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We're Winning Any Time the President is Forced to Say the Word "Legalization"

This MSNBC footage is pretty exciting to see.

Obama got dragged kicking and screaming into this debate, and it's a significant moment even if he didn’t give up any new ground. Just look at what happened here. Obama had to travel all the way to Colombia to argue against legalizing drugs, and he didn’t do a particularly good job. The drug war debate looked nothing like this just a few short years ago, i.e. I do not recall Bill Clinton or George W. Bush being forced into any situations like this one.

The impact of a symbolic moment like this is something we can't exactly measure, but my take on the situation is that the lights are being turned on. People are talking about the drug war more than ever before, which creates a kind of pressure that hasn’t existed in the past.

When both sides of the debate are talking about policy change, that says a lot, even if one side isn't serious about it. Opponents of legalization are now in the awkward position of pretending that there's some kind of 3rd way to handle this, and they're going to look sillier from one day to the next as the problem gets worse under their watch. What happens after the "reforms" offered by the Obama Administration and people like Kevin Sabet fail to save a single life south of our border? We're going to find out.

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 To me it is simple common

 To me it is simple common sense. Why would you continue to support a failed platform that currently makes it EASIER for kids to get weed then if it were regulated (behind the counter where you must prove age)? Kids are going to get it be it legal or illegal. You have to make a choice because there is no middle ground. Either you keep throwing a ton of money at the problem which puts more kids in harms way or you spend less and make it HARDER for them to get!? Not to mention that after it is finally legal, when kids do manage to get their hands on it (a reality of life) at least you will know where it came from and that it is safe! Common sense people!

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