of The Above"

If voters were to examine their Congressional representatives (Representatives & Senators) voting records, they would find that a majority of these politicians favor (1) increasingly repressive drug laws, (2) increasingly repressive police state powers, and (3) increasingly belligerent to nations Israel fears. Surprise, surprise.

Most |D| and |R| politicians have been bought-off by the Globalists. The time of the USA as a constitutional republic under the rule of law is drawing to a close. The age of empire is upon us, and there will be very little difference between subjects as citizens of the empire versus subjects as neocolonial client states -- both basically victims.

Why would any patriotic citizen vote against the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the rule of law by voting for politicians that routinely break their oaths of office?

Is the stability of a government any more assured when it is a kleptocratic corporate socialist state, rather than of a constitutional republic that has had some ups & downs over 200+ years?

If the Powers That Be control which politicians |D| & |R| run against one another, with the PTB as the only winners, why don't more voters make use of Absentee Ballots and using the "Write-In" option for voting?

Does any voter really believe that "Not Voting" sends the message to the Powers That Be that it's a protest against the PTB, instead of just more "voter apathy" and a silent tacit approval of the policies of the PTB?

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