If homophobes are secretly gay, do anti-pot fanatics secretly wanna get high?

A widely-publicized (and totally awesome) new study suggests that hating gay people is a sign that you might just be a bit gay yourself.

ScienceDaily (Apr. 6, 2012) — Homophobia is more pronounced in individuals with an unacknowledged attraction to the same sex and who grew up with authoritarian parents who forbade such desires, a series of psychology studies demonstrates.

This, of course, goes a long way towards explaining why the leaders of the anti-gay movement are constantly caught in delightfully gay situations, but I wonder if it tells us anything about the anti-drug demagogues who've been insisting so strenuously that everyone sober up for the good of society. Maybe deep down inside they really just wanna party.

Heck, it might even explain why Obama's been so cold to us. After all, this guy used to get down pretty hard, but now he's got a wife and kids and a really busy job being the President, so he can't exactly just twist one up whenever he feels like getting funky.

If you think I'm just being silly here, well yeah you're half right, but honestly I've yet to hear a much better explanation for Obama's vicious betrayal of the campaign promises he made regarding marijuana policy. Maybe we'll get one eventually. In the meantime, I won't be holding my breath hoping our anti-pot President gets caught in a closet somewhere sucking on a bong.

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"anti-drug demagogues who've been insisting everyone sober up"

Is that an accurate description of what they're doing? I'd say they're insisting the only substances people can use to lose their sobriety are alcohol, tobacco, and big pharma concoctions, not their competition such as cannabis. The nanny staters are understandably down on tobacco and alcohol but they are a far cry from the anti-illegal drug demagogues who look for cops with guns to do their dirty work for them of making the world safe for alcohol, tobacco and big pharma.

But regarding the motives of some cannabis haters, I strongly suspect some are indeed afraid that they would be tempted to try cannabis if it was legal, and be changed by trying it, and deal with that fear by supporting prohibition. It's a gross reason to deny others freedom, because you're afraid you can't handle your own. Some others   tried it, couldn't handle it or didn't like it, and think that's a good enough reason to ban it.  

Conceivably Obama is being blackmailed by drug warriors. I'm not saying it's likely, but his betrayal of most of his base over medicinal marijuana, in defiance of science and public opinion, is indeed begging for an explanation. Though of course Joe Biden has been hardcore evil of the subject of cannabis and other illegal drugs for a long time. Doesn't have a goddamn thing against alcohol though.

Not to let the Repubs off the hook, the supposedly liberty loving Tea Parties never did come clean on cannabis. They're satisfied with the law the way it is and don't care to discuss the subject. Just another gang of tyrants and alcohol loving hypos.

ive thought about this for a

ive thought about this for a long time because it's not really news the whole homophobes being secretly gay. I've long considered what that meant about the prohibitionist... I have to be honest though, in my opinion, i don't think the majority of prohibitionist's (not the pot elitist type, mind you but the genuine, beer chugging white bread American prohibitionist i mean) are hiding any drug using hobbies - i think that the main thing about them, the true root of their insanity is really simple it's just fear. They're scared to death of drugs. They cannot displace themselves from others who choose to use drugs - meaning, they cannot seperate the fact that they themselves are not using and others are and therefor it's not really any of their business - which in my opinion has probably alot to do with massive insecurity problems. I think they're people desperate for acceptance and praise who truly want to be the center of attention and deep inside want to believe they are something special that others would aspire to be like - but due to the insecurity issues, that isn't reality for them but in order to get close to making that a reality, they endeavor to do things that sort of facilitate that as a reality. But I think, in the end, the two main things that drive a prohibitionist is insecurity and fear. It's my opinion. 


It's interesting too... Before I became enlightened that loving heroin is a great thing, prohibition is the destroyer of lives, many a moon ago, I'd obviously been bombarded by ignorant friends and family (some of which had good intentions, albeit misguided!) to go through the stupid prohibition motions and during all those various stays at various places across the nation, it's funny how you'd run into people, all different shapes, sizes, colors, creeds who were there for opiate use. I am remarking that they would consume, in some cases (although, LETS BE HONEST, for whatever reasons, again in my opinion I think it's insecurity fueled and wanting to be "the man" & "cool" - atleast 75% AT THE LEAST of the stories and claims of your fellow rehab/detox/halfway house etc patients are NOT TRUE, lol.) more than I'd ever encountered in my, once again in my opinion, fabulous user's career as a user or witness to use... The amount of pills they claimed to consume certainly earned my praise...But, when you'd bring up heroin, the cousin of those pills, probably the older, more famous, but jealously hated cousin, they'd flip out. They'd have the gaul to actually LOOK DOWN at a heroin user. I mean, it's the same thing more or less. But they "never went that far," "never went down THAT road" "wasn't into THAT" with such astronomical but altogether illogical fear. It's funny really that they'd think they're above other consumers of the same type of stuff via route of use (chewers and swallowers were better than sniffers who're better than bangers who're better than dopers regardless of the means the dope was used - however in that subdivision, dope sniffers looked down at dope bangers - ALL an AMAZING cycle of fear)


but no matter what the instance, fear is only the symptom the real issue is misinformation which can only be cured by - i think - forcefully exposing the lies of propaganda.

"They hate us for our freedom"

George W seemed very Brokeback Mountain-ish

Maybe it's politics

With the recent debates and discussions going on in South America about drug policy, I have to wonder (and fervently hope) if Obama saw it coming and is swinging the pendulum in such a way that the American people will grow louder and louder about the issue. Of course, after 4 years of getting "duped", I could be experiencing  a form of political Stockholm Syndrone at this point. 

