Will Tim Pawlenty's Crazy Ideas About Marijuana Hurt His Presidential Hopes?

"Someone has to finally stand up and level with the American people. Someone has to lead. I will.” So says newly announced Republican Presidential candidate Tim Pawlenty, who believes that people who are dying from serious illnesses deserve to be arrested if they use the marijuana for relief:

Gov. Tim Pawlenty vetoed a bill to legalize marijuana for terminally ill patients late Friday evening, saying he sides with law enforcement opposition to the bill.

Joni Whiting, whose testimony of finding marijuana for her dying daughter brought tears to many legislators’ eyes, had harsh words for Pawlenty.

"The governor thinks I’m a criminal for allowing my daughter some comfort during the last months of her life," she said. "I don't know how he sleeps at night, but I do know I'm not giving up until others in my daughter's situation are protected." (Minnesota Independent)

If nothing else, Pawlenty can at least be remembered as having taken a bold stand for what he believed in, which in this case was the right to imprison people with months to live. It's a sickening position to take, but at least he did it for a legitimate reason (some cops told him to). Ok, this is hard to spin, actually.

A 2010 poll showed Republican support for medical marijuana at 72% (and that's without narrowing it down to only covering dying patients in a failed attempt to stop stupid Tim Pawlenty from vetoing it). Marijuana policy in general isn't exactly the top issue among voters on the right, but it's gained tremendous momentum in recent years. Ron Paul and Gary Johnson have proven that supporting reform of marijuana laws can create significant support from previously alienated republican voters, and their growing bandwagon will be eager to discuss subjects such as Pawlenty's bone-headed opposition to even the strictest possible medical marijuana law.

The number of swing votes tied directly to the marijuana policy debate has never been larger than it is today and if the GOP is serious about winning back the White House in 2012, it really might be a good idea to choose a candidate who is better than Obama when it comes to fixing harsh marijuana laws. That person is not Tim Pawlenty.

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Tim P

Thanks Tim now people who are in pain have to suck it up like the Drug Czar said.

Pop another pill , Big Pharma loves you......

Can't wait !!!

Can't wait to see him on the campaign trail where he has to explain sick and dying patients and their families why they should be arrested.

 I made a comment at digg


I made a comment at digg about Pawlenty running and someone asked me the reasons I don't support him, he said he didn't know much about him; this was my response:  
Because he is NOT a small government, live and let live libertarian leaning, Constitution honoring and obeying candidate. There is only one of those in this race -- Ron Paul (tho Gary Johnson comes close in all things except foreign affairs, plus I disagree with Johnson on immigration issues) -- all the rest of the Republican candidates, and Obama are all big government intrusionists. 
Yes, I did just coin a word.  It clearly defines those politicians and bureaucrats who want to intrude into and regulate your diet, your sex life, your health choices, the way you raise and educate your children, the items you are allowed to use in your home to light it and clean it, your clothes and your body, as well as the size of the water tank on your toilets, what you may build or plant where on your legally owned property, what you may allow others to do on your legally owned property, not to mention (but I will, anyway) they also want to intrude into the way other COUNTRIES handle their affairs and their laws. The whole world didn't elect our government to rule them all, in spite of what so many of our politicians seem to think.
 Got a few who said they'd adopt my newly coined word.

So very well said.

So very well said.

well said

well said buddy, maybe you should run for president. you would get my vote!

I'll second that vote.

I'll second that vote.

Ron Paul?

While I agree with your comments on Pawlenty, I disagree with your assessment of Paul being "a small government, live and let live libertarian leaning, Constitution honoring and obeying candidate". He is Anti Choice, thereby belongs in your "intrusionist" category. Until he changes that stance he will never be taken seriously as a "get government out of our personal lives" Libertarian. Sorry....just saying.

Ron Paul Anti-choice?

How exactly is Ron Paul a supporter of anti-choice?  He wants to legalize all drugs, as well as same sex marriage.  He believes just the opposite of what you accuse him of: he wants the federal government out of most issues.  Just where are you getting your info from?

me too...

hope you don't mind, but I will also be using your phrase in my op-eds and letters to my congress critters.

Tim P

I Live in MN. I never have and never will vote for Pawlenty. God help us all if he gets in. He is a corporate type of man, with little regard for people of less then his means. Seriously he cut off the mentally ill homeless from medication, who does that? Our state people who live below poverty level is in crisis, Thank You Pawlenty. Check out his funding for the massive prison expansion in MN. We have closed many schools and Mom and pop business. Yes its harder times, but Pawlenty had his hand in changing what used to be thriving in MN. Our food shelves were full, we had incredible community programs (grass roots) that were working, but now programs are shut down and others scramble to stay active. Thats what you get if you get Pawlenty - Power Plants, Corporation side deals, and prisons. Good bye decent health care, food, and community.

RON PAUL 2012! enough said.

