Cop Says Marijuana Legalization Could Cause Window Washers to Fall From Large Buildings and Land on People

Yeah, marijuana legalization sounds like such a great idea…until a bucket of soapy water, or even an entire human body, comes crashing down on top of you and turns your peaceful life into a nightmare.

Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department’s Robert McMahon is charged with enforcing the law on marijuana use. But he is very concerned about the many hidden ramifications of decriminalizing cannabis, making it legal for anyone to grow and smoke hemp. He’s afraid of what the second largest city and most populous state in the country would look like in 20 years if weed is made legal.

"I think that anytime that an intoxicant is made legal there are social costs associated with it. And I point directly to cigarettes and alcohol as examples,” he says. "We’re talking about loss of work and collisions, work-related industrial injuries. Somebody comes to work stoned, and they are working some heavy equipment or up on a high-rise — a window washer that’s stoned — not only could he [or she] injure himself, but some of his or her negligence could cause someone else to be injured." []

No, it won’t. This will never happen, not even once. Under California’s current marijuana policy, the number of stoned window washers falling from buildings and f$%king people up on the streets below is exactly zero. Mathematically, even a one-hundred-fold increase in marijuana use would still produce no incidents of buckets, hippies, scaffolding and other random crap collapsing and crashing down on people from above (0 multiplied by 100 is still 0, you may recall).

Yet, as dumb as this all sounds – and it sounds pretty damned stupid, doesn’t it? – I am not at all surprised to find opponents of marijuana reform attempting to exploit the natural human fear of having stuff fall from the sky and land on your head. I would, and I’m being completely serious here, be far more surprised if no one in the fanatical anti-cannabis crowd ever bothered to argue at any point in this debate that the legalization of marijuana could easily result in window washers falling from the sides of skyscrapers and maiming pedestrians on the sidewalks of American cities.

If one were to calculate the totality of idiotic nonsense put forth routinely by these people, you would be certain to conclude that the likelihood of this particular stupid idea being introduced by them is extraordinarily high, higher by far in both literal and figurative terms than any window washer on the planet. 

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False Prophets of Prohibition

DOWN with the False Prophets of Prohibition!

Once we help The Deceived overcome the fears that swarm them and those fears have no place to rest, they will fly back home to roost and land on the tongues and bodies of those that gave them birth.

Then the fearmongers will run in a panic although no one is chasing them, they will flee at the sound of a leaf rustling in the wind, they will run like crazy people from one terror to the next, and more similar stuff is detailed in the Old Testament.

The False Prophets of Prohibition and the Men (and Women) of Lawlessness have stored up some of the worst of the worst for themselves.

I like this guy

I like the cut of this guy's jib

Prohibitionists Running Out of Excuses

Violence and rape didn’t work to propagandize marijuana, so now we have window washers who get high on weed, unhook their safety harnesses and take flying leaps off their scaffolds.  L.A. County Sheriff McMahon failed to note that if a toked-out window washer falls onto someone, there’s roughly a 40% chance the individual the window guy crashes onto will be a marijuana smoker.

Sheriff McMahon doesn’t appreciate this fact, that 40% or so of the people he encounters on a daily basis in L.A. have used, or are currently smoking pot.  Given the sheriff’s latest marijuana evilness theory, and given the degree of his exposure to marijuana smokers, by now the sheriff should have been hit by a car, electrocuted, speared, poisoned, set on fire or sliced in half by an elevator cable.  Yet, he lives.

Could it be that marijuana and its huge number of aficionados are not as dangerous as a certain fitfully paranoid sheriff believes?  Could it also be that legalization won't be as dangerous, if at all, as Sheriff McMahon believes?


How many window washers drink

How many window washers drink alcohol excessively while working. How is that any different? This whole article MUST be a joke...


