An Open Letter to President Obama on Medical Marijuana and 2012

(Democratic consultant David Krute tells President Obama why the medical marijuana crackdown is a bad idea.)

President Obama, Cabinet and Election Team,

As a 4th generation Democrat I can tell you that the sure way to lose your voters is to attach yourself to Holder's 4 prong Medical Marijuana ambush. There will be many MMJ initiatives across the country in 2012. The MMJ voter will be needed by President Obama if he is to win re-election in Nov. 2012. The Marijuana policy announced will cost 5-10% of the vote or more in key states. Killing the economy with more reefer madness is madness you know. If I were the average American Citizen and I smoked Marijuana, Barack Obama would not have my vote as he did last election.

Why This is So:
1.) As many as 5-13 different states could wind up having Marijuana measures on the Nov. 2012 ballot.
2.) There will be at least 2 tough swing States in play that are heavily invested in Marijuana.
3.) Somewhere between 500,000 and 1,000,000 votes will be lost if President Obama supports or even appears to be in support of this ridiculous Federal attack on Patients and the medicine they need. As the co-author of the CA Economic Budget Hemp Restoration Act 2012 with a 33 year record of support for the legalization of all forms of Hemp and Senior Consultant to the "Budget, Economic, Environmental, Protection, Alliance" (BEEP-ALL) as well as the Publisher of the largest Democratic slate mail program in the Nation, expecting to mail at least 8 million households of mail personally on 2 separate graphically designed targeted mail pieces, I believe my record as a Democrat, Job Creator and Environmental Advocate are undeniable.
4.) I do not believe President Obama put any real thought into this 4 prong Federal Assault on Patients, Caregivers and the entities they must work with in order to receive their medicine.
5.) Mr. Holder is very mistaken if he thinks that an all out assault on a significant part of the American Voters will be his answer to the mess in Mexico.

What is Really Happening:
1.) At a time when properties and businesses are closing and foreclosing every day, Landowners are being threatened with property forfeiture if they do not shut down their only rental sources. (Foreclosure or Forfeiture is the option landowners are being given.)
2.) Banks are being told that if they don't close out Thousands of accounts they will lose their Federal Insurance Status. (When there is NO Money let's make Millions of Dollars go underground again. That will surely fix the economy.)
3.) The IRS has declared that Marijuana Dispensaries are not eligible for regular business tax write-offs. (Since they will not be keeping anything in banks it will be impossible to figure out what they made anyway so we will not receive taxes from a large majority of businesses that are paying their fair share now. The rest will pay less next year than they have in the past.)
4.) Patients and Caregivers will have their gun licenses revoked. (Because cancer patients and their caregivers are the problem in the war on Guns in America. Retail Storefront owners who distribute medicine are the ones who don't need to protect their product or patients. Only liquor stores and bars need to be protected by an employee with a gun behind the counter.)

In Conclusion President Obama, you must reign in your henchmen; Allow legitimate business that are creating jobs, paying salaries and taxes to operate openly and legitimately; Stop harassing our sick and elderly; And for god sakes, don't take millions of dollars out of the banking system driving it all back underground into the nontaxable black market and think you will be president in 2013. This is as unintelligent a plan as I've ever heard come from Washington and therefore I give you the benefit of the doubt that it was not on the top of your list. It must be put there now if you are truly for the American people and you would like to serve them for a second term.


David Krute
Senior Consultant, BEEP-ALL
Budget Economic Environmental Protection Alliance
Publisher, Election Education Guide Mail Program

(This article was published by's lobbying arm, the Drug Reform Coordination Network, which also shares the cost of maintaining this web site. DRCNet Foundation takes no positions on candidates for public office, in compliance with section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, and does not pay for reporting that could be interpreted or misinterpreted as doing so.)

Permission to Reprint: This article is licensed under a modified Creative Commons Attribution license.
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Too little, too late

"3.) Somewhere between 500,000 and 1,000,000 votes will be lost if President Obama supports or even appears to be in support of this ridiculous Federal attack on Patients and the medicine they need." 