RON PAUL 2012! enough said.

Marijuana Opinions and Laws are Changing Slowly for the Better

Tim Pawlenty will refuse to represent the opinions of the people. He is taking an ideology which is outdated and unreasonable. He should not be in office even at the local level. He also supports torture, which says a lot about his character.
Prisons are overcrowded with non-violent criminals, and it costs the state money, not to mention ruining lives. Remember, Mitt Romney also holds such extreme opinions too. Spread the word and keep these people far from the White House.

sorry tim

you dont have the right stuff



The idea of anyone being

The idea of anyone being thrown in jail for smoking marijuana is ridiculous but certainly it's beyond ridiculous when it's someone who is suffering with cancer who using medical marijuana. 

Medical Marijuana—Ultimate Litmus Test for Political Office

It’s not a religious test, so a marijuana test is still constitutional.  A marijuana litmus test for politicians says far more about candidates than they’re willing to admit. 

There is not now—nor will there ever be—a majority of Americans who reject medical marijuana.  The fatal mistake many politicians make is that they simply don’t want to comprehend how marijuana freedom is entangled with all the other natural rights and freedoms that Americans have come to expect.  It’s more than just the cannabis.

Favoring prohibition paints a politician into a corner.  Millions of Americans treat salutations to prohibition as a type of personality disorder.  Even if the alleged personality problem consists of little more than ignorance of drugs and the insidious effects of drug wars on societies, it still means the politico is too mentally lazy to serve the people, because he or she has not bothered to educate themselves about the drug war.  If the politician is in the game merely for the money and power perks, they still need to focus on marijuana politics.  No one escapes the weed.


Average thoughts from little men

T. Pawlenty epitomizes the thought patterns of those who infest our country's political system, in the America of the Third Millennium. These little men and women tend towards mean spiritedness, vindictiveness with no concern whatsoever for the plight of their follow man. They display a shallow, predictive crookedness that can foul the political discourse to the point of being poisonous toadies that cater to the lowest common denominator in todays police state America.

Whether it's Boner talking about escalating the illegal wars being fought, to reducing the hole ridden safety net we call our Social Security / Healthcare system, to extending the age requirements for SS from the original 55 years old to now 62 and soon to be 67, while giving trillions of dollars to special interest, that keep waging wars to the writing and rubber stamping of unconstitutional laws, some of us feel obliged to live under. If you feel comfortable with passing this sickness on to your children and grand children, then by all means vote for Pawlenty. You well get everything you so richly deserve. 

I find Pawlenty a repulsive reptilian mind that might consider "eating his own young" as part of the process of levitating himself to a higher political office a done deal! To a congress of "do anything to destroy humans" which is the order of the day, while watching these clowns "pledge allegiance to the American flag" they never intend to serve in a just and honorable manner. One of many totally HOLLOW JESTERS they go through like the reptilian robots they are. So think hard before you condone what's before you as you go to accept your future.

Thanks to all who appreciated my comment

Just for the record "he" is a "she" ;^D  And I don't have a chance in hell of ever running for prez; for one thing I don't have any political experience, for another I'm 67 (which wouldn't be a problem if I had political experience like RP), and lastly I have no desire to be in any political office (and I wish most of those who do have such a desire would go jump in the nearest lake instead).  I much prefer being a rabble rouser for freedom in the rank and file.  But thanks again for the compliments, you are all appreciated for your good sense.

Price Fixing: Medical marijuana sold at same price as illegal

Here in northern Michigan, there is a dirty little secret involving medical marijuana growers - price gouging and price-fixing.

I know of many people who genuinely need medical marijuana but can not afford it because it is being sold at the same price that it was when illegal - and often by the same people.

Many former drug dealers can now legally grow marijuana for those with medical marijuana cards.

However, I have been told the price they are charging for the service is outrageous.

In fact - I know two people who have not purchased the marijuana they need for medical reasons because of the outrageous price ($400 or more per ounce).

Low income people get other drugs for free - or reduce prices - thanks to various state and federal programs for the poor - but the new medical marijuana patients are a prescription for drug dealers to take advantage of the ill - by jacking up prices.

Marijuana should be provided to legal patients at-cost.

Michigan's economy is in the toilet - so I suggest that the state become the provider - provide the marijuana at a fair price with a small mark up - and put it toward the budget.

In fact if marijuana were legalized - the state could tax it while still providing it at-cost to medical marijuana patients.

Growing marijuana is no more expensive than growing tomatoes - and is even cheaper if done on a large scale.

Often medical marijuana patients are too ill to grow their own or lack a green thumb.

Medical marijuana patients reading this - should not be duped by those growing their marijuana.

I suspect this price-gouging is a problem in other states - especially where the medical marijuana law is new.

Shame on former/current marijuana dealers for profiting from those with medical problems.

Maybe you will understand if you get cancer (or another disease) that requires marijuana to help with nausea and other issues.

