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I'm Back

Now seems as good a time as any to bring to a close my semi-unplanned and entirely unannounced blogging hiatus and get back to hating the drug war with as much vigor as my MacBook can process and my schedule permits.

It’s been an ugly couple of months on the reform front, and I’ve been too busy with other projects to chronicle it, but the ferocity that’s swelled within me during that time can no longer be contained. So here I am. Stay tuned.

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Yay! Scott Morgan is back!

Yay! Scott Morgan is back!

oh well.I don't know what the

oh well.

I don't know what the big deal is. I barely noticed that your two paragraph re-writes of  the stories Guitner and Smith did a week earlier weren't there. To say it another way you are number 25 on my list of top 25 drug policy bloggers. Your stories are short, stale and shallow. Each one having already been covered at length, by better writers who have investigated and researched their stories. I only care because if SM is being paid than I feel my donations are being wasted and would be better spent on anything really.


Scott Morgan is the cliff notes of drug policy blogs giving a pathetic retelling of real writers work. Scott Morgan is the blog equivalent of my 9 year old  telling me what he heard on the news.


I guess it isn't all bad as we can not all be well read and even the most ill-educated reader will never be reading over his head.

I appreciate this.

It's so hard to stay motivated when I'm not getting paid, when battles I thought we'd won continue to resurface, when the mind tires of finding new ways to explain the simple truths that this movement exists to defend.

I admire Pete Guither and Phil Smith, and would never compare my work to theirs. They are my elders, wiser, more learned, experienced, and patient than I. This is reflected in their work, just as my irreverence and short attention span are, I guess, easily detected in mine.

But I do this because I love it, and I love it no less just because I don't have the time or means to do it better. I love it no less knowing as I now do that at least one visitor to our site doesn't care for my contributions. And to the extent that your criticisms may hopefully spark within me the passion to try just a little harder, I thank you for every word you've posted here.

Welcome back, Scott

I missed your posts.

I usually don't waste my time on trolls...

...but I'll take this as an opportunity to give Scott Morgan a shout-out and much-deserved thanks for his amazing work. Scott, you've been an inspiration throughout my entire drug policy career. Your writing style is incredible- stylistically refreshing, straight-forward, analytical, and often hilarious. Thank you for everything you've done for the movement, Freedom Fighter!

As to RUST1D2?, wow. You're super lame. 

Welcome Back Scott

Prohibitionists such as RUST1D2 are obviously unnerved that you've returned.  Don't worry about them.  You are my muse, dude. You bring an emotional fervor to the site that keeps readers coming back.   I was hoping your departure was only temporary.  So it is.


I've enjoyed Scott's blog posts for years


I enjoy your writing so much that I actually feel irritated when your blog is not updated.

Keep it coming,


p.s. your music is also very good.  Send me more songs, I only have "Good Morning."



Thank you Jesus

It's hard enough to keep up with the multitude of issues these days without getting overwhelmed by the amount of content out there.  I'm glad there is someone around to summarize for me, as I do not have time to read (lets say 25) different sources on Drug Policy related issues.  I appreciate the links to stuff you find important and am glad you have returned.  I would have no idea where to look without you.  I've just started my own business, which leaves me bereft of free time to do the research myself.  I appreciate your simple and direct approach and love that I can get the highlights through your RSS feed without worrying about being over run with data.  You give me the resources to delve deeper, should I have the time, and I appreciate your dedication to the cause.  Given my field, It's not always prudent to comment openly on these subjects, and I am glad to have you, in addition to many other capable people, taking up arms on the front line. 


Good news


RUST1D2? is certainly nasty, and certainly anonymous. He or she probably works for Drug Watch International or a similar outfit.

As I have written on my blog numerous times, I think you make some of the most insightful observations about drug policy developments and keenly interpret the statements of officialdom. I've been reading about drug policy for 35 years, and I think you come up with fresh ideas all the time. I'm glad that you're back to writing about drug policy -- here and at Huffington Post.

Eric Sterling

Gee, Scott, sorry to hear you

Gee, Scott, sorry to hear you can't contain your ferocious swelling, but I'm glad you're back anyway. Have you tried ice packs?

Keep those drug war hating rants coming

stdw is back to full strength.


Scott was gone? Just kidding - you were missed. Welcome back.

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