Too little, too late, there are so many who voted for Obama last time who are refusing to even consider him this time round, feeling betrayed and not just because of these raids on State legal businesses but also because he has broken nearly every campaign promise and has also been following in the footsteps of Bush, Clinton, Bush etc., etc., etc. with a vengeance!

They frustrated and

They frustrated and disappointed by Obama so the answer is to either not vote, which will help the republican or vote for the republican? That's crazy. The republicans ARE THE REASON Democrats must appear as equally stern moralists and tough on crime. The Republican party, with the exception of maybe 10%-15% who are libertarian is utterly completely totally in favor of prohibition. At the presidential level, there are only two possible choices, and the republican will NOT be better than the Democrat on liberalizing social policy. At least Obama is potentially reachable, especially in a second term.

Register Republican, vote for Ron Paul in their primary

Change your registration to Republican (I was able to do it thru the mail) and vote for once for someone who's on our side, not someone who has betrayed us. You can always vote for Obama in November if Paul doesn't win the Repub nomination or if other issues outweigh your views on the drug war. But why not use your primary vote to send a clear message to the dictatorship that is fucking people over so badly? I call it a dictatorship because they refuse to honestly discuss the subject and are only interested in giving orders.

2012 Voting


I agree with you. while there is nothing that could get me to vote Republican in 2012 or any year since I was able to vote, the problem is that we are not the average voter. The average voter often makes their decision on what is a very superficial basis. With no regard to the overall political philosophies at play.

The radically different views that are extolled by the Democratic Party- Power corrupts, ultimate power corrupts ultimately. and Republican Party: Puritan ethics. trickle down. The rich will make good decisions for the rest because they have everything they need, are not even known by most voters. If they are and anyone worth less than 50 million is voting Republican with that knowledge all is forever lost.

I am writing specifically because this issue is an issue that draws voters who don't normally vote and people who will be single issue voters. It is my opinion as a political campaign message and mail specialist that, losing those voters will make the difference in more than 1 swing state. I hope President Obama reacts as I would love to see him do. If not as much as the issue means to my family and me personally, I hope I am wrong. We cannot afford to have republican control of the government at all in the next decade if we are to turn this country and the planet around. 

Screw obama

He does not care anyways. I will go with Ron Paul in 2012. At least he WILL end the Feds prohibition of cannabis.

Obama is not Ron Pauls opponent

The Republican Party is Ron Pauls opponent, unfortunately.  You will see in the primary election.  What makes it worse is the way the nomination process is for Republicans where the winner is decided before the rest of the states have had their say.


So what happens when it is Obama vs a Republican that is for escalating the War on Drugs even further?


Maybe this is why Obama does not care.  He is banking on the Republican nominee being exactly such that.

You are correct about the winner of the nomination

being decided before the primaries.  

That is why, if you truly want an end to the prohibition of drugs, you must become a delegate for Ron Paul in the GOP caucuses and conventions.  Whomever has the most delegates at the GOP national convention wins the nomination, (and they don't give a damn who wins in the primaries, the same is true of the Democrat convention when their candidate is not an incumbent).  Do this, even if you must change your party affiliation to do it, you can always change it again after Ron Paul wins the election.  

Obama's not going to do anything differently in a second term, that's just wishful thinking, and the Democrat Party is just as authoritarian as the GOP.  If you cannot see that you are willfully blind and fully brainwashed by the (illusory) left/right paradigm!  Face it, both parties are out to make you their chattel, Ron Paul is the only one who will restore your freedom in spite of the (R) behind his name in the media and on ballots.

Does it really matter? No, it doesn't

Every US president has done it. Why should one expect Obama to be the exception — he even received the Nobel Prize for Peace, for goodness sake, for PEACE (he should return it, immediately!). That is where the tragedy for Latin America lies: that when it comes to foreign policy, it is irrelevant who is elected as US president. Paraphrasing Carlos Fuentes, a prominent Mexican writer, the only way the US can sustain its democratic façade internally is by behaving undemocratically externally.