Prohibition is FRAUD

Prohibition is fraud and prohibitionists are con artists.

Pawlenty’s Paranoid Approach to Politics is an Old Story

Pawlenty’s message to his base is that tyranny can do no wrong.  The sad fact is that some people actually believe him.  It’s a belief that makes their lives seem safe and secure.  No need to think.  No need for an objective reality.  Not when political hacks like Pawlenty claim to do it all for them.

As the Pawlenty political machine sputters and pops down the campaign trail, he’ll be forced to confront the truth about himself.  And drugs.  The truth will hurt.  The hurt will be transformed into some sex or drug scandal, or some other personal deconstruction that will get him booted out of his political party and spotlight.  End of story.


trying to get funding from

trying to get funding from BIG PHARMA and whats left of the prison and "police" unions? shit last i knew oxycotain,vicodin,and morphine never cured anything why are they used so widely as thaputic drugs when there some of the most addictive drugs that anyone thats want to fit the bill to see there health care provider can get if they want to he dosent give a shit about the 99 percent of the population of this country that have to work and get screwed everyday think the drug war is nothing but a violation of the majorities rights and a waste of there tax money u want to balance a budget get rid of the prison industral complex and the military industral complex peace and love for your fellow man weather he may have been put in a position of poverty not by his/her own doing but by the greed that the capitelistic socity has created or just getting by in a job they hate what is there left suicide making it a crime to escape his/her shitty life even if it might be only a temp solution he sounds more like the drug czar than a prez canidate

Pawlenty is not a viable

Pawlenty is not a viable candidate, and is playing the role accordingly. What better way to make a mad man seem sane than to stand an even madder man next to him under the guise of "choice." Pawlenty, like all the politicians, has a role to play. Dem or GOP. His is to be a little TOO "conservative" for mainstream America, and to make the likes of people like Mitt Romney look like a champ. Worked SPLENDIDLY with the McCain Palin ticket and making people run the other direction. Why do we still see Palin in the spotlight. Because she is HIGHLY divisive, as is Tim Pawlenty. That is their job and they are DAMN good at it. People have to avoid being baited into these characters they portray. Looking OUTSIDE of the bought and sold two (and soon to be Palin-lead 3rd party) political system is the only way to restore sanity. Madmen like Pawlenty are at the ready to turn us against one another and make us run to the other "choice" at the ballot.

Intrusionist Revisited

I agree with Moonrider to a point, but I'm not so sure there isn't a need for some kind of Big Government to limit what some men do on "their legally owned property".   Or, since the Supreme Court considers corporations to be human beings, what corporations do on land considered to be "theirs".  Under the present system (alias "Constitution") some piece of paper known as a "deed" confers this ownership to any stand-up walk-around guy with an ax or chain saw to kill any tree that has made the mistake of being rooted on "his" property; and it is killing of too many trees that got us into the Climate Change/Violent Weather problems.

You won't be surprised to find that I consider Trees to be the Big Government we need; I consider the trees (who have committed themselves to physically possess the land via Treerootgrowth alias Truth) to be the owners of the land, and humans to be an exalted breed of handnannies appointed by Gahwood to be caretakers.  There's almost no climate problem that more Big Government (i.e. increased Tree biomass) can't solve; and mirabiledictu, one of the special virtues of HEMP is that it is a good precursor crop for tree planting.

Let politicians get serious about our underemployment tragedy and, corn being a good precursor crop for cannabis, set up the Grandmother of all Public Works Projects putting everyone to work converting corn/ethanol fields into hemp for a year or two, then forest.  Solve the "housing" crisis by teaching everyone deadwood and scrap lumber carpentry, building millions of treeshacks everywhere in the newly rising forests, and solve the "immigration" crisis by shipping billions of children and their parents and caregivers biennially between the hemispheres so no one has to huddle in expensively fuel-heated winter "homes", rather work in USA/Canada May to September and Brazil/Australia November to March, "hemigrating" on a Workship loaded with carpentry shops etc. during April and October.  This will take an international brigade of woodworkers sponsored and organized in a way similar to Kennedy's Peace Corp, but dynosaur corps like Blackwater and Halliburton can make a buck contracting to provide catering, trailers, day care, language lessons, internet access etc. and even these old Republican governors can repent, be forgiven and offer their famous Managerial  skills helping such a program succeed.  (Pile biomass-- dead wood and bushes that cause fires-- in dry streambeds to retain seasonal rainwater; this program would be under George W. Bush and be named Bushwater.)

Just to put some numbers on it, I'd like to see 95% of all land mass in the tropics and temperate zones covered with at least 100-foot high tree canopy by the year 2222 in honor of Pete Rose and Al
Capone.   Name of the program?  How about Entreesiasm?

Tim Pawlenty used to snork

Tim Pawlenty used to snork coke..I know

i hope he gets cancer

i hope he gets cancer

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