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Can Obama Win Votes by Waging War on Medical Marijuana? I Don't Think So.

I have a piece at Huffington Post today reminding everyone that Obama isn't making any friends with his escalating war on medical marijuana. It amazes me that it's still necessary to point out that republicans don't support this madness either. Anyone who wants to excuse the Obama Administration's horrible handling of this issue will have to do better than claiming that voters want to see stuff like this. The hell they do. Anyway, check it out

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What risk?

Obama knows he's going to win California no matter what is his political risk?  These actions pander to the right, so he can comfortably have it both ways.

Re: What risk?

What do you mean when you say he's pandering to the right? The right doesn't want him to interfere with medical marijuana laws. When has anyone on the right suggested that he do that? If you look at the polls, most republicans support medical marijuana. 

80% of the nation wants medical marijuana...

So perhaps pissing a lot of people outside California, like some swing states.  Go figure, Obama goes out of his way to protect illegal immigrants but has an issue with sick and dying American citizens having access to medical marijuana.  Even Attorney General Eric Holder compares legalizing marijuana to legalizing murder!!!

"The stoners will vote for a

"The stoners will vote for a Democrat or Obama no matter what."  This old Democrat vs. Republican difference on marijuana hasn't existed since Jimmy Carter.  Since then we have seen an all out drug war that is now out of control with Obama.  The people want change and they are not getting it by any party.

This time it could be different for Democrat Obama.  There is a huge and growing alternative media base that is waking up to the entire corruption.  People like Gerald Celente are calling for a voting boycott against the phony two party system.  The time is ripe for Californians, drug reformers, marijuana consumers/patients to abandon the old 'must vote Democrat' programing and vote for anybody but Obama.

The best thing that could happen for marijuana reform is to have Obama lose because all the 'stoner' votes went elsewhere -- and the insiders know it.  That is why we are seeing this weak argument popping up that you are wrong and Obama can be a destroyer of MMJ and still expect to get the votes.

Stoners don't vote

Stoners don't vote

Shut the Fk up, you

Shut the Fk up, you stonerphobe.  Stop portraying marijuana consumers as lazy and irresponsible.  Marijuana consumers come from all demographics.

Obama Must Lose, Or Be Impeached

Obama isn't merely a Republican disguised as a Democrat (there are plenty of those), he is an Authoritarian to such an extent to make "Bush the Lesser" look like a piker. Of course Obama is prosecuting the Drug War to a far greater extent than Dubya. Obama is black, and he's a Democrat, so he is supposed to get a free ride back into the Oval Office after shredding the Constitution. Gerald Celente's suggestion to boycott the national elections is, quite frankly, wrong-headed. "Not Voting" as a boycott does nothing to distinguish the disgruntled voter from the apathetic voter. Apathy at the ballot box, by voting for one or the other "mainstream" political party candidate, or not voting whatsoever demonstrates lack of civic duty at a minimum, or quiet acquiescence & approval of the status quo at worst. Granted, that there is little to choose between Obama and Romney -- both are corporate-owned Globalists. But there are alternatives -- vote for the USA Green Party candidates, or if you are so inclined, write-in the candidate of your choice such as Dr. Ron Paul. Considering the entire issue of the vulnerability to malfeasance of electronic voting machines, I would recommend to readers to request Absentee Ballots. Fill it out; make a certified copy to keep; return the original by certified mail, early.

RE: Replace With Whom?

When Obama is impeached, the normal replacement would be the Vice President Joe Biden -- for the remainder of Obama's term of office. That presumes that the PTB would continue the sham current reality distortion field of the USA as a constitutional republic under the rule of (egalitarian) law.

If enough pressure is brought to bear against Obama quickly enough, he would have to resign instead of continuing to run for re-election. Romney is a tool of the PTB, just like Obama, which is the way that the PTB like to game the elections -- Tweedle-dee versus Tweedle-dum.

For all local & state elective offices (including Congress), I would vote for the USA Green Party instead of |D| or |R|. But to make certain of no continued over-reach of the Federal government, as well as to counter-balance their liberal populism, I would "write-in" libertarian Dr. Ron Paul for President. The planks of the GP have a pretty broad overlap with those personally espoused by Dr. Ron Paul. Sort of what you might expect from a self-avowed libertarian socialist.

Obama, Worst President in History & Maybe Last President

Consider that Obama was largely elected on the presumed basis of being "Not Dubya". As it turns out, Obama waxes eloquently on a populist agenda, but in actions is a crypto-Globalist far worse than Dubya. Obama has embraced the very worse human rights & civil rights excesses of the GW Bush regime, and then extended those excesses to the very cusp of police state martial law.

If the USA does tilt fully over into police state martial law, there is no guarantee that the USA Constitution & Bill of Rights will even be available to revert to our original constitutional republic, let alone maintain the pretense of holding elections. Our corrupt & criminal Congress has done everything possible to furnish the President with all the legislative tools necessary to implement a dictatorship, beginning for real with the Reagan regime.

Before history can record the vast extent of criminal activity of "our" political class in order to ascertain whether Obama is the worst/last President, the public will need to know exactly who Obama actually is: Barack Hussein Obama, Barry Soetoro, Harrison J. Boudel, Barak Mounir Ubayd, or some other person entirely. Today, no one who knows the whole truth is speaking out. After all, look at what happened to Breitbart & his missing Obama college video.

The musical chairs will continue until the band demands payment

And when the band learns they won't be paid, the music stops.

The entire Potemkin Village facade of our economy is about to collapse...and these goofs in government keep on as if nothing truly catastrophic is about to happen. They keep spending money on BS like the DrugWar  as if our entire economy can't come to, not only a screeching halt, but a head-on train-wreck...with explosives in the cars.

But on the day the dollar loses its' place as the world's reserve currency, Uncle Sam will have to do some serious budget-cutting, and not just cut the things the Big Money Boyz who run 'both' 'Parties' want cut, but funding for drug prohibition, as well. It will be downright hazardous to a politician's or a bureaucrat's health to try to say to desperate, angry people that they need money taken from the social safety net and given to drug warriors so their kids can be safe from  drugs, when those kids need to be saved from homelessness and hunger because their parents are unemployed.

The crunch is coming. Sooner or later, the questions that the Lamestream Media have not asked will be. And the DrugWarriors will have no satisfactory answers, this time. People in this country are getting angry and will not be fobbed off without some serious consequences occurring.

Ron Paul!

Everyone here is wondering who to replace obama with, i say it should be Ron Paul, for those of you who dont know, Ron Paul is the only candidate that is talking about giving us our rights back after obama has signed them away, he is calling for an end to the drug war and has some really good ideas on how to fix the economy,

Please, please look into to this guy before you vote this year, this is a monumental election year and Ron Paul has a plan to give the people their money and their liberty back,

Dont believe for a minute that he doesnt have a chance either, hes now polling better than both obama and romney (in polls that arent put out by MSM) especially now that santorums gone we have a better chance than ever! RON PAUL 2012!!!

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