The policy of the USA, the largest drug consumer in the world and the most belligerent war on drugs warrior, has always been to force others to deal with the mess they have created in the first place. The irrefutable fact is that the US likes "exporting" its internal conflicts and demanding other countries to fight its fights. It is also the logic of its foreign policy: wage war on foreign lands — be it in the form of low intensity wars like the War on Drugs, or high intensity ones, like the War on Terror (see the pattern?) — in order to isolate the US from the fallout from pursing its economic, political and strategic interests whatever the cost…for others.

The so-called War on Drugs is no exception. It is a clear example of the way in which the US has turned its internal affairs into an external war; a war where drug producing countries are doing the fighting, and in the process, paying the highest price imaginable.

What else can be expected of a country that swaggers about lecturing everybody about the rule of law, democracy and human rights, but ignores international law, practices extraordinary rendition, tortures, wages illegal wars, finances mercenaries, uses unmanned drones to carry out extra-judicial killings, and is the largest beneficiary of the war on drugs proceeds.

As unfortunate as it is for Latin America, there is nothing paradoxical, unusual or unexpected in the US behaviour: it is what dominant powers are meant to do. The Roman Empire did it, and the British Empire did it, too.

Gart Valenc

Vote for Ron Paul in 2012 the

Vote for Ron Paul in 2012 the real canidate to help stop the drug war in america. No other canidate compares or even thinks of this as a ligitimate. Lets stand together and change to republican for one year just to vote for Ron Paul. I also voted for obama in 08 but this time I realize the one telling us the truth.

Saynotohypocrisy, That is an

Saynotohypocrisy, That is an idea thy needs to spread like wild fire right now. An "occupy wall street" sized movement of young democrats that all re-registered republican for the primaries may be able to sway it in Ron Paul's favor. Why isn't there a mass movement advocating this? It theoretically could work.

The only way it won't happen

The only way it won't happen is if we don't make it happen. Let's make it happen. Get the word out to family, friends and strangers. Let them know they need to re-register as soon as possible if they want to be able to vote in the primaries.

Voting in the primaries won't get Ron Paul the nomination

In order to achieve our goal of nominating Ron Paul as the GOP candidate for president, it is going to take a lot more effort and dedication than just voting in a primary, it's going to cost you money, too.  

Ron Paul must have the largest number of delegates at the national convention to win the nomination.  So get out there and become a delegate for Ron Paul; the caucuses will start soon, you must attend to become a delegate, and then you must also attend the local and State conventions, too, before you go to the national.  I know it is hard work to bring about a change in government, if you don't make the effort nothing will ever change except we'll be less free next year than this and less free the year after and on and on until we are as bad off as those people who live under truly despicable dictatorships.

That so many people are completely unaware of how a candidate becomes the candidate on the ballot is a testament about how poorly our public schools educate the children about the way our government functions, how politics has skewed the elections, and the rights and duties of the citizens.

David Krute for President in 2012

You just won my nomination for president in 2012, somebody with common sense and clue what the people want.

Thanks But Not I Said the Wise One

I'll stick to working on passing ballot measures and finding others to stand and take the grief of being in office. It is not pretty and no one goes into public office without being beaten up for it. Every President except Bush II aged 10 years in the first 1 year he was President. Bush II was too lost to know it was supposed to wipe him out.

Occupy DEA?

In addition to "Occupy Wall Street", we should have an "Occupy DEA" movement.



END MARIJUANA PROHIBITION Hurry!  deadline Oct. 22

legalize it

I will vote out anyone who is in office that opposes the medical marijuana as well as vote in anyone who is open to this stupid debate. Obama your career is dead.... Newt can fuck off and die with Obama and all the rest of the politicians who are blind and vote out all the mother fuckers opposing at least the legalization of medical marijuana!!!!!!!!! All politicians are crooks, liars and cheats. They bend us over after elected and pork us all in the ass. VOTE THEM ALL OUT starting with Obama. Then start plinking off all in congress. Occupy D.C. and use your vote. I am going to vote out anyone who is against mmj.

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