Thats exactly what i thought. He must not grasp the concept that when his mouth opens he looks like a moron.

i agree... you don't see many

i agree... you don't see many people going out and smoking a fat J getting high then driven a car and wrecking it... with my experience from marijuana i drive better high than i do sober. people hate weed so much just because its illegal.. everyone step back take a look if we can control this and if we sell it out to other countries and within the U.S. it could help us get the U.S. out of the massive debt we are in.. lets step up and make a movement

i agree... you don't see many

i agree... you don't see many people going out and smoking a fat J getting high then driven a car and wrecking it... with my experience from marijuana i drive better high than i do sober. people hate weed so much just because its illegal.. everyone step back take a look if we can control this and if we sell it out to other countries and within the U.S. it could help us get the U.S. out of the massive debt we are in.. lets step up and make a movement

I agree with you 110%

Drunk or medicated on anything else he/she may have a prescription for would be dangerous. There are many many drugs out there that would impair one from doing his/her job in any field of work for that matter. And on the flip side, there are many drugs that help one to function normally on his/her job. For example ,A teacher with bi-polar would benefit smoking a joint than drinking a beer, and beer is legal, however, drinking beer would cost her her job apparently, so the laws and regulations would apply much the same I'm sure, nobody wants to legalize the stuff to just smoke freely wherever they want, work, public, and so on. The last I checked, a window washer can't drink on the job, so I'm sure he/she would not be allowed to smoke either if it was legal. Yea, this whole article was pretty stupid. lol!

What an idiot this guy must

What an idiot this guy must be, don't he know that the majority of construction workers and labor workers are already smoking it and high everyday they work. I know so many people, that if you didn't see them smoke it, you would never know. People all around us everyday are high, including doctors, lawyers, librarians, clerks, mechanics, hospital workers, and even members of our families and we don't even know, but yet it's SO dangerous. Get a fucking clue people, marijuana is harmless.

I think they are more afraid....

I think they are more afraid of having to actually work for a living and going after real criminals to fill their quota.

Very simple answer.Why can't

Very simple answer.

Why can't drugs be legal. However, anyone wanting to work as a window washer could be drug tested to get the job ?


A writer, professor, musician, etc. it would not matter if they used it.

They test for pot, but not

They test for pot, but not booze.

Booze is legal

So since booze is legal, those falling from the scaffolds are on booze. HMMMM!

What a Red Herring!!!

You have a much better chance of being shot in bed by a Rambo want to be,  than having a water bucket dropped on you!

Dems and Reps, different pages from the same bad book!    NYPD, ret

don't forget "carnage on the highways!"

MADD and ONDCP are gearing up for a huge push on "drugged driving" which is dogwhistle-speak for "internally possessing >0 nanograms of THC".  It's not scientifically sound policy but when has that ever stopped them?  Had a fender-bender?  Get ready to have a needle stuck in your arm, no matter how minor the incident or who was at-fault.



Now that's just plain silly

Are you trying to out rhetoric the nutcakes? Seriously, after you finish your 12 step program and thank John Walters for saving you from yourself you're going to have a promising career as an employee of the Bureau of Hysterical Rhetoric. Can't we try to stick to reality on our side of the table and let the Know Nothings have the exclusive rights to the fantasy land fear mongering?

Millionaires out of touch with society!

What complete nonsense! Our legislators have an anti-marijuana perspective and promote into positions of power those people who will agree with them. This anti-marijuana culture inevitably trickles down to police chiefs and to those people who work for them. 

And why is it like this? Because half of Congress are millionaires and marijuana just doesn't fit into their elite view of society. It simply would not be "proper" for them to legalize adult marijuana sales even though the prohibition *doesn't* prevent people from buying, selling and using marijuana and does draw drug dealers into our neighborhoods, making our children LESS safe!

Almost impossible to buy illegal alcohol today.

We have a right to expect that our laws are based on logic and we have a right to expect that our laws create more good than harm. The federal marijuana prohibition FAILS on both these counts. Banning adult marijuana sales makes children LESS safe!

Just look at how hard it is to buy illegal alcohol today and how easy it is to buy illegal marijuana and you see firsthand the effectiveness of alcohol legalization and the ineffectiveness of marijuana prohibition. Marijuana is far LESS harmful than beer and wine which are LEGAL, and is also far LESS harmful than the federal marijuana prohibition which makes children LESS safe by creating large profits for drug dealers where otherwise there would be NONE.

they are an imaginative lot, oh did we mention save the kids?

gees, they must have a think tank that stays up till the we hours to come up with ever ridiculous excuses, talk about scrapping the barrel. what next, smoking cannabis can lead to extra terrestrial abductions leading to anal probing and Psychosis. oh and did we mention protect the kids and psychosis, no, only 20 times, just to be to save our kids and stop psychosis.... kids ... Alzheimer, kids save our kids. its about the children. are you crying enough to be brainwashed again. to be sure..... kids ...... psychosis.... save them from falling people.

their intelligence is reflected in their reasoning.

from Martin Stone



Drew B's picture

As you can probably guess,

As you can probably guess, there are both "think tanks" and foundations which promote prohibition.