SO Self Possessed

Does EVERY issue on the planet have to be sexualized by the Rainbow crowd? Can't I just be for legalization without somebody from LGBT community telling me its about sexual orientation? 

Facts Only Please...

I think the author of this article is confusing genuine dislike of something (whatever proportion justified or not) with hypocrisy. Yes; we all know that a certain variety of "Reformed Smoker" is the worst, but the ascertion that people who are vehimently against something is proof of their being closer to wanting it is a gross generalization of only one type of hypocrite.

In the naive past we debated whether there were any genetic basis for gaity whatsoever. Now we know there are as many reasons as there are stars in the sky:

Female brained men (only given to an "increase" in gay propensity).

Faulty chromosones

Naturally low/high levels of hormones (that is; genetic, hereditary whether a fault or no...)

"Corrupting" Influences from childhood, society or aberrant individuals

Demons ?

Awful accumulative experiences of the opposite sex


All of the above.

So; naturally, if (as seems likely) some gayness can be traced to a medical anomaly then it would be wrong to have any thing less than pity for such. Likewise, those who were abused and either learnt "deviant" behavior or else are caught in a loop of shame which is self-reinforcing are not helped by the scoffers and cynics.

Then of course; (for the sake of completeness) there are DIRTY BASTARDS. No doubt about that. I wouldn't say that gay behavior was a desirable state of affairs. Ultimately; you've got to eat. And what goes in must come out. Abstaining for the day or two needed to purge all wouldn't satisfy the most low-sexed gay person, let alone the raging queens we know exist. And mechanical means to accomplish the same require enough application of such machinery as to prove to the most ignorant of minds that such is contrary to what nature intended. But; can you produce a miracle ? For only that could cure ALL cases. In that case, let your disdain be mingled with empathy and compassion and don't be such a BIGOT. Else, in JUDGING so, you might find yourself being JUDGED. And GOLLY ! you might even get struck down with "gayness" by Lady Karma...!!!

And Again...

If you asked me did I believe there were any gays who were meant to be created so and had nothing whatsoever wrong with them, then ahhhhhh; probably the brain sex orientation would be the strongest candidate. Followed by men who are naturally of more delicate build as women who are the opposite. As a Christian I have to say NO. But; I both fully understand if people accept what they are as being natural, in a fashion, if you're born with it, then it is. Also, my heart goes out to anyone who's makeup is anything less than what it should be so I'd be loathsome to start trying to pour condemnation on anyone. If I say I believe homosexuality is fundamentally wrong, then don't tar me with the same brush as them who are ignorant of all of the above. It's hare enough to experience any supernatural healing whatsoever, a complete rewriting of your genes (such as would be required in the case of a hermaphrodite or an XXY person) is as far above the ability of the most conservative gay bashing Christian to provide for you as it is for a straight person to make themselves gay simply by thinking about it. So, in those cases they are mostly idiots. But, some Christians claim to have received deliverance and healing from homosexuality (doubtless the less serious cases) and neither should we scoff at that. Can they make limbs grow back too ? For that is on a par with what would be required for the most serious of conditions. When people start talking the language of both of these two posts then we shall all be talking the same language. On the issue of whether homosexuality is ever (and how much) "natural" we shall have to agree to disagree. Else we become worse than the worst deviant, and guilty of a greater sin than the mere act: to wit; hatred of our fellow man. You don't have to like it. But then, you don't have to issue blanket condemnation either. One thing is clear to an intelligent person. Many, many gay people simply cannot help the way they are. And; if they can it will take much time, much socialogical rethinking and ultimately a miracle of creator proportions for some. This IS intelligence...

but, on the original

But; on the original subject, yes; certainly there is a phenomena where a person, sensing he is not altogether sure of where he stands or knowing he is weak as all men, attempts to reinforce that with "small dog mentality" and is actually closer to the edge than us all.

A read through these three posts should help him to find a correct balance in all of it. Else, if he continues to issue blanket condemnation, then truly SOMETHING is wrong with him. It could be ignorance. It could be a personal experience to do with it. Or, he really might be hiding a secret that there are aspects of his being which are not altogether as manly as what he would, and ego is the easiest cover for an abberant fool.

Hmm. I've said enough...

but, on the original

But; on the original subject, yes; certainly there is a phenomena where a person, sensing he is not altogether sure of where he stands or knowing he is weak as all men, attempts to reinforce that with "small dog mentality" and is actually closer to the edge than us all.

A read through these three posts should help him to find a correct balance in all of it. Else, if he continues to issue blanket condemnation, then truly SOMETHING is wrong with him. It could be ignorance. It could be a personal experience to do with it. Or, he really might be hiding a secret that there are aspects of his being which are not altogether as manly as what he would, and ego is the easiest cover for an abberant fool.

Hmm. I've said enough...

Maybe deep down inside they

Maybe deep down inside they really just wanna party.
I've asked maybe 8 amateur prohibitionists (the rabidly anti-pot people who really hate pot and pot smokers and spend large amounts of time battling them online) and 2 professional prohibitionists whether they drink. The two professionals said they don't drink, and I am willing to take their word. ALL of the amateurs refused to answer the question. I think professional prohibitionists are in it for the power. The pot-haters though seem to be projecting their self loathing and hatred of their own drug of choice onto pot and pot smokers.

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