Will Strip-Searches Stop Terrorism and Save America?

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I've got a post up at Flex Your Rights talking smack about the Supreme Court's icky new ruling on strip-searches. Check it out.

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So, are the justices wanting

So, are the justices wanting to be searched too, since they are involved in treason during a time of war . . . does not their upholding drug laws keep drugs illegal and thus sold on the black market for terrorism . . . if we truly wanted to obey the letter of the law, we would at least execute if not imprison for life everyone who aides the terrorists and our enemy during a time of war –all those whom make it possible for drugs to be illegal so illegal drug money can finance terrorism.  We do no that buyer and dealer size quantity doesn’t usually aid terrorism, but smugglers and growers size quantities do and it’s the cops and these justices whom let them grow it illegally so terrorism can have proper finances . . . if cops really didn’t want terrorist to be supplied with money, then they’d do 24hr shifts (like we do in war) until the mission is over . . . the law requires American cops to do cop work in Kenya and Somalia and India and Russia and Mexico since obviously cops in those countries cannot do their job to 100% stop the flow and trade of drugs . . . it was the American cops whom forced all the partnering U.N. nations to adapt the 1961 U.N. Single Convention.  If you want to find a Muslim terrorist, you don’t get very far looking for the guy who’s a Muslim or who is Arabic or speaks Arabic or has the name Al or Ali transfixed to their full name, you look for the name officer or sheriff or a man carrying a badge or a judge . . . arrest the DOJ, then you stop the cause and effect of at least 50-65% of all global terrorism . . . no greater ally did the terrorist have in 9/11 than the American cop.  Because some idiot decides to wear a badge or wave the gavel, my friends get killed in the Stan or Iraq fighting drug prohibitions’ drug money funded terrorists and insurgents.

I wonder how much money Hezbollah and Hamas have donated to the various annual police balls and charities?  I mean, wouldn't you give thanks and give to the one's whom make you thrive and become successful?  You just had to know that Osama gave thanks to Allah on his prayer rug to the NYPD and the rest of the DOJ for their duty and hard work . .  .I mean, I give thanks to the French for giving us Camus and Sartre etc.

Presumption of Innocence Killed by SCOTUS

Extremism in detention and interrogation is the hallmark of a police state.  When punishment is assured simply by the act of being arrested, we can be sure the presumption of innocence has been tossed out the window. 

Presumably innocent people are not supposed to be treated this way.  If they are, the level of anger directed at the state by the innocent victim of an arrest is exponentially greater than it would be otherwise.  Abuse of this type also has an odd, collective, counter-effect on a society, in that it upstages democracy to boost totalitarianism.  Or, in the words of a well-known expert on tyranny:

The great strength of the totalitarian state is that it forces those who fear it to imitate it….A violently active, intrepid, brutal youth – that is what I am after…. ”  –Adolf Hitler


How do we know that the

How do we know that the jailor or cop isn't a terrorist hiding in sheep's clothes . . . If I was a terrorist and didn't want to be suspected, I'd be a cop, so why not force the cops and jailors to show us theirs as well -doesn't the one in jail (and his guards) deserve to be safe . . . how do we know that the jailor doesn't have drugs up his ass?

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