PBS (pwned by sadists) has taken a violent turn for the worse with regard to spewing prohibitionist claptrap and outright lies.  Why?  At least one of their funders is a neo-prohibitionist:  Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

I haven't checked their other funders, but I bet it's more than just RWJ Foundation.  You can see their deep influence in the debate between Glenn Greenwald and John Walters; Walters states at least one of his slides was a composite of slides prepared by the Robert Woods Johnson Foundation.


On Dr. Hanson's page you can also see that RWJ Foundation seems to fund The Rand Corporation, so it is any wonder a recent report showing above ground marijuana sales did not cause violence, but decreased it was yanked?

Drew B's picture

And I forgot to mention that

And I forgot to mention that in that slide Walters uses, there is supposedly "no data" on alcohol use during alcohol prohibition.  However, they do show cocaine and marijuana use during our present bout of prohibition.

There are a few problems.

1) I've seen graphs of alcohol consumption during prohibition, so why did they leave it out?

2) If they left out the data, which others have reported, because they think it's not accurate, that it's based on the inherent problems of people self-reporting they are doing something illegal, then why do they include self-reported stats on cocaine and marijuana?


This guy is seriously concerned with window washers and people getting hurt because of the legalization of marijuana. This is a completely ludicrous accusation to make. How can we even be okay with cigarettes and alcohol to be legal but not marijuana? What is sad is that cigarettes and alcohol are even worse for ones health than marijuana. Most of the prohibitionist for the drug war movement haven 't even touched marijuana and are scared of it. The prohibitionist accusations and arguments for keeping marijuana illegal are ignorant statements. The social and economic costs of the public that is caught up in the laws and social ramifications associated with it under prohibition is far worse currently then if it was to be legalized. There is definitely a cost that we pay for the current prohibition. Those people caught up in it reputations are tarnished, They get criminal records and have to pay high legal and court fees and have a hard time finding jobs and obtaining other things that require a background checks, thus have a hard time being a productive member of society due to a social label assigned to them through the background check. The criminal justice system is overly crowded because of petty drug offenses, billions of dollars are spent in legal costs and enforcement, lives are lost through mass killings through drug cartels in a "drug war" in Mexico. If marijuana was legalized, taxed and controlled like alcohol and tobacco the economic and human cost of doing so would be far better to the prohibition cost that we currently pay. There may be a cost with legalization and ending the prohibition but it will be far better than the price we currently pay under this prohibitionist system.

Well, this is an easy solution...

How about we make it illegal for window washers to use marijuana while on the job?  How difficult was that to think of?

Well everyone knows

Well everyone knows prohibition is such a time tested success, why not?


Thats all I can say; HA,ha,ha,ha,hha,hhhahahaha!!!!! Dat's some funny shittt! 


















dumber and dumber cops


I say thank you to the cops and other prohibitionists who come out with these ultra-dumb statements.

Firstly there are laws about work place safety and substance consumption of any kind.

Second they make the bizarre assumption that no-one is doing it now while it's illegal and therefore their laws are working. But when it's time to request the next budget they say it's a huge problem and more money is needed to fix the drug problem. 

They say whatever they want to manipulate people but their lies are becoming more obvious with every stupid excuse they come up with. 

They are actually advancing the legalize movement with their stupid statements.

What about our nation's peep shows?

