Herman Cain Says Feds Shouldn't Interfere With State Medical Marijuana Laws

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Looks like Ron Paul and Gary Johnson are no longer the only GOP presidential candidates with the sense to distance themselves from the federal government’s hideous war on medical marijuana:

URBANDALE, Iowa -- GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain said he supports the ability of states to make medical marijuana available as a treatment for patients.

"If states want to legalize medical marijuana, I think that's a state's right," Cain said while campaigning in Iowa. "Because one of my overriding approaches to looking at all of these issues -- most of them belong at the state, because when you do something federally ... you try to force one-size-fits-all." [MSNBC]

Of course, the trampling of state’s rights is just one of a hundred reasons to support medical marijuana, and Cain could've impressed me a lot by going a little further. But this will do. Cain's argument ought to be embraced by every candidate who identifies as Republican, regardless of their views on medical marijuana itself. The failure of leading republicans to respect state’s rights on this issue is an embarrassment to the party.

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Sounds Familiar

"If states want to legalize medical marijuana, I think that's a state's right,"

Where have I heard that before?  Oh yeah, our current president said the same thing when he was running.  Fool me once...

Cain says that now, but he is only

copying Ron Paul's position on this (because it is popular with the populace), but the only candidate who can actually back up his support for an end to the war on drugs with his voting record, speeches, and writings is Ron Paul.

The first and last

The first and last intelligent thing you will hear from Cain.


no bandwagon left unjumped - this man's lack of credibility could do more harm than good to the movement.

What Would Cain Do?

Both G.W. Bush and Obama made the same allegiance to medical marijuana that Cain is making now after he dawdled on the topic for so long.  It’s easy enough for a candidate to say they support something like MMJ when public favorability for it runs as high as 80%, but what does the word 'support' really mean to someone like Cain?

What Cain didn’t do was condemn the dispensary raids currently afflicting the country.  He hasn’t said how his approach to MMJ would be different from Bush or Obama, other than to say he would leave medical dispensation up to the states, which is a total copout because state marijuana laws are still mostly crazy whether they have legalized MMJ or not.  Meanwhile, what is to be done with a rogue agency like the DEA with its robotic priorities for victimizing American citizens and creating global chaos?

Some unfavorable laws don’t get repealed, they just get ignored.  They become blue laws.  Maybe after a century or so the blue laws get quietly removed from the law books out of embarrassment that the laws still exist.  Blasphemy statutes fall into this category.  The marijuana laws could be relegated to the blue law category were legislators and enforcers to get their priorities straight.

There are numerous ways to get out of the drug war mess.  Bit by bit, if necessary.  Or all at once.  Herman Cain is not providing any details, nor any leadership, on what he will do, nor how he will do it.


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