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Are the Feds Trying to Destroy Medical Marijuana?

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The Alyona Show on RT brought me on yesterday to try to make sense of the latest Dept. of Justice threats against medical marijuana states.

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You might be right about the

You might be right about the movements' power, and I certainly hope you are, but I do think the feds (combined with the moralists out there who never question them) are a powerful force as well. I just hope that more and more people every day become aware of the real phenomena keeping medical marijuana illegal, and that they don't just keep blindly trusting that is illegal for good reasons. In the seventies a lot of people thought legalization was just around the corner, and I'm sure with the internet we'll really break through a lot more of society than we did then, but who knows how long the prohibitionists will be able to drag this out. They certainly do have a lot of methods at their disposal to do so. The entire system and most of the culture is set up from prohibitionist presuppositions, all the way up to international treaties, as most reading this already know. It really is a monumental structure to overcome. 

It would be great if the so-called "moralists" might read

The honest research is completely one sided in the cannabis debate; it's unfortunate the so-called 'moralists' are so vastly ignorant and/or suseptible to the same American fascist junk 'research' that's the "Leading Cause of Death", in America.

The latest fascist FLOATER they're running up the flag pole, probably by the Rockefeller or Carnegie institutes, is the "research" it allegedly causes "mental illness"; a compete LOAD of good old German bull shizer and the opposite has been suggested by neuro-research.

Great for your garden, but unfit for HUMAN consumption!

Just how 'moral' is it to prevent cancer patients from having a CURE and PAIN RELIEF?

IMMORAL, GENOCIDAL, PSYCHOPATHS guiding the ignorant 'moral' SHEEPLE to slaughter with the rest of us.

the feds are trying to destroy medical marijuana

the feds are trying to destroy states rights and free enterprise so maybe the citizens should destroy the fed

Saw this video linked on NORML

I saw this video on NORML's youtube page and just had to come here and compliment you.  You took a logical, informed, direct approach to all of the questions.  There's just so many facts and reasons to legalize marijuana that I feel like pro-legalization advocates get jumbled with their responses and end up spitting up random facts; but you hit the nail on the head here.  Didn't say anything that people already knew, and just gave a clear perspective on what's going on.  Great job

Just more Obama back peddaling

This President,as a former pot smoker and coke inhaler knows in the vast majority of cases it is just a phase that people with aspirations beyond grad school will moderate or quit altogether.He either is telling us that he is a superior being and quit only with super human effort,far beyond the rest of us or he is a politician who says what he is told is politically expedient.I find him insincere and an opportunist who should be defeated in 2012 if the republican candidate is for an end to prohibition.We will get nothing but grief from Obama.Lies,misrepresentations,hypocrisy and really bad anti drug policy.If the GOP can find a candidate who can promise an end to the war on drugs within the first 100 days,that is good enough for anyone who is sick of the death,incarceration,CIA sales in the Ghettos and outright duplicity of our government who is backing the Karzai heroin distribution system.

death panel?

Not only are they attempting to screw us chronic neuropathic pain patients over, with this move,  they are, at the same time, trying to make access to the so called "legal" pain meds, that allow a quality of life worth living, to be taken away, too.  It seems to me, without any way to keep our pain at tolerable levels, they are pushing, those of us that will have to put up with insufferable pain, 24/7, into death by our own hands, the only choice we will have left.  How do we choose to go on living, if we don't have enough pain control to give us a quality of life worth living.

As my Bible says, death is a way to escape all the pains of this earth, a peace that passes all understanding.  In fact, it will push those of us that cannot tolerate the insufferable pain 24/7, which also negatively effects the quality of our lives,  into ending our own lives.  Lying in bed, 90% of the time, is not going to be "living" at all.  In other words, without adequate pain control we will have "a quality of life" not worth living.

Being a right winger involved in this movement, maybe, I am one of those who has the right to say "I told you do!"

We will be forced into making a decision as to whether or not life, living with intolerable pain, will be tolerated! It is the first form of death panels I seem to have identified.

I guess getting chronic pain patients to "off" themselves would be one way of cutting medical and other social security expenditures.  Heck, if they keep it up, maybe it will happen, even before, I can get on disability for my spinal chord injury!  That sounds like an efficient form of rationing!


As an MD, I have seen rationing,, by insurance company denials and similar manipulations, for years, already! 

As they say back in the south "It is fixin' to get much worse!

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