My god gay marriage is legal in Iowa! Did somebody put something in the water in Iowa? Did you know that the Iowa Board of Pharmacy actually approved cannabis as a medicine for no other reason than a simple hill sized pile of evidence saying that it is??? Who’da thunk those salt of the earth crackers would make Iowa be the first State to legally recognize cannabis as a valid medicine? Gay marriage, everybody stoned on dope because somehow some long haired, dope smoking, avatar reading, good for nothing hippies in the common unwashed Marxist Utopia Commune living over near I-420 fooled the Board of Pharmacy into believing that merrywanna is actually medicine. This had to be the result of brainwashing using that nasty evidence that keeps fooling people. We should also expect the country to fall to pieces when the rest of their policy makers get addicted to Humboldt Hog’s Nose Skunks and get mesmerized by drugs. Have you ever sniffed a Humboldt Hog-nose Skunk? It’s not for the faint of heart. They even gave it a fancy pants Latin name (Conepatus humboldtii) to try to scam people into believing that this skunk is not your grandpappy’s skunk. They think people are so stupid that if they have the opportunity to use these ultra potent skunks legally pretty soon we’ll see everyone carrying a bag of Humboldt Hog-nose skunks and using them to get high everywhere. Would you want your dentist to be impaired by these skunks just before he cleans your teeth? What about the man behind the counter at the adult novelties and peepshow emporium? Do you really think that you’ll ever get the right number of tokens if that man is stoned out of his mind from sniffing skunk? I see people, lives ruined by skunk addiction, pathetically sitting on the corner, getting high on skunks. Should decent & good people have to witness this? I really think the legalizers have not thought this one through. If they get their way being crushed by falling window washers will be the least of your worries.

Here are some pictures of these skunks, don't be fooled! These are not your harmless everyday skunks from the 1960s! If someone tries to get you to sniff one of them call the police immidiately!

This isn't about window washing, it's about brain washing

Brain washing that's wearing pretty thin. Weed is much safer than booze, so get real and deal with it, prohibitionists.

re: it's about brain washing

Unfortunately for some - only a light rinse is required. 


End Prohibition! 

re: it's about brain washing

Unfortunately for some - only a light rinse is required. 


End Prohibition! 

what the hell stops window

what the hell stops window washers from getting piss drunk and dropping soap/themselves onto people?  Just because you make something legal or illegal doesnt mean all window washers are going to become pot heads- nor does it mean ANYONE taking a risk that high would like to GET HIGH and impair their judgment

I like how the cops know everything

I think its funny that cops are also scientist, doctors, electricians, and every other profession on the planet. I guess thats why they think they know whats best for us...

Window Washers Are Only a Small Possible Problem

The real problem is almost as bad as when alien craft captains use MJ and then go an fly their spaceships around the galaxy banging into planets. Adults can mostly make their won decesions to not get high before working a dangerous job. Not nearly as bad as giving 12 billion a year to greedy politicians to keep their drug whore DEA alive and keep paying these sadistic sons of bitches to go around and arrest school kids behind the barn smoking a joint while theives and worse are shaking down the infrastructure for copper. Of course, the problem is expanded by the fact that these same greedy bastards have raised taxes on everything and everyone to raise more "buy money" causing most manufacturing to leave the country. So, if they did shut down the DEA, tons of mean minded people would be out of work with no where to go. Just like those poor souls they tack chickenshit drug charges on whom their corporate giant buddies refuse to hire because they have a drug history. One day soon we will see politicians justly hanging in the Whitehouse trees. Good day for the crows. Until then, we can only keep trying to vote the fuckers out of office and turning them over so fast they have no time to make connections in their efforts to screw the American people. May all of the sorry ones be cursed in everything they try to do....and sorry cops as well!


You don't smoke hemp...why the hell does hemp always get thrown in with MJ? That's like saying people are gonna get hammered on O'Doul's.

the stoners are just fine

There was that recent study that found daily smokers of marijuana show no signs of impairment.  Someone who isnt used to it should just stay home but regular users will be just fine washing windows.

Cops are SO Fucking Smart....hahahaha

This is so ridiculous, hell the majority of them are smoking it and high everyday they work now. You are around people everyday of your life that are smoking marijuana and you don't even know it.I know alot of people that if you didn't actually see them smoke it, you would never know, but it is SO dangerous...haha, get a clue. There are doctors, lawyers, nurses, librarians, taxi drivers, construction workers, factory workers, store clerks, and even members of your family that smokes pot everyday, and you don't even know. I love how people who don't know anything at all about it, seem to "know it all" and make these stupid comments. Smoke up people, they don't have a fucking clue.

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