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An Open Letter to President Obama on Medical Marijuana and 2012

Submitted by David Borden on Sat, 10/15/2011 - 10:36pm

(Democratic consultant David Krute tells President Obama why the medical marijuana crackdown is a bad idea.)

President Obama, Cabinet and Election Team,

As a 4th generation Democrat I can tell you that the sure way to lose your voters is to attach yourself to Holder's 4 prong Medical Marijuana ambush. There will be many MMJ initiatives across the country in 2012. The MMJ voter will be needed by President Obama if he is to win re-election in Nov. 2012. The Marijuana policy announced will cost 5-10% of the vote or more in key states. Killing the economy with more reefer madness is madness you know. If I were the average American Citizen and I smoked Marijuana, Barack Obama would not have my vote as he did last election.

Why This is So:
1.) As many as 5-13 different states could wind up having Marijuana measures on the Nov. 2012 ballot.
2.) There will be at least 2 tough swing States in play that are heavily invested in Marijuana.
3.) Somewhere between 500,000 and 1,000,000 votes will be lost if President Obama supports or even appears to be in support of this ridiculous Federal attack on Patients and the medicine they need. As the co-author of the CA Economic Budget Hemp Restoration Act 2012 with a 33 year record of support for the legalization of all forms of Hemp and Senior Consultant to the "Budget, Economic, Environmental, Protection, Alliance" (BEEP-ALL) as well as the Publisher of the largest Democratic slate mail program in the Nation, expecting to mail at least 8 million households of mail personally on 2 separate graphically designed targeted mail pieces, I believe my record as a Democrat, Job Creator and Environmental Advocate are undeniable.
4.) I do not believe President Obama put any real thought into this 4 prong Federal Assault on Patients, Caregivers and the entities they must work with in order to receive their medicine.
5.) Mr. Holder is very mistaken if he thinks that an all out assault on a significant part of the American Voters will be his answer to the mess in Mexico.

What is Really Happening:
1.) At a time when properties and businesses are closing and foreclosing every day, Landowners are being threatened with property forfeiture if they do not shut down their only rental sources. (Foreclosure or Forfeiture is the option landowners are being given.)
2.) Banks are being told that if they don't close out Thousands of accounts they will lose their Federal Insurance Status. (When there is NO Money let's make Millions of Dollars go underground again. That will surely fix the economy.)
3.) The IRS has declared that Marijuana Dispensaries are not eligible for regular business tax write-offs. (Since they will not be keeping anything in banks it will be impossible to figure out what they made anyway so we will not receive taxes from a large majority of businesses that are paying their fair share now. The rest will pay less next year than they have in the past.)
4.) Patients and Caregivers will have their gun licenses revoked. (Because cancer patients and their caregivers are the problem in the war on Guns in America. Retail Storefront owners who distribute medicine are the ones who don't need to protect their product or patients. Only liquor stores and bars need to be protected by an employee with a gun behind the counter.)

In Conclusion President Obama, you must reign in your henchmen; Allow legitimate business that are creating jobs, paying salaries and taxes to operate openly and legitimately; Stop harassing our sick and elderly; And for god sakes, don't take millions of dollars out of the banking system driving it all back underground into the nontaxable black market and think you will be president in 2013. This is as unintelligent a plan as I've ever heard come from Washington and therefore I give you the benefit of the doubt that it was not on the top of your list. It must be put there now if you are truly for the American people and you would like to serve them for a second term.


David Krute
Senior Consultant, BEEP-ALL
Budget Economic Environmental Protection Alliance
Publisher, Election Education Guide Mail Program

(This article was published by's lobbying arm, the Drug Reform Coordination Network, which also shares the cost of maintaining this web site. DRCNet Foundation takes no positions on candidates for public office, in compliance with section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, and does not pay for reporting that could be interpreted or misinterpreted as doing so.)

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