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The Medical Marijuana Industry Comes to Reality TV

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This is going to put a very big exclamation point on Harborside Health Center’s reputation as the biggest and best dispensary in the medical marijuana business.

Reality TV might seem an unlikely backdrop for the political debate over marijuana in America, but increased interest in the issue makes anything and everything possible, and perhaps inevitable. Unless you think no one will tune in to see big bags of glowing green ganja flashing across the screen, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that this show is happening.

It’s a remarkably well-timed opportunity for experienced industry leaders to show the world what regulated patient access to medical cannabis looks like. As the Obama Administration escalates its senseless, backstabbing assault on medical marijuana, Americans can soon tune in to watch with their own eyes as marijuana is exchanged between responsible people in a responsible way. That can only be a good thing.

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Hey, this isn't the only medical marijuana related thing on reality TV


This current season of Survivor (Survivor: South Pacific) has a medical marijuana dispensery owner as a contestant. His name is Jim Rice and he is still in the game as of the latest episode

Legalization Encourages Professionalism

There’s no reason not to do it right when it’s legal.  No warehouse fires, no electricity thefts, no water or humidity damage to property.  The solution to the drug issue is so obvious it could chew up a prohibitionist and spit the twerp out into a biohazard bucket. 

Ideologies like prohibition are the reason revolutions were invented.


Clowns and performing seals

Inevitable, maybe. But I would have thought it would be Sean Kush, Not Steve DeAngelo who would be the first to turn cannabis medicine into a circus sideshow. JMHO, but this is only going to hurt MMJ, and cannabis law reform, not help.

May come across as a hater but...

This is bad for the movement and agree with poster above me.  Oh well, sign of the times I guess.  Kill the goose to get to the eggs.

Why is it bad for the

Why is it bad for the movement i don't understand?

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