Breaking News:Save Marijuana Legalization

Medical Marijuana Will Soon Outsell Viagra (And Become Unstoppable)

A new market analysis of the medical marijuana industry is turning heads in the mainstream press and blowing away the myth that there's no money in marijuana reform:

WASHINGTON, D.C.– Medical marijuana is now a $1.7 billion market, according to a new report released today by See Change Strategy LLC, an independent financial analysis firm that specializes in new and unique markets. To put that number in perspective, it will soon rival the annual sales of Viagra.

But that's really just the beginning. This year we'll see dispensaries opening in Arizona, Rhode Island, Maine, New Jersey, and quite possibly even the Nation's Capital. Projections show the market doubling within five years, which should be sufficient to insulate it from significant political attacks in the future.

Money talks when it comes to politics, and now that the real numbers are beginning to circulate, our opponents can prepare to descend into new depths of embarrassing incoherence. The drug czar is fond of claiming that the costs of marijuana legalization will outweigh the financial gains, so maybe he can explain himself in more detail now that we have some concrete data to consider. I'd really like to know how exactly this $1.7 billion is going to make us poor.

There's a simple choice here between wasting billions arresting all kinds of people or making billions by replacing criminal organizations with legitimate licensed businesses. The facts speak for themselves, only louder this time. The benefits of legalization are more than speculation, they are a measurable economic event that already surrounds us and continues to evolve in exciting ways. Everyone – even our most vehement opponents – knows what has to happen next.

Full disclosure: I was involved in the development of the report as a part-time research assistant. It was fun.

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Big Pharma Cry Me A River...

Billions and billions…and none of the cash will end up in the coffers of Pfizer or any other pharmaceutical giant.  I wonder when it will sink in.  The moment when Pfizer and the other corporatists realize they screwed up royally.  A little public encouragement and a little cash favoring cannabis legalization and regulation might have sent all those giga-bucks in their direction.  Sigh….


legality VS Reality

I has been a more than a decade of fight against Marijuana, and other prohibited drugs.  But as generation progress, another face of the so called "Mary Jane", "Weed" or simply Marijuana is starting to arise. We are talking about "Billions", "Revenue" and "Economy". 

1.7 Billion proceed from Medical Marijuana will surely ring a bell, will that make the congress awake?

See Change Strategy LLC, an independent financial analysis firm that specializes in new and unique markets. Stablish this 1.7 Billion earnings from the highly contested "Medical" Marijuana, even the term speaks for its own credibility.

Taking more than what is prescribe is never good, "Paracetamol" may lead to hearing deficiency. Or "SPF' may cause cancer.  But all of these are available everywhere because we need it, At least "LEGALLY". Thus this 2 samples gave 1.7 Billion earnings for a short period of time? 

Let's hope that they choose the lesser evil, this time.

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Nice sharing Dapur Resep

Nice sharing Dapur Resep


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